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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Partly cloudy through Friday with a (chance of ruin on Friday. I/iw tonight, 80. High Friday, 80s. ©bi? Pulsar LO nimbi (fhvjfWe CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 155 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, .JUNE 13, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESARAB GUERILLA KILL THREE More Join Defense of Kissinger WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield and Senate Republican leader Hugh Scott Thursday defended wiretapping in the interest of national security. Meanwhile, four senators, in-eluding Scott, added their names to a senate resolution praising Secretary of State Kissinger as a patriotic American “whose integrity and veracity are above reproach.” The new signatures brought the number of senators co-sponsoring the resolution to 43. Mansfield is on the list. Mansfield and Scott were asked about wiretapping in connection with a controversy over Kissinger’s role in national security wiretaps. He said Tuesday that he will resign if attacks on his integrity are not cleared up. “Might Be Necessary” “lf tied to national security, it (wiretapping) might be necessary,” Mansfield said. “But I certainly wouldn’t want it used at random or indiscriminately.” Scott, in an apparent reference to the 1968 Omnibus Crime Control Act, said congress had passed a law to cover surveillance in national security cases. “It is proper to do whatever is legally permissible to secure the nation’s security,” he said. However, Scott said he would j <’azrtto.!;Pas.0(I VVires not make a judgment in individual cases without knowing all the facts. -UPI Telephoto Bipartisan Note Robert Strauss, right, Democratic national chairman, presents a 50th-birthday cake to his Republican counterpart, George Bush. The occasion was a baseball game between the staffs of the respective national committees. Estimate Millions of Israelis? 3 Egyptians Honor Nixon T.-,,-,,:.*- ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (UPI)I ferent interests and different * wl I VI Ia#8) Are Dead egypt Millions of Egyptians, travel approaches.” mg by camel, donkey, oxcart He said that these approaches and foot, left their work in the should be discussed “in a quiet fields to honor President Nixon confidential way as President ....    .    Sadat    and    I    have    .    .    .    rather as a new friend and peacemak-j ^ m , hug(, pub|jc forum cr on a campaign style train What Ss needed is a step-by-step ride through the Nile valley. Nixon described himself as “overwhelmed” by the massive show of esteem for him and First Lady Pat Nixon. Magnificent It was “a magnificent reception,” Nixon told newsmen on TEL AVIV (AP) — Wearing long hair and gaudy headbands annrnaeh ”    lt0 I(K)k ,ike hiPPy*stylc foreign app en. ..    M    I volunteer workers, three Arab Nixon said the two had gen- guerillas slipped across the Le-erai agreements on a great banese border Thursday, killed three women in an Israeli farming settlement, then died in a hail of bullets and explosives, Israeli officials said. number of things,” especially the necessity of handling “each one of the problems in a case-by-case way and not in a mclo- dramatic way.”    ,    Beiru,    ,he    ,,opuIar    Fron, Everywhere along the train for the Liberation of Palestine-the train when asked his reac- route there were signs of the General Command claimed ration to the throngs that gathered ^hanging Egyptian-U. S. rela- sponsibility for the attack and along the 130 miles of tracks!tions that had been hostile for said the raid was “our reaction nearly two decades until Secre- to the Nixon visit to the Arab tary of State Kissinger began his peace missions six months (Photos on Picture Page) that carried him and Egyptian ag0 that the stage (or Nix. President Sadat from Cairo to on-f fjve-nation tour. the Mediterranean port of Alex-j _* andria. Nixon’s press secretary, Ronald Ziegler, estimated on his own that 3' a million persons saw Nixon during the 3*4 hour ride from Cairo to Alexandria’s Ras El Tin palace where the Nixons will stay during their overnight stay. Nixon and Sadat rode side-by- State General Fund Revenue Estimate Off Six Members Ruling on Ehrlichman Trial Delayed azette Leased Wires    and the whole arrangement re-fsworn statement Wednesday    kind of privilege?”    the    judge WASHINGTON — The judge mains subject to challenge by    that nothing remains in the files    asked Buzhardt. in the Ellsberg breakin trial Ehrlichman.    Ehrlichman subpoenaed “which'    “Yes, your honor,”    the    White Thursday postponed a decision Also unchanged is the Pres-    bears on his guilt or in on whether John Ehrlichman ident’s claim of executive privi- nocence,” should go on trial next week as:lege giving him the last word on; “Does the court correctly un_Imentod By Harrison Weber DES MOINES (IDPA) - The side on the train’s observation slate s f‘sca* experts may have platform. Nixon had expected underestimated revenue to the crowds but he began swinging state’s general fund this year by his head from side to side in dis- as much as $25-to-$30 million, belief as the dimensions of the .    . ,    ^    ...    . n. crowd and its emotions gripped LeSlsla,lve lMscal Dlrcclor hjm    Gerry D. Rankin thinks state The two presidents used the revenue for the fiscal year end J House lawyer said. “That seems to be a substantial change,” the judge com-“We have progressed role in national security wiretapping. Mansfield indicated he does not expect the committee, to which the resolution was re- U. S. Judge Gerhard Gesell J. said Wednesday he found a “substantial change” in Pres-i ident Nixon’s position on executive priv ilege over Ehrlichman’s The bipartisan group sponsoring the resolution includes six originally scheduled now that wether further documents sub- dcrstand . . . that a series of substantiallv The clainTof exmembers of (the senate* foreign the White House has agreed to    .    ,    ,    ,    ,    . . .    ^    suusianuauy. me claim oi ex relations committee which His-1 give Hie former presidential '**'1™'1 Ehrlichman can be papers selected from Mr. Eta- ecutive privilege has been re-singer has asked to determine if!aide some documents he want-used >n the case,    lichman’s notes, now submitted    moved, hesatd. he lied last September about his od.    However,    presidential lawyer in camera (in chambers) to    Contempt    Avoided Fred Buzhardt said in a defense counsel are free of anyj 0bviously relieved. Gesell in dicated the switch in the White House position came just time to avoid a contempt cita- ...    .    I    -    -    , tion against Nixon. “I was about tared, to consute the resolution access to some of Ms Whit. .    .    -    .    .    O    Ll*    to reach a decision none of us until it completes its inquiry    House hies. He said tins may.    bf! qLq    fVICfenCe rUbllC lvould have llk''d "> see." the The resolution was presented make unnecessary ;i separate.    1*1 UKK?    1    Judge said. ”1 hope W. now can to the senate by Sen. Allen (D-(delayed trial for    Gazette Uased wires    committee Democrats hastily * ahead and avoid that deci- Senator Coldwater i H-Ariz.); for the President and Ehrlich- WASHINGTON — Plagued by called by Chairman Rodino (I> s,on-said Wednesday that the Wash- man in his chambers for almost■ leaks, the house judiciary com- N. J.) after news stories based At the heart of the struggle ington Post committed an “act two hours Thursday to discuss mittce is considering making on committee leaks appeared, . was whether Nixon or Gesell of treason” in printing secret the arrangement.    Public most of the evidence it The leaks dealt with Secre-1*ou!d decide what documents in FBI documents that contradict' There was no word after the has received in its impeachment (ary of State Kissinger’s role in tbe President’s control would be Kissinger’s version.    meeting whether Gesell would inquiry,    the wiretapping of government'admitted as evidence in the order Ehrlichman tried at the Meanwhile, the Nixon ad- officials and newsmen.    (trial, scheduled to begin same time as three other de- ministration is renewing calls Rodino Reply to Leaks: Make Evidence Public snail-paced ride to discuss Geneva negotiations to reach a permanent peace in the Mid-East. They told newsmen they agreed Arab leaders should hold what Sadat called a “little summit” before meeting with Israel. More Talks ing this June 30 may approach $890 million. That's exclusive of federal revenue sharing and road use tax money. A month ago, at the close of the legislative session, Rankin had projected receipts of $863.4 world.” But it said the attack was launched from “some base within Israeli territory” and not from Lebanese soil. “That is how every Arab should receive Nixon, the chief imperialist in the world,” said spokesman Abut Abbas. “Ugly American” He said the guerilla organization was determined to “mar every attempt to beautify the ugly American face” and to negotiate with Israel only through bullets and suicide operations. It brought the number of terrorist victims in Israel to 49, including 31 children, in the last two months. Semiofficial Lebanese sources in Beirut said Israeli border artillery pounded a south Lebanese village in an apparent reprisal for the raid. The village of Ebles Saki, five miles north of the Israeli border, came under a “heavy artillery barrage as of midday and the bombardment continued without letup well into the afternoon,” the sources said. The Israeli state radio first put the number of terrorists at four, but the northern commander, Maj. Gen. Raphael Eytan, said there were only three. Eytan said an off-duty para- “Outrageous Charge” Benjamin Bradlee. executive fondants in the case, editor of the Post, replied:    “It now appears Mon- Vice-president Ford and presi- day. Sadat suggested and Nixon million for the year. appeared    to agree that more    Collections had tailed off in bilateral talks between the U. April, so Rankin was cautious S. and Middle East countries are about revising his estimate up- needed prior to a resumption of {ward. the Geneva peace conference, ;    Bounced    Back But diplomatic sources reject- _ .    . .___ . .    . . ,    .. „ ... ...... * m    But receipts bounced back in ed speculation that Sadat was . ,. 7*7    .    . su gees tine a delav in reconvey y r former levc1,    „    trooper gunned down two of    the invl lafks    I    Through    the    first    II    months,Lyrists, and the other blew Nixon    said Sadat “was    Iu*y tbrou8h May, state reve-    himself    up    with    grenades    or aware of    the intricacies of in-    nue tota,l?d $t)7® 3 millian* an    explosives    before    Israeli    troops a .,    -    ,    „    .    increase of $147,8 million over stormed a honey processing lac- “It Cr^re'a th< correst-nding prrtcd    "    A Over-all, state tax receipts The terrorists attacked the lit-are running 21.8 percent ahead    tie Israeli farming settlement    of of last year.    Shamir below the foothills    of As one might suspect the    big    the Golan Heights. gainer has teen individual in-, come tax collections with    re ceipts for the first ll months up A Palestinian guerilla spokes-26 9 percent* Through May Iowans had paid number of nations with dif- Calley Ordered Back in Custody NEW ORLEANS (AP) that “That’s really an outrageous sort of an order will be issued charge We neither stole the by the judge tomorrow.” a documents nor bought them’’ spokesman for Gesell said for the committee to open up its denUal^cal^lor Dean" Burch! When the White Housc turrud Former Army Lt- William L $340.3 million in individual* in-some i Proceedings.    accused the committee of dam j0V!r somo of tbe material to ^ Galley was ordered back into come tax compared to $268.1 The committee’s evidence, packed in 26 thick looselcaf note- aging Kissinger’s reputation. judge last week and, on Wednes- custody Thursday by the Fifth mji|j0n for the corresponding ll months. That represents gross “I feel strongly that this lc ik day’ surrendered any claim of, u. S. circuit court of appeals ll,, book; , is being screened by|nrnf,PM in fhpK£ni)co 11I(Hl.iutrv'executive privilege, the legal ii ordered him held until the tH)|lections and does not include _ ,    ..    ,    „    t.    •    ,    -Jprocess in the house judiciary ,    .    .    , We have a right to look at said the judge would meet with|tbe staff. to determine what committee is a vcry s(rong ar_ log jam was broken any information given us by the lawyers again Friday. I should still be kept secret, but a responsible government of-    ijwverSMin.it    (majority of the committee apicial*, whether ifs a senator or i    *    1    pears    ready    to    release    the    rest a President or a bureaucrat. Ehrlichman, former chief do- as soon as possible. And we have a responsibility to most ic adviser to the President,    Jtodino Proposal print,all information that is rel- still is denied the right to take! The proposal to make the ma-|^"np,““ evant and newsworthy.”    his attorney into the White: terial public was advanced    ..    R    ..    lo A former Kissinger aide filed House vault that houses his files Wednesday at a meeting suit Wednesday against him,! - gument for the necessity of that 2 More Documents (•ommittee to open up its hear-! one of Ehrlichman's attor-ingai and let the public see first- nCy8j Andrew Hall, said there hand, not through the leak    — process, the information they’re (< (H1tinued: Page 3, Col 8 > federal court in Columbus. Ga , refunds. decides his appeal of his convic-l    Tax    Collections tion of murder at My Lai. The    ..    .    . ruling said the armv'should de lta"k‘n sa^. d 'r*1,vl^|al » come tax collections hold up (Continued; Page 2. Col. I.) cide where he soned. should be impri- President Nixon and other officials, accusing them of ordering illegal wiretaps on his telephone The suit filed by Anthony; Lake alleges top members of the administration ordered in-; st a1 la tion of “electronic devices and surveillance equipment’’ Industrial Products Push Up Price Index WASHINGTON (AP) pite falling farm De- spread.” on his phone after he resigned prices, widespread increw 1 „    ,    ja broad range of (Continued: Page 3. Col. 3. Aide Buzhardt man in Damascus said several groups of Arab commandos were involved and that they had seized 700 Israeli hostages. The Palestinian spokesman in a later statement did not repeat the figure of 700 but said Israel was trying to “cover up the operation and to belittle its magnitude.’’ But correspondents reporting from Shamir made no mention of the Palestinian hostage claims and said the incident ended after an hour and 40 minute gunbattle. ! The dead settlers were tden-; tified as Edna Mor, 27, Shoshana (labile, 55, and Judith Esther Sinton, 18, a volunteer from At 111.' meeting of committee By I)ale Kwi*r    | A majority of weighted votes “and the people are watching; Auckland, N. Z. Democrats Rodino said he r<- stanley Ginsberg was nomin-!Was required to win the nom in what we do here tonight. We’re The gunmen were armed with fretted tho leaks and thought 5ted on..th.1, f‘rst ball()t    ation.    