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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa •tv The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Man,, Jan* 24, 1474 The marquee of the decidedly G rated "That’s Entertainment", at Manhattan’s Ziegfield theater, forecasts a future for Hollywood productions in which the cast keeps its clothes on. Producers are eyeing the supreme court and audience reaction to films lacking X rated bedroom scenes. Theater Time Schedule for Monday PARAMOUNT - “Blur* Slimmer” — 7. 8 30, IO. IOWA — “Huckleberry Finn” - I 30 . 3 35, 5 40 , 7:45, 9:50 WORLD — “The Golden Voyage of Smbad" — I 30, 3:20, 5:20. 7:25, 9 25, shorts - 3:15, 5:10, 7. IO, 9 IO. TIMES — “Panorama Blue” - 2, 3:25, 8. 9:25 PLAZA — “Snowball ★ THIS WEEK ★ THE BANK presents “BIRTH”1 I* OPEN DAILY 11:30 ►NOW SERVING FOOOj Express” — 2. 5:30, 9 05; “The World’s Greatest Athlete" — 3:50, 7 20 STAGE I — “American Graffiti” — 7 45, 9 50. STAGE 2 — “Zardoz" — 7:30. 9:30 STAGE 3 - “Billy Jack” -7 40, 9 50. STAGE 4 — “Where the Lilies Bloom" — 7 45, 9 40. EASTOWN I - “The Exorcist” - 7:15. 9 30 EASTOWN 2 - “Paul and Michelle" - 7. 8:50. MARION I. 3, 5, 7. 9. Features at ll, Monday Night Pitchers of Oly $1 The Emergency Room 4650 1st Av*. NI COLLINS - “Walking Tall" - 9 20; “Charly" - 11 45; “Where Does It Hurt?” — 1:30. TWIXT TOWN - “Cold Sweat” — 9:IO; “The Valachi Papers" — 10:50; “Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street" — L TWIN WEST - “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" — 9 25; “The Culpepper Cattle Co.” — 11:15 TWIN EAST - “The Naughty Stewardesses" — 9:25; "Women for Sale" — 11:25 SERVING NIGHTLY CHOICE PRIME RIB OF BEEF TUESDAY IS CONEY DAY (CHILI DOC) * 19c A & W DRIVEIN ROOM (JUST A LITTIE BIT BETTER] Appearing At Th* Keyboard MARY PIKk Nightly except Fri, 310 THIRD AVENUE SE, DOWNTOWN TELEPHONE 362 8679 SPECIAL Mon., Tues. and Wed. Vi POUND LY. STRIPI STEAK DINNER • Potato Salad or Hash Browns • Choice of Salod • Home Mode Roll 1.99 Your Choice of Bill’s Famous GOURMET SANDWICHES • Submarine • Italian Beef • Canadian Bacon • Meat Boll Hevo • Haddock Sandwich • Corned Beef • Italian Sandwich lr* Iud** Potato Solar! Onion Rings Fountain Drink 1.39 Sorry No Corry Out Or Delivery At These SPECIAL PRICES ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL Th® Good FOOD BUFFETS now every night in the Grant Wood Kitchen San. thru Fri. 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. *2.76 Children under IO *1.84 ROOSEVELT Downtown Mar Rapids MOTOR HOTEL Connoting FREE Parking. Ktntitfky fried tfhicktn. • 1435 lit Avo. SE    • IMO 1st Ava. NE • 1334 Edgewood Rd. SN TUESDAY SPECIAL 720 10th St kPh. 377-6351 MARION Cast Keeps Clothes in Current Film Trend ^    ■    unlit    I    hit    tit    id    I    {Hit    I    hi    f    h By Bob Thomas LOS ANGELES (AP) - For IO years, American films have piled shock upon shock as movie makers responded to the Sexual Revolution Now the trend seems to be slowing “I’ve noticed in the scripts I read," says Jack Lemmon, winner of this year’s best actor Oscar “The raw sex seems to he on the decline "After all, what is left to shock people with” Everything has been done on the screen, and familiarity makes things no longer shocking lf everybody streaked, nobody would notice “Even so, look how fast streaking has faded as a craze.” Lemmon’s views are shared by other leaders of the film community. Says Robert Wise, maker of "The Sound of Music" and “The Andromeda Strain”, and president of the Directors Guild of America "I see a definite trend away from daring material on the screen. Not only because audiences have grown accustomed to it. There is also a concern on the part of most filmmakers about what course the supreme court will take." Wise