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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- I'm ii tonight with lows in the tills, (.'hance of rain Saturday. Highs in HOs. VOLUME 02 NUMBER 170 lf hr Cc1 cine iUtpttfo COajcHo CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, PRIDAY, .RINK 28, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NKW YORK TIMESNIXON, BREZHNEV SIGN PACTS Prosecutor °j r    Funds    O.K. U06S After --Humphrey Ehrlichman WASHINGTON (AP) Khrlichman approved the breakin at the office of Daniel Ells-berg’s psychiatrist the weekend before it occurred, Prosecutor William Merrill charged Friday. Opening his case in the Plumbers trial, Merrill quoted Ehrlichman as saying in a phone call to White House subordinates about the proposed breakin: “Okay, let me know if money represented they find anything.” Merrill said the phone call occurred Aug. 31, 1971, four days before the breakin at the office of Dr. I/?wis Fielding, the Beverly Hills psychiatrist who treated Ellsberg. Ellsberg subsequently was put on trial on charges stemming from the release of the Pentagon Papers but, a federal judge dismissed the charges after learning among other things of the breakin. From Cape Cod WASHINGTON (AP) - Sena-tor Hubert Humphrey, stung by a senate Watergate committee staff report on his 1972 presiden-John tial campaign finances, says he did nothing illegal in using more than $100,000 of his own money in his campaign and concealing that fact from the public. The Minnesota Democrat, in a sometimes emotional late-night telephone call to an Associated Press reporter Thursday, said a lifetime of investment” by himself and his wife. ' Humphrey said he omitted mention of the use of personal funds when he voluntarily disclosed his finances during Democratic presidential primaries becasse at that time the law didn’t require full disclosure and because he wanted to eon-1 ceal the matter from his family. | “I didn’t like to have to contribute that money, but we had i to do it if we were going to campaign,” he said. Focus on Health, Energy, Housing MOSCOW (UPI) President race and returning to the meth-Nixon reached agreement with ods and mores of the Cold war.” the Kremlin leadership Friday “i Just want to express my on the first concrete results of fjrm conviction that the policy his summit meeting - joint U. 0f such individuals . .. has noth- S.-Soviet ventures aimed at ing in common with the inter- —UPI Telephoto Merrill, an associate special prosecutor, said Ehrlichman’s approval was contingent only on the covert operation not being traced to the White House. Merrill said the approval came in a phone call from Cape Cod, where Ehrlichman was vacationing, to David Young and Egil Krogh, who headed the White House investigative unit known as the Plumbers. “Like Burglar” Humphrey said the report was-written by a Republican staff I member, Donald Sanders, and; ihe resented its tone and impliJ cations. “It just ends up that you look like a burglar,” he said. Although the report was edit-! ed by Democratic staff members before being circulat- President Nixon waves to a crowd of friendly Muscovites in Red Square after laying a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Kremlin. (Another photo on picture page.) Tama Voting Issue Remains Blurred ,    ...    .ted to the co rn mkt tee, a Ehrlichman, G. Gordon Kiddy, Humphrey aide said he believes Bernard Barker and Eugenio    committee    will reject many Martinez are charged with v,(H0f the findings. lating Fielding’s civil rights. Friday marked the first day of testimony in their trial. In his opening statement, Merrill described the breakin as “a willful, arrogant act of men who took the law into their own “Most of that stuff is going tO| be totally eliminated,” the aide said. “We’re just being used to balance off all this Nixon-, Rebozo stuff.” The staff report said By Tom Fruehling TOLEDO — Confusion still reigns concerning the special primary election Tuesday in Tama county. As late as Thursday night, there was serious doubt a poil- (See Editorial on Page 6) ing place would be available at the Mesquakie Indian settlement. This issue was apparently resolved, but legal technicalities remain blurred. In a consent judgment in hands because they thought Humphrey ordered transfer of Cedar Rapids federal court they were above the law.” Profile Proposal In response to President Nixon’s concern about news leaks and national security, the Plumbers proposed obtaining a psychiatric profile of Ellsberg, Merrill said. He said they turned to the FBI but. in the spring of 1971, soy.OOO in stock and $23,000 in Monday, Judge Edward Mc-cash from a blind trust into the Manus ordered a new election campaign during January and held jn four precincts bc- tribal council. I can’t do anything just because he says to.” Ohrt met with tribal council Chairman Howard Davenport Thursday morning to work out difficulties. He came away with no assurances, other than that the council might meet Friday night. Might Take It Davenport told The Gazette he didn’t know if a polling place would be set up. “I don’t know if we’ll do anything. We might take it,” he said, “It takes time. We’ll have to see.” Ohrt said Davenport called him Thursday night and said the council would not meet since several members were on vacation, but he would go along with the election and approve of the names Wanatee submitted. Still, the tribal council itself has done nothing officially. BIA Official ceed with plans to provide instruction to the election board and establish the polling place at the Indian settlement. fighting heart disease, finding ests 0f the peoples,” said Brezhnev energy sources and devel- nev. “it is a policy that attests oping safer housing.    