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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., June 14, 1974 Iowa 2000 Conference: Crises Laid to Decision Making By Charles Roberts INDIANOLA (AP) - America Is in the throes of crises because there has been a breakdown in the way the nation makes decisions, futurist Robert Theobald said Thursday. “Because our leaders are our leaders, we believe they are automatically wise,” said Theobald, editor of “Future Conditional”. He spoke Thursday night to 400 delegates at a statewide Iowa 2000 conference — the culmination of months of local and regional meetings to determine Iowa’s condition at the threshold of the 21st Century. Criticized System Theobald and Alvin Toffler, author of the best seller, “Future Shock”, were keynote speakers at the conference, which ends Friday. Both were critical of the system of government and business born of the industrial era. “Everywhere people feel they are being carried into the future without their consent,” Toffler said in an address. The planet is in the midst of “the deepest human revolution the world has ever known. Toffler declared. “At the end, there will come a society that in many respects will be unrecognizable to those of us raised in the current industrial society.” Semi-Government The troubles that afflict many industrial nations can be seen in;here and now, and what is rea- land will replace the way of life the fact that eight common Enable in our projections for market countries have lost their,|he kind of Iowa we want and heads of state within the last 15L    .. , . .    «,inino I the kind of Iowa we are willing months, Toffler said. And, “The United States now has a semi-government.” The Watergate scandals play only a small part in the picture, he added. The government and corporation structures that have been designed for a world geared to mass production and distribution no longer can cope with the almost daily crises that assail them, he said. The structures and institutions are “blowing their fuses.” There is a “tremendous inertia,” he said, that makes it difficult to get even small changes accomplished in such a system. No Efforts to work and sacrifice for.” Because involvement of many people to control their own destinies is important, Theobald said. “Iowa 2000 is potentially one of the leaders” in the movement to shape the future. New Institutions Toffker sees Iowa 2000 as a “laboratory' experiment” aimed at inventing new institutions. Because of the steady decline in the world’s resources, agriculture will assume a much higher priority than it now enjoys, Theobald said, “if the Midwest can get over its inferiority complex.” He said the Midwest eus- His criticism of government is tomarily looks to leadership that it is concerned with making laws passed decades ago work, from America’s eastern sea- associated with industry. Two Activities Theobald proposed two activities tied to America's bicentennial celebration: Communities of ’76 and Classes of ’76. Under the community plan, each city and town would set up town meeting-type gatherings in which local residents would probe all the aspects of their lives that are key questions for the future. The Classes of ’76 plan would require students on graduation in 1976 to produce questions and answers — in plays, films, poetry, stories, reports — about what education should do in the “third Century” that begins with 2000. Kelly Named Head of Code Revision Unif -AP Wirephoto Eastern Iowans Escape Injury In Plane Mishap MARLETTE, Mich. (AP) -An Iowa family of four escaped injury late Thursday when their single-engine airplane overshot the runway of Marlette airport, caught telephone lines and flipped over. State police troopers said Dana Robe of Decorah was making an attempted landing when the wheels of his Piper Cherokee caught in wires of Continental Telephone Co. The snare caused the plane to flip over and land upside down in the yard of a nearby residence. Troopers said Robe, his wife, and two children escaped injury. The mishap knocked out telephone service for the evening in this “Thumb” farming community, and officials said long distance service wasn’t expected to be restored until later today. An airport spokesman said cause of the crash still was under investigation today, but added it appeared Robe’s plane was picked up by strong winds. Maybe it isn't the prescribed hold, but the kitten doesn't seem to mind as Wilma Sample, 2, gives it a milk Lipsky: Optimistic About Programs Delegates to the statewide . XA/ I meeting will complete their dis- lf yy QTKS cussions Friday on recommen-board to solve problems    and set    dations for    Iowa    in    the    year and is concerned with mainte-i    the pace of progress.    