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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa OPEN HOUSE AT MERCY l\mrs Start al I p.m. Today (In Section A)STRIFE AMONG MESQUAKIES Special Elect ion Issues Eon (used (In Section B) Section A Weather- Partly cloudy Sunday, highs 80-85, lows 55-60. Highs Monday 80-85. Twenty percent chance of showers Sunday. tin Mat rn VOLUME 92 NUM BEH 172 nimbi CITY FINAL 35 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES No Official YALTA, USSR (AP) - After signing a new economic agreement in a drizzly Moscow, President Nixon and Leonid* I. Brezhnev brought their nuclear summit Saturday to the edge of this Black sea sun resort famous for its controversial World war II diplomacy. Nixon was welcomed by the biggest crowds, yet of his second visit to the Soviet Union as President. People gathered in clusters to wave plastic American and Soviet flags, wild flowers and clumps of greenery plucked from nearby fields. The two leaders were reported to have gone into seclusion from each other Saturday night in neighboring dachas on a seashore estate once owned by a Russian czar and now used by the Soviet government. 'Terror!sis' of White House Hit in Report Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON - Citing at least 170 legal and constitutional violations by President Nixon’s Chess Unit Asks Bobby Reconsider NICE, France (AP) — The International Chess Federation -UPI Telephoto AIRPORT WELCOME — President Nixon and Soviet Communist Party Leader Leonid Brezhnev reach into the crowd as the two leaders arrive at Simferopol airport in the Urkaine Saturday. “No Fence” A Soviet official was asked earlier if the proximity of quarters meant Nixon and By Al Swegle Brezhnev would be meeting fre- The grand champions in the quently while here to continue Milking Shorthorn show at the their talks on nuclear arms All-Iowa fair Saturday were curbs He replied: "There's no sJ“wn by a Pair of ve,eran fence in between.”    (showmen. .......    ,    I    For    one    the    win    was    the    first, A White House spokesman Veterans Take Shorthorn Honors people versions of Watergate that were not true, when he and those who prepared him were in a position to know, or in fact administration and re-election knew, that his statements were committee, Sen. Weicker (R- untrue, Weicker said. Conn.) said Saturday that “we    “President    Misled” almost lost America ... to sub-    . . _ .    ^    ...    ,. lt, .    . „ . versives, terrorists and extrem-    '‘resident    himselfirefused Saturday to change its I isis of the White House.”    "»    P™s ."I "*** “nf*r- ""rid title rules to suit Bobby ences    and official statements,    Fischer, but sent him a cable as to    the investigation, its re-    suggesting that he reconsider suits,    and the substance of evi-    his resignation and defend his dence    involving himself and the    crown. Watergate matter, he said. The federation’s general as-Weicker said Article ll oi the semb|y brushed aside pleas Constitution, which sets out the from American chess officials duties and powers of the Pres-,and voted to confirm jts ruIes ident, “was violated from begin- f th ]975 w rhMmnion. “Evidence presented to this ninj, to end bv Watergate ”    £    7    .    t cPan?p,°" nnmml)(an *    .    ...    ,?    ..    j    ™dU-,hdU-    ship tournament. Fischer s ob- committee    can    and    will    demon- He    cited scores of examples,    jections to tne rules |cd him to strate every    major    substantive    including the approval by Nixon    resj the wor|d tit, Frj_ part of the Constitution was vio-    0f a master intelligence plan au- ;dav lated, abused and undermined    thorning illegal acts such as    L. u, during the Watergate period,” burglary, the creation of what The assemb|y voted 35*17 not Weicker said.    he called a “secret police” and Short Step    its use bY tbe White House to ,    “violate the rights of American "Several years ago many    citizens’, and to use the machin- Americans were willing to * I cry of the federal government to. ,.    „    .    „ J . lently tolerate illegal govern- jnjjmidate lhe President's polite as 7    ’ Canada, Spain, ment activity against militants, . enemjes    Chile    and Israel, terrorists or subversives as an expeditious way to circumvent    ‘’Lawlessness    ays    Topped Weicker, a member of the I senate Watergate committee | which goes out of existence at midnight today, released a 145-page report spelling out his individual views. The committee’s final report is scheduled to be issued on July ll. to reopen discussion on the rules for Fischer’s title defense. The Soviet bloc and most of Western Europe were in the majority against such countries evening and that the President and Mrs. Nixon dined alone. Nixon then met with Secretary of State Kissinger, White House aide Alexander Haig and press secretary Ronald Ziegler, the spokesman added. He said there was no fixed schedule for the President and Brezhnev for Sunday. The two leaders signed the the precise processes of our jus-j Weicker said no administra-; In the cable to Fischer, who reserve junior champion. Wil-. a two-year-old to the cham-1 Hee system, he said. “Thoughitjon jn his lifetime had a worse/is reportedly in the Los Angeles I ham Junking, Parkersburg. pionship with a yearling taking I quick, it also proved to be only | record of convictions in relation area federation said: I There were 50 entries in the I the reserve.    