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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa PEOPLES FURNITURE JIA. Th* Oriar Rapids Ga/.ettr: Wed., June I2, 1074 C. R. Paving Project Contract Is Awarded —Bartel— (Continued from Page I.) qxiri will bo handed to delegates at Ames Saturday. The contract for the city’s 19 7 4 paving program was awarded Wednesday to £ and F Cement and Asphaltic Concrete Co., Cedar Rapids. The company bid $811,551.53, over 9 percent above tile engineer’s estimate of $740,575.31. The only other bid was by Cedar Valley Construction Co. of Waterloo, $862,120.48. * * * Gjellefald Construction Co. of contract for construction of Over A Week Bartel said party a | quart ors took over a week tojor minority report, nest! for non-violent, anti-war resistors. Bul the substitute platform altered thislo Vondi tional amnesty’. This was a hot issue.” Bartel declared those who head jwrote the substitute platform, Car Ownership Dispute C. R. Man Solved? Man Is Charged Is Fair after Auto Mishap Court Grants Added Revenue A judgment role was thrust tiled a stolen car upon Cedar Rapids police Tues-! police. On Sunday report with while driv-1 sanitary sewer on Kdgewood IT"1 and T‘ c?pies the nrnnnsnn orARsrnnt.R n J day in a dispute over ownership ing in Bever park, Conrad spot “were not road NE from the Cedar river north to Forty-second street. The company bid $69,645. The only other bid was submitted by Dave Schmitt Construction Co., $81,572. Engineers estimate tor the project was $64,243. * * * the proposed grassroots platform to state convention dele gates. He said the committee was promised it would be mailed June 7 but it was not mailed until Monday. June IO. Bartel said the full commit-j tee's proposed platform took (on the name •'grassroots’’ be-! of the Demo of a vintage sports car sold by a man who died last week As a result, a charge of representative cretic party.’’ An Expression He said his committee’s “proposed platform is a grassroots expression of what the p«.|>le inj J"'5avp,u,p NW Iowa want from their govern ment at all levels.” When ted the car, which at that time bore'Kansas license plates. Mark W. Carpenter, 20, of 11555 Fourth avenue SE, was in fair condition in St. Luke’s bos- To lowa-lllmois Scott county district court Wednesday affirmed in part, and modified in part, an Iowa commerce commission order authorizing about 56 percent ot Iowa Walters arrived and lold|P*ta* with • head injiiry suffered j|j|n0|8 (jas and Electric Com operating an auto without the^onrad he owned the 1950 au-owner s consent was Immobile. Walters claimed he had even performed repairs including replacement of the engine since purchasing it from j against William (I. Walters, 34, Police were called into the 3,1    .    .    n    matter    by    Terry    I.    Conrad,    318    '    authorities    said conflicts arise betweens. th.    a    NW    H    f_|Ely    authorities    said. what’s in the nlatform and what I Wighland drive N\\, who told o Conrad called police and! legislators or state and county ficers T8 J . caJ f,^Ve^ when the dispute remained un blar officials think they can run on,!voars ag0. .10,11    '    settled,    officers    ordered    the    pair    center    line,    jumped    a    ditch    on    tho original Bartel said then the office-1of    ** if th avenue SE, but conrep0r{ |0 headquarters on the left side of the road and (averaged for the test year; holders and candidates should lmueri ,0 sJore 1 cai ,n ' s Tuesday.    [came    to    retd    in    a    second    ditch,    allowance of charitable c aly on the platforms adopted I sa,.age .. ..    ... I    Produced    Title A contract for a water main cause it closely reflected sup Forest City was awarded the extension in Bowman road NE;Bastions forwarded from county from C avenue to the city limits I and district conventions. Tuesday when the car he was driving ran off the road. Police said Carpenter made a left turn onto Twenty-sixth street NW from the eastbound lane of Ellis road NW, and ked out. The car crossed the rate in C. R. Couple Beaten During Home Burglary Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hladky, 3218 Bever avenue SE, were severely beaten early Wednesday by an intruder in their home was awarded to Bjornsen In vestment Co. The company bid $10,666, well lute below the estimate of $11,200. Tile other bidders were Dave Schmitt Construction Co., $12,600; Skogman Construction Co., $13,396.50, and Barber Excavating Co.. $14,460 All three contracts were awarded subject to approval by He accused Democratic party Headers of supporting the substi-platform. or minority report which, he said, reflects their views and not those of party members who attended the county and district conventions. “It must have been a coincidence,” Bartel *aid, “that a minority of the full committee met n by their county or vent ions. district con Accident Suit Trial Set in Federal Court I’ S. Judge Edward McManus He said the car was in the garage when he last checked it in April. Found (Missing which, police said is about Conrad was able to produce ten ,eet deep. Carpenter was charged a valid Iowa the car’s title when the pair met again with police. Walters on driving without ,    .the    other    hand,    police    said, did driver’s license. I pen learning of (fly « death. |mt pven havp a bm of sa,p The charge against Walters specifies he drove the car to the police station for the meeting. No charges were filed against Conrad said he went to check on the car and found it missing. He 'the city's equal employment op.!«»offici»lly on June « after thejhas se, , ,ria, da|e Aug M Both were reported rn good  f JI    |final    action    on    the    platform    bt rotation" Wednesday^ afternoon I portun‘lv fumP|lanrf olffcor. at St. Luke’s hospital with head bruises and lacerations. Police said Mrs. Hladky, 69. awakened shortly before 3 a rn. to find someone in the darkened bedroom The intruder or intruders beat[v‘»e« died Tuesday following a, her, then her husband, 71, and sborl '^ness- She had lived in Frances Lange Dies, Rites Are Friday SPRINGVILLE - Frances Mae Lange, 38, route 2, Spring- fled from the residence with about $850 taken from a dresser drawer. the Marion-Springville area 13 years. Born Jan. 27. 1936, at Man tle full committee the previous)t weekend, to submit what they are calling a minority report di redly to Democratic state headquarters rather than to the full committee itself, to be printed and distributed to the delegates “I was told by Tom Whitney that the substitute (minority) 1^ report would not only be ruled in order at the convention but unless parties in a suit involving an industrial accident can reach a settlement by July 8. Donald Leneberg of route two, Hopkinton, is asking $75,000 in each of five counts in a suit against Lee Engineering Co. of Pawtucket, H. I. Leneberg said he was injured Dec. 2, 1970, at the LeFebure p. plant in Cedar Rapids when a fork lift manufactured by Lee allegedly rolled back- investigating police officers ^jester, she was married to would be handled as a substitute, .    .    inarijniy    a    vafP said there was no description of Glenn K Lanf March 5’ 195<’ motion for the full committee1 vva,d.as he was loadmg 8 afe the suspect or suspects because!3* Anamosa. She was employed report the room was dark and the * °H‘ns Radio (o Hladkys were confused about the attack. Officers said entry to the resi dence was made through a back door where a hole was cut in the glass of a window. Officers said it was not known whether any weapons were used in the beatings and none was found in the house. onto it. The plaintiff charges that the lift moved even though the ma- ., ,,,    . m    .chine    s    brake    was    applied,    The! "The substitute platform etna-dpfendam c.om y dpnips any MirotPc i    ann    rpmni’M thp .    . “This is an affront, if nothing ! Mrs. Lange was a member of ieise t0 tfo» fun committee. St Isidore church at Springville, and the 1BEW.    ranp«    and romnuftt .I*■'—    ■ J ------- "VI in addition to herui” f    *ie    JJ8 defects in the machine, and Surviving husband are her Frances Kirby, Anamosa: five daughters. Charlene Cummings. Springville; Jean. Rim. Karla .teeth of m0^er' form. our grassroots plat Campaign Limits "As an —Cairo— (Continued from Page I.) and Denise home; I Glenn. Lange, all sisters. Mrs R. Lange, all at grassroots example, platform calls three sons, Michael, I strict limits on private cam! machine, jr.. and Patrick E.ipaign contributions of $100 per seven candidate and $500 per year! claims there was contributory negligence on I^neberg’s part. The company said the fork lift issue the tipped as the plaintiff tried to for slide the heavy safe onto the Clark Praises Kissinger, Bul Favors Review WASHINGTON - Senator Dick Clark Wednesday praised Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, but added no public official “should be above legitimate questioning of his actions and statements.” The Iowa Democrat, asked for his reaction to Kissinger’s threat of resignation, which the secretary of state made Tuesday in an Austrian press conference, said, “I certainly have no desire to see him resign.” Clark said that he believes the proper course for settling the matter is the review of the by the senate foreign relations committee which Kissinger requested and the committee has granted. * * * Golden F. Jacobsen, 39, 1409 K street SW, was treated at St. Luke’s hospital Tuesday for j a neck injury suffered in a two pony’s $7.5 million create request, A company official said the court decision will increase (he company’s revenues by more than $600,IMM) annually. The court affirmed the commerce commission’s decision on cost rate base, the on- 10 tributions as an operating expense, and the rate of return with allowed. The court modified the commission’s June 21 order so it would include a working capital 0f allowance in excess of property tax accruals, in the sum of It also modified the order by Walters for driving the car on!car collision at the intersection increasing    l,,t< Sunday because it was parked of Twelfth street and Eighteenth ba!Je bV    "    10    111 avenue SW. He was released A car driven by Velma at he the time Walters claimed moved from Kansas and license plates there remain insimoens. 43. of 2279 C street SW. the possession of the person who and the Jacobsen car collided, purchased them. police said.    haron,i    lowed    by the commerce unit. StoJlMMes wa. jetted c|)ar|>s H whitmorc, pres ident of Iowa-Illinois, said the modification will provide additional revenues “of about $603,-000 for Ithe year 1972 and $630,-000 annually thereafter.” Whitmore said the ruling is being studied and a decision on value depreciation. It is to include as an operating expense $346,416 of the strike expense to be paid over the next ten years. These items had been disal- Fish Return LONDON (AP) -pollution has been reduced so much since 1971 that 70 species of fish have returned to the river. The house of lords was told Tuesday. with failure to yield at the inter Thames Lotion. Naturalist Group Elects New Officers New officers have been elect- tfnlur RmmU    |*d    ^ tber    Naturalist    whether    to appeal it to the state Society of (,edai Rapids.    supreme    court will be made EstobHshed in 1*13 bv Th* Gaiett* Co ana pubiisned dally and Sunday al SOO Third av* SC. C*dor Rapid*, Iowa 52*06 Second clast pottos* caid al Cedor Rapids. Iowa Subscription rales bv tarrier RS cents a wee* By mail: Night Edition and Sunday 6 issues S3 TS a month. $39 OO a year: At ter noon Editions and Sunday 7 issue* S3 IS a month. HO OO a veer. Other states and U S territories SSO OO a veor Na Mail Subscriptions accepted In areas haying Gaiette carrier service The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of oil the local news printed in this newspaper os well as all AP news dispatches. supreme Those elected were Mrs. promptly. Charles Oppedahl, 906 Suburban street NE. president; Lee Hayden. 