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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NA1I0NAI WIMmit SthVlCt 40MCAM «» 7AM ISI A • I* - 74 3ftf ‘ Go Id Hoarding Is Old Sfory for Frenchmen DEATHS PARIS (AP) Hoarding gold may bo just, around tho corner for Americans, but Frenchmen have been stashing it away for centuries in stockings, mat- pounds. Using Ijt Monde’s figure’s,    this would make    the hoarded gold in France worth nearly $31 billion The    French have had    the unrestricted right to buy and tresses, old chests or under thel sell gold since 1948. It comes in apple tree    in    the    garden.    12-kilo    bars, one-kilo ingots    and Private    Boid    ownership hat.:101™:    Ih'’ f*vori,« bei"K been illegal in the U.S. since favorite napoleon, which has 1934, but President Nixon has va^e of 20 francs $4 the authority to remove the ban. 80 e rJays r ^ Treasury Secretary Simon told Out of Handkerchiefs the a face - but is a congressional committee in Washington Tuesday that it may be legal for Americans to own the metal before the end of the year. The tradition in France dates back at least to the French Revolution, when the country was in turmoil and gold was the best Transactions at gold trading Henry Vyskocil Henry Vyskocil, 65, formerly of Cedar Rapids, died in Whittier, Calif., Monday after a brief illness. He was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Feb. 18, 1908, and came to the United States in 1911. Mr. Vyskocil lived in Cedar Rapids until 1941, and was an employe of Peoples bank. He was an employe of the Rank of America in Whittier. Surviving are his wife, the former Adella Kriz; a daughter, Suzanne Terrel, Whittier; a son, Gerald, Whittier; three grandchildren; his mother, Julia Vyskocil Hekl, Cedar Rapids, and a The Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Wed., .funr 12, 1974 3A Soys Zebra Killers Stopped Seven Times, Not Arrested shops are direct, over-the-counter affairs, with the gold ”ut kn#»brother, Charles H. Vyskocil, handkerchiefs or going into,,, ,    ’    .. paper haps. Cash is the usual ’ Ccdar .»•«*£•    . ' *    . *    .    Services:    Rosehill funeral mode of payment.    homp    |n    whmjer a| ||;]g am , When the price was officiallyjThursday Burial: Rosehill cem- SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) During the “stop and search” drive in hopes of halting street killings in San Francisco, the four defendants in the Zebra slayings were stopped seven times by police without being arrested. Just how close patrolmen were to making an arrest appeared Tuesday following the release of grand jury testimony, primarily from informer Anthony Harris, 28, an ex-convict. said, for mutilations which were ‘supposed to symbolize you’re very vicious and an irresponsible person.” Testimony by Harris led to the returning of murder indictments against four men, all Black Muslims. They are Larry Green, 22; J. C. Simon, 29; Manuel Moore, 29; and Jessie Cooks, 28, all of San Francisco. Harris said the group tried to recruit him and that he accompanied members on slayings but Harris said that once while he did not take part. was present officers stopped a van carrying a kidnaped white couple, one of whom subsequently was hacked to death. “Seemed All Right” Patrolman Bruce Marovich The Weather Magistrate’s Court Speeding — Tommy Potts, 226 Fourteenth street NE; fined Hiqh temperatures Tuesday, low tem oeratures overnight and Inches of ore cipitation; Anchorage 37 40    L. Angeles    HO    „    ... Atlanta .. *2 s*    Miami    is 73 4j $35 and costs. Norman Smith, Bismarck 38 4?    