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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tri.. June 21. IP?I $100,000 Loss of Monticello Magistrate Court Forester Sees C. R. Storm Third Worst in 30 Years (Continued from Page I.)    — water continue to be out of service in some of the rural areas. Two funnels were reported seen in the area, and high winds caused heavy damage to local farms. The roof was blown off the Clarence-Lowden Middle school gymnasium near Lowden. Another roof was blown off the Elmer Schmitt farm home, a cement block machine shed was defctroyed on the LeRoy Boock farm north of Wheatland, and as the $10,000 to $12,000 dam-Kenneth Rohling lost a large ages caused by the 1972 storm, feeding equipment building on Christianson said the storm Numerous sightings of a tor nado west of Tipton, with extensive damage to trees and barns, were reported. Roof Lost High winds ripped off the roof of the North Winneshiek school building about ten miles north of Decorah Thursday, almost two years to the day after it was similarly damaged in another windstorm. According to Supt. Gordon Christianson, damage resulting from Thursday night's storm probably will run twice as high an caused extensive damage to ceiling tile, books and other contents of the building, which were soaked by the heavy rain which accompanied the high his farm also north of Wheatland. Rural Oxford Junction remains without power. The most serious incident in winds, the Iowa City area was at a rest    Radio    Tower stop just west of the city on in- The school’s 100-foot, two-way terstate 80.    bus radio tower was    toppled Colorado Family    oa,° a“the<‘ s«'lion    of    the .    building s roof, gouging    a    siza- The    George    Kilmer family,    5je hole Denver. Colo was experiencing ?he d    was discovcred high wind at about 7:30 p.m. afeout 6;30 ., m Frj by Thursday and had pulled >H David Halverson, custodian. state rest stop for safe 1 the ty A bridge over South Bear Kilmer, 57, told The Gazette, Icreek in Highlandville was “I had just stopped the camper *3^ u0Ut dunn§ Thursday and told my wife Dot. to get the1 n*ht s hc^>' rain5V T"0™* kids out of the camper and head we« reported washed off the for the brick building we could !0ad .    n see throueh the rain.    i)arkcd in Highlandville. “The next thing I knew, there    A funnel cloud was    reported was a sound I instantly recog- sighted in Freeport, but no dam-nized.    a8e was reported. “I was on shore leave in Okin-    Heaviest    Rain awa during the bad typhoon . there during World war ll. I The hea™st “ the fea “The sound was exactly.the;*?3 reP°r ^ at Sattree' where same.    a 5 inches fell. Top Came Off    Hail was reported at Burr Oak “The next thing I knew, the    at 3 a m- * riday- top of the camper came off and    Canoe creek is out of    its bank, our dog came flying over the damaging a number of fences, top of the cab. I was sure our and there are reports of exten-son, Kevin, and daughter, sive crop damage in the low Donna, had bought it.” (The areas. family’s dog was later reco- In De.corah, a window was vered unharmed )    blown out of Norb’s hardware Kilmer said the force of the store. The roof was blown off wind was so strong, “We were (the Family store, causing exten- unable to force the cab’s door sive water damage to the living open to check on the kids.” quarters located on the second The wind “abated somewhat floor, to the rear of the store it- in about ten minutes and I left self and to the basement. my hysterical wife to go back    Signs Ripped 0{{ and discover the worst,” he    Tuesday, a said. “Neither one of the kids Several signs were ripped off ! ii toro Hor was hurt except for a cut over ^beb brackets and a number of Kevin’s left eye. They were trees were toPPled throughout crouched up by the pickup cab the community, causing some and were certainly more calm ”ama8p to electrical lines. nome uwneu uy mr. ami mrs.i »    §• than we were.”    