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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Partly cloudy tonight, Thursday. I^ws iii 50s. High Thursday near HO. VOLUME 92 NUM BKR 154 HIW Ct4tine fhtptdd dhtjettt CITY FINAL 15 CENTS * CK DAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WKDNKSDAY, JUNK 12, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NKW YORK TIMESCAIRO THRONG CHEERS NIXON Kissinger, Memos At Odds: Papers WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sec* retary of State Kissinger’s account of his role in wiretapping of government officials and newsmen is contradicted by a series of FBI memoranda stretching over four years, according to published reports Wednesday. The Washington Post, the New York Times and the Boston Globe said the FBI documents (Photo on Picture Page) had been examined by the house judiciary committee as part of its impeachment inquiry. Kissinger says he never directly requested wiretaps on telephones of 13 government officials and four newsmen as a result of leaks of sensitive information in 1969-71. The newspapers said FBI documents showed some of the taps were requested by Kissinger or by his top aide at the time on the National Security Council. Gen. Alexander Haig, now President Nixon’s chief of staff. Quote Summary The Times and Post both quoted an FBI memorandum prepared for acting FBI Director William Ruckelshaus on May 12. 1973, which said the Assault on Demo Party Platform Hit bureau, "Al the request of the White House, provided highly sensitive wiretap coverage in (he interests of national security” from the spring of 1969 to early summer, 1971. The 15-page summary said the White House was extremely concerned over leaks about the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT), apparently emanating from the security council. “The original request” for all the taps, the summary said, came from Kissinger or Haig. It added, "It appears that the project of placing electronic surveillance at the request of the White House had its beginning in a telephone call to Mr. J. Edgar Hoover on May 9. 1969, from Dr. Henry Kissinger.” Call to Hoover The Post said it obtained a copy of a memorandum written by FBI chief Hoover to then Attorney General Mitchell, dated May 9, 1969. saying Kissinger had called him that day to complain of ‘‘an extraordinarily damaging” news leak. The memo said Kissinger had asked Hoover to use "whatever resources I need to find out who did this.” Kissinger testified before the senate foreign relations committee last year that the taps were originated by the President, Hoover and Mitchell and that he simply supplied names of his subordinates who had access to documents figuring in the news! leaks. Conveyed Requests Sadat Conveys Warm Greeting CAIRO (AP) — Hundreds of blared forth as Nixon arrived thousands of Egyptians gave'and American flags were every-Prcsident Nixon a wildly enthu- where in a country that only a siastic welcome on his arrival few months ago had no diplo-here Wednesday to start a tour matic relations with the U. S. of the Middle East.    and for decades had been close- Nixon arrived from Austria in aligned with the Soviet the broiling 90-degree heat at I Union. the Cairo airport and was greet-! Sadat, an admirer of Nixon ed warmly there by President a°d Secretary of State Kissinger Sadat, his host for the next two ^or their efforts to bring peace days.    i*° the Mid-East, led his guest down a red carpet and into a Side by . I e    special VIP lounge built espe- The two presidents then went)cially for this trip. by motorcade to the city, stand- Sadat organized a 125-car mo* ------------- I torcade to show Nixon off to the (Photo on Picture Page) j throng that jammed downtown --------------- Cairo and then planned a state ing side by side in Sadat’s open dinner for the President, his limousine.    I wife and their party Wednesday The motorcade passed large night, crowds lining the roads chant- Egypt’s two best-known belly ing, "Nixon! Nixon! Sadat! dancers, Nagwa Fouad and So-Sadat!"    i heir Zaky, headed the floor As the motorcade moved show for the dinner, along the crowds grew in size. Press reports said Sadat Some of the signs they waved, would bestow the Order of the read "God bless Nixon” and Nile, Egypt’s highest-ranking "Nixon peacemaker.”    