t0 the unwillingness or inability Signing of the agreements fol-! of its proponents to take a sober lowed a two-hour, 10-minute look at the realities of the pres-meeting between Nixon and So- ent-day world.” viet leaders which also included Nixon answered in his toast, a general discussion of nuclear “We both seek peace. But we arms control, according to seek a peace that is more than White House Press Secretary simply absence of war ... we Ronald Ziegler.    must still do everything we can Puffing Contentedly 10 „ “Sotia(c ag"*n™‘s 'hat will lessen the burden of ar-Nixon smiled as he signed the|mamenjs on our peoples and the documents and Communist danger of war.” Party Leader Leonid Brezhnev Nixon began his second stood behind contentedly puffing day in the Soviet capital Friday a cigaret in an atmosphere of by placing a wreath at the tomb friendship that has prevailed of the Soviet Union’s unknown since the President’s arrival. soldier. On his drive back to the ‘ We feel the additional agree- Kremlin, he suddenly stopped menus . . . signed today chart a j^e car and jumped out to shake concrete course for the future bands in a crowd estimated at and contribute to the process of j OOO persons, making detente irreversible,”! ’“Greetings, greetings” and Ziegler said.    ' Good luck” were shouted to Later, the two leaders met bim from the crowd, surprised for two hours and IO minutes bis appearance but kept in-and discussed measures to limit formed of his visit by the Rus-anti-ballistic missile systems Sjan press, and nuclear weapons tests, a White House statement said. j The first agreements of the third Nixon-Brezhnev summit in, little more than two years provide for: Big Deal by U.S. Firm and Soviets MOSCOW (AP) - Occidental Ohrt commented Friday that he intended to ‘ ignore the technicalities” and pro- was a provision of Judge McManus’ order. The school, with five adjacent acres, is the property of the federal government. Wanatee, contacted Friday morning by telephone, said (Continued; Page 2, Col. 2.) February, 1972, two months before a new federal law made it illegal for a presidential candidate to use more than $50,000 of his own funds in a campaign. Somewhat Less Humphrey said the stock ac- Fielding turned down requests jtually was worth somewhat less, from FBI agents for psychiatric $86,000, putting the total amount file*, on Ellsberg.    of personal funds used at The trial opened on Wednes- $109,000. day and jury selection was com-    rep0r| sajd ^e staff was pleted late I hursday.    unable to get answers about how add when the blind trust was set up or how and when Humphrey came to own the stock. Humphrey said the trust was established in 1965 when he was vice-president and that this was reported in the New York Times. Such trusts are used by some federal officials to avoid appearance of conflicts of interest. Their owners are supposed to be kept ignorant of where the Brezhnev Does a Bit of Clowning MOSCOW (AP) — Leonid Brezhnev clowned Friday while overseeing the signings of new energy, housing and heart research agreements with the U.S. The Soviet Communist party head first swiped Soviet President Podgornv’s red-bound copy of the housing accord and then be reached for the blue-covered I money is invested. U S. copy that President Nixon The trust was managed for cause there was no polling place at the settlement, as was required by a 1973 Iowa law. In the judgment it was stated that “the Tribal Council of the Sac and Fox Indian Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa shall nominate an election board.” Six Names Earlier this week, council Secretary Don Wanatee, who initiated the lawsuit which resulted in the new election, submitted the names of six individuals to county Auditor Alvin Ohrt. This list included Wanatee’s mother, Adeline, and^ two of his sisters-in-law, Peggy and Carmen. Thursday Ohrt told The Gazette. “Don Wanatee is not the Today's Chuckle The trick is to control infla- Weatherman Delivers Visitors A Treat as All-Iowa Fair Opens In addition, Occidental signed contracts to design, equip and supervise construction of two port facilities in the Soviet Union to handle the chemicals. Hammer valued the construction agreements at another $100 Cedar Rapids News— The weatherman sent a bright sun and blue skies to Cedar Rapids Friday to help get the All-Iowa fair off to a good start for its ten-day run. Everything was in its place on Sundav morm when lhe qua|| the grounds Friday morning ex- |amb    op(,ns (he shcep cent the crowd, and it started to! ,    ...    . r- F    ,    , show judging in the F arm Youth move in when the gates opened 1 6 * .Joint research over three _________ Homer Moran, Bureau of In- |years on development bf an ar-■ Petroleum Corp. of the U. S dian Affairs agent at the set- tificial heart, development of in-j ancj three Soviet trading organi-tlement. said he would ap- struments to detect heart dis- zations signed long-term con-prove the use of the school- ease jn children and extension tracts Friday for two-way pur-house for the voting, since this 0f the operational life of cardiac chase of chemicals. Occidental pacemakers.    President Armand Hammer Cooperation in exploration sajd the contracts were worth and research on oil, shale, natu- $20 billion, ral gas and coal and on new methods of drilling to increase the rate of extraction of oil and gas, a five-year pact also providing for swapping technology on solar and geothermal energy and synthetic fuels. Development over a five-year million period of new techniques of The chemical deal calls for home construction in earth- Occidental to provide about a quake-prone areas and in ex- mjHj0n tons of superphosphoric tremely cold and arid regions. acjd annually to the Soviets for There was still no agreement 20 years. which dn nuclear arms limitation — jn return, Occidental will re-jand none was expected U. S. Ceive ammonia, urea and pot- Entries in .he fruit, vegetable <“    'nu!    Hammer    de“T and cr aln classes and in the e Probdb,y won 1 ** any out veries of commodities would starting into the arena at IO dnd «r1fln c,dsscs. J of this meeting.    1.............. corn show are almost double    6 a,m'    •    last year’s total, Supt. Charles    Test    Ban Another new event will be Cottrell reported Friday. Entry white House sources said Friday for those events was Thurs- day> however, that a partial unday and Cottrell, aided by his derground nuclear test ban pact wife and a corps of volunteers, was being worked on. Theae worked late into the evening ar- tests have been used extensively ranging the heavicr-than-expect-! by both sides to perfect major ed entry.    weapons systems. *    *    *    Nixon    had planned to go to A voter registration booth is nearby Star City Saturday to located in the Exhibition hall view training by U. S. astro se judging arena Saturday Iowa Merchants day’ morning with Milking Short- h® Monday, horns, Guernseys and Holstein building arena. And Monday j for the first    time at 2 p.m. j Friday.    both arenas will be active with The day s schedule included cattle in the outdoor ring and ; a variety of aerial acts in front j the final sheep judging in the j of the grandstand, followed by Farm Youth building. late model stock car races in    *    *    * the evening.    Distribution    of    “Merchants Meanwhile, fair officials re-day tickets” was being com-1general 'information about clee minded that    one    of the new    pleted    Friday to    downtown tjons may be obtained at (he [events of the    1974    fair will get    stores.    The strips    of    tickets, under way at    9 a    m. Saturday    which are available for    the ask-! when boys and girls ride and I ing, will admit fairgoers at a I race their ponies in a 13-event1 reduced rate for Merchants day total one and a-half million tons a year for ammonia, the same amount of urea and about one million tons of potash. Price Boost By Chrysler during the fair. Linn Auditor Merle Kopel said (Continued: Page 3. Col. 8 ) DETROIT (AP) — In a move that could kick off a fourth round of auto price hikes during the 1974 model year, Chrysler Corp. says it is passing on ..    I    -    junior porn show    Tuesda\    The    strip    also    pro- had cradled under his arm atter Humphrey by one of his biggest| Hon without causing a depres-j About 40 entries were re vides for reduced prices on mid- signing it    I    campaign    contributors, Dwayne aion — a challenge equivalent to | cefvcd for the new show which way rides. of Minneapolis. An- .sticking a pin into a balloon L )jmjted to boys and girls 17 Similar tickets abo were dis-idreas was quoted as saying he gradually.    Coeyhoht (Continued: Page 2, Col. 3.) Nixon resisted the pantomime |Andreas theft, protesting, “No, no.” They laughed and toasted the new accords. nauts and Soviet cosmonauts for their joint 1975 space flight but Ziegler said it was canceled so, Nixon could continue his talks: maJ°1' price boosts by ho steel with Brezhnev. Premier Rosy-    lndus'n[    Choker gin and President Nikolai Pod- rise will be abou^jwtacle. gorny. Through the Tass News Agency. Brezhnev issued a    r    *u    u u    ♦    1 Junior pony    show, j    5avln, thc talks were    «n< bf'cauSf‘    »f    lhc    hlRher    S'<M'1 h    .    a.    