Interstate Power Co. reported Terry Sherwood was turned up- I nu I Cl HQ ST OTITIS grounds lost number of trees. In Anamosa, about a dozen streets were reported blocked by fallen trees and at least two homes were damaged. Power was out in Olin and Wyoming for 13 hours and some rural areas remain without power. Half of Trees One report stated that Olin lost at least half of the town’s trees during the heavy winds, and damage to the roof of the Ralstin-Purina was reported. Widespread damage was reported south, north and west of Wellman, with some farmers reporting a total crop loss due to large hail and heavy rain. Thomas Johnson, whose farm is located south of Wellman, said all his crops were wiped out in the storm and that other farmers also reported extensive crop damage. Gislin Farm The greatest damage caused by winds occured on the Leo Gislin farm northwest of Wellman. Gislin lost all of his farm buildings except a shed and house. The damage included roof ripped off the barn, a hog house, two windmills and all of his turkey shelters. The Welkona turkey farm on the outskirts of Wellman experienced damage to its turkey sheds. Owner Lewis Belcher fears he may loose his 3,000 young turkeys as a result of electricity still being off in the area and no heat available for the poults. No Funnel Although no funnel was reported seen in the area, damage was reported on many farms, but little damage was reported in Wellman itself. The Keokuk county area continued a string of damaging storms Thursday night. In storms which struck the area Tuesday, the Lawrence Atwood home southwest of Sigourney lost about half the roof of the family room and sustained considerable interior damage. Seven storm windows were blown out and the west side of the carport was destroyed. At the Fairest Martin farm barn and garage were demolished. Mobile Home extensive the Lamont area and some in the area southwest of Independence and around Quasqueton and Dunkerton. Most of the problems were caused by trees toppling on power lines. In addition, the spokesmen said, some power poles were blown down. Crews were called out Thursday night and were still working to repair damage at mid-day Friday. A spokesman for Iowa Electric Light and Power Co., Cedar Rapids, said, “We have outages and lines down at numerous places in practically every town and rural area in Eastern Iowa that we serve.” Five crews from Marshalltown, two from Des Moines and one from Creston were called in to assist. Unless there is another storm, everyone should be hooked up again by tonight, the spokesman said. Charges of Assaulting Policemen Dismissed debris. Charges of assault and bat- BiH Hanson, tory against Gary Williams, 1015 Fifth avenue SE, and Gerald Hepker, no address, were dismissed last week in magistrate's court after the two had pled guilty to charges of intoxication. Williams was charged with assaulting John Eadie, a Cedar Rapids police officer, and (Continued from Page I.) jSaturday from 7 a.rn to I p.m., r I ,,nvinrr and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. ause of the danger from flying    ■ ftKrio    Citizens    taking    trees    or    limbs out in cars, pickups or station Linn county civil defense director, said warning sirens were not activated because there were no confirmed reports of tornadoes in: the area. wagons will not be charged, but commercial haulers will still have to pay. City officials said some persons may have been charged Hepker was charged with as-s a u 11 i n g Everett Munenzen-meyer, a Cedar Rapfds police officer, on May 18. . . .    .,    .    .    .    