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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I di vision / oday - By    Jay    Sharbult    —_ Radio Show Li ive NASHVILLE, Twin. IAI’) It seems weird in this disc jockey day and age, but there’s a morning radio show here featuring a 10-piece band. A live one. It’s part of WSM’s “Waking Crew”, the local talk and music effort that starts its 75-minute veision of reveille weekday mornings at 7:45 am. The proceedings, held in a surprisingly unguarded studio where unwary visitors are apt to find themselves part of the day’s act, has been on WSM for 22 years. One of the last of its kind in tin* U.S., its a stubborn holdout from the day s listeners arose to “Don MacNeil’s Breakfast Club” and not deejay chatter. As WSM-AM’s General Manager U*n Hensel puts it, “The show is what we call the last of the Mohicans.” * * * What makes this tribe a bit unusual — at least for those who think Nashville means only country music — is that its music is decidedly uncountry. Last Monday, for example, the wares included “Blue-sette”, “I Cover The Waterfront”, “Sing” from “Sesame Street” and “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”. The contemporary approach aims at Nashville’s urbanites, not the country fans WSM programs for at night, and the ratings show it works well, Hensel says. “The show is nostalgic, but it’s more than that,” adds Teddy Bart. .‘18, the Pennsylvania-born host of the “Waking Crew” since 1972. “It’s a tradition.” The tradition currently includes a different local vocalist each day, plus Bill Williams, southern editor for Billboard magazine, and John Bibb, sports editor of the Nashville Tennessean. * * * Williams does news and country music items and ap- Bibb, the .sporting scene. Each docs his thing in an off-hand conversational way. It’s not the frantic Manhattan preach by a long shot. Members of the band, all on staff at WSM, also chip in, razzing and being razzed, the give-and-take more akin to a studio rehearsal than an on-air show. The humor is a shade corny at times, but it’s not hillbilly. On one show, for example, band pianist Joe Layne was chided for trying to sell autographed pictures of Dizzy Gillespie at a country music show. The “Waking Crew” isn’t a low cost venture by any means. Hense says it costs close to $2.IMM) a week to air and it’s on 52 weeks a year. It would be far cheaper to install a morning disc jockey. Why hasn’t this been done? ♦ * * “Well, we’ve been noted over the years for live music,” says Hensel, whose station has continuously aired “The Grand Old Opry” since 1925. “We (Nashville) are Music City and Music City should be something beside records,” he said. “The idea of taking off “Waking Crew” and putting on records has never occurred to us. “We’ve given it no thought. If we were to take the show off, it’d be like turning off our transmitter.” IOWA Blouin To Spend Half Of Campaign in Linn Native of C.R. I'Hie Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Mon., June Ii, 1974 Gets Lee Post    pfan Killed Tornadoes Hit in Arizona, Carolina Cyclists Hurt WAUKON Jeffrey Slitka. 19, and his passenger, Jeanj district congressman “if all tin Lyden, ll, received minor mju- Democrats will get into the boat! “The state lies Sunday when Slilka’s mo limit law for all the states, and if it can set truck weight limits for all the states, it should also By Frank Nye State Sen Michael Blouin of Dubuque mud Sunday he will,    ,    mc    announce carry Linn county for Second ^ sfafns    1    (    lar’s    election    to    the    newly was made Mon- DAVENPORT (AP) - John S. Stemlar has been elected vice-president of finance and treasurer by the board of directors of Lee Enterpirses. The announceemrits of Stem torcycle hit the rear of a car which had slowed to turn into a driveway Driver of the car was Katherine Byrnes, 59, of Waukon. Slitka and the Lyden girl were released after medical treatment. Drowns the states. should cooperate and row tin; same way.”    arid work along the line of at! Blouin, Democratic candidate having the federal govem-for congressman, made the wont set truck regulations for