a short step to using auch illegal I to indictments.    | “your Drofessionaikm mm. Holstein show.    The    blue ribbon three-year-old tactics against any dissenting! “Why?” Weicker asked. "Be-    ’ HL i* j t.jlj-l, -f Kl kmlpr was shown by Timmy Day of Americans.    ;causc it tried to achieve law I*' lv® sP'r‘* a"<i outstanding ami Diaries Ile,-her af del- Shellsburg with Teresa Streeper    "The result was we almost and order by lawlessness.    It    skill have thrilled ail in the of Anamosa    showing the    second    lost America. Not to subver-;was the courts that said no,    not    years you fought to obtain the place pony.    sives, terrorists or extremists of the justice department.”    world championship. The Inter- The pony    show wa?    a new    the streets but to subversives.; Weicker said it was difficult    national Chess Federation’s event for the fair this year and terrorists and extremists of    the    for him as a Republican to    say    general    assembly asks that you the championship trophy was White    House.”    what he was saying.    reconsider the possibility of deawarded by George Griffith. The    senator declared that “But speaking out is a patrio-    fending    your title under the con- »“ years-    £5    ™      ,    , veteran Cedar Rapids horseman "the    indrputab!' ugliness    of    (ism far better suited lo    1974    ditions    agreed here. Only by Koran Shaver, who has 7lHam l7r n! and christine Troest"' 27'. Purchased b",tl and a long-time member of the Watergate is of such scope as lo than 1972 s wearing of flag lapel such a defense can you demon-Shown in every All-lowa fair    of hls chamP10n ft'males- Hls fair's board of directors. A categorize it as a sheer in- pins by White House and CRP strate to the world your true jones ot wasnington.    jthree year old grand champion    horse    show,    which    also is sanity.”    jiCommittee to Re-elect the qualities.” has exhibited 15 grand champions at the All-Iowa fair since he started showing here in 1960. The Gruenwald tradition at the All-lowa goes back further, as his father, the late Elroy Gruenwald, first exhibited at Hawkeye Downs sam mere wert- no    meeunEs    a    tW.j >’car break> while I    jn th(, earjy    Elroy    died sam mere werr no    me t lings    another    said he didn*t count on    , t SeDt * ber between the two    Saturday    showi    (hc srand champion    ljst ^“btr. bull again this year, his fifth in The reserve champion Milk- Decker had the same in the ing Shorthorn bull was a year!- bull class. Oelwein had double winners in the Guernsey show. Troester had the grand and reserve champion female, while since the Milking Shorthorn class was established at Hawkeye Downs, had j^iown the same grand champion hull at the fair four of the last five years. Fletcher Nichols of Atlantic female, Metzger Farms T | now the fair schedule, will be exhibited the other two Milking Rheatha, was purchased at the Shorthorn winners, the reserve national convention sale in Des; senior and junior champion fe- Moines last May, while his four males. The reserve senior fema-year old reserve champion was) Ile, C H. Drafter Melba, was purchased at the tenth national (Continued: Page 3, Col. 2.) (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3 ) ★ ★ ★ Ttida.v 9 a.m. — Quality lamb con* Counterfeit” Weicker said he does not ————---- know, except in the eases of    £ those already judged by the ^✓OUO wSSITlS courts, who is guilty and who is “When I sold the bull, Ridge- named the reserve grand cham- Kentucky sale in Louisville a test. Farm youth building. fourth agreement of their Sum- wood Tracey, this year, I tig- pion female. year ago. innocent in Watergate; “I do know that to accept the fair limn I IC5CI “ll ftinvnn    ,    a    ll in showing ODen    m»iv»»vw,    ti    vivnvi    * showman, Ted Becker of champion and resorte jumoi ft j,|} p |n    Trio-Angelos    Weicker accused White House Emerald Knights Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler, in effect, of continual lying to Ma- H o-Pin I the press. IO a.m. — Suffolk, Oxford, .    