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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa C. R. Weather High Saturday ............ 70 ll p.m. Saturday ......... «2 Rainfall ........   None Total for June .......... 4.(58 Normal for June........... 5.21 Normal through June ..... ie.61 Total for 1974      25.94 Barometer, rising .........29.96 Humidity at ll p m  86% Wind direction and velocity at ll pm. Saturday, NW at 7 mph. Sun rises Monday, 5:32; sun set.®, 8:46. Year Ago Today — High, 90; low, 66; rainfall, trace. Births — Mercy J uni* 21 — Mr. and Mrs. .lamps Short, 2024 Northgate drive NE, a son. .lune 22 — To the families of Clair Cornwell, Colesburg, a daughter; Dennis Brocht, Marengo, a son; Harold Wilson, Center Point, a son; Steven Brown, 919 Daniels street NE, a daughter. Births — St. Luke's —Kissinger— (Continued from Page I.) cl the American Jewish commo nity, Kissinger then enlisted Nixon’s support, but even a presidential order issued Oct. 9 to replace all Israeli plane and tank losses did not cause Schle-singer and Clements to move. They claimed such an American action would set off an Arab oil embargo. Nevertheless, Kissinger began increasing the tempo and by Saturday, Oct. 13, Nixon — after hearing from the Pentagon lead-ers that they were having trouble lining up charter planes to | fly supplies — said: “To hell with the charters, get the supplies there with Ameri-I can military planes ... I want no further delays.” Poor Communications Clements has denied obstructing the supply effort and other] Pentagon officials    blame the problem on poor    communications caused by    Kissinger’s one-man style of operation. In any event, a massive American airlift was under way and Israel was sent large] numbers of Phantom jets. June 21 — To the families Ofishort,y thereafter the Israelis Michael    Kadlec, 2215    Reynolds    recrossed the Sue/    canal and avenue    SW, a daughter; Leon    their counterattack    was in full Batey,    Elberon, a    daughter;    force Jerry Akers. Central City, a son; Denny Madrcn. 303 Thirteenth street, Marion, a son. This brought about another] tense period. The Soviets began June 22 - To the families of suggesting a cease-fire and Kis-.lames I*. Kidwell, 5825 Last-    ,    ..    .    , view avenue SW, a sun; Riel,. sms*r flew t0 Moscow t0 work ard Dvorak. 1029 Regent street on(‘ ou** NE, a daughter; Gerald Top- The cease-fire was agreed to ping, 434 Thirty-second street Oct. 22, but was broken the next J’ a ‘son' ’    day when Israel took advantage Iowa Deaths    of EKYPtiari violations to block- ^    .ade    Egypt’s    Third    army    on    the Elkader — Gregor Dcbes, jr., I „ , u k f ~    , 57. Tuesday at IO, Feeney’s. ;w”1 DanK 01 *ne ^ucz Cdnal-Lamont — Ida Gruman, 92.1 Dn the night of Oct. 23, Kis-Monda.v at 1:30, Grace United singer learned that the Soviets Methodist church. Visitation appeared to be readv to send after IO Sunday, Kreusscl- —Arms— (Continued from Page I.) U S. has ongoing strategic and research development programs “which can be stepped up quickly if they balk at mutual arms control.” ThP Cedar Rapids Gazette: June Mrs. Guy L. Miller Mrs. M. W. Farmer Irritated With President Nixon and Kissinger Addio B. Miller, 67, of 1320 M Arva I), Farmer, 5480 Ver-avenue    NE, widow of Guy L mont street SW,    died Saturday Miller,    died Friday in a local evening following    a brief illness, set to leave next week    hospital. Born Oct. 16, 1906, in She was a    lifetime    resident of for a third round of summit    Berry, Mo , .she was an employ-]Cedar Rapids, talks in Moscow, the state de- en of Collins Radio until retir Mrs. Farmer was born Sept. partment appeared particularly ement in February 1969.    13, 1898, at Goldfield and was irritated that the charges of a She was a member of the In- married to M. W. Farmer April .secret arms treaty would be ternational Brotherhood of Flee-] 13, 1918, in Cedar Rapids, raised now.    trical Workers, and Collins Re- Mrs. Farmer was a member “It is regrettable,” said An- tirement club.    of    the    Asbury    Methodist    church, der.son, “that Ihis false suspi Surviving is a sister, Mrs. Surviving are two son?, Rich-cion has been raised just before Thomas “Gertie” Paris, Cedarjard ;U of Santa Anna, Calif., and the President’s trip to the Soviet Rapids.    