Min'apolis    38 43 Chicago . «7 so .ll N. Orleans    87 68 Denver 77 49    New York    83 40 Duluth lf 43 .03 Phoenix    I Of 75 Honolulu M 17    Seattle    37 40 Houston ft 74    Wallington    SS 44 Extended forecast — Warm UTI W( MMI MDICX AM ® Rain is expected Wednesday night in North Dakota, most of Texas and parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. —Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) terials presented to the committee,” majority counsel John I Doar said Rodino said individual members could ask St. Clair for (his brief but that it would not be formally accepted by the committee before the evidentiary hearings are completed, which is expected to be next Thursday. F.llsberg Breakin The evidence presented to the committee Tuesday dealt with the activities of the special White House investigative unit known as the plumbers, and its breakin al iEIlsberg’s psychiatrist’s office. The committee also received evidence about the political dirty tricks campaign carried out in 1972 by Donald Segretti under the direction of White House aides. Committee members agreed that the most important material they received was testimony given by Ehrlichman to a grand jury in California concerning the Ellsberg breakin Ehrlichman said he was pres . . „    .    ,    .    controlled,    there was little or no Lfprv hedge against financial disaster. profjt ,# b(, ma(J(, by d(,aljng in e,ery Even today, very few families are without at least a little nestegg of gold. Some Frenchmen even regard the precious metal as protection against natural calamities. “The river can flood and sweep away my house and machinery but I’ll still have my gold,” said a farmer. gold and the French bought it to tuck it away for protection against the uncertainties of paper money. But, with the creation of the two-tier gold market and the non-convertibility of the dollar in 1971, the price of gold.,,, on the free market soared. I World war II. Survivors include two sisters, Marjory McDonough and Mrs Kenneth R. D. Bush Kenneth R D. Bush, 51. died Sunday in Springfield, Tenn. Bom in Cedar Rapids, March 30, 1923, he was a resident here until 1941. He was a veteran of 28, told grand jurors he had ques I Honed blacks in the van carrying the doomed white couple but that “everything seemed all right” and he let it go. Inside the van were Richard Hague, 30, and his wife, Quita, who had been kidnaped strolling on Telegraph “People are coming in here 3711 Oakland road NE; Roland Hunter, 1427 Eighth avenue SE; James Burbridge, Delhi; Robert Poage, Manchester;    Steven Harford, 5440 Wyoming drive and humid with periods of rain SW; Christina Duke, 3119 Bay- Friday night through Sunday. ^^^^ri^e.'sTlS Highs, 80s to 90s. Lows, 60s to Southland street SW; Russel 70s.    Weston, 1210 Eighteenth street P R \A/fla(kof    SW; Diane Nesset, 1028 Third vvearner    avenue SE; Bill Yuska, Wal- High Tuesday ................73! ford;    Sharon Safranek,    Daven- l/)w overnight ...............52|P°rt‘,    Arthur Hall, Oelwein; Noon Wednesday    70 each fined $20 and costs. Faulty equipment — Ronald Meyer, Palo; Ned Detert, 900 Ninth street SW; each fined $10 and costs. Driver’s license violation — Robert Whitters, 2011 O avenue NW; fined $20 and costs. Gary Berggren, 135 Twenty-first street NW; fined $10 and costs. 2 p.m. Wednesday........... 72 Precipitation ..............None Total for June ............. 2.91 Normal for June ............5.21 Normal through June ......16.61 Total for 1974 .............24.17 Barometer, rising ........ 30.04 Humidity at noon ......... 36% with gold they bought 20 years “Bad Memories”    ago, selling it at a fantastic This taste that Frenchmen nommal profit, ’ said a dealer. have for gold is an expression of mistrust and bad memories,” President Giscard d’Estaing said several years ago when he was finance minister. There is no official estimate of how much gold is in private hands in France. The newspaper Le Monde conducted a study in February and came up with the whopping figure of 6,000 tons, which it said was 7.5 percent of all the gold mined since the year 1413. say nominal because inflation has eaten away the