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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Clear tonight, lows near 50. Sunny Wednesday, highs in mid 70s. HI terlnr i\npitb CITY FINAL IS CENTS VOLUME 92- NUMMER 153 CEDAR RA IM f)S, IOWA, TUESDAY, JUNE ll, 1974KISSINGER THREAT ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES RESIGN Coalition Is Separate, Later Trial Out Crisis ^^^^r^/c^?/T70n^rG^erec^ Grips Italy ROME (AP) — The resignation of Premier Mariano Rumor plunged Italy into a political vacuum Tuesday, compounding Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON - Federal Judge Gerhard Gesell Tuesday ordered an indefinite delay in the criminal conspiracy trial of former presidential aide John Ehrlichman because President Nixon “flatly refuses” to surrender evidence for the defense, (lesell rejected as unaccepta- the nation’s worst economic hie a White House offer of com-erisis since World war II. Rumor quit Monday night after the Socialist party, the No. 2 faction in his coalition government, and the trade unions refused to go along with his proposal for an austerity program of tight credit and higher taxes to stave off national bankruptcy It was the second center-left promise and said he would “very soon” issue orders to enforce Ehrlichman’s subpoenas on the President. But he said the trial of Ehr-lichman’s three co-defendants in the Ellsberg breakin case would go forward as scheduled starting Monday. Watergate Burglars The three who will be tried coalition headed by Rumor to Monday are G. Gordon Liddy, collapse in ll months. The latest Bernard Barker and Eugenio government, the 36th in postwar Martinez, who were convicted Italy, lasted only three months, previously in connection with President Giovanni Leone the Watergate breakin, asked Rumor and his cabinet to Ehrlichman, Biddy, Barker continue in office as a caretaker and Martinez are charged with regime until a new government conspiracy to violate ‘he rights is formed.    of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist, Darkest Hour    Dr> Lewis Fie,din8* by sending White House agents to break The government fell at Italy’s iinto Fielding’s office. grand jury and one of lying to the FBI. “Gratified” Ehrlichman, in court during the brief proceeding, told reporters afterwards: “I’m gratified at the judge’s ruling. If all the evidence can be presented in my behalf then I’ll be exonerated.” Asked if his insistence on seeing all his White House notes for a 2'/4-year period was a tactic to get him off, Ehrlichman replied, “I don’t coasider it a tactic. This is a matter for a fair trial.” There had been public specu lation that Nixon’s imposition of conditions under which the material would be yielded was a legal maneuver to allow Ehrlichman to go free. Latest Proposal Gesell has vigorously rejected Nixon’s claim to be the sole judge of what evidence should be surrendered in the Ellsberg case. The judge held a hearing to receive Ehrlichman’s response to a White House suggestion Ehrlichman darkest hour in its 28 years as a! Ehrlichman is also charged    T?.UK*nlin^    procedures republic. Inflation is soaring at wi(h    three    counts    of lying to a W, e^.    ^ the rate of 20 percent a year. J The government’s foreign credit    ^    i    I • r is exhausted. The lira has    p cl IIG I    v-^illST dropped 18 percent in a year. The foreign trade deficit is more than a billion dollars a month. Crime is up and political terrorism is plaguing the country “Italy is deeply sick,” said Transport Minister Luigi Preti, a Democratic Socialist. “It is clear that this is the most serious of the government crises since the war.” Says July 15 End 'Urgent' WASHINGTON (AP) - The house judiciary committee, driving to complete its impeachment inquiry by July 15, is resisting Republican demands that it decide now on whether to | call key Watergate witnesses. at materials that says he needs. Under the proposal, Ehrlichman would examine the files while the lawyers waited in an adjoining room. Ehrlichman would be free to consult with his lawyers whenever he wanted, but they would not be allowed to see the files themselves. Last week. Ehrlichman’s lawyers were forced to wait in their car outside the White House. “Unacceptable” William Prates, Ehrlichman's — AP Wirephoto President Nixon Is Greeted by Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky at Salzburg No Latin in Next Year's Day Classes Nixon Meets Austrian Presidential On Europe, Mid-East Visit Rapped By Arab Left With no party ha\ing a major- ^ ajso js refusjng {0 get into lawyer, told Gesell the proposaL [ atin'wdl noTbe offered riur I than Wk hours Tuesday within , .ly rn par lament and no major,-an    with    President    s •■completely unaccepta- tog the regolar ^ day ^(Austrian Chancellor Bruno ^    W,UI a. d‘"“ AP» chicken house.” a le t- ty possible without the partici- Nixon over its rjgh( ,# subpoena!hie” because it denied his client fa„ jn lhe Cedar Rapids Com- Kreisky to discuss the Amen- for Lg-vP"an Prudent Sedatest Beirut newspaper wrote pation of the Chnstian Demo-, white House tapes, ignoring his his constitutional right to coun-munjty schoo] district but will can Chief Executive’s trips to in the port city.    