Services: Turner chapel!William M. of    Marion, three Union.”    east at    3 p m. Tuesday, by the I daughters, Mrs.    Dons M. Berne said Kissinger is prepared    Rev. Neville Clayton of Cedar nacki, and    Patricia Wilson,    both to address the issue at a news    Christian church. Burial: Cedar of Cedar    Rapids,    and    Mrs. [conference Monday morning Memorial and in testimony to the .senate j arms control subcommittee, headed by Jackson on Monday; afternoon. “I want to emphasize that no secret deal has been made which permitted any change in the totals outlined in the 1972 agreement,” the spokesman said. The principal topic on the agenda for Nixon’s .summit meeting with Leonid I. Brezh- High Water Forces Closing Of Marion Pool Martha Herren of Springville, 20 grandchildren and eight greatgrandchildren. Memorial services will be held in the Turner chapel east at noon Tuesday by the Rev. Charles R. Mehaffey of Asbury Methodist church. Friends may Cadette Photo by Dale Hankins troops into the Middle East. Kremlin Warning Twenty-four hours later, Kis- In Training Members of the Hawkeye Scuba club conducted search exercises Saturday in the Cedar river just down from the Ellis park pavilion. From left are Orville Nyhus, route one, Marion, and Mark Godar, 324 Tenth street, Marion. They went through the same routine they would go through if searching for a drowning victim. Dunlop Lambastes Congress for Vacillating on Economic Policies The I legion Memorial swim- call at Turner chapel east after ming pool at Thomas park in ll a m. today. Burial at Cedar Marion has been closed until1 Memorial cemetery. (Thursday because of high    - water.    |    Memorial Services lf the high water recedes,! R,l(,hl(, ,„ss,p _ Monriay at „    .    .    .    .    .    swimming classes will hold dou- 10:30 at Rrosh chapel by the nev, the communist party ie, bje sessions Thursday and Fri- Rev. Wayne Storeman. Burial: or, is further re.tra.nts on nu- wj(h (hf ,0.]5 RroupjCedar clear weapons In 1972 the two    Jfn)m „ t0 9;25 a m* the    "ot powers agreed to a five-year,,    f 9;30 t0 ,0 55' limitation on the number of of- Memorial. The casket be opened after the Tensive missiles that each side could deploy. A senate source claimed the a.rn a m. and the 11:45 a m. group from 11 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. All three groups will meet Selk, Harry Theodore, — Trinity Lutheran Church at 1:30 p.m. Monday by the Rev. Richard L. Thompson. Burial: Li n w o o d cemetery. Friends I U.S. privately agreed that the Saturday at their regular times may call «Tu™r chapel west .Soviets could modernize older,;f°r ™k<!uP sessions. .    I""*"    p    m'    torlay WASHINGTON (AP) — John policies alone by the adminis- manding a price freeze, he said, a much restraint program. “That kind of volatility of decision making is a disaster, and *nR*on °* a Fawcett’s. Lisbon — Mary D. Franks, 90. Monday at ll, United Methodist church. Burial: Monday at ha^ been^stab'lhfhed! VisiUtVon sinRer was given a note from Dunlop, the government’s de-Ration will be inadequate be-; while now it opposes after 2 Sunday, Morgan’s. the Kremlin warning of such a parting price controller, says cause of political considerations, less restrictive price Marquette — Mearl E. Swa- move unless the U.S. agreed to congress is aggravating infla- he said. Thornburg’s ^McGregor 5^’ participate in a j°int super-Hon by pursuing inconsistent “I don’t think they can do it tai: Council Hill cemetery, Mo- P°wer    peacekeeping force.    economic policies.    As    an    ex-now.    or    do    it    in    the    next    20 nona.    This    was unacceptable to Kis-    ample, he? cites proposals    to    aid    years,” he    said of    these    policies. Ossian — Clarence Moon, 68 singer    and when he determined    the beef industry. Lutheran church.0’ Prayer3*?