value of the franc over 20 years, and of course the gold hidden in the cellar drew no interest.” Harvey D. Aldridge, both Cedar Rapids, and two brothers, Ernest, Boone, and Richard. Omaha, Neb. while hill. Harris, who said he turned in-of J former because of a $25,000 reward offer, recalled that Mrs. Thirteen white persons were slain before the arrests. —Kissinger— (Continued from Page I.) other committee member, said: “I hope the secretary realizes the committee is not out to get him. But he’s going to have to speak the truth, just as everybody else does. He has to be candid with the American public.” Asked if he thought Kissinger had not been candid, Mezvinsky said: “I think there are questions, legitimate questions.” “Not Clear-Cut -Mitchell— (Continued from Page I.) that — which is very general understand. Understand I don’t want it that (expletive deleted) specific. I’m thinking now in far Hague could have escaped but. ^    ,    A. ran back to the    van    and tried to    ^wo    members    of    the Services: Thursday al 2    at    let air oui o( a    tire    to save her    Pf"*'    ^J?* *vld*"« was,n?1 Rutledge, Tenn.    Burial: Blue    husband Springs cemetery, Rutledge. ’The ex-convict declared that  ___the couple was    driven to an in- Memorial    Services    dustrial area where    Mrs. Hague » , L „r mc was laid over a railroad track Connor, Ralph W. — Thurs- ., .    .    ,,    .    ,    .    • so that she was all but decapitated with a machete. Her husband was slashed se- more general terms ... but if Last year gold transactions;^ "lak* " general In terms of hit a record France. Wind direction and velocity at v>hif,e conlrol v|„lation 2 p.m. WNW at 17 mph.    Terry    Brainer,    1740    Fifth    ave Sun rises Thursday, 5:30: sum nue SE:fined $30 and costs, sets, 8:43. $674 million inl™y ^    nVe,tl«**,ion. ^ dicates that this man did not do , it, this man did not do it, this A gold bar was quoted on thc:man did do that French market Tuesday at 2 2 Ehrlichman Suggestion day at noon at Turner chapel east by Dr. Arnold Herbst and Crescent lodge, AF and AM. There will be cremation com-|vprp|v mittal. Friends may call at Turner east. Rebeiski, Charlotte “Lottie” — Friday at 1:30 at Turner chapel west by the Rev. Howard Harris, Waterloo. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Turner east. Took Photos Harris described the killers as a black militant group who took photographs of each other murdering whites in order to win promotions in their organization. clear-cut. They said that while Kissinger played a role, the evidence did not establish that he “initiated” or “instituted” or “ordered” the eavesdropping. Rep. Wiggins (R-Calif.) said, “He’s not naive, he knew what was going on, but Kissinger is technically correct that he did not direct it.” “What the FBI does when It is told there is a problem is its decision,” he said. “It was the FBI’s decision to tap the phones.” Wiggins said the committee $5,145 per kilogram — —IRS— (Continued from Page I.) low, 62: rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Traffic signal violation — - I*    m    a    »»•    .    on. I Pearl Berridge, route three, V*ff Ago    Today - High.    «0;jMarion; rinJ $25 and costs! Michael Kacere, 2206 Lauren drive SW; William Daggett, 851 Place. Center Point road NE; Duane    “Valid    Reasons” Peek, 2737 O avenue NW; each fined $15 and costs.    ™    one    meeting,    EStrlidhman Failure to report accident — quoted Nixon as saying in sub-Leonard Landt, 33 Thirty-sixth avenue SW; fined $10 and costs. C I”He said the cult was named has a    signed by Kis- MONONA _ Welcome Sum- thp „Dealh A ,s„ and |ha( jts singer, that shows Kissinger did mer is the theme June 21 for micc:nn    tn kiii whitp    not originate the wiretaps. He Another deletion by the White] the annual Rower show spon- I ‘ .    . for revenge    refused to elaborate. House, the memo says cc- sored by the Northern Clay ton; so^,na    d    ,fe    he    Rep.    Awards    (IVCalif.)    said curred in a discussion betweenjCounty Garden club. The event .    .«in a,j fairness” th€re was no Nixon and former White House! will be open to the public, begin-]    .    evjdence that Kissinger signed f rryn    I    aide    John    Ehrlichman in whichlning at 2 p.m., in Union State Bus Lrasn Kills IWO;    inctiti.tina    th*    wirP- Nlxon discussed“hnTtttt Ehrlichman said the proposed bank community room. Mrs Driver Kills Himself taps the breakin after it had taken cfs and others that show IRS|Dean , wou,d ,hat nn...... >.    .I    driver    Mils    nimsviitaps 1 rlnnc iimel/ on o miAt u ciretnm Thursday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck .......Tshwrs    78-50 Chicago........... Fair    77-54 Cincinnati ........Clear 77-52 Cleveland ..... PtCldy 73-51 Des Moines  PtCldy 80-55 Detroit •  ........PtCldy    72-49 Indianapolis ...... Fair 75-56 Kansas City....... Fair    85-64 Milwaukee  PtCldy 72-53 Mpls.-St. Paul Fair 76-52 Okla. City..........Fair    92-65 Omaha .........PtCldy 83-56 St. Louis ........PtCldy    82-56 Sioux Falls ..... PtCldy    79-52 Iowa Deaths Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 8.6, rise .5 Lansing (18) missing Dam 9 (18) 18.2, no change McGregor (18)    10.5, change Guttenberg (15)    9.5, change Dubuque (17)    12.4, change Davenport (15) 12.2, rise .2 Keokuk (16) 13.1, fall .6 Traer — Edwin K. Dinsdalc, 74. Friday at 10:30 a.m. at United .ie t hod i st church. Burial: Buckingham cemetery. Erickson’s in Traer. Belle Blaine — Anna Polka, 85. Hrabak’s. • Decorah — Selma Sampson, 80. Friday at ll, Decorah Lutheran church. Olson-Fjelstul’s. Arlington — Leland McClain, 74. Thursday at 1:30, United Methodist church. Burial: i Floral Hills, Oelwein. Gleim’s. no Fort Atkinson—Eugene Ein-walter, 20. Friday at 10:30 a.m. no at St. John’s church. Rosary: Wednesday at 9 pm. and no Thursday at 8, Chekal’s. Springville <— Frances Mae I.ange, 38. St. Isidore church, Friday at 10:30. Burial: Cedar Memorial, Cedar Rapids. Ce-Odar at CML (13) 8.60. rise dar Memorial funeral home is 23    in    charge. Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday ..706.13 Births — Mercy June ll — To the families of Charles Friedman. 3000 J street SW, a son; Paul Haulier, 622 A avenue NE, a son. Births — St. Luke's stance: '“While I did not know of the breakin attempt in advance, I surely recognize the valid national security reasons why it was done.” At Another meeting Ehrlichman quoted Nixon as saying “the break-in was in furtherance of national security and was fully justified by the circumstances.” Ehrlichman said that before the breakin. Nixon approved an "in depth investigation” of the leaking of the Pentagon Papers and Ellsberg. “Very Flat” does work on a quota system. body in ,he white House was J he spokesman said one volved in the Watergate burgla-Mailly.iry, then added: “Well, that’s Wesley Lange. Monona, is gen-] BUDAPEST IAP) - A bus] on Tuesday. Kissinger was eral chairman    loaded    with    students    from    Cze-    asked    at    a    news    conference choslovakia crashed into a ditch about the house committee’s information. He bridled, “I do not memo is from Robert mamy.iry, then added: “Well, that’s    Riddle    Sentenced    ,in northwest Hungary killing Boston group    manager, who told what    we could say    and it    hap- OELWEIN - Louie Riddle, 26.    two [8-year-old girls/ and the his agents Jan.    ll:    pens    to be true —    as for    that was sentenced to seven years in    bus driver committed suicide by Enforcement activity was transaction.”    I    the men s reformatory at Ana- throwing himself beneath an ap- Nixon’s next remark accord- mosa following conviction of the poaching milk truck, the traffic ing to the committee transcript charge of obtaining money on non™* rpnorted Tuesday. ...    . is “Sure. As for that transac-'false pretenses. Riddle was ar-; The police said the Czechj*aPs undertaken. Previously tion.” That remark    does not ap-'rested Jan. 15 in Waukon, and    driver, Bohumil Ponizil, 30, ap-    had    denipd    makinS rPC* pear    in the White    House    ver-Jried in Allamakee district    parently realized that the wreck omm    ton’    ect or , r light during December — due to leave and the charitable inclinations of most of us during the holiday season. The holiday season is past, it’s a new year — firm enforcement must replace sion.    (court, acts of charity.” twTwoeks “^Ksa,rmn would Investigator Tells History appear that we are unduly concerned with a benevolent image. I would rather we establish an image of enforcement.”    A    former    investigator    for    the    j    Nor,    said    Kosek,    did In other testimony Tuesday, consumer fraud division of the conduct my office as a conspiracy,” he said. He also said he did not make 1 ‘a direct recommendation” that 0/ Seed Oats Investigation Alexander said IRS has been “Ehrlichman’s testimony is making improvements in many very direct.” said one liberal Democrat who asked not to be named. “The Ellsberg investigation was described to him (Nixon) and he approved it — it was very flat.” But Rep. Maraziti (R-N.J.) Iowa attorney general’s office said Wednesday state officials Wolf was due to his fast, reckless driving. Twelve of the 33 stu- C J fsljfnjrkino dents were injured, two of them Lna seriously. Two teachers with the On Kissinqer, holiday group were not hurt. A    ^ \Goldwater Says Marines Make Recruit WASHINGTON (UPI)-Sena-Gain, Still Fall Short | tor Coldwater (R-Ariz.) Wednesday called for an immedi- Citizens Groups Meet with HUD IOWA CITY - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has agreed "Vu I to meet with citizen groups con-.1 ii nr IO — Mr. and Mrs.    .    . a a. . a , r . OMV lUsxcUlr. 287 Thirteenth I**™*' ah™* City s urban street NW, a daughter.    renewal    project. show up for an agreed-to meet- WASHINGTON (AP) ing in January of 1973 in Des;Marine corps recruiting im- ate end to the “incessant nit-fields, including taxpayer ser- began receiving complaints;Mo*nes-    proved rn May but still fell near-picking against    Secretary of vice and simplifying the filing from farmers about seed oats! Kosek said the state investiga- !y 40 percent short of its objec- State Kissinger, process for the    average    taxpay-|sales operations in 1972.    tion was suspended    after it    wasjtives, the Pentagon says.    Instead,    Coldwater    said    rn    a er.    I Ernest Kosek of West    Des    learned the federal    government from a low point of 45 per- He said IRS has    revised    all    its (Moines testified at the fifth    day    also was probing the seed    oats (cent of its recruiting objective audit letters.    lof the federal court trial of Mert    opeartions.    ! >n April, the marines climbed to “The revised letters give the I Wolf of Cedar Falls, Duane    Farmers Warned    5L vuTlLin said. “I don’t see that it’s very (taxpayer more basic informa-iSarby, Waterloo, and Interstate    .    4    ’    . . .c„ significant — it’s inconclusive i tion on why we examine re--Seed Brokers, Inc., Waterloo, a s    arm    rs    wer jective of 4,150. I turns, they inform him of his firm they operated, appeal rights if he does not The defendants are accused of really.” Due to be presented Wednesday was further evidence on the plumbers, and on alleged use of the Internal Revenue Service to harass administration enemies. warned through a news release The army signed up issued in April of 1973 that the men, or 104 percent of the goal, agriculture department h a d The navy scored highest at 131 been getting complaints about percent of its objective in May, some seed oats companies. collecting just under 6,000. The senate speech, a “determined inquiry” should be launched to find the sources still leaking sensitive government information. “I am not attempting to dell,820 fend Dr. Kissinger if he did, indeed, tell a falsehood when he testified on his nomination,” Coldwater said. “I don’t know whether he did Junr ll — To the families of Walter Buckallew, 5040 Kessler road NW, a daughter; Douglas Wilson. 