I uesday of I resident Nixon. erat", he largest and dominant. Iates( rebuff and making plansisel. Gesell agreed.    be    offered    through    a    special    ar- the Middle East and Moscow. Ziegler raised the possibility The editorial in Al Moharrerl committee voted unanimously paHpy,pm,ldCaskS Rumor °onr' an iSSUV "eW SUbp0C"a later    id    Nix°n’s    refusal    to    rangement    in    the    evenings.    Spokesman    Ronald Ziegler that Nixon will hold a summit    °f    7    ^    StanJ    10    aCCCPt    Kisslnger’s sugges’ He could ask Rumor or an-the week.    allow Ehrlichman and his law- T. . n .    ..    .    . . .    in£f    *nv    ..    .4U    ...    .    ,    ,    Arab    leftists    are    taking    toward other Christian Democrat to try chairman Hod,no ,D-N J I vers access to the files he needs The bo.ard Monday mgh.,.!sa'd.w,th Western leadcrs Nixon s swing through the Mid- SALZBURG, Austria (AP) — iCairo to Alexandria on Thurs-President Nixon met for more|day as part of his stay in BEIRUT (AP) - “The fox in Hits Debate On His Role In Wiretaps SALZBURG, Austria (AP) -Secretary of State Kissinger said Tuesday he would resign unless the controversy over his role in national security wire tapping was cleared up. His voice breaking with emotion, Kissinger said the controversy is hurting America’s foreign policy. “I do not believe it is possible to conduct the foreign policy of the United States under these circumstances,” he told a news conference. “If it is not cleared up, I will resign.” Kissinger said a campaign against him appeared to be coming from the house judiciary committee, which is studying possible presidential impeachment. Speaking in a hoarse, cracked voice, Kissinger described what he called “the impugning of my honor,” “Under Attack” “It is not possible to conduct national policy under this sort of attack,” he said in delivering his threat to quit. A White House spokesman in Salzburg said Nixon understood the secretary’s desire to defend his honor, but added: “The President would be very reluctant to accept Henry’s resignation under this type of circumstance.” The Nobel prize-winning diplomat, again denying he ordered wiretaps on his subordinates, called upon the senate foreign relations committee to reopen its hearings to investigate the controversy. In Washington later the Chairman Rodino (D-N. J.) lo form another coalition with sajd aRer a meeting of commit-the Socialists. Or he could call ^ee Democrats on Monday that for new elections, a prospect ^ was “important and urgent” that doesn’t appeal to the Chris- jbat the committee meet its recommendation that Latin be;Nixon leaves this medieval city offered only as part of the out for his defense “makes it impossible for the court to do its duty” to conduct a fair trial. ,    .    ...    .    .. . Watergate prosecutor Leon    ™cb    !"£“!• W1,h    '.ndlv,d,J- tian Democrats because of    the    |u|y    15    deadline for    recoin-;.Jaworski has sided    with Hie "    instruction in    the eve- beating they took in the referen-    mending    to the house    whether    White House in urging    the court    nmgS* durn on divorce last month.    Nixon    should be impeached.    to deny Ehrlichman’s    demands Board Member    Barbara unanimously approved a staff divided between the two topics, j before he gets to Moscow rnpnmmonHalinn Ihot I alin Ko I Mivnn Ipai'Ptl this ITlpriip.Vrll CltV I    . A final determination prob- Wednesday for Egypt on the,    -    , first stop of a five-nation Middle1^ wlll.dcPend « whclher, a| East tour. die East beginning Wednesday. Needs Arabs Sadat Visit Red Role    “We    feel    it    has    to    be    conclud- .    „    ....    . ed,” Rodino said of the inquiry. The Communists,    the second    jf necessary(    the    house    leader- largest party, have    been push-    sbjp    wards    an    impeachment ing for a historic compromise    vote    by the    full    house    in late needed or the law required, government uniting    them with    ju|y    early    August, the Christian Democrats. Witness Issue „ , A Beirut newspaper reported a,rrangr I meanwhile, thai President Sa- Canada later this monlh l,,mn    Ziegler    ruled    out    ‘ for extensive White House eyj- Bjornson called the donee for his defense. He ar-im®nt “a ,cre*tlve s0.Iu*,°n f.®idat of Egypt is expected to pay gued that Ehrlichman already Nvhaf hasbeen a mast difficult ^ officiaj vjsjt to the U.S. in had been given more than he Prob«cm.    jate sumraer During the last year, one, Quoting diplomatic sources in teacher taught Latin at Wash- j jn a report from its Cairo cor-ington and Kennedy, but inter- jrespondent Fuad Mattar, the hon. Senator Muskie (D-Maine), made the announcement and said he fully supports Kissinger ,    s    and does not now hplipvp hp new declaration of principles! Al Moharror als0 c'all<,d Nixonishould resign for the North Atlantic Treaty'3    ^ *n ,be garment of a    cor-reta™    nf c»nt« hoe Orcanization is initialed bv friend.” But it said the Pres-; The ,se^tary of state ,has NATO foreign    ministers    'n ,dent needs the Arabs to over-;been ? brilliant servant and his come his difficulties at home, record deserves the support of widely and “Arab diplomacy, if it acts bls countrymen until there is a innnn Dronerlv. could make Nixon its record show the contrary,’ prosecutor I est has continued to co down ^    .    