2000,    and submit    them    to    a    plan- nance    The day may come, Toffler ning task force headed by Urn- feeding from her doll bottle. Wilma is the daughter of the He said there are no govern-explained, when a lifestyle versify of Iowa I resident \Ni! Kenneth Samples of Belknap. ment efforts to anticipate prob-    linked to agriculture    and    the    lard    Bovd.___________________________________ lems and head them off before they occur. The task before the world community, both men said, is to get a disenchanted electorate back into the mainstream of decision-making. Theobald sees two alterna-, tives facing the world: continuing to have a “small elite” group of leaders making decisions, predicated on the theory that ordinary “people are stupid,” or give people a chance to participate in government and industrial decision-making. Ray Address In remake prepared by Gov. Robert Ray, he said Iowa 2000 is “a vision stimulated by hopes and expectations for our state and for our people.” >    ’ He said it is a “vision tempered with the reality of what is Bv Gordon Jackson DES MOINES (UPI) - A leading advocate of prison reform in Iowa said Thursday community-based corrections programs are being developed on a spotty basis around the state but said she is “optimistic” about the programs’ future. State Rep. Joan Lipsky (R-C. R ), a longtime proponent of decentralizing the state’s penal system, said “bureaucratic hangups” are stalling developments of the corrections programs in some Iowa communities. Optimistic She explained that federal, state and local money and agencies are involved in setting up the programs and said Nflme Officers °^ic*a^s at the var*°us g°v* ernmental levels sometimes get tied up in administrative red tape. “I’m very optimistic about the programs’ future despite bureaucratic hangups,” Mrs. Lipsky said. “I don’t see that hampering the over-all development of the programs.” The Cedar Rapids Republican said community-based corrections programs offer a viable, local method of rehabilitating convicted criminals without sending them out of their home area to a state prison or reformatory. Have Failures However, she admitted some types of hardeneed con- Sigourney Lions SIGOURNEY - Officers for 1974-75 were installed at the Monday meeting of the Sigourney Lions club. Norval Hart was installed as president, Jackie Greene as first vice-president, Leland Cochrane as second vicepresident and Pat Shannon as third vice-president. Others installed were Ergo Iosbaker, secretary-treasurer; Miles Miller and Charles Han-chctt, one-year directors; Elmer Mertz and Jim Taylor, two-year directors; Osmer Cellman, honorary director; J. W. Scott, tail twister, and Elmer Morrison. Lion tamer. W. W. Molsberry was installing officer. viets must be incarcerated in a maximum security facility such as the state penitentiary at Fort Madison. “Community programs have their failures but we know prisons have problems,” Mrs. Lipsky said. “Some persons are not good prospects for local programs. “We’re still going to have Fort Madisons, but the local programs are an alternative that offer the most and best hope for rehabilitating inmates.” Education. Training She said by keeping criminals in their home areas, they can receive education and job training through regular channels and also stay close to their family. She said the community programs also are “tax effective” because they return the most for the tax dollars collected to fund penal programs. Mrs. Lipsky said the development of community pro-grams varies greatly in Iowa’s eight judicial districts, with Polk county and Cedar Rapids having the most complete programs. Greatest Range She said the Fort Des Moines center in Polk county offers the greatest range of rehabilitative services. ‘‘Some communities are going really well and some are not in developing local programs,” she said. “In un- Rep. Lipsky and community corrections services. Legislators and legislative staff from about 25 states are participating in the training program, co-sponsored by the national legislative conference and the Iowa legislature. Sen. E. Kevin Kelly (R-Sioux City) has been named chairman of a state senate subcommittee to hold hearings jointly with a house subcommittee on the criminal code revision bill. The appointment was announced by State Sen. Tom Riley (It Cedar Rapids), chairman of the senate judiciary committee, which has charge of the bill along with the house judiciary committee headed by Rep. 