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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8A Thf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., June 23, 1974 \\ Three Little Pigs” Theme This Week The “Three Little Piss” is the theme for the second week on Cedar Rapids playgrounds. It is a continuation of “Through the Pages to Storybook Land”, an eight week adventure into the old favorites and old standards in children’s stories. The dr. Playground children, those in kindergarten through third grade, will be having all kinds of special events and activities Monday at ll a m.. Cleveland School will feature an ear-wiggling contest Tuesday at 10:30 a m., Taylor will be holding a junior grade fnock track meet At ll Jacolyn will have a bubble gum blowing contest; G.ant Wood will have “My Favorite Toy” display; Bowman Woods will make masks and these will be judged; Twin Pines and Johnson will hold “My Favorite Stuffed Animal” contests, and Bever will have a puppet show Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., Jones will have a puppet contest, looking for the funniest, ugliest and scariest puppets. At ll Shawnee has a “Paint Your Big Toe” contest, Cleveland Park has a “Paint Your Knee” contest and Harrison holds a “Draw the Director” contest. Lincolnv.ay will have a favorite toy contest; Hoover will hold a bubble gum blowing contest. Grant and Ellis will have freckle counting contests; Polk will feature an animal puppet show; Tyler will hold wacky relays and Coolidge will have a marshmallow race. At 10:30 a m. at Noelridge. the selection of the playground king and queen will be made and Cherry Hill will have a Three Little Pigs pantomime. At ll there will be two art events with draw the director at Monroe and a draw yourself contest at Van Burep. Fillmore will hold a bubble gum blowing contest; Alandale will have a poster drawing event; Daniels and Apache will have favorite stuffed animal events; Erskine will hold a paper bag animal face contest and Wright will have a cracker-whistle contest. Buchanan will have a play of the “Three Little Pigs” at IO 30 a m. on Friday. At ll there will be a bubble gum blowing contest at Arthur and a bubble gum hunt at Madison. Hayes will hold a draw the director contest; Nixon will be making masks; Adams will be decorating knees; Pierce will hold a backwards day and Kenwood will have a stuffed animal contest. Playgrounds For the older boys and girls and the young people who make up the playground membership. many of the ideas and titles of special events and activities are the same. For instance, on Monday at 1:30 p.m., there will be an ear-wiggling contest at Cleveland school. Special events and activities, after the Monday opener, become concentrated on Thursday, since the other days are involved with craft projects, special practice and preparation for track meets, sports festivals and so on. On Tuesday at IO a m. at Alandale there w ill be a special track meet. At 1:30 p.m. Madison will hold backwards day; getting ready for penny carnivals will be Arthur. Van Buren and Johnson with special booth decorating contests. Taylor will hold a paint your knee contest; Jones will have wacky races, and Bowman Woods will hold a mock track meet. At 2 p m there will be a bicycle festival at Lincolnway and a bubble gum contest at Noelridge. At 2:30 p m on Thursday, there’s a long list .... Twin Pines, Monroe and Tyler will all feature “B^at the Clock" tournaments; Cleveland Park will hold a balloon stomp; Hayes will have “Upper-bound”; Coolidge will feature “Junk Sculpture”; Wright will have a draw the director contest and Jacolyn will conduct a bubble gum hunt. Bicycles come into their own with bike races at Daniels. There will be a cyclorama at Kenwood and Apache and a bicycle track meet at Harrison Pierce will have a 3-legged race; Grant Wood will have a jump rope contest; Nixon will get the grounds ready for the penny carnival with a clean-up contest; Adams will have a tug-of-war obstacle race and Polk will have a limbo contest. At Ellis and Erskine, there will be mock trach meets; Shawnee will hold a junior olympics; Fillmore will have wacky relays; Grant will have a golf tournament and Hoover will have Frisbee golf. At 3 p m. Buchanan will have a bubble gum hunt and blow-out and Bever park will have a