referred to the June, 1973 decision by the U S . supreme court allowing states and communities to decide their own standards of obscenity. Mike Nichols’ ‘Tarnal Knowledge" was ruled obscene in Albany, Ga., and an appeal is pending before the supreme court. “Personally, I know of eight films that have not been made because of the decision,” said director John Frankenheimer of “The Manchurian Candidate”. Sue Mengers, who represents Barbra Streisand, Gene Hackman and other stars for the Creative Management Agency, observed that the studios have “been afraid of the X-rated picture for the last ouple of years." Corporate Dignity believes there is a trend toward implicit vs explicit sox on the screen for esthetic reasons. Says Tom Gries, director of “The Hawaiians” and “QBVH”: “I’ve always felt that graphic sex does a disservice to the film and is counterproductive, I base that on my belief that the American audience in particular is not ready to sit through a sex scene. It takes them out of the story and makes each person aware of himself. “This is not any moral abjuration I simply believe, and most directors and producers agree, that it just doesn’t work to put sex scenes in movies.” Another filmmaker, Jack Sought, now directing “Airport, 1975’’, said he sees a decline in depiction of sex in movies. “From now on, I think it will Im* used only when it fits into the story, not extraneously” Smight observed that the current trend is away from the intimate story which lent itself to sexual scenes Producers are no longer concerned with the relationship of two people; the big thing now is *he catastrophe film All-star casts are fighting to survive earthquake in “Earthquake"; fire in "The Towering Inferno"; air disaster in "Airport, 1975”; "Hindenburg”, etc. Pornography Industry Hit Actress .Susan ( lark cites another trend against sex in films: “Love stories in films nowadays are not about man and woman — they concern man and man Instead of (’lark Gable and Jean Harlow, it’s Paul Newman and Robert Redford.” The decline of interest in sex movies has hit the pornography industry, too “Our biggest problem is apathy,” explains David Friedman, president of the Adult Film Association and maker of such pornoflicks as The reasons for that fear include the supreme court decision and the threat of having to fighi legal battles in communities where such films are banned, plus the damage to corporate dignity. At least one filmmaker MEXICAN FOODS a / SERVED EVERY M TUESDAY & THURSDAY 95 *2 Party Rooms Capacity 10-125 Rehearsal Dinners RANCH SUPPER CLUB On Highway 2 I 8 Midway B«tw««n Cedar Rapid* and Iowa City 857-2641 I “Veronica Taylor” | A Dancer*§ Dancer I FREE 5:30 MATINEE a *    One lo A Ay* const    4 Use 8th St NE ti A. turn rt    I a UNIQUE MOTEL S I    Only 2 Minute* bowntown    I 852 A Ave, NE *    365-90*1    I ■■■■■seaeand MOW' Th* Creola*' OI All Aenean Adventure Star,J. “HUCKLEBERRY FINN Color WORLD PLAZA 393-8*39 PARAMOUNT 362-3269 TIMES 364-8AH NOW I intl* Thursday “THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD”_ Color tao WI I Mutt Knd Y ©morrow WMT DISNEY S “SNOWBALL WORLDS BREWST RIRIE £ T OHIO HT AT 7:00, 8:30, 10*00 “BLUE SUMMER” No One Under I 8 —.X — NC)'N I tad* Tom orrow 70 MM B Stereo Sound “PAH°RAM£BLUE” —X— open a??