Friday    morning    for    using the Its a decision th.it must be dump. They may obtain a made very rapidly on the best information that we have,” he said. “Anytime you get (winds) above 50 mph you’re going to have limbs blown off and trees uprooted.” refund by taking their receipts to the treasurer’s office in city hall. Mayor Pro Tempore Hal Schaefer, said, “We are grateful for the citizens who helped Sirloin Roasts Taken Push Freight Car Purchase WASHINGTON (AP) The Interstate Commerce Commis sion Friday threatened to force most of the nation’s major railroads to buy a total of 70,000 new freight cars to alleviate a persistent shortage. The commission entered an order requiring the railroads to show why they should not be required to make the purchase and restore another 18,000 cars now out of service, for repairs, The railroads and other inter ested companies or individuals were given 60 days to file writ ten comments with the commis sum. A breakin Wednesday or Thursday at the office of a dentist netted IOO pounds of sirloin tip roasts, two stereo sets, a rifle, and a small quantity of drugs. Dr. Jon C, McWhinney told police Thursday his office at 4332 Center Point road NE was entered overnight. McWhinney valued the meat at $200, the bv th* Associated Press    stereo    sets    at    $400,    the rifle at High-wind thunderstorms and a°d the drugs at $39. hail ripped through northern! - and central Illinois late Thurs-j    Education day, damaging property, down-!"•''I** v - M ing trees and power lines and injuring scores of persons. The storms, accompanied by WASHINGTON (AP) — There numerous funnel clouds, carved is a need for continued and Public    Improvements Com-    clean up (he city and we want missioner    Richard Phillips said    t0 help them as much as they’re some pumps were off briefly)helping us.”    I    —-- because of the flower outages! city officia|S said tree City Files Action In    Alf,.    n„,nlnrJbu!.excep‘uf0n,t5! IT8' TT    branches loft on the curbs will To Condemn    Buildings In    Office    Burglary j and some    building damage, he    ^ pi[.kcd up ,l|(|ng wj(h garJ    tonaemn    Dunging* bage on the regular garbage The city asked for condemns- Scores Hurt In Illinois heard of no major damage from the storm. “Basically, I think we were pretty lucky,” he said. Fire department dispatcher I Ray Buehler said, “That crazy switchboard lit up at 5:15 p.m. and didn’t stop until 7:15.” During that time the fire de pickup day. John M. Tiller, 503 Thirty-street NE, recently tion of buildings at 932 L street SW in a petition filed in Linn district court Thursday. The buildings are part of the estate of Granville R. Chipley. The petition declared the buildings to be unsafe and a public nuisance. Condemnation had been decided upon at a public hearing on partment responded to 28 emer- seventh gency calls, 19 of which were earned a juris doctorate from reports of wires downed by wind the University of Notre Dame, Nov. 28, 1973, and a resolution or tree limbs.    !    Notre Dame, Ind.    by    the    city council on March 13, The police department during    *    *    *    1974,    reaffirmed    the    decision, the same time was deluged    by Thomas    Goree kl,    1020    Hill Scalls from citizens reporting    ascrive    SE,    recently    graduated Little want    ads    do    big    jobs. *■    a    ■    ■    ■•    isorted weather damages.    Of-;fr0m    Washburn university,    To-Try one and    see    for    yourself. Funding Guidelines ticers estimated over IOO calls peka,    Kau.    ,Dial 398-8234. ' were received.    ........................................ a wide band across the state from the northwest to the central southeast. LaSalle and Peoria counties and the Quad Cities area appeared to be the worse hit, all-though damage was widespread. Baby Girl Hurt A 3-month-old girl caught in a wind-tumbled mobile home and a man blown off his motorcycle on U. S. 6 remained hospitalized in fair condition at Ottawa. diverse federal funding for higher education, University of Iowa President Willard Boyd has told a U. S. house subcommittee. Boyd, who was back at his desk in Iowa City Friday after testifying Wednesday, told the education subcommittee there are many programs to help students and institutions, but President Nixon wants to eliminate many of the programs. Speaking on behalf of the Na- Tree Dump Open for Public Use Private citizens may use the C street SW tree dump station free of charge until 4 p.m. Sunday, city officials said Friday. The tree dump will be open Robinson Disagrees with Schaben on Interest Ceiling By Frank Nye    ;    state’s    interest    laws.    