'Philip Hill (R-Des Moines). Riley named Senators Gene Glenn (D-Ottumwa) and Richard Ramsey (R-Osceola) to the senate subcommittee with Kelly. Hill has not yet named in house subcommittee. Riley Comment Riley notified the legislative service bureau of the appointments and made this comment: “With respect to criminal code revision, I feel there is justification for interim work by a subcommittee only because of tile desirability of further public hearings — certainly not for the purpose of further study of the subject matter. “It has been studied to death by legislative committees. That is not to say the public hearings will not suggest revisions but, I another study, in and of itself, is unthinkable.” Four-Year Study The criminal code revision bill was taken up in the senate during the 1974 session after being studied by Riley’s committee during the 1973 session. The proposal was the result of a four-year study by a special committee composed not only of legislators but of laymen. When it became obvious the house would not take up the bill, even if it should be passed by the senate, it was sent back to committee after several days of debate on the senate floor. One of those complaining about the bill was Atty. Gen. Richard Turner, who objected to many of its sections and who felt it had not been widely circulated among judges, lawyers and the public in general. Waste Disposal Reps Chosen Within Month Walsh Claims Police Beating even fashion, some communities are responding much more rapidly than others.” The 1973 Iowa legislative session voted to establish the structure for community-based corrections programs. Major Roles The state department of social services and the Iowa crime commission play major roles in administrating the new and developing programs, with federal agencies providing a large portion of the funding. Mrs. Lipsky’s comment;; on community corrections programs were made during an interview at a two-day conference here on penal reform Man Sentenced INDEPENDENCE—Duane K. Clinton, jr., 21, Independence, received a ten-year suspended sentence to the men’s reforma-1 tory at Anamosa in WALKER — Municipalities in Linn county will be choosing their representatives to sit on the now being formed solid waste disposal commission within the next month. At the regular meeting of the Linn county municipalities association here Thursday night, municipalities agreed that now was the time to start forming the waste disposal commission so that it would be operating completely by July 1975 when all the towns will have to be dumping in state approved landfill.sites. Linn supervisor Jean Oxley read a letter from the Linn county board of health saying planning for the future is necessary at the present county said la,lctfM near the county home. Mayors of the municpalities DUBUQUE (AP) - Former state Sen. John Walsh Thursday a Des Moines police- fin rtlorlf rn.m+ '"an heil him about the head    '"““‘S'T't Un Uneck Uount    whilc    he    was    w.tl    be    noticed    wUh.n    the    next lying face down with his hands week askl"S ,h™ » name ,h« cuffed behind his back    rcprcs^tat.vcs for the comm.s- Walsh made the statement at a news conference he called to ",U ^h,eId >« MI Vernon and district present his version of his ar.|devoted to setting the commis- court here Thursday.    ;resj    earjy    Wednesday    morning He withdrew a previous plea a Moines restaurant and of innocent! and pled guilty to!|ounge forging a $10 check on the Secu- He said it took an hour of sions in action. I rity State bank to the account of I Joseph Osvald, jr. Clinton was paroled to Ken- surgery and 50 stitches to close the wounds on his head which resulted from the beating, which neth McCardle and ordered to;he said occurred in the back make restitution of the money I encl of a paddy wagon. Disturbance Judge Walsh was arrested • within ten months. t *    8 In other court action. at Woman Accused Of Bomb Sea re At Deere Plant WATERLOO (UPI) - Waterloo police arrested a young woman who allegedly made the a second false bomb report to the Dennis D. Damsgaard deferred restaurant on Des Moines’south I the sentencing of Ralph Ray- side. Police said they were John Deere tra.ior works here within 24 hours. drinking driver’s course. 12 Study Committees Named mond Roloff, 18. Jesup, after he;called because Walsh was ere-; Kathleen Corey of Waterloo I pled guilty to drunk driving. ating a disturbance.    'was charged with making a The charge was filed May 5.1 They said Walsh kicked three.™1™ ^ircai t0 the factory He was paroled    for one year    policemen during    his arrest, j shortly    after    her    husband left and ordered to    complete a    He pled innocent    to    a charge of ; far    worjc.Wednesday. malicious injury to a building and hearing was set by District Associate Judge Howard Brooks MASON CITY (UPI, - Re- r +    |    '’Cifon publican senatorial candidate CdSTem iowans    1    acerated    as. David    Stanley    said    Thursday    CEDAR FALLS    (API — Hath-    s.