** th* AT* Ii, PLENTY OF FREI parking NOW! FINAL WEEKI american graffiti .PG — Hurry! End* Thur*. BILLY JACK —GP RO*! EMB Tmwft*R Science Fiction * Best ZARDOZ with SEAN CONNERY — A — NOW All The Warmth And Feeling Of Greatness “WHERE THE LILIES BLOOM” —-O— |v.y!v “The Frolic Adventures of Zorro” and “Trader Horny”. "Business for adult films is way off, and I don’t see another “Deep Throat" happening again ” Friedman estimates (here are 730 theaters playing sex movies the year around, with a steady audience of one million to two million When the major film companies “dipped their toes into our pool” with X-rated films like “A Clockwork Orange" and "Last Tango in Paris", more theaters and wider audiences were opened up for adult movies, Friedman said. "Then came Deep Throat’ and Behind the Green Door’, which were creations of the media. Without all the national publicity, they would have done ordinary business Indulged Fantasies “But everyone read about Linda Lovelace, and for the first time, sex movies were getting the carriage trade. I would guess some 30 million people saw Deep Throat’. “Some were amused, some were shocked But most of them said, ‘All right, I’ve seen a porno film, I don’t need to see another one.’ ” That’s the element of human psychology that seems to hamper both the skin-flick makers and the establishment producers who have introduced sex into major films. Says a university psychiatrist: "We are learning what the Scandinavians have known for a long time: once you remove the mystery of sex, it no longer holds the same fascination For decades the burlesque strip tease intrigued adolescent boys and middle-aged men, who indulged their fantasies in watching a shapely woman undress. “But now they see famous actresses totally nude on the screen and in magazines, and the striptease is dead.” .Sex in movies is a relatively new device for American filmmakers, although it has long flourished in foreign and underground films. It was not until the mid-1980s that the self-censoring Production Code - which prohibited “excessive and lustful kissing, lustful embraces, suggestive postures and gestures, among other things — began to crumble The code, administered by the Hays office, said: “Passion should be so treated thai these scenes do not stimulate the lower and baser element." Passion as well as nudity and frank language began seeping into American films as filmmakers sought to reflect changing moral patterns. In 1988, the Production Code was finally abolished A rating system was introduced restricting films with sexual content from being seen by children The Academy awards are usually a good indication of film industry thinking Although lavishly praised by important critics, X-rated ‘ Last Tango in Paris” was not nominated as best picture in the Oscar race. “The Fxor-cist” was expected to win a best picture Oscar, but didn’t DRAPORT INN on Hwy. J Mila*1 wood Ioltoq# ME '    /,*’    |\\ Still Open For Business Turn lait on attour on gravel rood, then right then right again to Droport TUESDAY SPECIAL $075 CLUB STEAK DINNER Dance music and entertainment Friday, June 28 DICK & ZELDA Saturday, June 29 Bob Preston Bar>B-Q Rib* Fri. A Sat. PBene 848-4145 LAST —DAYS— r™EEX0RC Tifflgar EHST AUN SHOWING! or** i lo wow * lo /Fe TW    JtuWWfX/ HUMUS BRORSOn GGDPJ3 SWEAT •im) BIG SHOW * 0 SO IV BONUS HITI- Hi SH.AKWI WINN**, I, ...NM IW WHtlf MOUV MAIM** It,. .WAHI.- DCAD4e6W i AS pto.eow XhELD OVER 2nd WEEK/ ^335      _ " FOC    TMA    IVORY    IAIA    CWI    IO    I Vagit. U M >«*., SIM SI la**.. mo* “TMI NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES** («) / * No. 2 * "WOMEN FORNAL!" JBR TWIN WEST MIVI-IN THEATRE ♦ 300 6TH ST SW * MON.-TUES. 1 OPEN 8:15 SHOW 9:00 PETER FONDA    SUSAN GEORGE DIRTY KEARY CRAZY LARRY FIRST-RUN exxon BY DE LUXE A No. 2—WESTERN 6 .. YOU HAD A CHANCE — IF YOU LIVED! COLOR “CULPEPPER CATTLE COMPANY f* (PO) 11 inurn a RIG DEAL DAYS mondays through Thursdays ore Fondly Big Deol Dinner Dogs et mr. Steak. fill dinners include USD!) Ohoice naturally aged /took, bread. plump boh** pout* or trench trios, and yawl akala# •! j vie*, soup ar tossed /alod. Spacial children's mono . f"miw ■'« »«»L oar*.    110    conin*    uu am* re ASHM AK I XBI HI ;

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