It    left    the State Sen. Cloyd Robinson (D- mortgage ceiling at 9 percent Cedar Rapids) disagrees with his party’s candidate for gover- Robinson said failure to raise the 9 percent ceiling for charge A hospital official said a man tioiial Assn. of Land Grant Col- MflFl App©fl hit by a falling tree, was admit |egetJ and gtate Universities, \/# I ted in poor condition Some 20 he urged the lawnmakers to sup- V I6T DOnllS other persons were treated at existing programs.    •    • Ottawa and released.    I    uivrtn ann Decision nor, State Sen. James Schaben accounts and closed end ac-(D-Dunlap), over the new 18 counts would have forced low-percent interest ceiling on re- income consumers to borrow volving charge accounts.    from small loan companies Robinson, who is running with I charging a legal 36 percent in- Schaben as the Democratic candidate for secretary of state, I isn’t going to make a campaign terest in order to make some retail purchases. This would be the result, he point of their difference but he said, if stores refused to grant isn’t going to back away from it credit at 9 percent and raised ' either.    prices    of their goods. Schaben Opposes    In    another    area,    Robinson That's what he told the Cedar sal(l he fav0?s„ chan«'"S U* law , j • i B°yd said Nixon favors one Six persons were reported in- jQrm student ajd _ ^e basic lured at LaSalle, where i3® educational opportunities grant Robert Francis Ebeling, 32, of homes were damaged. Six were _ and sugges{s elimination of 2145 Highview drive, Marion, cn'r!    rrfnH3    Rid    an    otber student aid programs such has filed a petition in Linn dis- n'”'n" 7t tC p n u Til** v*"*7 i° Pass certain types of bond soia and one at Grand Ridge. ,,0 th#* work-studv nroeram    ,    noon at the Roosevelt hotel, .    ,_. Six were hospitalized at Peru. '      trict    court    appealing    a    ruling    of,    Schaben    opposes the new law LSS cs 0 Pcrccn Injuries were also reported at c ; ^    tbe    *owa    Vietnam    Service    Com-    which    reinstates    the    18    percent    Cost    Votes Rapids Lions club Thursday requiring a 60 percent majority IUJU1 ICD    t CHOU I VJA/t IVW CAC M    ■    I    ®    "    f Pontiac and Oswego and north- supervisors Ke|eCT    pensation    board which disal- east of the Quad Cities. Sirhan Bullet Check lowed his veteran’s payments. North of Sigourney, a mobile 20 Injured by home owned by Mr. and Mrs. T n    there    were    only    isolated a u refS* °V'n wi stances of power failures. A number of trees were blown _.    ..    * in-side down and destroyed. , ,    ,    , , /AD , rp i I    *    .I LOWELL, Ind. (AP / — ivi - I SS* whieh serves^ the %"***.    .high.*** ripped of S-Robert Kennedy ^ .    •    ,w c >    c    The    Upper    Iowa    river    reading Midwest, which serves the Si- .,    .    .u    t    J    Tu down in the Solon area. Some a( ^ £7 Frjd was abou,IP,.mr,orf mon„.through northern Indiana Thurs ten to 15 farmers reported to 8 5 f apd # was ted ,0 Johnson county authorities  . „w~*„ „ w;„u * w____ ceiling July I. The new law per- Re sajd p0sjtj0n has cost  _________ ™ts,a fhar5 of 18 percent on him votes in his own 14(h dis. LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Ebeling claimed in the petition ,e ” J charged at retail trict ^ stj|| ^s    -s right county board of supervisors that he was stationed in the    ^ percent on He added he doubted that a ma. won’t permit a review of evi-| Vietnam area for 90 days in 1962 ‘    1e    r . jority of the legislature favors dence used to convict Sirhan and for 120 days in 1963. He said .    ‘    n    , J. P    ,    ’    this    position    but    that    the    trend Tor. S,rhan for the 1968 assassination he served in the armed forces >nS cl°sed end^accounts for js jp m dir(X.(ion T0F -----    -    as a medical field service tech-:contract . Purch.ase3 nf    Robinson    said thl. Democratic Ward nician from June 21, 1960. 