m    u    .a    Lj,. I against criticism by Sen. Jack- gible success that could come William Merrill, who is in Only 15 students have so far!vL VnrJ300 (D-Wash.) who said that the|from Nixon’s visit would be ai .Wlwn^newsm^n ask^Kw-charge    the Ellsberg case, toldindicated an interest in taking Gesell Tuesday that Ehrlichman should at least try the White Latin next year. Latin next year will probably “Might Like It” But some political observers    Witness    Issue    Assistant    special believe the Communists now The Democratic caucus fol-have doubts about taking on of-lowed a similar meeting of the ficial responsibility for an ap- R e p u b I i c a n members, who parently unmanageable econ-j agreed unanimously to send Roomy while they have already dino a letter demanding the House proposal for screening;be offered at Washington in (he achieved a hand in power question about witnesses be set- his files before he rejects it. [evening or after school twice a through their influence with the tied this week.    j    “I don’t see how he can say it I week for two and a half hours, powerful leftist labor unions. Rodino has insisted that the!js unacceptable until he tried; The amount of credit will be Guido Carli, governor of thef presentation of all documentary it," Merrill said. “If he tries it, j arranged. Students in    grades 9 Bank of Italy, said recently that    evidence gathered in the inquiry;he might like it.”    through 12 from throughout the only shock treatment in the    be completed before consider-1 Gesell has threatened to dis* district will be allowed    to enroll. miss Ehrlichman’s indictment    but    transportation to    Washing-    Ziegler    said Kreisky    shared unless the subpoenaed evidence    ton    will    be    their own    responsejbis    observations on    the    Middle By Frank Nye is surrendered. He also has be-..... fore him a defense motion for contempt proceedings against those in the White House — the economy would result in a! v>nt’n ine question oi wit-[including the President - with sharp rise in unemployment and nesses does come up, Rodino control of the locked up files. deterioration in the buvmg    bas indicated the number the If granted, that motion could until somebody claims    they sat    Tbe    spokesman power of the workers.    committee is likely lo call will icad to another hearing ordering beside you in school,    copyright    firmed    that    Nixon *ru    „vmncinn    nf    rroft-    be United. US Will tile right of    . tl mT 0% I , v They urgedl«Pa™«"    whitc Housc |awver j,m|s s,.| (Continued: Page 3. Col. 7.) rumored Nixon trip to Japan properly, could make Nixon its:"^°™ 10 51 after the Moscow summit. captive"    «md. Columnist Michel Abou Jaw- Nevtrtheless, Muskie said, the Jackson (ritieism    >deb    wrote jn tbe Beirut newspa- Zeigler defended Nixon per An Nahar that the only tan- committee “voted to accept Mr. Kissinger’s suggestion of a review’.’* planned to tome to New President ‘‘is screwing it up,” declaration that “the time has s‘n8er considered himself to attend the U N. General As-■ refercnce (o (he Midd)c East come to recognize the Pales-!30 “innoccnt bystander” in the - “UI l’n    I    i    controversy,    he    replied    that    on (Continued: Page 2. Col. I.) i (Continued: Page 2, Col. 5.) form    of strict    credit, higher    ation    is    given to    calling    wit- taxes    and a curb on wage in-    nesses. creases could rescue the econ- The presentation, which con-0    ,    tinues    in closed session Tues- The    Socialists    and the unions    da>’.    Is    due    to b(’    completed maintained that    any cooling of    19    or 20- When the question of •ome sembly session. After this he would start the official visit to the U S. as guest of President Nixon. A formal invitation to Sadat was likely during President Nixon’s visit to Cairo, it said Shared Observations Democratic Leader Denies Delay Charge platform committee chairman, bility. Today's Chuckle it and investment, but Treasury Minister Emilio Colombo argued Clair to cross-examine them. that this would create more de    Want lop Aides mand for consumer goods which charles Colson, former While would fuel inflation.    House counsel who has agreed —  --------to testify in pending Watergate S*_, _ _ LJ/-\r^ck<r    fnr    trials, is the only potential I mon Mopes    Witness in which the Democrats! End of Gold    Ban    i seem interested. The committee staff has been instructed to WASHINGTON (AP) -Treas* j question him privately to deter-; itry Secretary Simon said Tues-1 mine* what he has to say. day that he hopes it will be , The Republicans, in their let-possible for Americans to own ter. say other former White gold before the end of this year. House aides such as John Dean, He told a house banking and if R Haldeman and John Ehr-currency subcommittee that he jUehman also should be called. favors allowing Americans to "To us, an impeachment of j own gold, which is now prohi- the President, based not on sub-1 bited.    