statement in an interview while liS(‘    interstate system attending the annual Linn throughout the nation, with the  _____ states deciding regulations for (Photo on picture fro gel IJS(‘ sf,i,c highways. -I    Ie suggested that federal reg- County Democratic Women’s libations would result in one li-club picnic at Bever park. (cense on each truck instead of a Disagree on Interest slipped sank. out 49 More Persons Die In Philippine Fighting MANILA (AP) — Forty-nine|nar(j persons are reported dead and Rapids was released after post new mg $1,100 bond. Jailed in lieu of another 17 missing in a GLENWOOD (AP) — Patrick Also in attendance was State license from each state in which Toffler, 24, Dixon, Neb,, Sen. James Schaben of Dunlap the truck is permitted to drowned Sunday while swim-1 the party’s candidate for gover operate, ming with companions in an un- nor.    ! Federal regulation of trucks supervised gravel pit near here. Blouin made his prediction in would solve a good many other The body was recovered by the home county of his Republi-;inter-state problem* in this scuba    divers    Sunday evening can opponent, State Sen.    Tom    arCa, Schaben said, from about    30    feet    of water 75 (Riley of Cedar Rapids, feet from shore. Authorities said    Biggest    Vote Toffler called for help and his    , ‘    .    He took note that State Sen.1 fiancee tried to    save    him,    but    he    Linn ( asts    l,Je biggest vote in    cioyd Robinson    (IMJedar of    her    grasp    and    parties    of all the ll couirRapids) the party’s    candidate ties in the district and Blouin for secretary of state, who was _said he expects to spend at a( picnic, disagreed with his least half of my time campaign- position on interest rate ing in Linn county.”    charges. He praised Martin Jensen of Robinson last week told the Hiawatha, Harry Sullivan of (Cedar Rapids Lions club he Ryan and C.    J. Adams of Ihibu-    favors the 18 percent    ceiling on que, the trio    he defeated June 4    revolving charge accounts on to win the nomination, for clos- grounds that without it low in-ing ranks behind his candidacy, come families would have to “All three have been great,”    pay    considerably more    to    bor- iui OKUM Riouin 53^ “They have    given    row    money to buy    goods    at    re- *iriir« recovered us (hejr |js, of v0|unleers and,tail.    I    *' materials, which will help    j Schaben opposes the 18 per- “If everybody else gets bescent ceiling, saying Sunday he hind us we’ll win here.”    (would have preferred one of 13 Personable Campaign Blouin said he hoped to conduct his campaign in    Linn county “in a personable way” so that “people can get at us” to ask questions and to find out what they want to know about him. He plans to do some door-to-door campaigning in the county. Body Recovered CHEROKEE (AP)—-The body of Clare LeRoy Patterson, 20, Auburn, has been recovered from the Little Sioux river near here. Authorities said Patterson, a voluntary patient at the Cherokee Mental Health Institute, had been missing for eight days. The body was Saturday evening after it was spotted in the water by two boys who were fishing. Authorities estimated it had been in the water four to six days. created post day by Lloyd G. Schermer, lice’s president and chief executive officer. Stemlar, 40, was a partner with McGladrey, Hansen, Dunn and Co., a regional firm of certified public accountants. He assumes his new duties July I at I^e’s corporate headquarters in Davenport. J/*e operates 14 daily newspapers including the Daven port Times-Democrat, television stations and radio stations, principally in the Midwest and West. U»e is also in a joint venture with the Nippon Paint Co. of Osaka, Japan, in Napp Systems, USA, Inc., which manufactures and markets photo p o I y rn e r press printing plates A native of Cedar Rapids, Stemlar is a graduate of Coe college. He did graduate work at the graduate school of accountancy at the University of Illinois. By United Press International A tornado sliced through Tucson, Ariz., and another tornado smashed into a Rocky Mount, N. C., trailer park Sunday, injuring dozens of persons. Desert thunderstorms spawned a twister that ripped (Photos on Picture Pane) ously injured in the Rocky Mount tornado. Joseph R Harrison. 