6506 Mosswood lane NW, a daughter; Anthony Recs, Solon, a daughter; Jack Slapper, 2255 Northview drive NE, a daughter. Out of Town Births At Coralville — Mr. and Mrs. F. "Merle Brunsting, a daughter June ll. Mrs. Brunsting is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ogden, 814 Twentieth street SE Brunsting is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brunsting, 508 Thirtieth street E. Marriage Licenses Debars Ford and Rex i Hatcher, Deborah Green and Marian McCune, all of Cedar ,,K k ,    Kidnaping;    Ask The meeting will be between I    r    771 the Melrose Neighborhood Assn. Neighborhoods United. People’s Alliance and representatives of Iowa Student Public Interest Research Group n«Ped on a street Tuesday after (ISP1RG).    noon    and    held for $30,000 ran- The citizens groups have ex- sorn- police said Wednesday. pressed concern over the city's Be was identified as Orlando _____ present urban renewal planning    Lopez, 42, of    the Bronx, a Cuban    g^ea.    37, first New York police- and its environmental impact.    refugee who    runs a    meat mar-    man ever    charged with murder No date has been set for the    ket bere.    jn j^e    line    of duty, was found inmeeting. Mayor Edgar Czar-    Police Chief Thomas Pitzpa-.nocent Wednesday by a neeki said he will not attend. agree with our findings, and I numerous counts in an alleged they encourage him to ask ques-!scheme to sell seed oats and wenotdelr'toWm'RhlS * MMwe*te?n ^fatef^promWngI Interstate Seed Brokers faces,air force made tot pcraent of its,or not," Goldwater added. "But “We also assure the taxpayer individuals that the crop wouldst! counts of mail fraud, fraud,ob)ect.ve. taking in 5,570 men in|| can certainly see how some- that the selection of a return for be bought back at prices higher by wire and violations of thejMay. _ routine examination does not|than the prevailing market I federal seed act which makes^ it unlawtul to disseminate false Food Sets Pace tor advertising rn selling seed.    ,    Canadian    prjce    Rise Altogether, Guilty Pleas $30,000 Ransom limply dishonesty or suspicion of priro ... „    criminal    liability.” WEST NEW YORK NJ., API    A    number    of    persons    already    Altogether the indictment ottawa (AP) - Canada's A food merchant was M-l/".    A..,    'ii.J    have    pled    guilty    in    Hie    alleged    aRalnsl Interstate claims 418    price    index    rose    1.7 P MCqUITTea iSehfmi> whirh -,ht, l! s attor. farmers and dealers, percent in May. led by a 3 per- cent hike in the price of food, the government reported Wednesday. In Boy's Death NEW YORK (Urn - Thomas jury scheme which the U.S. attor ney’s office said resulted in total losses of more than $800,000. Kosek said he eventually was able to “track down” Wolf in Cedar Falls in the fall of 1972 after unsuccessful attempts at City Briefs trick said the ransom was tO)Which ruied that he sho( and locating the defendants at Ostia vc been paid Tuesday night in — Fort Lee, N. J., but the kid- far rn e r s and dealers, four truckers, 36 newspapers and four telephone companies suffered $465,000 in losses Assistant U.S. Atty. Alan Kir-shen said he expects to corn-1 higher than one year ago. Food , .    ... plete his case Thursday or Fri- pri«>s 'were the primary reason. ja e 1 e day. Including stipulated wit aided by higher prices for oil nesses, the government will-- thing of this sort might have appeared to have happened and is now being magnified by people who frankly dislike Dr. Kissinger because he has been an outstanding performer for the Nixon administration.” In a separate speech, Senate G.O.P Leader Scott also criticized “reckless leaking” and added “let s not risk peace in SU US?JI" “irs k Middle East by sear7hes for napers called and canceled the drop. killed Clifford Glover, IO. in self|sj.Jn ~    have    taken    testimony    from    116    six    Die    in    Clash defense.    '    \{v    said    he    informed    Wolf    the    Il*rsons by !he timp the case is BANGKOK (AP) - Troops Lions Club attorney general’s office and the ('onc,ud<'d Kirshen said Iowa department of agriculture Rapids. Barbara Purdy, Cedar Rapids, and Steve Kahn, Moline, III. Jane Bickct, Reinbeck, and Scott Brees, North Liberty. Shea testified that on April 28, .1973, he pursued the boy and his "Ear North Ho- He said the drop was reschri- ,tepflther, Add Armstead, into wm. investigating hts comDanv a slide presentation of[uled for Kl am. Wednesday!, vacant Queens lot, thinking IA meeting was arranged with they fit the description of "two Wolfs attorney in male blacks in their 20s" who Kosek continued mons, a slide presentation 01 mea tor in a m the historical study of natural but did not know if it was made gas, will be shown at the Lions    -- club meeting Thursday noon at    Bond    Issue Fires    (he    Roosevelt. 1:50 p.hi. Tuesday. Children    +    + t pl.t .vine with matches to Krass R()nsai Trpe k|().    (ppr feet for Father’s Day!) F’ier- were ssupects in a taxi stickup. behind 2030 I. street SW. 5:26 pm. Tuesday, ('heck for    .    , miokr odor from television art s Florists, 366-1K26. Adv. at 1412 Third avenue SE.       — 6:08 p.m. Tuesday. Short in 2(1 YEARS AGO Margaret wire in front of 1009 Third Truman signed a one-year con- 5beet SE.    :tracl    with NBC for her fourth :ii; maMhe*V ut SS!*"** •» radi» and TV Twelfth avenue SW.    appearances. KALONA — Voters here will Shea said he fired three times go the [Kills June 19 in a special and hil the boy once in the back election to decide whether to when the latter started to turn I said spend $75,000 to construct a new on him with a gun.    was Traffic Death WATERLOO (UPI) - A 4-Omaha, year-old Waterloo boy was killed Tuesday when he darted in front of a car on a street here. Police said young Timothy At the Omaha meeting, Kosek Gindt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don- Omaha Meeting and police clashed with Moslem terrorists in southern Thailand Tuesday and four terrorists and two policemen were killed. Light Up Someone's day with Flowers PIERSON’S I SOO HIU Blvd. HW HOWERPHONI 366-1 B?6 Wolf told operating fire station. The propelled strut*- No such weapon was found, lure will have a capacity for hut Shea argued that Armstead him Interstate mostly outside ald Gindt, was walking down the street shortly before the five vehicles, as well as a meeting room and kitchen facilities. had disposed of it after taking it from the fat ally-wounded boy. BROSH CHAPEL Cedar Rapids "Itrrolftl lo I'ubUr Sfrx'irr" Inquire AImhiI Our Pre-arrtngiMi Service* Solon o Let our Flowers express your respect and love FLORIST and GIFT SHOP    364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day. Iowa. Kosek said Wolf agreed to (accident occurred. Officers said provide information on the dea-jno charges had been filed lerships he sold, but that he against the driver of the car. never did.    Dennis    Rogers,    18.    Waterloo. Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LAPES (enyenifnt downtown location JOH 3rd Ave. St!    365-0511 ‘WANTED’ AD FINDS SWING SET SWING SET 366 3477 “It s amazing how, when you want something, you can’t find it until you put an ad in the Gazette and find it quickly,” said Mrs. Riley Niebert. Dial 398-8234 and use classification 92. ;

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