-i1hat . ^vpa Soviet divisions J 0n the one hand, congress is    ^ vice Monday at 8, and visita-; about 50,000 men, had been put demanding that the administra- Congress, on the other hand, tion after noon Sunday, Soh- on alert the US. reacted on the tjon restrain inflation, Dunlop must settle on an economic poli-mTinton    Fvprott K .nHv'i morning of Oct. 25.    said whi|e on the otbpr it isicy and stick to it, Dunlop said. Kiron, 7ft Monett i'gX    J*    2    tonsuring where friends may call after 3 Nixon    but without his direct Sunday.    .    participation, Kissinger and Waukon — Jake Zavrazil, 89. Schlesincer ordered the entire from G - c I a s s diesel submarines, thereby gaining 70 additional undersea missies. Kissinger told a news conference in Moscow May 27, 1972, that the Soviets were not required to retire the    ,    t , w, Cl-class submarines "but if they City man drowned in the M.s- modernize them they are count-ed against the 950 ” Iowan Drowns in Outing on River PONCA, Neb. IAP) A Sioux church from IO a.m. to 1:25 p.m. Monday. The casket wilt not, be opened after the service. Rohrer, Robert VV. — Turner chapel east at 12 noon Monday by the Rev. Wilbert Trusheim. Burial: Oakwood cemetery at Monticello. —Mayors— (Continued from Page I.) President’s 4 Persons Hurt in Two Mishaps river    about    four miles] south of here Friday evening. The victim was identified as j 47-year-old    Donald Sulzbach,! Four    persons    were    treated    at owner of Sulzbach Construction cedar Rapids hospitals and re- , leased after being injured in two ypn. The l)lxon    county    sheriffs of-.traffic    accidents    in    the    city    Sat- fice refused    to give    any details urc|ay evening our country cannot prosper "ve    IVcT    °f the bident, but other inves-| They are Mark T. Doudney, under that,” he said.    r    stiS    L‘gaU’S 1au1*hor,tles sald Sulz' 19. of 5115 Harbet avenue NW; “Whot fha    noo^e    ore    ldent    f    P    0    01    ^CfUSing    tO    SpCfld    bacb an(j ^ w)fp    0n    g    Vn„ccn    IO    ICP) Tuesday at IO, St. Patrick’s Catholic church. Rosary Monday at 8 and visitation after 2 Monday, Bakke’s. —Nurses— (Continued from Page I.) tals and 14 clinics from San Jose to Sacramento. Bargaining talks on the strike Schlesinger ordered the entire U.S. military establishment worldwide put on alert Defense Condition 3, two steps lower than war status. Moscow cased off and a corn- forcing a ceasefire. Previous Accounts Saturday’s denials of a con- on the other it guaranteed lo?ns A and import quotas for the beef industry to keep meat prices year ago congress was de- l'mulling To Buy —Ford— (Continued from Page I.) Drive Safely Must Settle What the country needs are —    c'onpess'    rive_ long-run policies on which deci- -    •    --    -    *    -    ■    “v    1 sions of business bargaining can be added. Iviiuauu til iss-y»ciirk, vt.iv, v tii■ i nyer. He emphasized there are no paigned against Nixon's re-elec-easy answers to inflation and tion two years ago. joined in that it can be brought under!saying the conference should control only over a long period avoid the touchy political issue. I gated White House narrative,j0f time    _ He said there is special irony thp nanpr rpnnrtpH    I in this because Americans a1-: „PJ^5?*".......    He made these other points: ' ready have shown they are un-    sai    dl    n    p    Some    of    the    achievements of promise was worked out for en-    willing (0 buy large quantities of    bouso w°«'d vote to impeach!    the 2U,-year-old wage and price] beef at current prices.    N,xon and that 4 calls loJ “■    control program, particularly in ... removal have lost steam during LrtohL,    „nA mnc(rilMiAP -It slime congress stopped its the ,as, ,w0 wecks    0f    heaj‘^    aTrL:,r,.t™    ,n Jmonth-to-month c h a n g I n g of (b k f suffic;ent evidence”!!, 6 alLready are , nR ,u ....    . « ^    ; economic nolicv ” DuhIod said    •    * lack oi suiiicieni evioence    done m tbe seven weeks since issues - which include    wages.    