22, was rushed by ambulance to Duke hospital in Chapel Hill, N. C. “It didn t cut a swath like an average tornado,” Inscoe said “It went down and up, picking these trailers out and flattening them.” I into a group of mobile homes, n (on the south side of Tucson, kill-) jing a 78-year-old man and injuring at least 30 persons. The tornado and five funnel    MUSCATINE - Inflation and (clouds sighted nearby flattened    nations declining economy 'Fiscal Illiteracy" Charge by Leach at least 19 homes, damaged at will be the overriding political four least 33 others and left about 7.j jSSUCS jn ^ig year’s campaign, five j persons homeless, said ( apt according to James I^each of Ellis Franklin of the lucsonfire Bettendorf, Republican candidate for First district con- I department. Ralph Weaver said a “huge dust funnel” carrying a 14-by-70-foot trailer home came straight toward him, but stopped 15 feet from his mobile home. gressman. During a campaign swing through Muscatine Leach blamed the inflationary economy on “a congress oblivious to economic reality.” He charged his Democratic Near Rocky Mount, N. C., a tornado skipped through a mo-    foe, Congressman Edward Mez- bile home park, injuring at    vinsky of Iowa City, with “fiscal least ll persons and damaging    illiteracy for voting indiscrim- 10 trailer homes.    inately for virtually every piece “From the observation of the of spending legislation to come trailers, it’s a miracle nobody before congress.” was killed.” said highway pa- I^each said that only when 30 YEARS    AGD    —    British    jroj Sgt. r r Inscoe. “Five    congress is able to balance its motor torpedo    boats    smashed    a    trailers were right-out smashed    budget will the American house- German attempt to flee Cher- fiat __ everi with the ground.” : wife be able to balance her pock- At least one person was seri- etbook. THAT ELEGANT STRAIGHT S (.vMinib.miiii.ne) Drug Charges I SUMNER — Three men were arrested on the weekend in 'Sumner for possession of a controlled substance. Charles Ber-Boehmler, 19. of Cedar to 15 percent but no more than 15 percent. Schaben said candidates on the same party ticket don’t necessarily have to agree on every issue to make good teammates. He pointed out that the governor’s office is policy-making in nature while the secretary of state’s office is “regulatory”. outbreak of Moslem guerilla at- 5^ were (jary Lee Amdahl, he said, and to make extensive tacks in the southern Philippine j8 0f \yest Union and Randall use of the party’s voter ideo island of Mindanao. Brig. Gen. Fortunate U. Abat, chief of the Central .Mindanao Command, charged the rebels had taken the offensive again to (get support at the Islamic foreign ministers’ conference now under way in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Euans, 19, of rural Fayette. Wallace Accused of Siphoning Gasoline Possible U. S. Farm Depression SeenbvClark Terry L. Wallace. 19, of 2287 C street SW, has been charged Television Listings 7-KWWl TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, C»dor Rapid* 2—WMT TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock I,land 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8-WKBT, la Crosse 10-KROC TV, Roch*»tar I 2-KIIN TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, De* Morn** 40—KDUB, Dubuque Monday * Night 6:00 7—News, Weather, Spt*. R—Wild Wild West 2—Action New* 3—News, Weather, Spt*. 4—News, Weather, Spt* 4—4 O'Clock Edition I—News, Spt* , Weather IO—New*, Weather, Spt*. 12—Trains, Tracks, Trestle* 13~Evewitne»» News 40—Lossie 6:30 1— Sanford ond Son 2—To Tell Truth 3—let * Make a Deal 4—Dusty'* Troll 4—Hollywood Squares •—Nashville Music IO- Bobby Goldsboro 12—Consultation 13-Sanford ond Son 40—Great Sports Legends 7:00    * J— Baseball— Phlllles-Expos 9 Nookies 2—Gunsmoke 3—Rookie* 4 -Gunsmoke 4— Baseball — Phillies Expo* I—Gunsmoke IO—Baseball-Phillies E xpos 12—Spe< ial of the Week . 