|ult aIJJj battery    and one of ac the    federal    government    should    Teen Pedrick of    Douds is the Stanley Urges Additional U.S. Purchase of Beef Girls State Picks Eastern Iowans graveled intoxication. DES MOINES (UPI) - The, Lipsky, Newhard and Den Her legislative council has complet-1 der- ed appointment of 12 interim study committees to conduct investigations on proposed legislation expected to be introduced during the 66th general assembly. Penal and Correctional Systems Study Committee: Sens. Kelly, Doderer, Glenn, De- Eminent Domain Study Committee: Sens. Heying, Rabe-deaux, Taylor. Reps. Holden, Avenson, Daggett and Howell. Adoption Laws Study Commit- Koster, Schwengels, Reps, tee: Sens. Hansen, Hultman and Doyle, Knoke, Lipsky, McCor-! Kinley. Reps. Oakley, Danker mick and Welden.    I    and Hargrave. mittee: Sens. Shaff, Bergman, Priebe, Tieden and Scott. Reps. Bennett, Crabb, Husak, Hutchins and Menke. Walsh Statement woman, natricia George, purchase more beef from live- new governor of Iowa American stock feeders to help them i Legion Auxiliary Girls State. “through this very bad period.” | Miss Pedrick won the mock    A The Muscatine state repre- election held    Thursday at    the    31, was    charged with    interfer- sentative said the government University of    Northern Iowa    ing with    the duties of    a police had the obligation to purchase over Mary    Ann Wooster    of    officer in connection    with the more beef because it was the, Eagle Grove.    incident, government that got beef pro- She succeeds Barbara Noe of; Walsh issued a statement ducers into financial trouble Grinnell, who had presided until with “that stupid” beef price the election, freeze last summer.    !    Other    officials    elected in the Stanley, who will face Con- 29th annual Girls State includ-Post - Secondary Educational jgressman John Culver in the cd: Thursday about the incident, which he called “unfortunate,” but declined to answer any questions about it. He said he hoped the matter Is resolved as Funding Study Committee: fall election, said the price State Auditor — Lori Yanda of I rapidly as possible. Sens. Schwengels, Taylor and j faeeze was < one (he dumbest Toledo, and Secretary of Agri-1 More serious than KIS,,?J*    R*PS-    Brocket.,    Bycr.y, Julia Meeker of Local Services Study Commit- The chairman of the studies tee: Sens. Van Gilst, Briles, I closure Study Committee: Sens.. „ committee^Sen. Willard Hansen,Gallagher, Griffin, Potter. Reps.!Hansen. Nystrom and Robireon. /ee arM* Kreamer.    ____ Stromer, Bittie, Brunow, Clark .Reps. Carr, Kiser, Norland and,    an<*    Handicapped, them through another three was to administer the oath of of- of Lee and Wyckoff.    [West.    Study Committee: Sens_ Mur- months    lf    ice    at    ceremonies    Friday    night Land Use Policies Study Com- Professional and Occupational ' *y’ ,Jl^c_rs5n’    “I    think the government before addressing the group. (R-Cedar Falls) said it will be the job of the lawmakers on the various committees to select their own nonlegislative “experts” to provide background and advice. The committees and their members include: Mental Health and Juvenile things the government ever did. ; culture “Some farmers in Iowa have Ladora, told me banks will only carry Lt. Gov. Arthur Neu of Carroll his injuries, Walsh said, is the implication that a woman was with him at the time. He said it was only “coincidental’’ that the woman became involved and denied that she Authorities quote her as saying she was lonely and hoped her husband would be able to come home if the plant closed down. Earlier this week, Steven James Giblin. 20. Waterloo, was arrested in a similar incident. Police said Deere officials recently installed a tracer system on its telephone switchboard after receiving numerous false bomb threats. Both arrests this week resulted from tracing the calls. Mrs. Corey is free on $1,000 bond. Tietge Receives Honors WALKER — Mary Tietge, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tietge. was recently graduated with high honors from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. mittee: Sens. Shaw, Bergman, Licensing Study Committee: I J™1.    Bortej1*’should buy more beef and Over 300 delegates attended was with him. She was only one Miller of Marshall Palmer, Hill Sens. Burroughs, Junkins and fatter, Caf trey, Higgins and I    make    emergency loans;this year's event at the Cedar;of about 30 patrons and Winkelman. Reps. Varley, Cochran, Harvey, Middleswart, O’Halioran, Pellett and Tofte. Pensions and Retirement Sys- Institutions Study Committee:Items Study Committee: Sens Sena. Miller of Des Moines, c u r t i s , Coleman, Nystrom Hultman, Murray and Cole- Reps> Fiiih€r of Greene, Conman. Reps. Holden, Fitzgerald, jnors, Edelen and Byerly. Plymat. Reps. Egenes, Harper, Lippold and Miller of Cerro Gordo. Livestock Laws Study Com- terson. available to these people.” j Falls campus. 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