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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa -Motion Neutfr First Reading Given New Right Turn on Red Rule Tim Uirla Mid-East Scene By Larry Tanner First readiruig was approved on an ordinance establishing the new section of city code concerning right turns on a red traffic light Thursday night by the Marion council. The city code is being brought in tine With legislation passed during the recent session of the state legislature. A motorist may make a right turn on a red light after stopping. Intersections where such turns may not be made will be designated. City Attorney Robert J. Stone said the new code goes into effect duly J, but signs prohibiting the right turns at specified intersections arc not expected to arrive by the first of the month. Hid Letting A public hearing and bid letting was set for July IO at 8 a m. in the council chambers for phases 2 and 3 of the public library project. These phases include elevator installation and air-conditioning. Another hearing and bid letting was set for July 18 by the council at 7:30 p.m. in the council chambers for the city park electrical construction project. Wiring in the park will be placed underground and additional outlets and lights will be installed blithe area. Retroactive to June I, the council approved a hike in the monthly .subsidy paid for bus service to and from Cedar Rapids. The subsidy was raised from $800 to $1,000. Project Progress City Engineer Terry Chew told the council the city’s No. I paving project is 34 percent completed. Ho said costs were running eight percent over the contract because of tho extremely wet conditions in some areas. The extra cost cannot be added to the assessments, paid by property owners, councilmen emphasized. The city will pay that amount. Final payment of $1,263.64 was made to Blue Grass Enterprises for the 1973 seeding and sodding project. A change order was approved Minor Storm Damage Is Reported in Marion City officials reported only minor damage resulting from the wind and rain storm late Thursday afternoon. Firemen had to use emergency power for three-and-one-half hours in the evening when a large tree limb knocked down a power line in the alley adjacent to the station, 600 Eighth avenue. One fire for the No. I paving project at the intersection of Tenth avenue and Twenty-second street. Waived Requirement Amount of the extra cost will be determined by the bid unit price. The council waived the separate restroom facilities requirement in the building code for the C and L Drywall firm, 1962 Fifth avenue. Final payment of $30 was authorized for Herman Thompson Associates for the city jail renovation project. The regular meeting date of the council falls on July 4 this year, so the group decided to meet on July 3 at 8 a.m. Dance License A dance license was renewed for the Longbranch supper club, 90 Twixt Town road. A class B beer permit was approved for the Pizza Hut, 1300 Seventh avenue, which is a new business. Israel: "Peace Quest Won't Bar Reprisals" The Cedar Rapid* 5 Gazette: Fri., June 21, 1974 By Associated Press Israel says its search for rut said 30 Palestinian refugees were killed and 122 wounded Thursday when five refugee camps were hit. A Lebanese government spokesman said Israel will continue its whole- in addition fW0 Lebanese [hearted elforls for speeding the peacemaking process,” said a 'communique Thursday night peace will not stop its .strikes at Arab groups that kill Israeli citizens. were killed and six wounded * * * I from tho foreign ministry in I. 't“sslii* has inc"'ascd Syria’s | psychiatrist Jerusalem. Hut Se communique I £ 'Kht,'r by ""Hts «“•»! j added that Israel will also con- ,fl m ‘he last two months linuc striking against the or>ut a Synan P>I»‘ shortage is ganglions responsible for “the I keeP,n«many mllltary a,rcraf' murder of Israeli civilians.” Plumbers Chief Krogh Released Ii ALTI MORE (AP) — Egil Krogh, head of the White House plumbers, was released Friday from a federal detention center ‘‘somewhere in the Baltimore area,” authorities said. Krogh was sentenced Jan. 24 to six months in prison for his part in the burglary of the office of Dr. Daniel Ellsberg’s Tax Exempt Status Sought by C. R. Firm Tho Stateroom was issued on , ™s ?»“? new    jempt    rtatT    was'S    mTrn the heels of tho fourth and roost    '    itching    Sovirt    distrlct    court    Thursday    by    Boys devastating Israeli air raid this; ^    f    Acres,    Inc.,    route 3, Cedar on the ground week on Palestinian targets in|f™ shipmonts to Arab coun-|Rapj(Js The Linn board of review had Lebanon in retaliation for the; guerilla raid on the Shamir kib- tries General Andrew Goodpaster, 6‘1\ “What I hat«* about a yard is all that ever comes up is the grass and you wish that wouldn’t.” $40-Million Franklin Bank Loss, President Resigns Class C beer and liquor permits were renewed for Club million Royale, 1195 Seventh avenue, I mostly and Stickney’s Scoreboard, 740 foreign currency transactions Tenth street.    