13— Baseball Phillie* Expos 40—Rookies 8:00 • ABI Monday Movie- "Talent for Loving' 2-Mere s Lucy 3—ABC Monday Movie— " Taleut for I ovlng'1 • -Children of Zero • Here s Lucy 40 ABI Mondoy Movie "Talent for Loving'* 8:30 2 On k Van Dyke 8 Okk Von Dyke 12 NASA 9:00 J--CBS Repoi i* 4 CBS Reports 8 -< BS Report* 12- Washington Straight Talk 9.30 12 Theater Macabre IO: OO 1 News, Weather. Spt*. ... 9 f yewitness New* I—Action New* 3 Newsbeat 4 News, Weother, Spt*. 4 lOO'Clotk f dition 8 New*, sp)* Weather to New*. Weother, Spt*. I? Day at Night 13 t yewitnes* New* 40 Newsline Tuesday Morning 6:30 2—Summer Semester 4—New Zoo Revue I—Summer Semester 7:00 1—Today 2—CBS News 4—CBS News 4—Today 8-CBS News IO—f odoy 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 8:oo 9 - New Zoo Revue 2—Coot Kannoroo 3—America Sings 4—Copt. Kangaroo 1—Copt. Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 3—Sesame Street 9:00 7—Dinah s Place 9- Mike Douglas 2—Joker s Wild 4—Joker's Wild 4— Dinah * Place • Joker * Wild IO Dinah * Place 13—Dinah * Place 9:30 1— Jeopardy 2—Gambit    , 3—Kid Power 4—Gambit 4— Jeopardy 8—Gambit to—Jeopardy ti—Jeopardy 10:00 7—Wirord of Odd* 9 All My Children 2 Now You See it 3 Galloping Gourmet 4 Now You See It 6 Wizard of Odd* 1 Now You See it 10 Wizard OI Odd* 13 WiiaidotOdds 40 Not for Women Only 10:30 J Hollywood Sauaret 9 Brady Bunch 2 I eve of Life i Brady Bunch 4- Love of Life 4 Hollywood Square* 8 Love of Lite to Hollywood Square* 11 - Hollywood Squares 40 Biuov Bunch IO 30 Tonight Wide World of * I iller tolnment ( HS Movie "Walk with I ave and Death" Wide Wor Id of I liter toinment wild wild Welt I (might I HS Movie Walk with Love und Death " t anight David Susskind t anight Wide Wor Id of I nter toinment 11:30 4 Rawhide 12:00 7 tomorrow 2 I o*l Word 4 tomorrow IO tomorrow 13 tomorrow 12:30 4—Country Music OO Jackpot Password Y ouna and Restless Pas* wold Young and Restless Joe kpot Young and Restless Jai kpot Jai kpot Password 11:30 1 ( eternity Sweepstakes * Split Se. ond 2 Tomorrow J Spilt Second 4 Tomorrow 6 Celebrity Sweepstake* I tomorrow IO ( elebt dv Sweepstake* IJ - telebr tty Sweepstakes 40" Spilt Second 12:30 7— Three on a Motch 9 -Let'* Moke a Deal 2—A* the World Turns 3—A* the World Turns 4—As the World Turns 4—Three on a Motch 1—As the World Turns IO—Three on a Motch ti—Movie 40—Let s Make a Deal 1:00 7—Oavs of Live* • 9—Newlywed Gome 2—Guiding Light 3—Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light 4—Days of Live* 1—Guiding Light 10—Days of Lives 40— Newlywed Game 1:30 7 —Doctors 9—Girl in My Life 2—Edge of Night 3—Girl In My I if# 4—Edge of Night 4- Doctors 8—Edge of Night IO—Doctors 40—Girl In My Lite 2:00 7 Another World 9—General Hospital 2—Price Is Right i—General Hospital 4- Price Is Right 4 • Another World 8—Price Is Right tO—Another World ti- Another World 40—General Hospital 2:30 7—How To Survive a Marriage 9 One Life To Live 2 Motch Game 3 One Life To Live 4—Match Game 4 -How To Survive a Marriage 8—Match Game    , )0—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive a Marriage 40—One Life To Live 3:00 7--Somersef 9— SIO.OOO Pyramid 2 Tattletales 3 HO OOO Pyramid 4 Tattletales 4—Somer set 8 Tattletales IO Somerset 13 Somerset 40 $10,000 Pyramid By Jerry Mursener SIOUX CITY (UPI Dick Clark (D-Iowa) said Sunday there is a strong possibility that the nation is on the “verge of a farm depression” and outlined a five-point program to boost agricultural prices. Clark, appearing at a confer-(ence of concerned persons, beard about 40 leaders from northwest Iowa outline the prob-j lems currently facing the live-I stock producers of the area. Clark said he is concerned I about the testimony and said I there is no doubt “several livestock feeders are close to bankruptcy. Perhaps we are on the verge of a farm depression ” tification program. Schaben, in an interview, said “I don’t bounce around” on the issues That means, he said, he will continue to back legislation with larceny after allegedly si- legalizing 65-foot twin-trailer phoning gas from a vehicle. trucks on interstate highways police said a citizen spotted (they’re limited to 60 feet now) Wallace siphoning gas from a even though the Democratic vehicle belonging to Charles — Sen. |platf°rrn opposed the 5-foot Knight, 944 M street SW. which iwas parked in the 300 block of Twelfth avenue SW early Satur- .... . . j l day.    