frontahon by Kissinger    and Sch    ^ Xr.C ^    P    !" ,w0/ascs under ln(>.u‘ry "    the program expired. pensions and working conditions lesinger are not wholly consis-    11    11 v)    IPI and campaign contributions — broke off at midweek after tent with previous accounts of    Dunlop will cease    being diroc-    from milk    interests. He also * eoun ry was or una Cedar Rapids they    were    their actions bv other    adminis-    tor of the Post of Living Council    said that there is only one issue a a vvaRP Prlpc con ro    iar>    '1 "    ,88 when it formally goes out of    remaining, the involvement of    Pr°8ram ,n Place at the Ume of In    memory    of Cinda intervention of a state mediator! counts of these other officials    business on June    30.    Nixon in the cover-up of the Wa-^,d) od eral)<irR0* r    [J'””1 >lrD a"d had failed to create a square with the version provid- Dunlop made clear he feels tergate affair.    |u|1Se    mr8 i * ,am breakthrough.    cd by the Kalbs.    both congress and the adminis- “I haVe said, and it is broom- b,y wou,d be doub,e what thcy In raemory of Naomi On Wednesday, in what hospi-J A number of other officials    tration should do more    to com-    jng more    clear, the prepon- tal officials claim was an un-|say that Kissinger was opposed'bat inflation, which    has    resulted    deranee of    evidence favors the principled escalation, nurses to an immediate and large scale in consumer price increases of] President,” Ford said.    tr0*s    program in terms of its    morv of m .ho.. walked out of many emergency,American resupply of Israel be-    10-7 percent in the last 12 “You have the White House success or failure. “A number    ___ rooms and intensive care units cause he saw the war as an op-TBantbs.    [version and you have the com-|°f things were accomplished, which they had agreed to staff | portunity to put relations with    Use of fiscal    and monetary j mittee version. I don’t put any | perhaps not as much as^someone Terry L. Yousse, 19. of 1613 outing and that Sulzbach Poet road SW; laster R in wmcn oeci- Republican Mayor Ralph Perk aDDarentlv was Irvine to swim Z a 7 /    ’    a and collective f,r nAVPionfi a candidate for u    was trying to swim young, 41, of Davenport, and ie made” ho , Cleveland, a candidate for ^ his boat, a 35-foot cabin cruts-Ha2Pf M oieson 73 of 1503 e made, ne(tbe senate and Mayor Kenneth^ - tbat was    on    the    Sf    u    *    j ; Gibson of Newark, who cam-'Ll    Elmhurst    drive    NE. Camp Good Health Previously reported S auxil- the two sides said making no progress. Earlier, the [tration officials. Nor do the ac- are now. He declines to assess the con- Doebel from Home Builders auxiliary of Cedar Rapids 6.865.52 25.00 25.00 25.00 during the dispute. “Doctors and licensed vocational nurses are having to work long hours to keep t?iese special services going,” said Larry Corbett, a spokesman for Associated Hospitals, one of three private hospital groups affected by the strike. Poole said the nurses pulled out of special services only because the hospitals were violating their agreement to cancel routine surgery during the dispute. The union is demanding a 5.5 percent increase in nurses’ salaries plus a cost-of-living escalator. The nurses also seek guaranteed alternate weekends off, better pensions, and a promise that only properly trained nurses be assigned to 10 work in special services units Mother, Son Are Hurt in Mishap Twila L. Nissen, 20, of 1419 higher credibility on the com- could have done or mittee’s version than I would on Nke to have done. ’ the White House version.” In other Watergate developments: Charles Colson, former Nixon aide, has told the judiciary com all I would Reschedule Watkins Centennial Events WATKINS—Salurdav' some rain events nial. Events rescheduled for today Infant Death MARION — The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Pawlak, 700 Grand avenue, Marion, died Saturday. Private cremation services will bo held in Turner chapel east. the Arabs on a new footing. By this account, Kissinger played for time until President Nixon ordered him not to wait longer. The other account provided weeks ago by administration officials maintained that