1    ^)an|c    5^4 Thursday its A class A beer and liquor per* hoss in the first five months of mit was renewed for the Indian,^ year was million and Creek Country club, Indian|predictcfi a ‘‘substantial” consolidated loss for the second Kilty io*f uHMiir    ill. S. commander in Europe and!c^n‘e<^ the corporation’s claim •    (administrator of American mili-°^ax'€xemP^ status and set an A guerilla spokesman in •Bf-i'-jtary aid in the Middle East, con-1 assessed value of $14,640 on the firmed Thursday that Russian property, arms deliveries to Egypt have: Boys Acres was described in been curtailed.    the petition as a child care However, he said, “The Soviet group home for homeless and aid program has become even i troubled boys. Because it was more generous in . . . com- an organization for charitable fitments and deliveries to Sy- and educational purposes it BONN (AP) — The West Ger-jria an(j iraq.” These countries;should be exempt from taxes, man parliament ratified a have remained closely tied to)stated the petition. treaty Thursday normalizing re- Russia while Egypt has sought'    - lations with Czechoslovakia and'friendship with the U. S.    DRIVE    SAFELY annulling the Munich pact of In explaining his decision to 11938.    "       —...... resign, Gleason said that while in a ballot along party lines weeks of the Johnson administration. Bonn Sets Pact With Czechs To Normalize Ties not related to the storm, firemen said. Several large limbs and partial trees were reported blown down by the winds. Marion Independent school district officials said a report that windows had been blown out of Starry school was not correct. No windows were lost and officials could find no other call came at 5:25 damf8e at the building. One of-p.m, at the Kenneth Rush r»i-!ffa said windows were broken h.irninfT in qiat Marion high school, but not (during Thursday’s storm. He termed these a case of vandal- dence. Charcoal stove in the backyard was mis takenly thought to be a house fire during the high wind and:ism‘ the fire department was notify    Attend    Funeral    —    Mrs.    Victor Firemen were called later to Thompson, Kerri and Glenda, the Harry Schminkey home. 1^95 West Ninth avenue, attended 1235 D avenue, for a grease fire funeral .services Wednesday for in the oven. Damage was con- Laura May Jurgenson, 9-year fined to the oven. This fire was Hurt in 1971 Crash, M. L. Parton Dies M. Lloyd Parton, 37, a former resident of Marion, died Thursday in a Waterloo hospital of injuries suffered in an auto accident Aug. 28, 1971, near Waverly. old daughter of Mr Verne Jurgenson at NEW YORK (AP) — The president of Franklin National Bank has resigned following the disclosure that the hank lost $40.4 in    the    first quarter, I he was    unaware of the costly [the Liberal-Socialist coalition through    unauthorized    foreign    exchange transactions, deputies voted approval of the “There is an old saying that the treaty and the opposition Chris-1 buck stops at the top.”    j    tian    Democrats    voted    against. In a 12-page statement, the! Passage of the treaty marks; bank said it was not “presently! the final s,tep in Bonn’s Ostpoli-j a participant in any negotiations tik — a policy of reconciliation ; involving a merger, sales of (with East European countries assets or other disposition of begun by former Chancellor! any interest in the bank.” | Willy Brandt. Bonn now has dip-1 Stock Swindle    I    L°,matif    relations    with    al1    Sovict I Bloc states. In an unrelated development, Branot    and former Foreign drawn    $930 million    from    the [a former official of    Franklin    Minister    Walter Scheel jour- Franklin    since    the    bank’s    finan-;and another man pleaded guilty neyed to Prague last December cial problems    first    came    to    light; to taking part in a $2.1 million to sign the treaty. May 12.    swindle    in which the bank’s. The treaty text says: “The Franklin    originally reported a    money was used to invest in the Munich agreement of Sept. 29, Mrs.    Walter    Vaughn,    Kansas    fjrst quarter    net    income    of    stock market.    1938, was    forced on the Czechos- City,    were    guests    Thursday    in    $79,000    or two    cents    per share.    Robert Node, 30,    a former    lovak republic by the Nazi re tire home of Bertha Miller, 2255 on Thursday, the company said branch supervisor in the bank’s; gime under the threat of force Creek road. Nine cigaret permit applications were renewed by the council. * * * Does your Pharmacy provide health services information for you? We do! Sorg Pharmacy. • Adv. * * * Missouri Guests — Mr. and quarter as well as the entire year. The New York Clearing House Assn. revealed that foreign and domestic depositors have with- FREE GOBLET with $50 deposit I Eighth avenue.    the first quarter loss amounted * * *    to $8.75 per share. Trading in Cards, flowers, gifts I re-,pranklin’s stock has been sus-ceived while hospitalized were pended through July 3. appreciated. Thank you. Thank you. Carl Hansen. — Adv. * * * Rummage Sale: Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. 525 5th Ave.