A said, if elected, he; The Car: the 1931 Cord L-29 All-Weather Sedan with front-wheel drive. Its beauty won prize after prize in European motor shows of the early ’30'». The Whiskey: that elegant straight-8, Walker’s DeLuxe. .Smoothly impressive bourbon made from * choicest grain and aged 8 years to perfect maturity. A legend in its own time. length increase. Federal I^iws Schaben would try to convince the feder-l    *fid Wallace was ar' al government thai if it can restpd at ,he sccne' make a 55-mile-per-hour speed walker’s deluxe That elegant straight-8 STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • It PROOF • HIRAM WALKER A SONS INC., PEORIA. III. G. J. Scott Hurt; Hit-Run Accident A 63-year-old Cedar Rapids man was in good condition Monday morning at St. Luke’s hospital after he was injured in a hit-and-run accident Saturday night. George J. Scott. 5305 SixthI street SW. manage of the Sunrise motel at the same address, was walking in the parking lot of the motel when he East Iowans Receive Colorado State Degree Eastern Iowa students attend- was hit. ing Colorado State university at    Police    said    the    driver    of    the Fort Collins participated in    ear    turned    around    in    the    lot    and graduation ceremonies early fled east on highway 30 after this month.    the    accident. Those receiving their bache-) — .......... lo rs degrees were:    Cedar Rapids — Nancy Bryant; Brighton — Paul H. Peck; Iowa City — James R. Grady; Marengo - Galen C. Burrell. Receiving a doctor of veterinary medicine degree was: Columbus Junction — Dean R jSmylie. 3:30 Who! » My Lint? Glliignri * lilond Dr Max AU My Children Mik« Dougia* Car loo a* Hewitt tied No! tar Wotntn Only Br Ida# F loopy W«*fem Star* 4:00 Ronon/a ■Lucv Show I #>t * Make o Deal J cannie Star Trek Bonanta Miller ager * Mer v Griffin Trail* We*! Two Hospitalized After Inhaling Fumes MAYNARD—Two persons attending a family reunion bere Sunday were hospitalized for treatment after they inhaled ammonia fumes In good condition in the Oelwein has pi tai is Chester Cum berland, HH. Maynard, at whose home the Cumberland family reunion was being held. In giHxl condition at the Manchester hospital is Mrs Merle Cumberland, 59, Lamont, St Luke's Telephone Service Interrupted Telephone service at St.i Luke's hospital was disrupted for about 90 minutes Monday morning after construction crews accidentally cut the hospital’s telephone cable. A hospital official said a construction firm working on the widening of A avenue near Tenth street NE cut the cable at about 8:45 a m. The hospital’s outside lines and its direct line to the fire station were out of service, but internal communications were still ojH’rating. Drive Safely Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 I N*w* W.ofh.r 9 F y6wllne*\ Nr** J N**» W*ather J Nrw* 4 Die k Von Dyk# 4 Noon I dll Ion 8 Noontlm* 10 N*w», Weather 11 Ntwv W*uth*r 40 All My Child! #n 12:15 i I own and Louin! Y 10 Virginia IJ—Luiroon* 4:30 9 Andv Or Iff if h J He . 1 hrd J Gentle Ben 4 Hogan * Hero** 4 Merv Griffin 17 Sesame Sir eel 40 Pioneer* SOO J 9- ; i 4 tm 10- 40 5:30 £ I* j- 4- 4 I IO il ly . 40- Diagnel AH* New* ( nnseauem e* Ni'wslralur e* Hotel I on*e<Hieni e% Manlier * ABI New* NBi New* I yewllne** New* i HS Newt ABI New* CBS New* NHI New* CBN New* NKI New* I lee tm < anipaiiV NHC New* Newville You’re Hot Welt Dressed lf Your Clothes Aren’t Cleaned and Pressed Coll Us! Quolity deaning has been our business (or over 25 years. ' Fret Pickup I Delivery MASON Dry Cleaners 214 5th Ave. SW 362-8531 it it Ju*t Arrived it it ‘ Bat In The Land"— Aril anta*    aa, TOMATOES    Lb. GREIN TURF 23-7-7 Fertilizer 20 Lb. Bag *•« Pr»mark«d at $3.99 or GREEN TURF 10-6-4 Weed N Faad IS Lb. Sa8 Rag. Pramarfcad at $3.99 YOUR CHOICI i/3 PRICE fiieitn (it let tie) pencil 8« Hint putts NO UMI! While ll Last toad of Th# ! Seaton Calif. Navel Orangesfof S Lb. 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