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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa For Better Health Warts Are Not Harmful By Dr. S. L. Andelman Despite what Tom Sawyer may have thought, ordinary warts aren’t harmful. Often they will eventually go away, even without treatment. They won t become cancerous. Warts are contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another, but some people seem to be immune and Dr. S. L. Andelman never get them. Scratching warts can cause them to spread. Unless the wart is in a place where it is constantly irritated — such as in the beard or scalp — or is unsightly, it’s often just as well to leave it alone. If your wart bothers you, for either physical or cosmetic reasons, ask your doctor to remove it. Plantar Warts Warts can occur on any part of the skin but are most often found on the hands, the fingers and the soles of the feet. Plantar warts — those on the soles — cause the most trouble. They can be pinhead size or an inch or two in diameter, but regardless of size they can be exceedingly painful if they occur on the pressure points of the foot. They push inward with each step and are usually so uncomfortable, sometimes disabling, that treatment is required. Your doctor may need to try several different treatments to get rid of plantar warts. Common treatments include electrosurgery, which destroys the wart with an electric current, and freezing with dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Anomer common treatment is to burn out the wart with an acid. Radiotherapy is sometimes used and it may be necessary to try a combination of several treatments. Disappear About half of all warts disappear spontaneously. We don’t know why but through the years many physicians have reported successes with some form of suggestion therapy. Some people believe that warts can be charmed away. If the patient has faith in a certain treatment for warts — no matter how ridiculous or unscientific — sometimes the treatment will work. I once knew a boy whose warts disappeared after his mother wrapped his hands in an old dishcloth for one hour, then removed the dishcloth and buried it. Within a few days the warts had disappeared — a great example of suggestion therapy. Research is still going on to discover the cause and cure for warts. Anyone who has ever had warts will agree they are often a nuisance — a definite cure will be most welcome. LAFF - A - DAY Very good, Harold Now shall ve try it without the pocket :alculator?” BUILD A NEW NOME ON YOUR LOT ANV PIAN-ANY SUI ANY STYU-ANY DI SION ANYWNNI WI WILL BUILD ANY PIAN OUT Of OU* CATAIOO OB ANY PLAN OF YOUB OWN FRIE ESTIMATES CNEfRFVUY FURNISH!! • 30 DAY DELIVERY • GUARANTEED PRICE • HIGHEST QUALITY mu COLOM CATAIOO Pue* Lit) Owner* Lit! TY BENNITT, BUU DIR R.R. HY, IOWA PH. 848-4268 U.S. HOMES int IND AVI. DIS MONUS. The Investor’s Guide By Sam Shilslky Q—I shall smb Inherit about IHM),(HK) In securities, real estate and cash My goal is to be worth $250,00(1. using this estate as a base, by 1990. My greatest fear is inflation and how to preserve the value of this fund. A—Now you know what (he ancient prophets meant when they said: the more property, the more worries. Or to paraphrase a more recent Shakespeare: uneasy lies the head that owns a buck. I assume your target date of 1990 means that is when you intend to turn to this money for support. Fair enough Actually, given the present rate of interest (say, 9 percent) money can double in about eight years. So, in 16 years, and assuming the continuation of high interest rates, $100,000 should become $400.(KH) by taking no more risk than is involved in high-grade bonds. (I repeat — these figures assume the continuation of current high interest rates. They also ignore income taxes — which is not the smartest idea in the world. However, your $250,000 goal does leave you considerable leeway — even figuring on taxes.) All in all, I don’t think there is too much concern about Sam Shulsky reaching your goal, even with conservative vehicles. What you do have to worry about is what the income from $250,(HK) or $400,000 (or whatever is left after the annual tax tax bites) will buy you in 1990. And on that I make no promises. • • • Q—I notice some REIT (real estate investment trust) stocks are selling at prices that yield 12 and 15 percent. This is so high I wonder about the safety of the investment. A—There is nothing much to add to your comments. The high yields indicate investors are concerned about the industry’s future, given high money rates and housing problems. MMM Q—| gave my sister $3,000 last year. May I deduct that $3,000 from my taxable income? Does my sister deduct that $3,000 from her taxable income? A—Neither. The $3,000 They'll Do It Every Time doesn’t show up in either income tax report. • • • <|—Is Income on treasury bills taxable? A—'t Is subject to federal income taxes only — not state or local. MMM Q—I’m a widow in need of current income. Presently I have $100,000 on which I am earning from 8 to 1(0/4 percent — the latter from deposit deals at a bank. Could I do much better? A—l don’t see how. • • ♦ Q—I was told that money received from redemption of mutual fund shares may be reinvested within 30 days in common stocks without paying brokerage fees. I find brokers are reluctant to give such advice. A—Sounds like an old wives’ tale to me. You redeem mutual fund sharer through the bank trustee for the fund. Generally there is no fee for such redemption, or, at most, I percent. You buy common stocks through a broker, who has to make a living acting as a broker. What’s the connection? * • • Q—About two years ago I was advised to buy some stock by a broker because he had just secured a block of it and it was on the way up. Since we bought it, it has gone down steadily and now is no longer quoted. We called him about this but he just laughed and said that probably someone just took off with the company’s money. What can you tell me about the stock? A—Nothing. Never heard