'toms such as refrigerators. at Decorah Friday was about gourney area. reported !day'mchV^imuring‘abour20 pe^ a.skod''for "refir,ng‘ of a pistol March 2fl- 1964 outages, both as a result of the|Udy M ' injunu6 dUUUl ™ Per \t%m^ _ 4Un  ____® Tuesday and storms. Phone service was affected primarily in the Delta, Sigourney, Keota and What Cheer locales Most retail outlets were    Play*d    an important charging 18 percent until the rolev"1 th^’nt lcgi^ature 'by . bisons.    [used    in the Kennedy slaying and He filed a claim with the state . sunrerm* court last fall prodding the Republican major- urs ay mg    a    town    of    about    5,500.,    a    re-examination    of the death Vietnam Service Compensation ru,ed thls was in excess of the 9 jtV to act on certain bills jt was one of the communities bullets. There has been specula-board Oct. 23, 1973, asking for) ^ state u sury ceiling    otherwise might have by- hardest hit,    |^on    ~ disputed by police and the benefits designated Vietnam    •    passed, and by helping the ma- Most of the damage was con- the district attorney’s office — veterans at a recent Iowa legis-    Forced    Borrowing    jority pass some legislation it fined to half a dozen counties lhat there was a second gun- UDive session.    The    1974    iegjsiature    re^s.    might not otherwise have found The damaee    mncentrated    stretching from the Illinois line man    'The compensation    was    disal-    tablished the 18 percent ceiling the votes to pass from its own Thursday nioht Sn    to South Bend.    The    3-2    vote    was    taken    Tues-    lowed because the board ruled and made other changes in the members. .!r    "‘5    111lf Roofs were blown off about IO day- Sirhan is serving a life Ebeling was not in the Vietnam -—-- ,    !'    ,    ,    ,    ?    J, homes and four businesses inform for Kennedy’s murder 'area. trees which had    fallen on tele-    nu,Iu^ dnu Iour Businesses In,_    ■    ak •    it pu„i:„„>.    f phone lines    Lowell but no one was seriously Dm jim a1    Da(a»hi    1 Lbeling s claim    for    seven Budget Reform ,. .    ....    -    -uufvn j crest abotu a foot higher bv noon that outbuildings experienced    Fnday Thp    mark js considerable damage, primarily    abou(- a half.foo, below flood to roofs, outbuildings and barns. stagc Most of the extensive power    The    y    Iowa riyer at    ^ outages throughout the county    chester was reported at 19.2 were attributed to trees falling Rve ^ over s4age across power lines. Emergency and js expected to crest later crews were out most of the afternoon night repairing damage. Golfball-size hail was reported Anticipated Crest in the Marengo and Williams- With more rainwater expect-1 c    in    bur* burg areas about 7 p.m.    ed to be flowing down from Min-    Lost    Lines    part 0f ^ roof at gryan The wind blew a boat dock    nesota, officials anticipate the    Iowa    Southern    Utilities    Co    Manufacturing Co., which pre- from the north shore of    river to crest at over 21 feet,    lost    its    transmission    lines    east    pares    wiring blocks for cars, Lake Macbride, causing some    which    will    come near the    1948    and west of Sigourney    Tuesday (was    caved    in.    Clocks    in the damage to docked boats, a1-record    flood level of 22.2 feet.    night Seven 60-foot    poles    were'building stopped at    8: IO p. rn though extent of damage has Several Allamakee c o u n t v broken off east of no, yet been estimated.    mads    and    b?Sgt have    Seen    Wednesday nigh. Trucks Moved    (reported washed out due to rock. -----  —-------  ..    .    ,    „ —. —-------------,    .    #    ,    , Qm-nrai in.fifc norn hinan off an^ mud slides. A portion of: the same area during Thurs-Allen said. “They were all out a tl^11 ^rlP on h'd^rnl «’pt one, and that was the night thp intprctatp in tho Tinton highway 9 between Waukon and day’s storm. The company re- on a coffee break. It was noth- sPendin8 The vote was 75-0. before the invasion. Lansing was blocked by a rock ported extensive power outages ing short of remarkable ”    --————- slide, as well as a portion of in its Keokuk county area.    