I "proceeding in an atmosphere    «»*»• The    increase    covers    base show judg. franknt,5S and wjlhout any price and options and will be ef- Chrysler said Thursday that it is raising prices on cars and trucks an average of 1.4 per- A New Cool Cat Has been Prowling the Inside pages of The Gazette the last couple of days He’s: Mother, Kidnaped Girl Reunited Saturday 9 a.m. — Grandstand. 9 a.m. — Rabbit years of age and    under.    tributed    this    week    throughout    m*0 '"m _ Holstein, milking-secret agreements whatsoever."    Active Monday. Judging    will    get    under w ay in I Eastern    Iowa    for    the    “Eastern    shorthorn, Guernsey Judging    The last remark was an appar-    A General Motors spokesman -1    Cattle arena.    ont reference to claims by Sen.    declined thursday to rule out a I p.m. — Buildings and ex-    Jackson (D-Wash.) that nuclear    new hike. Obviously this addi hi bits, including antique aut0    disvussions between thc two su-    tional stec* cost increase will show, open.    1    '*    —J — AC H«rwo/fjr IS SO BAO HE’S BEAUTIFUL (Page 7 today.) LOS ANGELES (AP) -“Deep down I knew ."he was all right because I knew no one could do anything evil to someone so lovable,” says the mother of a 5-year-old girl who was kidnaped seven months ago. Mary Ann Huber was reunited with her daughter, Karen, Thursday after authorities linked the little girl with a (Photo on Picture Page) man who was arrested in San Diego last Friday in connection with the kidnaping of another blue eyed blonde girl. “I never gave up hope for a minute.’’ Mrs. Huber told newsmen. “I’m going to spend all the time I can with’ her. I’m not going to leave her for a minute.” San Diego police said they encountered Karen Jan. 15 when they arrested tin1 man she was with. William Knapp, for auto theft. But they said Knapp told them she was his daughter and she didn’t deny it,    so    silo    was placed in    a receiving home for dependent children and later assigned to a foster home Knapp, 45. was transferred to Los Angeles to serve a jail term, officers said, He turned up    in    San    Diego again last Friday and    was arrested    in connection with the kidnaping of    Michelle    Lynn Bocher,    4. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bocher of Long Beach. “Last Friday when we arrested him with the other kidnaped girl we realized the connection,” said Inspector I). W. Burkett. “We started looking at him and found out the girl in January apparently was not his daughter, but she did still call him Daddy when we talked with her.” Mrs. Huber, 33, who is un employed, is divorced and Karen has never seen her father l>os Angeles Police Sgt. Harry Gilpin theorized that Karen may have been “brainwashed to the point where she didn’t know who she was.” Knapp, convicted previously of child molesting, is in county jail on $50,000 bond, charged with child stealing, child molestation and auto theft. Neither Karen nor the Bocher girl were injured, authorities said. Karen, who ha? a brother, 9. and a sister. 2. was abducted Nov. 13 from school here where she was in kindergarten. Michelle was kidnaped from her home June 17, one day after Knapp had been released from jail Karen had no difficulty recognizing her mother when Mrs. Huber was taken to the foster home Thursday to confirm her identity. “Hi Mommy!” the child exclaimed. and then burst into tears* 1:15 p.m. — Trio-Angelos Aerial act. 1:30 p.m. — Cedar Valley Woodcarvers demonstration. Fun Time Square. 2:15 p.m. — Ma-Ho-Pin Aerial aet.    * 3 p.m. — “Hee Haw" show with the Hagers, Susan Rayc and George “Goober” Lindsey. Grandstand. 5 p.m. — Johnny Luxem Aerial act. 5 p.m. Woodcarvers Fun Time Square 5:30 p.m. Pipe smoking    Desire friendship contest.    j    The    statement expressed the 5:30 p.m.- Emerald knights    .    . , , ..    , p    desire    for friendship and conge niality of the kind that marked ti pm. — Trio-Angelos Aerial champagne toasts between act    „ „ r, .    . . Brezhnev and Nixon at a lavish , p m. Ma-Ho-Pm Aerial (sta(e dinner Thursday night Johnny Luxem In an obvious reference to perpowers had been conducted ^av« to be considered in our in secret    continuing view of prices,” he “The talks demonstrate to the said-whole world the undeviating re- I' ord had no comment. Ameri-solve of the Soviet Union and fan Motors said it had no plans America to proceed along this for an immediate increase, course,” Brezhnev said At the same time, he said the two sides were only at the first: stage of developing relations and lessening the danger of Cedar Valley ;War< and “there is much yet to demonstration. Lg done >• Today s Index act. K p.iii. Comics   ........ Crossword Daily Record Deaths Editorial Features Farm f......... Financial ...... Marion ..... Movies .......... Society Sports  ...... Nixon critics in the U. S., Brczh State Aerial act. K:30 p.m. ss: ::x    we™**    detent,,i Lindsey. Grandstand Hee Haw" nev lashed out at “those who who favor whipping up tile arms! Television Want Ads . 21 21 3 3 6 . IO 22 23 IMI *,9 17-20 . 4,3 IS 23-29 Is ;

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