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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa THE 6000 SAMARITANS j well,va; ^ CAN PCIVS HIM I 60MELLACE ELSE ’ WHERE VOO BUMS HANG OUT.*'    J v BEAT ITH    A UPWELLS \ NOT peeling I SO GOOP. SO f WE PROVE J HIM HOME- • ‘£4 S AN' LOSHWELL WAS SAYING HOW HIS WIPE WOULP MAKE HAM AN’ EGGS POR A f NOW WHERE? MY OC LAPY IS GONNA BE SORMAN I'M SOBER” r OH, OH.11 T0LP3 WE SHOULD PUT HIM IN A V CAB* £ ~7tm mc masqu&&, MoaVvvocxT^ £AL,F- KIM BUY ONE PAIR OF GLASSES AT REGULAR PRICE... AND AT THE SAME TIME A PAIR OF PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES at 1/2 price By Oswald A James Jacoby South wasted no time with the play of what he considered an elementary hand. That is he wasted no time at tin* start Hi* ruffed the second spade and started after trumps If trumps had broken 3-3 everything would have been fine, but when East showed out For Better Health NORTH A 8 Ii 4 2 U,l ♦ A 53 ♦ A 8 ti 5 VV KST A A KQ10 7 ¥ 6 5 4 2 ♦ 10 8 ♦ 73 KAST A -I :> 3 ¥83 A 9 7 6 4 2 ♦ K IO 9 SOUTH (I)) 4 J ¥ A Q 10 9 7 ♦ K Q J ♦ Q J 4 2 Both vulnerable West North East South IV 14 24 Pass 34 Pass 3 V Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead —4 K on the third lead South saw that his contract was in jeopardy. He thought a while; drew the last trump and tried a club finesse. It lost and East was able to lead a spade to give his partner three spade tricks and set South two. “I guess I should have settled for down one,” remarked South. “Every card is always wrong for me.” 'Every card was wrong. Trumps broke 4-2. East held the king of clubs and a third spade, hut South should have made the hand. If he had stopped to think at trick two instead of ruffing the second spade, he should have discarded a club. South would ruff the third spade and play the hand exactly the same way, but there would be a decided difference at the end. When East took his king of clubs he would not have a spade to load to his partner and South would bring home the bacon. ¥4CRRD<fc«*4+ The bidding has been: 21 West North East South 14 Dble Pass 24 Pass 34 Pass 3 V Pass 34 Pass 7 Pityriasis Rosea Blemishes Will Eventually Go Away By Dr. S. L. Andelman The person with pityriasis rosea can take consolation in the knowledge that his skin blemishes will almost certainly go away Unlike many skin discases that are persistent arid difficult to cure, pityriasis rosea is self limiting The discase will disappear in about six weeks and rarely troubles the same person again Pityriasis begins with a single herald or mother lesion an oval patch on the skin with slightly swollen pink or red areas around the rim As the lesion grows, it becomes wrinkled, scaly, silvery in the center and begins to flake off. It appears to be healing in tin* middle as it spreads outward and may grow to about two inches in diameter Spread Within five to IO days after the herald lesion develops, other, smaller lesions appear. They arc usually located on the upper arm, the thigh, the trunk or the neck but may spread elsewhere. They may itch, sometimes severely. In most cases, no treatment is necessary. The lesions heal and all traces gradually fade. Dr. S. L. Andelman Exposure to the sun or un ultraviolet lamp helps speed recovery, hut the tanning must he even, without burn The problem seldom occurs on tanned skin; in fact, some cases have been rioted in which the lesions appeared only on areas under tin- trunks of a sunbather The lesions of pityriasis may sometimes resemble the skin eruptions of persons who are sensitive to specific drugs. Or they may look like the signs of secondary sy phi 11 is Wet Dressing In the unusual case of severe pityriasis with much itching, the patient should avoid the irritations of soap, hot baths and woolen or rough clothing. Soothing balms and creams may be prescribed, and wet ACLU Founder Sees Peril to Civil Liberties You, South, hold 4654VKJ432 ♦A Q 9 7 A 3 What do you do now9 A —Bid four diamonds. This is a good time to show your second suit. CHICAGO (AP) - The administration in Washington ‘‘presents an unprecedented issue” in civil liberties, says Roger Baldwin, one of the nation’s leading and oldest civil libertarians. Baldwin, hale and hearty at age 90, organized the American Civil Liberties Union in 1920 and served as its executive director until 1950 The activities of the executive branch ‘‘can be construed in terms of civil liberties,” even though the issues of freedom, liberty and equality of Americans are not primarily affected, he said in an interview Monday But he said the issues involve the concept of government at its very heart, explaining that the balance of power between congress and ihe executive branch has been upset. And that “is the road toward dictatorship, not that we have it now ...” Baldwin spoke of the corruption of the executive branch by the ‘‘enormous sums of money” raised during President Nixon’s 1972 election campaign and the use of the FBI, the CIA and the Internal Revenue Service for political ends. The administration’s activities are a “scandal of the first order,” he said. He said he hopes the consequences are election reforms of significant magnitude so that those elected to