Because    of    absent    delega-    here to pick a winner. Last' .submachine guns. grenades, .    .    Hav moht hvr i mn nmintv iv>mtv.    ,,    other explosives and Palestinian guerilla leaflets, Eytan did not “Old Adage”    disclose    details of the leaflets accepting (lie nomination, said they showed the terror berg said he was “thank tor the primary fight. an old adage that] supervisor nomineeia,,u    #    primaries    make    better have lost control” over the committee. Ile accused Rodino of failing to carry out a pledge to work expeditiously and fairly. “Few To Blame” Linn Demo Convention Delegates Give Ginsberg Supervisor Nod refiectid at toe    candidates, lxiren Capron, Tom    . ... lievi it will bi judged on the to- ^    .    uuiH,r    Capron    finushed    second    with    ful (or ihn dentine in toHty of what it does and not on ;    ‘    ]    ,    •    QI    r    Keenan    ll    13    votes*    “There Is , the decline in ^    ”    I^emocrats    were    forced    to    se    ™A'    vt    !es    Nien.rn.    uh    votes,    inert    is prices is fre-    ....   ._____ _____lect a supervisor nominee and Haber, 21 9a    primaries can ;products pushed prices up sharply again in May, usually quickly reflected (the government said Thursday, retail level. ,    j    The labor department report However Is Hospitalized ed that wholesale prices rose a wholesale food w«in\fiTON(AP) - White ^■ seasonally adjusted 1.3 percent qucntly not passed on to con-1. “fT'Tno.    thrMgh'ctmv^n'wh«‘none 'der amtoumement of the didatcg 1 never believed it until ..    I    Fred    Buat    last month' ,he same aVumcrs 111 '»« as middlemen    "''“'"J5,    ,bo“ of five candidates received the tabulation, Ne.nan moved the Houk Couinse!I J,    Mi*, la March and April but not as seek to retain profits.    .sponsible    for the Itak.s.    required    35 percent of votes    In convention vote unanimous ^up- hardt, >0, o& of rts    w (much as in the December- Last month’s increase    pushed B( SI ,s ,l0PlnK to    nullify june 4 primary election    I>ort for Ginsberg, Capron sec-    Capron, in his speech to dele- on s closest advisers on e » p#»hmarv ni>rinH IinariincioH ihr whninstuin nrit*# mii.'v un to leaks, the Democrats want to    *    ended the motion, .md Demo- g.itcN, attacked the rising cost release the impeachment evi-j    Not a Candidate    crats bt^an concentrating on t)t deuce now before the committee j^n-y Reading, who ran fifth Republicans — at least until so it will be known to the public jn prjmary election, was not Saturday’s Democratic state lawyei a candidate at the party’s con-convention in Aities. vent ion.    Ginsberg,    in advance I Ginsberg supporters were con-1 nomination, said he isis “came here to murder and (Continued: Page 2, Col. 4.) Today s Index tergate early Thursday with ''    percent.    Halers $155 to purchase a varied heart attack, a spo    Prices    for farm products and cly of goods that cost $100 in the Fairfax hospital in suburban ^    percent    11967 base period. Virginia said    r    '    r Tinton’* Psychiatrists dont Ila vc worry as long as other people do. before White House in May, the third consecutive Over-all wholesale prices last ‘Lunes St. ( lair presents Pres monthly decline. Industrial month were 16.4 percent higher lde,d Nixon s defense. ago. Industrial up 20.1 percent social services iii latin county; supported adoption of collective bargaining for county of hisjemployes. and urged greater in-j ivolvement of elderly commodities were up 2.7 per- than a year cent. Consumer finished goods products were Neenan stressed hu? 16 years ^^                 ha At the Democratic caucus the fjdent (bc[r man would win on worked for the Democratic of calling witnesses |bc ballot, and three and a party for a number of years ^    K also was discussed, and to)rose0.6percent.    and farm products and pro* u,su Wit,> ui»euaaeu, aim bajf hours    later — after a‘‘and I’m willing to work for the The rise in industrial prices cessed foods were un 8.1 nereent mrmlK l‘s n‘lH)r,(Ml there den number of post-primary unity whole team rise in industrial prices cessed foods wen* up 8.1 pt waa described by the govern* and farm products were up 20.1 Jmcnt as “substantial and wide-1 percent over the year. nitely would (Continued: be some. I hey; Spt^chcs Page 37 Col. 7.) right. they were proven He said the politics of Watergate have shaken Rio people,) as Center is time we treated this office as a full-time Comics .............. ...... 33 Crossword .. ......... ......33 Daily Record ... 3 Deaths .............. ........I Editorial Features .1 ... « Farm ............ .......Si Financial ........... ..... 34 Marion . . ll Movies ........ 28-30 Society ........ ... IS ll Sports .. 23-27 Slate ...... ......u Television . ... 32 Want Ads ... 37-41 (Contused: Page 3, Col. 5. ;

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