Igtantiv© evidence but on a legal j East and the Soviet Union since DES MOINES — A charge that Richard Bartel of Iowa City, he visited both areas recently. Iowa Democratic headquarters controversial Johnson county The talks also touched on [delayed mailing the proposed supervisor, who released a copy European matters.    Ziegler    said.    1974 party platform to state con-;    ^ proposed platform Satur- particularly    the    European na    vention delegates until a substi-    daY to The Des Moines Sunday You’re not really successful tjons    tu(e platform could be mailed    Register without the knowledge;also    finds    “leaks    distasteful.” also    con-    simultaneously, was flatly de-    of th<* state central committee.    Kissinger    was    referring    to aland Mrs. I nied Tuesday.    |    which generally handles such legations stemming from re Nixon will travel by train from! The charge was made by the releases. — —- Bartel    was    quoted    by    The a number of occasions he had called Nixon’s attention to “very significant security leaks.” “This then led the President ... to institute a program of wiretaps,” Kissinger said. “I did not myself propose the program ... I undoubtedly contributed by my description of the security problems . . . but I did not recommend the program myself.” “I find wiretapping distasteful,” he said, adding that he $3.43 Haggle Costs Firm $248,000 President Nixon has authority from congress to remove the ban at any time and Simon said he hopes this will In? possible “before the end of the year unless there are damaging dc velopments.” or procedural impasse between the house and the executive, would be very unsatisfactory,” said the 17 Republicans. “Nor do we believe that ii would be at all satisfactory or acceptable to the American people.” LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Haggling over a $3.43 refund cost the Chrysler Credit Corp. more than a quarter of a million when city and state investigators found its computer shortchanged about 16.000 customers on car payment rebates. The credit company, a subsidiary of Chrysler Corp, wound up repaying $248,378.25, plus the city’s legal fees of $12,500 The terms of a stipulated court settlement were announced Monday by City Attorney Burt Pines, the credit corporation and the general manager of the city bureau of consumer affairs. Fern Jenison Mrs. Jenison said it was the biggest case in the two-year history of the consumer bureau The investigation began last January when Anne Howell, a staff assistant to tin* city planning director, finished paying for her Dodge three months ahead of schedule. She got a refund of $4.12. representing the prepaid interest that was rebated bo cause the loan was paid off early. The figures “didn’t add up,” she said. She and a mathematically talented friend figured she had $10 30 coming back. Chrysler sent her a check for $2 75. but wouldn’t pay the $3.43 she figured she still had coming, so she filed a complaint with the consumer bureau. The city attorney, after investigating, filed suit and was joined by the state attorney general’s office. Investigators said that in programming its computer to figure out rebates on loans paid back ahead of schedule, the corporation had not taken into account a change in the state auto finance law affecting one month’s interest charges. Some of the corporation’s offices still figure rebates manually, and they were doing it correctly, but not those that relied on the computer. The computer problem “cov ered the entire state,” said James Wood, vice-president of the Chrysler Credit Corp. The error was “an over-sight,•• he .said. and though |“;u^“e the court suit was limited to the city of Ixog Angeles “we went ahead and figured rebates for everyone in the state.” The error affected about 16,000 persons who paid off their cars ahead of schedule since February, 1971, he said. The company began paying them back in March, he said, with the usual refund being about $15 Register as saying "a coalition of special interests, legislators and state party leaders” is working on what he described as a substitute platform. Hold Up Mailing Baltei charged state headquarters with holding up the mailing of the proposed platform to 3,484 delegates, who will consider it at the state convention in Ames Saturday, until the ’ platform was ready. “The idea that state headquarters was delaying the mailing of the platform to delegates is (I) untrue and (2) Mr. Bartel knew it was untrue,” Richard Bender, director of administrative services for state Democratic headquarters, told The Gazette. “The platform, along with the] (Continued: Rage 2, Col. 6.) ports that he had ordered wiretaps on administration officials who had access to national security documents that were leaked to the press. “The implication that my office was spending time (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) 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