mock track meet. Friday at 2:30 p m. there will be bicycle field events at Cherry Hill. One of the two evening events will be held this week — the penny carnival. The action starts at 6:30 p.m. and will run until 8:30 p.m. On Wednesday evening, Madison, Jones, Monroe, Coolidge, Wright, Grant Wood, Nixon and Bever will hold their carnivals. On Thursday, the carnivals will be held at Johnson. Van Buren, Arthur. Taylor. Twin Pines, Cleveland Park. Daniels, Kenwood, Polk, Ellis, Hoover and Cherry Hill The public is invited to visit the playground special activities and events. Tot Lots Approximately 1,400 stuffed animal toys are expected to make an appearance this week on the 36 supervised tot lots. That number of four- and five-year-old boys and girls will be following the program theme. “Let’s Look at Our Animal Friends”. Tree Gets New Layers Of Wood Each Spring Each spring and summer a tree adds new layers of wood to its trunk. The wood formed in spring grows fast, and is lighter because it consists of large cells. In summer, growth is slower, and the darker wood has smaller cells. So when a tree is cut, the layers appear as alternating rings of light and dark wood. Tomato Kings’ Employ Steam To Grow Crops SUSANVILLE, Calif. (UPI) — Half in jest, they sometimes call themselves the Tomato Kings of Hobo Wells They grow fat, red tomatoes when the mercury drops below zero and snow covers the ground near this isolated northern California community. And to do it, they plant the fruit in pea gravel, tickle the blossoms with electric toothbrushes and keep them warm with “organic steam heat.” Refugees from the sunny climate of San Diego, Mark Souza, Phil Gutman and his son, Andy, founded Hobo Wells Hydroponic Inc., two years ago “People (bought we were nuts, but when they saw the buildings and saw the produce grow, their attitude changed,” Souza said in an interview. The key to their operation in the high desert scrubland about 14 miles from Susanville is Hobo Wells, a geothermal spring which produces boiling water from the earth year-round. "We have all the sunshine we need, and the heat from the wells keeps us from having to buy expensive fuel to keep things going in the winter,” Gutman said. The hot water — “organic steam heat” — is pumped through the pipe framework of the plastic greenhouses to keep the plants from freezing in the winter Last winter, the trio grew 70,000 pounds of tomatoes in two greenhouses and sold the fruit in Susanville They're adding four greenhouses this summer and expect to produce about 20 tons of tomatoes annually in each of them. lf it** *Open’ you!! find It In Gazette CUttAifled! ICI convenient to clip and UM Hie Open Houm 0 tree I Of} that iv puhtovr.cd each 1 ri. Sat. aud Sun. lo Uhs want ads. SEE THE HOME OF YOUR CHOICE TODAY! Each child has been in\ited to bring his favorite stuffed animal one day for a “show and tell” session This day will be conducted in a variety of ways Many will simply call it “Stuffed Animal Day” while some will have animal hunts for animal crackers hidden about the area: These special days will be observed on Tuesday at Cherry Hill and Truman; Wednesday at Anderson, Kenwood, Eisenhower, Nixon, Jacolyn, Jones, Roosevelt, Redmond and Adams; Thursday at Buchanan, Lincoln, Erskine. Linwood, Lincolnway and Jefferson; Friday at Anderson. Kenwood. Apache, Coolidge, Daniels, Wright. Monroe. Grant. Noelridge. Bowman Woods. Northview, Shawnee, Bever, Harrison. Pierce and Van Buren Games, story hours, songs and craft projects will also t arry out the animal theme These include the following animal characters to ndor and decorate: “Winnie the Pooh” with cotton for a tail; Teddy Bear with a yarn bow tie and cotton tail, “Thumper, the Rabbit”, with a cotton tail and elephants spouting water made of glue and sand One area has been dropped for lack of attendance and a new tot lot added. The area eliminated is the new Oak Pill park where only one child was registered Children from this sparsely populated urban renewal area will be accommodated at Buchanan school The new area is in Bever park which will help to relieve the overload of registrations at Erskine school and Redmond park Children living west of Thirty-fourth street and east of Forest drive SE art* invited to attend the new Bever tot lot at Kl a in. Monday. It is located