office will be beyond suspicion and citizens again can trust their government. Baldwin said the emergence of self-assertion by blacks, Indians, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, women, homosexuals and other minorities throughout the world was ‘‘something very hopeful and very new.” And he said he has "never seen a time when debate and public discussion were freer than today. — they’re quite popular, in fact.” Baldwin said he continues to work at the ACLU office in New York one day a week and to consult more frequently at the U N., in addition to serving on a number of boards and committees. dressing may help relieve Ihe itching in some cases Pityriasis is largely a discase of young adults and is found in most parts of the world There s no evidence that pityriasis is contagious or infectious, hut there arc sometimes outbreaks among many people in a given area. * * * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future columns He regrets, however, he cannot personally answer mail Writ'* to him in care of The Gazette Indio Sends Captured Arms to Bangladesh DACCA, Bangladesh (UPI) — India has begun returning to Bangladesh arms and ammunition left behind by surrendering Pakistani troops in the last days of India’s 1971 war with Pakistan Information Minister Taheruddin Thakur told parliament that a “substantial number” of arms had already reached Bangladesh from India and more were on the way He declined to issue a detailed account of the military hardware for security reasons Pakistan lost its two-week December 1971 war with India and in the process surrendered its eastern wing, now the independent nation of Bangladesh. They'll Do It Every Time LAFF - A - DAY I would have called you touch sooner, Doctor, but frankly we dido t even notice she had the measles.” Lecture by Sex Author Disrupted By Homosexuals PHILADELPHIA (UPI) -Dr David Reuben, author of “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex”, was giving a lecture at the Playhouse in the Park theater to about HK) persons. Suddenly IO gay activists climbed onto the stage and called Reuben ‘ a criminal” because of the views on homosexuality expressed in his book. A fight broke out and two men were injured, including a policeman Mark Segal, spokesman for the “(lay Raiders,” said Reuben’s hook “perpetuates old myths about homosexuals and creates new myths.” Five police officers attempted to remove the protesters from the auditorium when the fight broke out. Reuben, who was not injured, completed the lecture. “After this the City of Brotherly Dive takes on a new meaning for me,” he said IT S THE SEASON POR GARAGE SALES GET RESULTS WITH A CLASSIFIED AD. DIAL 398-8234 Airmen in Thailand Net 45,000 Pennies BANGKOK (UPI) -American airmen on a U.S. air force base in central Thailand have collected 45,000 pennies in a drive to recirculate the scarce coins, IJ S. military authorities said Thursday. The drive was held at Takhli Royal Thai air force base, HK) miles north of Bangkok U S currency is used on the six air bases maintained by the U.S. in Thailand. Sugars Gas foi Sweet Revenge ORVILLE. Calif (UPI) -Douglas Esmond found a sweet way of getting revenge against gasoline thieves. Someone stole a five-gallon can of gasoline from his pickup truck two weeks ago while it was parked at his home here. Esmond told sheriff’s deputies that he put another five-gallon can of gasoline in the back of his truck and added several pounds of sugar. The can was taken from his truck Deputies were looking for a vehicle with a gummed-up engine. DRIVE SAFELY ULEKOFFS acres of everything for the home Open Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ‘I want to give myself up. I’m tired of running.’ Doesnt Hove lo be Mother * Dov lo Give Fresh Fruit Basket, They're The Sweetest Gifts Anytime HEAPING VG PECK ... $3.50 HEAPING Vt PECK ... 56.50 HEAPING FULL PECK . $9.00 Slit ceile vtifpri I a CNety la* im Hainan ta title nautili DALE’S FRUIT MARKET SUI Center PL M. NI I IM 3314 Ope* 9 ta I 7 Days • PRICE LIMITED TIME SPECIAL ON PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES SINGLE VISION J* GLASSES \ AS 10W AS V I ARUI SE LECT ION OF MODt RN fKAM) StYllS AND COLORS IN( I UDING WIRIS Master ( ti .a r A Ha ti k Arttt-r ii aid [DOWNTOWN CL DAR RAPIDS 106 1ST STREET S. TH (PHON! 364 2122 ORIN All DAY MONDAY THRU SATURDAY by You ll discover that 16th century Persians can mix beautifully with modern when you put this Karastan re-creation of one of the world s most treasured Oriental rug designs in your home. Its fascinating action scenes of hunters and animals are reproduced in 41 exquisite colors that will lend a sense of drama and warmth to the most modern furniture Naturally, it s perfect for traditional decor. Power loomed of the finest worsted wools Only *795°° for an 8’8”xl2’ SMULEKOFF’S EEE PARKING For Our Customers, rig Park and Shop plan.    ~    m    "I    ™    ~    _    " BIG GEORGE! Virgil Partch   . Answer Tomorrow Chinese Open New Coal Mine lins result in a saving in estate taxes9 What form should the trust lake9 A — These questions eau Im* answered only by an estate expert who knows how much money is involved and many other pertinent matters. You should not move without such expert advice. * * * Q — Please comment un my list of stocks? A — How? You don’t give me a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a personal reply. And I am not going to print a long list of storks, some of which I certainly don’t want to give the impression I’m endorsing, * * * Q — I think our income tax laws are so twisted that they drive small andor elderly wage earners to distraction Why should an elderly retired person Im* punished for trying to add a few dollars of needed income? Why should depreciation tax shelters be granted only to business? People depreciate, too — and faster than machines A — I don't know where you got the idea I think our present tax laws are fair. Certainly people depreciate, too. And I find far too many cases of the elderly who are paying taxes which, even though modest by most standards, still cut into their skimpy budget. While you’re presenting tax injustices, explain to me why a company which installs a better machine to make a better product and a higher profit (and pay higher taxes) gets a tax write-off for that expenditure whereas a parent who struggles to lay out $5,000 a year so that his son or daughter can become a higher-earner (and higher taxpaying) professional gets no tax credit for that $20,000 or more expenditure? * * * RECORD DATE: The date on which a shareholder must he registered as an owner on the books of the company in order to receive a dividend, rights, or a vote at an upcoming meeting. Officials Wait for Pot Bag s Claimant BARTLETT, 111. (UPI) -Illinois state police sought the owner of a navy seabag but felt certain he or she would not come forward to claim it. The hag was found along a road. It contained about $B5,IMHI worth of processed marijuana, police said Officers speculated the hag had been dropped in the* weeds along the road for later pick up. n\n\\\\XXXXXXXXXX! "file Investors G uide rrvey Wallbanger Cake pkg. Orange Cake Mix pkg. Instant Vanilla Pudding eggs cup cooking oil cup Orange Juice oz. Vodka oz. NEAPOLITAN Liqueur Mix altogether and pour into a greased angel food cake pan Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes. Frosting 1 cup Confectioners Sugar I tbsp. Orange Juice 1 tbsp Vodka 1 tbsp NEAPOLITAN Liqueur Mix thoroughly and trost cake while warm Harvey Wallbanger Fill tall glass with ice cubes Fill *4 with Orange Juice Add 1 oz. Vodka; stir Top with Vj oz. NEAPOLITAN Liqueur 'roof Produced and bottled in the USA by International liqueurs, ago, Ut 60623 Bv Sam Shulsky Q — It has occurred to mc Hull tin* AT and T plan of reinvesting dividends in additional shares of stock without charge is an excellent plan for a young person who wants to build M portfolio. I assume there arr* other firms offering this arrangement A — I iii all iii favor of any young person sitting up a long-term periodic purchase plan for building a portfolio. I he advantages arr* many, because hr* or she is Investing when stock market prices are low and when “plungers” are too discouraged to acquire stor k Sam Shulsky Acquiring stock on a dollar-cost averaging basis, which buys more shares when prices are low and fewer when prices are high More likely to buy the shares of long-established corporations. Following a long-term plan which almost always works out better than smart-aleck in-and-out trading. I don’t think, however, that you are correct on the “no charge” idea There are fees, hut generally quite reasonable fees. Many, many corporations are now offering this plan, aided by brokers and, in some cases, by commercial hanks. Any young investor interested in a long-term program of acquiring investment quality shares should consult his broker or commercial banker. * * * (J -- I am wondering whether, at age 75, I shouldn’t put $10,000 into an annuity in order to holster my income. I have a son and grandchildren I would like to help after I’m gone. A — At age 75, an annuity payout is relatively high and safe (assuming you are doing business with a reputable insurance company or religious, educational, charitable or service organization licensed to do business in your state). However, a lifetime contract will not leave any money for your heirs. And even a refund- type annuity may not leave any money for your heirs. * * * Q — We are retired and considering the establishment of trusts for our daughter. Would HONG KONG (UPI) -China's deepest coal mine — nearly 3,280 feet — went into operation last month in the nation’s northeast region, the New China news agency says. The official Chinese news agency said in a report monitored here the new mine at Peipiao, one of northeast China's mining centers, has an annua! capacity of BOOJUM) tons. We dont make a very pretty centerpiece OOO but we make a pretty bang-up Harvey Wallbanger. With Neapolitan Liqueur, who needs the lancy bottle and tancy imported price tag9 Without all the frills, it still makes dozens of bang-up drinks, including a really bang-up Harvey Wallbanger Try Neapolitan and see It won't leave you with- a very pretty centerpiece Just somo pretty delicious memories TODAY’S QUESTION Your partner continues to four hearts. What do you do now9 ;

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