Dorset judging Farm Youth White House version of your mit III before taking off from ured the string was broken,’ There were 43 entries in the g, r. Hopper and family of;bui)ding    Constitution, your government Moscow in a Soviet jetliner. It shaver said. “I thought I stood I Milking Shorthorn show.    Toledo    and William Scherf, jr.. I p.m. — Huildings and ex- and your pojjt*jcs js t0 counter- was a 10-year economic agree-! a better chance with a heifer in | Another veteran All-Iowa °f Farmersburg exhibited the1    *ntiqu<    | felt America,” V, Joker said ment negotiated in detail before the championship circle.” Nixon left on his second Jour-j    r    graver's    Mysha ney for Peace” within a month.! The first three agreements were! ;--- signed Friday and they deal Stories on the Hee How with in the .Mm    ,    ,AA    .    .    ... hearts, earthquake-proof homesi    I at the All-Iowa fair two years    jersey and    Brow and energy.    ---Sago. Becker also showed the    classes Trade Accord    FarT 8ra?J cbamP‘?n bull is a reserve champion bull    ^    fj    ,    A„.,owa    fajr    ..... Mysha aP",nce M £ Bernard Van Deosl of ^judging will get underway today The economic agreement and his prized heifer, Mysha [(,r|00 showed the grand chum- Sunday I including placings in act. aims at encouraging long-term Darius Valentine, was named;pjon Holstein bull. Meadow-Rich thc Dorset. Oxford, and Suffolk 7 p.m. expanison of trade between the the junior champion female.    Sparky’s Flame, a coming three    breeds and the    fair s    all new! act In Proqress Center Point, had two chnmpi- mtdes« respectively.    J    Aerial    act. ons in the Holstein classes.    There    were    54    entries    in    the    1:30    p    ni „ , ,    ,    .    , I Guernsey show Saturday. The pa{?,7 . ______ -......    , Beckers Brand champlon fc^,thor breeds rn the All-lowa fair A7;" U. S. - Soviet cooperation grandstand .s.ioiv and I lie maje Teddear Reflection Astro dairy show will be judged Mon-1 3 p.m i development of artificial, Gazette straw poll on page jenny, was a junior champion day including the Ayrsl Officials said the assembly approved an earlier version of I the cable that included a clause giving Fischer 90 days to make up his mind. But at the end of the session, some delegates had second thoughts and it was de- I EXL*#*■ rn t0 omit reference to 90 M rTniOOIa days in the final text of the 1 cable being sent to Fischer, the ADDIS ABABA (AP) - Ethic- officials said. pia’s armed forces put Addis    „ Some delegates felt there Ababa under curfew Saturday night and in effect in control of the themselves country. The official press spokesman Dozens of armed troops gath- HpHarnd WaS n° SCnSC m gratuitous,y provoking Fischer by giving him what amounted to an ultimatum.” one informant said. Tno-Angefoz Aerial A/e^ Cojumn - Ma-Ho-Pin Aerial two countries to the benefit of Mysha Farm is jointly owned year old. both.    by Shaver of St.    Anthony and    The other Holstein    female For example, some areas of    his daughter, Mrs.    Robert Shra-    champions included:    Reserve the Soviet Union have abundant die of New Province.    grand    champion,    Ar-B    Farms, raw materials for the    produce    Ronald Gruenwaid’s grand    Herman. Neb.; junior    champi- tion of aluminum and    needed    champion female    was El Ron    on, C. A. Janssen. Wellsburg; electric power resource’s less Glory Second, a coming three quality lamb show. Pony Honors To S. Koch an costly than in the U. S Under the agreement, American firm might, for example, agree to provide much of the production for an aluminum plant and accept the (Continued Page 3. Col. fi \ year old which was also named; the senior champion. Gruen-Iwald's last win at Hie All-Iowa fair came two years ago when his bull topped the Mysha Herd 1 nntry. The Lost Nation dairyman Iintuit'* Chuckle The trouble with square meals is that they make you round. Monday Mayors’ Day 9 a.m. — Southdown, Hamp-I shire, Shropshire and Boldo Shanti Koch of Keystone cheviot judging. Farm youth showed both the champion and.building, the reserve champion in the All- 10 a n1, — Ayrshire, Brown Starts Monday Johnny Luxem,    1 “Mark Mv Words”, a newspa- anc,- of Bobby" VU?ton^° toe' Per c,,lum" '*n'ton by • P^jemergency session and named a Sound Generation. Grandstand. lnK >oun8 American writer, "m committee to confer with military leaders — a publicly unt- X p.m. Aerial act. 8:30 p m arrested, but civilian authorities an aide fP*'ul.*led lhat Fi8chcr denied reports that Prime Min- would not l,kl' " ister Endalkachew Makonnen    “Will Offend” and some members of his cab!- Fred Cramer, Fischer's spokesman and a federation hree-hour vice-president, said the champi- 1 net were detained. The cabinet held a lopvriahf Iowa pony show Saturday. In confirmation classes preceding a series of racing and showmanship events, Sham showed Jim Fiebig dentified group believed to include mostly young army officers. No military activity was reported in the provinces. Selassie Silent iContinued: Page 3, Col. 8.) Today's Index FBI Missed Hearst Chance: Paper There wa? no public comment from Emperor Haile Selassie. 