—-Adv. Wall Shooting securities department, and Rob-|It declares the Munich agree-; ert Tomarkin,    44,    an    indepen-1ment “null and void” with resp-! dent securities    trader,    were ac-lect    the Czech-West German re cused of stealing $983,627.73.1 lations. “Buck Stops”    More ^an    ^at    amount    Affirming the inviolability of was recovered by the bank. their common frontier, both Harold Gleason, who joined According to the indictment, countries promise to “refrain Franklin in 1956, announced his tfoe pajr USc(j, the bank’s $2.1 from the threat or use of force.” resignation as president, chair- million to buy securities and The Christian Democrats said man and chief executive officer. repajd the bank $1.1 million the treaty was unbalanced, with He said the directors of the from their investments before W’est Germany making most of bank    and    its    parent company,    getting caught    in a    falling mar- the    concessions and Czechoslo-i Franklin    New    York Corp.,    had    ^t. Your choice of three elegant styles - FREE with a qualifying’ deposit in a First National Savings Account or Certificate of Deposit. Additional goblets available at beautifully reduced prices. Start your collection today! (Limit, one free gift    4 per family.) First National Bank of Marion Member F.D.I.C. and Mrs. BERLIN (AP) East Ger-1rrailMUl IUIK * “au;ket.    vakiaoffering little in return. ______   Ottumwa,    man    border    guards    shot    and    aP*jfJ.e<:fc<* as sacocssor Joseph -___ She died Monday at an Ottum-jparcntly killed a man Friday as    ®arr’ . 0 refined re-j school. She was Mrs. he tried to escape across the ce ^ as chairman and chief j wa Thompson's niece. I Wall, West Berlin police said. Defeats Put Pressure on Wilson To Call Election LONDON (AP) — The minori-! commons by a -21-vote margin ty Labor government was de- rejected a government proposal Born Jan. 2, 1937, at Santa feated in parliament Friday for to nationalize or take partial Rosa, Mo., he made his home in the third time in three days. It;control of a number of indus-Marion from 1948-1963, moving put Prime Minister Wilson I tries. to Waverly where he had been under increased pressure to call employed by the United Hy- Britain’s second general elec-draulics Co., for five years until lions in less than a year, his accident. Mr. Partem was a j vo^e was no^ on a member of the Lutheran church. Surviving are a son, Kenneth of confidence and Wilson is not bound to resign. Under the Brit-1 defeats in a committee con- executive officer of the Ameri-j can Security & Trust Co. of: Washington, D. C. Barr, 56, was U. S. treasury! secretary for the final four Rapp Calls for U. S. Budget Cut ALLISON — Congress should slash the proposed budget $15 _ „r ,    .    .    billion, State Rep. Stephen Rapp On Wednesday the commons.0f Waterloo, the Democratic by nine votes rejected Labor's icandidate for Third district con. plan lo refund $24 million in'grcssman, said Thursday, taxes to trade unions, and the Addressing the Third district government suffered four minor l)pmocI,lti(! central committee. ...    ,    ,    .Rapp    said the present infla- Parton and (wo daughters Pa.,i/h sjstem the prime mtmsler is;S1dertng its finance bill.    u    level    makes    it "abso- I anon, ana rwo aaugmtrs, x |free t0 caU {qoctlons at any| Robert Mcllish, labor’s blunt iutdy imperative” that congress deefat not only balance the budget but proposal; also provide for a budgetary nil Jo w w |U'lfrce t0 caU €,cctlons at any, Robert Monish, Labor’ mein and Jean al ol Waverly, timc> but if he joses on a motion] floor manager, said the vl'ri n n hrn^r NPknn !>• r’ of confidcnce he is cxPectcd to of the nationalization p Marion; a brother Nelson Par-,^, baUot tl    was „a . ar inc]icatJ promptly Several members of Wilson’s ton, Columbia, Mo.; and five sisters, Mrs. Ned Wood,, Dorothy Brown, and Mrs. David; «*u>ct reportedly are urging Wassmcr. all of Marion: Mrs. h‘m to call general elections HAV. Arnold of Evansville, Ind.. lh,s su™nf ^ *«* a clear ma‘ and Mrs. llurrol Cond win of In- Jon,y f°r Labor. dian Head, Md. Services; 1:30 p.m. Monday at the Murdoch chapel in Marion. by the Rev. John C. Philipp of St. John Lutheran church, Waverly. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at the chapel j after 2 p.m. Sunday. The casket > will be closed at I p.m. Monday j and not opened after the service. Friday’s 49-42 defeat was on a government proposal to amend a proposed lottery bill. Thursday night the house of was "a clear indication to the surplus, country that the minority gov- n0 said $7 billion could be cut ernment cannot proceed ... from the defense budget by very much longer. The elector- trimming troop levels in Europe, ate must how be ready and I slowing development of some must understand why there will weapons and tightening pro-have to be a general election.” inurement practices; $4 billion Wilson said only that his party on foreign aid and $2 billion on would “consider all the implica- the space and public works protons” of its defeat.    grams. BUILD A NEW HOME ON YOUR LOT ANY PIAN-ANY SIH ANY STYII-ANV DISKIN ANT WHIRI WE Will BUILD ANY PLAN OUT OF OUR CATALOG OR ANY PLAN OF YOUR OWN. FREI ESTIMATES CML I Rf UHT FURBISHED • 30 DAY DELIVERY • GUARANTIED PRICE • HIGHEST QUALITY PAU COLOH CATALOG Price lilt Own«r» lilt TY BINNITE BUILDIR a.a. hy, iowa ' PH. 84S-426S U.S. HOMES 5390 2ND AVI. DIS MOINIS. Potted Blooming ROSE BUSHES including the award winners • Perfume Delight • Bon Bon • Bahia Also Medallion, Tropicana, Fragrant Cloud and 75 other varieties. TROUBLED by lawn and garden problems? INSECTS? FUNGUS? WEEDS? 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