decoration, on Nixon and the White House press secretary Order of Perfection on Mrs. (Ronald Ziegler told newsmen N,*°"- I    I    I    Iv    I    •    ^    I    I    later that Egyptian security of- Askeri about the cost of the Judge Plans Nixon Subpoena Oraet^^^^^STcrT However, U. S. officials said    - WASHINGTON (AP) — A fed- guilt or innocence” of Ehrlich-forward as to him at a subse-| In the third day of pre-trial ^ fjKure was in the hundreds I r\ C P) • eral judge says he will issue an man.    quent date.”    hearings,    Sirica suggested    "in-    0f thousands in their estimation. 11\ J L/SniCH order designed to force Pres- Gesell on    Tuesday    delayed    One lawyer    said    Gesell    might'stead °*    8°‘n8 through all    the    After a drive of nearly an idem Nixon to permit John Ehr-Ehrlichman s trial in    the    case    call a hearing    at    which    White court^ let s do 11 lhc    easy    hour, Nixon and Sadat arrived lichman full access to Whilciwhjl ,    hcad with    (h    House ,    |d have Jway.    .......... [at the Kubbah palace »htrc lhe House files for his defense in; ..    .    ^    .,    ....    Lummi.**.#!    wiv™    Sirica    cited the President s U.S. Chief Executive will stay. the plumbers case    1ecut,on    of    thrte    0,hers stl"    ^ r„ Publlc Pr“e (°r his former top |n a brief ceremony the two It was not known what action    in'®!'b,(efkin.al ,hCk court    aldeS    when    ,hey    resigned    ,rom    Presidents    exchanged    remarks    _______ I office of Daniel Ellsberg s psy- SUI s couri-    his    staff    and    suggested    that    they    Sadat reading his. called Nixon    \    ‘ , c r ’ ~ Ehrlichman faces other feder-'cirnnlv * *    down” with Nixon    ♦    h/i    crri'ttt    mon and ^ Revenue Service chief, Egyptians Cheer President Nixon's Motorcade in Cairo UPI Telephoto Of Quotas Challenged By Frank Nyc    The Globe and Post cited two A charge that Iowa Democrat*j!!j!?ver    datod.May ic leaders are out to emasculate to Mitchell saying Haig the 1974 "grassroots” program conveyed guests from Kis-proposed by the party’s plat- sin8et !bat as SOon as possible form committee he heads was a D*leph°n<‘ surveillance be inmade Wednesday by Richard st|tufed on the home of two Bartel of Iowa City    members of the National Securi- n    , ,i ir ty Council staff, designated only Promising a full-scale fight in    J .support of the "grassroots platform” at the    Democratic state    hoover    wrote, according to a convention in    Ames Saturday,    Photostat    °f the memo,    ‘A sur- Bartel also accused state party|vev ^as been conducted and it headquarters with failing to pro-^ias deen determined that the in-vide his committee "proper j sibilation of this telephone sur-staffing and    support service    is feasible, lf    you ap- which it was    led to believe it    Prove* this installation    will be was entitled to.    P,aced b>’this bureau.” -In reality," Bartel told Tho'J1* ** s“d !ha ksumnlary Gazette, "the committee ,vas;P^Pared 'or Ruckelshaus sa,d met with interference, non- ,he 'fP5 »ro full of examples o cooperation and fool-dragging!Careless and loose talk about at every turn by headquarters    bc,(«.    “    !>* staff members under Ihe com-lWh,,e, HTcMbut lha‘ .n?h,n« mend of Tom Whitney (Demo-lw“ found which would indicate cratic state chairman!.    !hat a.'10 , of f<>deral law , had taken place. Reports Disappeared    Thf tiIobe saM the tw0 l970 Most frustrating was when memos both carried notations typed committee reports disap- the wiretap requests had been peared. forcing the committee,approved by Mitchell. to duplicate much of its own    *    . work    Transcript “Whether by design or incom-    An excerpt from a president petence. the duly constituted tial tape recording of Feb. 28. platform committee was poorly 1973, also appeared in newspa-served.”    