81, who after a half-century of: rule would be reduced by proposed constitutional reforms to CHICAGO (UPI) The Chi cago Tribune reported in its Sunday editions that it has learned the FBI missed a chance to rescue Patty Hearst on March 21, just 25 days after she was kidnaped. The Tribune, in a Berkeley, Calif., dispatch, said that it discovered “that all the I* BI had to do to find Miss Hearst was to keep watch on the Berkeley bank where agents knew several of her Sym-11 tone se Liberation Army kid-nailers ii a d checking account!.” Among those with accounts there were Camilla Hall and Nancy Ling Perry, both of whom have been linked to the SLA. The FBI discovered that tho two had accounts in the bank, across the street from the Berkeley FBI office, on Fob. 25 while investigating the kidnaping of Miss Hearst. daughter of newspaper publisher Randolph Hearst. “A stakeout would have paid off within four days because on March I, Camilla Hall entered the bank and withdrew her money,” the Tribune said. “Had she been followed, local authorities are con vinced. Miss Hall. 29. daughter of a Lincolnwood, HL, clergyman, would have led agents to the hideout where Miss Hearst was then being held. “But instead of posting agents in the bank, the FBI apparently depended on a bank official to notify them if any SLA members showed up. Through a mixup, the bank official failed to alert the FBI when Miss Hall appeared,” the Tribune continued. “Investigators said that though the case has dragged on for nearly five months, they have never again had as good a chance to solve it ” The dispatch said that on March I, Miss Hearst apparently was still being held against her will, and it was not until early April that she renounced her family and said she was putting her lot with the SLA. The interval, the Tribune said, apparently gave the SLA members “the time to brainwash Miss Hearst into adopting their terrorist views, “Public statements attributed to Miss Hearst indicate she was persuaded that she had been abandoned by lier family and bv authorities.'’ {Swiss and Jersey judging. Cat-; I tie arena. ll a.m. — Garden flower I show judging Noon — Mayors’ Luncheon j Fun Time Square. I p.m. — Buildings and ex-: I hibits open.    I.    ,    ,    ,, I p.m. — Junior market lamb j begin in Mondays    Gazette    on    a    figurehead. I judging. Farm youth building.    ! the editorial page.    There appeared    to    be    no    im- 1:15 p.m. — Trio-Angelos Jim    js an uncommon mediate move against Makon- V p.m.1 — Fabric shop dent- young man from Michigan with nen’s four-month-old govern onstration. Fun Time square    I something to say    to everyone,    ment, whose slow    progress tow-, 2:15 P.m.    Ma-Ho-Ptn    J|0 now writes from Arizona. ard jxilitical and economic re- |SWl%.m.lr“C,bo* Race. .anc- He has special appeal to tho Iform disple ased military Honed by Iowa Greyhound I Assn. Grandstand. 4:30 pm. — Johnny Luxem “wheel of death" Aerial act. I —p • -    -•    — wished 5 p.m. - Trio-Angelos Aerial speaks for that younger genera- VKUri younger generation of today, the    buL    ,b‘‘    s0,d:'1^    ,    u* generation which will meet the en v e e; could oust challenges of tomorrow. He also *he Pr‘™ minister they act. 5:15 pm. demonstration square. 5:30 p.m. Aerial act, 6 p.m. Aerial act Hon A military statement deliv- Fabric shop I ..    4.,    sered to broadcasters by an of- Fun Tim? Mob.g says how th.ngs arc (ici,r    a    Submachtne and how they ought to    be rn a    annollntT<|    ,ht. (.urfcw d(ec. Ma-Ho-Pin sharp, unusual style.    ,ivc    bl.twe,n „    p m. and fi a m> “Mark My Words    will be    The    statement    said the curfew carried every Monday,    Wednes-    was    4.^ accomplish the peaceful 6:30 p.m. itactoi pull day and friday in I he (lazctte. ^Qfppjetion of the movement G™ndh»°tindd "”d ,UKk    11 “ ****** by Gcneral Fe“ :started last February." a refer-: ICN p.m. — Dane* with lurcs(olP'    euro to a military mutiny that' Nashville* Trend Fun Time    ..    ,    „ , f M|Uare    ijH m    I (Continued: Rage 3, Col 2 ) j Johnny Luxem SECTION A Late Newt Report Card Death* editorial* City Hall Note* Accent On Youth SSCTION t Iowa New* Television Table Frank Nya’t Political Nota* Food Marion Boldine Mov it* Record Review* Farm SECTION C Social Around tho Town , . Maw Book* Traval SECTION D Sport* Outdoor Iowa Financial Naw York Mock* Want Ad* C rot* word Farad# Metaline Comic* I, J, 14 I I 4I IMI ta Iii • ti ll IB-1* IM* ll 2*11 Ma I I ll I » a ISH ti ll-la U Ma ll ;

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