just south of the Grant avenue entrance to the park iii the vicinity of the dance slab. Ann Fussed and Arleta Turley are the directors. Camp Seminole There are 29 children registered for the day camp program for the retarded thai is provided in Seminole Valley park by the recreation commission in cooperation with the Assn for Retarded Persons. Program theme this week is “Plants Around Us”. It will feature the preparation and planting of seeds for a vegetable and flower garden. Stories, games, songs and craft projects will als, carry out the theme Craft activities include scrap pictures, prints made from string dipped in paint, bean pictures, decoupage and pop-siekle flowers. A cook out in place of the regular sack lunch is planned for Friday. Directors are Marilyn Eygttbroad and Terry McEwoen. Hammurabi Code Generally Humane The Code of Hammurabi was one of tlit* greatest of ancient legal systems The laws were generally humanitarian; however, one savage feature of the code was the retributive nature of the punishment which literally followed “an eye for an eye,” the World Almanac recalls. Imprisonment was considered too expensive, corrupting to the prisoner and a hardship to dependents. First Zeppelin The first Zeppelin flight was in 1900 by Germany's Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Ile flew the first of his long series of rigid-frame airships, which attained a speed of 18 miles per hour and got 3L2 miles before its steering gear failed, on July 2, 1900. DRIVE SAFELY Suri To Speak To Food Group B R Suri, Mt Vernon will speak to the Natural Food As nodules Friday at 8 p in at Peoples bank east, 3570 First avenue NE Suri, who holds a Ph.I) degree, has a background in organic chemistry, food technology and nutrition. In 1971 he and his family started a soybean operation. Ills goal was to produce nutritious foods for Americans at all levels A question and answer period will follow b's speech. The meeting is open to the public. Age of Manhood A Jewish boy reaches the age of manhood at 13, when celebrates his Bar Mitzvah he SMULEKOFF'S 2'/i aer#! si everything for the home Third Ave. at First St. SE In Downtown Cedar Rapids Open Monday 9 a.m. ’til 9 p.m. Carpet Department—Second Floor Wonderful Wunda Weve Carpet Choose For Wall-to-Wall Luxury Your Pattern - Choose Your Price Step Up To Quality - See These Budget Saving Values Now Here s three great Wunda Weve carpets. Give your home new luxury, comfort and beauty at a budget savings price, lf you are interested in fine quality carpeting, then you'll like one of Wunda Weve’s beautiful carpets. You will not be choosing only design, color and texture* in mind, but durability also . . . you will get many years of wear from Wunda Weve's top quality nylon carpet. Come to Smulekoff’s now, and see and feel the difference. All three of these wonderful Wunda Weve carpets are on display for your test. Shop Smulekoff’s Monday and Thursday 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., other weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cotillion 100% Cadon Nylon Pile Wunda Weve's Cotillion is a subtly carved pattern, 100% Cadon nylon pile. Its beautiful tip sheared texture is styled for long wear and easy maintenance. Select from four new exciting colors . . . gold, lime mint, avocado and blue. Now is your chance to buy a quality carpet at a savings price. Specially Priced at Smulekoffs 95 Square Yard Spring Valley Plush Shag 100% Nylon Pile Wunda Weve’s luxurious plush shag carpet is 100% heat-set nylon pile. Spots and spills clean up easily because the moisture absorbency is low. The stunning moresque colors hide the soil. Choose from gold, fire red, sand, sapphire, lime, burnt orange colors. It s a top quality carpet at a budget price. Specially Priced at Smulekoff’s Pebble Creek Sculptured Shag Nylon Pile It s Wunda Weve s new high luster nylon pile. Shaggy highs and looped valleys create a stunning effect in a long lasting carpet. Heavenly color blends are tangy red, olive jade, nava|o beige, spice lime, shading olive, and shades of brown. A real value in carpet. Specially Priced at Smulekoff’s $795 I St Square Yard FREE PARKING Open A Budget Account Pion.    Take    Months    To    Pay SMUUKOFF’S Carpet Department-Second Floor ;

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