Kis-|^*rs* street NW. was admitted    _    w    H,......... singer was having difficulty!St. Lukes hospital Saturday    mittee that he alerted President    jnterferred with with the Pentagon, but not with    WI,h injuries suffered in    a    two-    Nlxon botb in january and Feb-    fnr    Watkinc    ponton Schlesinger personally. T h eivehiele    accident    about    12:30    mary. 0f    1973 to high-level com- * sources giving this version said    p m. in    the 4700    block of    Sixth    p]icity in    the Watergate affair, j Schlesinger agreed to play the    str(’t‘l    Senate    Democratic Leader “tough guy” with the Israelis Also injured in the crash was    Mansfield said he was “becom-    are the following: for Kissinger, but that they both her 34-year-old son Barrett,    ing depressed” with the political    I p.m., parade; 2    p.m., stage agreed to delay the resupply cf- who was treated and released.    atmosphere created by the im-    bands, baseball    game    and fort as long as possible.    Police said Mrs. Nissen’s pick-1    Pediment proceedings against    horseshoe pitching,    all at    the By thus arrangement, Kis-1 up truck ran into the rear of a the President and wants the ball park; 3 p m., greased pig singer could forestall pro-lsrael pickup driven by Gary L. Kaut, issue decided one way or thejcontest, ball park; 5 p.m., draw-pressures in the U.S. until he 31, 0f 59 Oklahoma avenue SW. other by year’s end.    ,ing,    ball park. ‘ and other American leaders when he slowed down to enter a ........  —-----------------------------   -.......—............. —- jcould assess the highly volatile s e r v i c e station. She was] 'military and diplomatic situa-jcharged with failure to stop in the assured clear distance] ahead. A report on her condition was not available Saturday evening.! Wren, mother of Paul W r p n, from friends and neighbors    25.00 In memory of Lthel M. Shean    15.00 In memory of Henry Vyskoeil from coworkers at Peoples Bank and Trust Co.: Brett Dishong. Lester Frezek, William Klim a. Charles Krejei. Charles Smroek, Ervin stc-panek. Carl Volesky and Ted Welch    15.00 In memory of Leah Burrows from Cedar Rapids auxiliary YEW 788    10.00 The first three were injured in ..TTZl TI    .. a four-vehicle crash at Nine- 10 YEARS AGO — Henry fecn(b street and Mt. Vernon Cabot I/xfge resigned as ambas- road SE. sador to South Vietnam and was Police reported a westbound succeeded by Gen. Maxwell car driven by Doudney struck Taylor    the rear of a van driven   by Young, which was pushed into the rear of a car driven by John F. Shean. 41, of 3844 Vine avenue SE, which was pushed into the rear of car driven by Ricky L. Bischoff, 24, 515 Tenth street SW. Yousse was a passenger in the Doudney car. * * * Mrs. Oieson was a passenger in a car driven by Cecil E. Oieson. 71. of the same address. He was charged with failing to yield at a stop intersection at lo.oo Edgewood road and First avenue NW. His car struck one driven by louise M. Brecke, 27. of route three, authorities said. 10.00 10.00 10.00 In memory of my husband, A. VV. Carlton In memory of L. II. Kollman from Bill and Dorothy Kollman. Arlington, Texas ............. Noami circle of Buffalo United JVI e t h- odist church ..... Harry Larson. Central City ........ In rn e rn o r y of my loved ones from Ethel Odland, Fairfax In loving memory of Leah Burrows from Mr. and Mrs. Carl Durhala In memory of my mother on her birthday. June 17. from Mildred Goodwater Robins Ait club Iii memory of Evelyn ll ii f f rn a n from a friend      1.00 Total    S 7.071.52 1974 Budget    $21,500.00 Yet to he raised $14,428.48 10.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 2ft YEARS AGO - The Interstate Commerce Commission said railroads could not give free rides for publicity purposes or as awards to contest winners. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 363-0671 lf you need help: Foundation ll . 362-2174 (4 pm. to midnight) Feed the Birds CENTURY BURIAL VAULTS Since 1927 Charles. Henrietta. A Charles .lr. l’ochobradsky 1219 MT. VERNON Kl). 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