1124 Center Point road NE, SAO Rebels to Brazil PAULO. Brazil (AP) vice-president; Mrs. Duane y. Col. Ricardo Sanchez, who Carr, 1829 D avenue NE, trea ]ed an unsuccessful attempt to surer, and Fred Nissen, 2823 overthrow the Bolivian govern-Hpnrv poiirf NW sorrrtarv ment jum, 5 has arrived in Brazil with three other reb<>l of- Henry court NW, .secretary. The group will resume monthly meetings in September. ficers. at home; Francis Bowling, from individuals and organiza- one American visitor; “Don't'Delhi; Mrs. worry, Nixon will pay for it Marion; Mrs. before he leaves.” Nixon will spend slightly more | Cascade than two days in Egypt, seeing Chapman, the sights and taking an Ameri brothers, can style “whistle stop” train Prairieburg; trip to Alexandria, before con ward Hopkinton: Mrs. Colbert Becker, Coggon; Mrs. Gary Siddell.j tions. “A minority report on this Robert Jones, plank that is included in the David Moenck,1 grassroots platform calls for full Anamosa: Mrs. William Felton, public campaign financing and Mrs. Donald tinuing his journey to Saudi George and John Kirby. Cedar Arabia, Syria, Israel and Jor- Rapids, and one grandson. “But the substitute platform Springville;    five    removes specific    limits on pri- William    Kirby,    vate campaign    contributions Ed-    and leaves it up    to the legisla- andi hire.” Cited Deletions Donald and Kirby. Anamosa; Bartel, Services: 10:30 a m. Friday at Franklin st. Isidore church. Burial: Cairo Cedar Memorial cemetery, grassroots platform, in the for-, Cedar Rapids. Rosary at 7.30 „a,;nn .... ...h.titute nlat-: a Johnson pervisor. continued; “Planks deleted county su dan. Though President Roosevelt traveled to twice in 1943 for wartime con-|u><iar itapins. rosary ai / :ju mation of the substitute plat ferences, Nixon is the first p.m. Thursday at the Chapel of form in(.|udr repoa| 0f (he American Chief Executive to Memories. Friends may call at Mat( h act pnac.tmpnt of legisla-.    “    chapel    after    3    p.m.    Thurs- Cedar the make a state visit to Egypt. Nixon was last here in 1963 as day. Arrangements by a private citizen, but his status Memorial funeral home. as a former vice-president got him a meeting with President Nasser and a trip to Luxor and Aswan in an Egyptian air force plane. Police Recover Stolen Bicycle, Pair Charged tion for referendum, initiative and recall; identification of vie-; tims of crime; privacy of confidential records; decriminiliza-tion of personal use of mari-| juana; study of legalized gam ,b I i n g ; establishing bicycle wer® cbargcd jpaths: protection of the family Two persons In a gesture of good will,    Tuesday with    receiving stolen    farmer;L    a veterans    outreach Sadat announced minutes before    property after    police recovered    nr0f/ranr    funding of    day care Nixon’s arrival from Salzburg,    a $130 bicycle    that was taken!caters    elimination    of state Austria, that Egypt was giving    last Tuesday from the sidewalk    owned liquor stores and barring of the military draft except in case of declared war, among up the American university in in front of a bike shop. Cairo that was seized in during the Arab-Israeli war 1967 Kevin S Morgan. 18. of 86 Six teenth avenue SW, and a 17* other things Clasping Nixon s hand in the year-old youth were arrested 98-degree heat as the two lead after police, acting on a tip. ers reviewed a guard of honor, found the bicycle at the youth’s Sadat said at the airport, “We residence are glad you have come ” The police Sections Deleted “In addition, entire section* of grassroots platform planks, he eluding 65-foot truck issue m- and youth told “I    have    been    looking    forward    bought the bicycle from Mor-‘support for mass transit    and to this    day    from    the    first    time 11    gan. No one has    been charged    recycling, were deleted    even with taking the    bicycle from    though every district convention across    Bicycle Peddlers,    1209 First av*    was strong for these took office,” Nixon said The smile broadened Sadat’s face “It is a great day louie SE, where it was on dis- for us,” he repeated. “Every supported single district unconditional al.M> am- BECKER’S-PEOPLES FURNITURE Open Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. SITTING PRETTY! Pretty Styles - SAVE up to OO Pretty Colors $6Q00 $78 Everybody always needs chairs, and Becker’s-Peoples Furniture is where you’ll find scores of styles to choose from to give your home a fresh new look of comfort. Big chairs, petite chairs, spacious lounge chairs, accent choirs, swivel-rockers, recliner choirs. You’ll find just what you wont now at Becker’s Peoples Furniture in downtown Cedor Rapids. Special groupings at $68-$78 $88. 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