Seven    Lowell    residents    were months’ service in Vietnam is I ■*■11 ■    upheld, he would be eligible for Bill to Nixona,l2250bonus- WASHINGTON (AP) - The 30 YEARS AGO — Every night I senate passed and sent to Pres-    for several weeks before D-day,; K e    o    t al    “People were working there ldent Nixon Friday a budget re-    a German    E-boat made a rccon- at the time    but no one wasTorm hill setting up machinery    naissance    trip between Cher- Seven more were broken    in    hurt, police    dispatcher Edwina designed to enable congress to    bourg and    the British coast cx- on * * One driver, Noel Nelson, Dade...    „    ...    ..    ,    ,    .    ,___■    ■ county, Fla., was taken to a hlgbway 76 near Marquette.    Power    has    been    restored    to all treated for minor injuries. Yellow River park officials communities, although a few Tornadoes were confirmed at Price Ceilings On Gas Raised Adv*rtlt*fT>*nf The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. ★ ★ Just Arrived ★★ Best In The Land"— Arkoma*    _ — TOMATOES    59 Ab. GREIN TURF 23-7-7 F«rtiliz«r 20 lb. Bag Reg. Premarked at $3.99 or GREEN TURF 10-6-4 Weed N Feed I 8 kb. Bag Reg. Premarked at $3.99 YOUR CHOICE y2 PRICE (vies tit NI rte petal m Hmm poets NO UMtl-While IIH Iii? Int Last Load of The Seaton Calif. Navel S Lb. BAG .... • lea Cold Watermalon Exterior Grade    IPSO PlywoodI’xBW .. 5 Of OB. DALI’S FRUIT BASKETS Art the    Bitt!    .Anytime $3.50, $6.50, & $9 (oil v Mf ptl.rtry Ip »lhr tmfrig. DALE’S Fruit Market Open 9 lo 6—7 day I 3338 Center Point Rood NI INSURANCE SHOPPING? For of Muscatine hospital for treat- ^enow Kiver park    _ ment of minor injuries    have announced the park will be customers may still be without Jewell and Virgie and near A large camper' also was close<l until fur,her notic« No    service    He.b™n',    R<,nESclacr' blown off the interstate at the injuries were reported sustained    iowa Southern has crews in ^layette ana    Benton. Tinton interchange There were bj persons camping in the p<uk,    the area (rom Grinnell, (cuter* no injuries.    ‘    but manV camP(‘rs !ost    Ville    and Ottumwa Barring fur —  belongings in the high winds.    ther    storms, a utility official County Home    said,    the electrical problems were expected to be cleared up The roof of the county home by Friday af|ernoon. at Delhi was damaged when winds blew otf a 25-foot section    Buchanan    REC : Staff workers managed to get Officials at the Buchanan! WASHINGTON (AP) —• The all residents of the home to    county Rural Electric Coopera- Federal Power Commission safety in the lower parts of the    tive reported power outages in adopted a single uniform na- building.    - tional rate Friday for interstate Elkader reported three inches sales of new natural gas, a1- 0f rajn Guttenburg, 3.43; Wau-most doubling the rates pre- kori) 3 58. West Union 175; Deviously allowed.    corah, 1.9; Clayton, 4    8 Effective immediately, it said, producers throughout the nation    Damage Estimate can charge interstate pipelines Monticello Mayor Jim Town-up to a uniform ceiling of 42 send estimated $100,000 damage cents per thousand    cubic    feet    to the town, and said    it    will    take for such gas.    crews at least a week    to    clean “New gas” means    ga«    pro-    up the damage, duced from wells which were    0f damage occurred started, or sold under contracts on    sjde 0f Monticello, which were dated, on or after reports included a section Jan. I, 1973.    ^    blown off the Community build- Prices prescribed by existing ing ^ ar>d ihe    fair. contracts are not altered but the new ceiling price can be charged when these contracts1 expire. The nationwide price replaces a variety of rate schedules for gas from different areas. 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