of it. But I would see a lawyer about considering action against the broker. Based on what you tell me he does not come out of this smelling like a rose. • * * LIQUIDATION: The conversion of securities or other property into cash This could cover the dissolution of a company with cash remaining after sale of assets and payment of all debts being distributed to shareholders. It could also describe the selling out of a securities position. Mr Shulsky welcomes written ques lions, bot he will be able to provide answers only through the column For Information on retirement, and ore re tirement planning please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Address your requests to Sam Shulsky, care of The Gazette SMULEKOFFS , Th tern of •v«rytking for Ham* I Buy your Amana VIP Golf Tournament tickets here COP IHI*    * I    O COUPON w®    ^ ^ 1 u. coupon worth 5>'o    oWer CKP    without    further ^r^wnofony^oupon^ may he    Brin9 nohce. *C    mu    HIK r~^ yOU.    * STOP Moisture Damage Amana The AMANA Way Removes up to 70% More Moisuture from the Air! Guaranteed to Outpeiform All Others! PORTABLE DH14-2K ENDS Moisture Problems In Your Home Easy to move from room to room 3-WAY MOISTURE REMOVAL Place directly over drain, through hose to drain, or use big condensate pan furnished with unit. BIGGER CAPACITY To Dehumidify Bigger Area Amana wrings more moisture from oir because warm moist air flows over 2 rows of copper coils. Dehumidfies up to 18,000 CU. ft. area with Amana* 1-6 h p. bigger compressor BEAN EARLY BIRD BUY NOW BEFORE THE RUSH ;4ma#ia FIRST! SMULEKOFF’S TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET Home of Dying Gets Approval; First in Nation HARTFORD, Conn (AP) -Flans for the nation’s first home specifically for the dying have received final slate approval. The state commission on hospitals and health care approved construction of the $2.88 million, 44-bed facility proposed by Hospice, Inc., of New Haven. It will he located in the New Haven suburb of Branford. The hospital will be patterned after similar facilities in England. The plan is supported by a group of doctors, nurses, clergymen and community workers. The commission said construction must begin within one year or the permit will be* revoked. The commission also required that: All state residents be given equal access to the institution regardless of economic status. All physicians In the state be allowed to submit patients for consideration. A qualified physician be in charge of the facility. Rates be approved by the commission. The hospice submit regular financial and patient service reports in its early operating days. Pentagon KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Big Ticket Demand For Speech by Cox STANFORD, Calif. (AF) -Stanford university had to reject 3,(HH) requests for tickets to commencement exercises featuring as a speaker former special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. It was the first time Stanford has ever had more commencement ticket requests than it can seat in IO,000-capacity Frost auditorium, J. Thomas Bacchetti, director of public events, said. He attributed the heavy ticket demand to either a trend back toward acceptance of commencement as a traditional academic ceremony or the appearance by Cox, a Harvard professor. By Fred Hoffman WASHINGTON (AF) - The KISS principle, according to a new army staff officer’s guidebook means “keep it simple, stupid.” This bit of advice is among hundreds of terms in a glossary intended to help officers', freshly assigned to the Pentagon, understand some of the jargon he’ll be hearing around the building. The glossary is included in a 125-page paperback guidebook stocked with information on staff procedures, sample forms, telephone numbers, and personal services available during a duty tour in the “puzzle palace” (i.e., the Pentagon). “The objective is to acquaint you with some of the more generally used terms, and expressions, some of them rather colorful, in order to speed your understanding of the environment,” it says. When a new staff officer is told he is to attend a “dog and pony show,” he need only flip to page 81 and find that is “a briefing which uses a number of viewgraph slides, flip charts, or other training aids.” If someone tells him his staff paper is “flaky,” he will know it “contains conclusions and recommendations that will not hold up under hard analysis.” His boss may criticize his paper’s “fog index’’ as too high, in which case he will look for ways to make its wording less obscure and more readable.” Once he gets his boss’ okay, he will have to scurry around and try to persuade all the interested agencies to "read off the same sheet of music” (get them coordinated into a common position). In the course of this bureaucratic exercise, he may find that the final wording of his staff paper amounts to a “waffle” (the “intentional or unintentional use of phraseology which skirts the issue”). minimize “heartburn' (serious disagreement). Along the way, he may find himself greeted by fellow officers affectionately as a “cannon cocker’’ (if he is an artillery man) or referred to “muddy boots” (lf he came from the infantry). If he is ambitious to become a general some day, he’ll want to be known as a “water walker” or, as the guidebook puts it, “an officer with a singularly outstanding military record; usually an officer who has been selected Lor one or more early promotions.” ON THIS DATE in 1940, the Germans occuoied Paris in MULEKOFF'S Th Maw of •varying for Hi* boma Jewelry Dept, Main Floor A unique gift for that unique man in your life. The QuartzmaticKJ digital watch Its beauty is excelled only by its accuracy . . . this revolutionary Quartzmatjc micromodular quartz crystal circuitry provides incredible accuracy. Field effect digital display gives greater intensity to easy-to-read nurrlerals. Softly brushed case blends with flared, heavy-link, adjustable, stainless steel, buckle-type band. 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