pers. Nixon was quoted as say- Bartel telephoned his state- ing — in garbled syntax — of ment to The Gazette in reply to Kissinger and the wiretaps: “I a story it carried Tuesday    know that, I know that he asked In that story. Richard Bender that it be donp. And I assumed denied an earlier Bartel charge that it was.” that state headquarters had de Kissinger is asking congress layed mailing the proposed either to declare him innocent grassroots platform to convell-of lying about the wiretaps or to tion delegates until a minority see him leave office, charging report could be prepared to ac-;he is being driven out by “m-i company it.    nuendo.” Denied Charge    Despite Kissinger s threat to! Bonder director of adminis- rt's'K"- ■ little-known fourth ] Dative services al state party i1*1™ nemocrat on (he house ju-headnuarlers. said Ihe delayed diciary committee repeated his mailing charge was untrue and cla|m Tuesday night that Kus-, til,ii -Mr Bartel knew it was s'nifr "instituted" tho program untrue "    .I0'    wirc,aPs Bender also said the minority    “Positive Proof” report which Bartel had re- ^ Fijborg (I>Pa > said thc ferret! to as a su s c p jm^achment inquiry had re-1 fcrm, ’ was not ready for print- ^ -positive proof” of Riling untd Tfs a:v '    00v. . jsinger’s role as an initiator of be mailed to delegates Monday thp *    I Judge Gerhard Gesell take, but he has said willing to move under federal contempt statutes. Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski Wednesday asked Gesell to reconsider an order delaying Khrlichman’s trial, saying that the White House has determined there is nothing relevant in the notes Ehrlichman left behind. WASHINGTON (AP) - The might    w    E*»»we*is    »    w    ,    ms sian ana suggested mal mey Sadat, reading ms. caned nu nun. he is chiatnst.    L,hh^hrna?.!!c!!lathe.r    '^dc.r;    simply    “sit    down" with Nixon one „f the great men ™d Donald Alexander, will be given evidence to support claims and The judge said he will eon- a* barges along with six others and leu him that their own per- praised his leadership in tinue to press an intensifying '11 ® (X)urfroom just down the <;onai liberties and freedoms can world.    lrhaii*.n«xx a„nioi mo struggle Wednesday over refus- ba^ from Gesell s.    ^ jeopardized unless the infor-    “Solid Basis”    I    wnrir    na a1 by the President to allow the    “Heart-to-Heart”    mation is released.    wiY,xn’c visit "nuts in™ m ♦ n u i SyS’ mu;* un.. -    neari-ui-neari    Sadat said Nixon s visit puts (tem that punishes leniency, a J \ tr ie . .l n Hn in the Watergate cover-up u Fe n0t ^ with men re|adons between our countries senate panel spokesman says. his lawyers access to the files. in V c e , ucp who are strangers to the Pres-ha„is.. after the A1 A ! .    , trial, U. S. Judge John Sirica , ..    lau,^„,e    ;°n a ^ol,d Dd*s.s aiier me Alexander was to testify for a "Specific Orders    suggested Wednesday that Ehr-L, J wortu wu;|p fo trv strains of the past.    second day Wednesday before a Gesell said he plans to sign'lichman and H. R Haldeman    ... .. President and see d it As if J0 8ive N,xon suPP<’rUsenate appropriations subcom- "specific orders to enforce theitry "a nice heart-to-heart talk”)wnrk^9-*    !‘n fbe face of his do™®s^c;mittee holding hearings on IRS subpoenas in order that appro-!with Nixon to persuade him to Jaworski attached an affida-;priate pre-trial releases of the;release their personal White vit from White House counsel. pertinent documents among Mr House files    ^    (rja| jn (he Dwyers for the two men haveiruie-    ,,    ...    . lieaied .hey mid,, suhnnena sa'd hp may move the dale of Kj*on, speaking without notes, J. Fred Buzhardt that h new Ehrlichman’s White House L work.■.    troubles, Sadat spoke of the ne- operations Sirica took note of the likeli- ccssity for the American Presi- Hg Chairman Montoya (D-N.M.) if hood of a September impeach- dent t'0 continue in a leadership was askcd Tuesday by search has disclosed nothing in papers now in the custody of the indicated they might subpoena ..    ai    .    irc subfKK'naed documents President can be accomplished, the files which they claim are f V . «    ‘    M    hn    hniw»H    responded    by    pledging    .    .    s    p- ch bears on the issue of thus permuting this trial to go1 essential for their defense    for    W    S    e“C.ET the "which President Told Mitchell To Take Fifth, Panel's Transcript Shows IRS had a quota system that put agents under pressure to close a certain number of cases and take in a certain amount of money. "On the allegation that IRS thc early date would insure the!grams and referred to the prob-seating of an unbiased jury.    ]ems in the past    between    Egypt Brief Refused    and the U.S. “For a iong time our two na- operates under a quota system, Presidential lawyer James St.    ^ haye ^en    through    a ^Jl    categorically    deny    that.    My Clair also tried unsuccessfully)^ of mlsunderstandlng and• predecessors have publicly re-Tuesdav to give the bouse judl-j    ration „ Nixon ^ Hej pudiated the use of individual clary committee the Presidents    added ^ there ar0 lWQ goalsigoals    and    quotas,    and    I    am response to allegations he had a thg( {hc ^ and Kgypt need strongly committed to the poll WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres- an investigation of the cover-up sion of thc various discussions !!J,( in * e    n0^ rn ac^ieve: “economic progress CY prohibiting use of produc- ident Nixon told former Attor- that Nixon has said he ordered, of the report than appeared in f ai^man ,?0tu hrii»r he ! —progress in all fields for peo- bon statistics in evaluating or ney General Mitchell iii March, The memo says that ths con- the edited transcripts    u j^w^^lbmitted abead oflp^e *n ^our coun^ry an(I peoplei pro^ofjog enforcement person- 1973. to "stonewall it, plead the versations in both the White! The transcripts released by Fifth Amendment” in testifying House edited transcripts and the Nixon has Nixon saying to { on the Watergate cover-up. ac- committee versions "may be in- Dean. "You as White House cording to a bouse judiciary tcrpreted to support the as- counsel, John. I asked for a committee transcript of a White sumption that thc President written report, which I do not the .schedule Rodmo has laid St. Clair brought thc brief to the committee hearing, intending to give each member a in this area—and peace that is ncl»” Alexander said. just and equitable.”    Memos    Cited The President said one can-, n .    .    ... not be reached without Ihe    But a spokesman for Montoya )(der    i    said    Alexander would be shown Deeply Touched Nixon said he was deeply (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) House tape.    never    asked Dean    to    write a    have,    which is    very general.    un-|copv    refused to ac- According    to    the    committee!report    for the purpose    of giving    derstand.    cept it.    citing a committee    ruie transcript,    the conversation    took    bim    additional    facts,    but    merely The committee version of the    that states st. Clair will be in-    touched by the    enthusiasm of place    on    March    22    —    the    day jso d    could    be relied on    as    an    ex-jsame    conversation goes this    vded respond at the conch!-    the crowd that    greeted his ar* after Nixon has said he first cuse in the event things come; way:    iSj0n 0f presentation of evi- (rival. learned of the covcr-up — and unstuck and thc President I he middle ground ff,kon d^nec.    Their    presence reminded him was deleted    from    the    edited j needed    justification    for    his inai-    would    be . . , uh. if you as White    *‘Tq take    a brief now    and    of    the    need    to    improve    living House    counsel,    John, uh, on    di-    present    it to    the American    peo-    < onditions    for    the    people    of c««ur r«p<* n*w*- rection    — uh, I asked for a,    pie would not give anything but    Egypt through    economic prog !    A    breakin    discovered    Wednes- written    report, which I think uh,    a distorted picture of the ma*    resSj he sajd    day    morning    at    the    Union    Phar- (Continued: Page 3. Col. 5 ) (Continued: Page 3. Col. 3.) j "The Star Spangled Banner” macy. USO OW Marion road NE, version of the taoe released bon April 30 by Nixon.    More    Complete "I want you to stonewall it, The committee transcript con plead the Fifth Amendment,’ tam? a far more complete ver Nixon told Mitchell, according Drugs Valued af $8,000 Missing From Pharmacy with the grassroots platform Bender said the minority re- "It was quite clear that he I had instituted these wiretaps,’’I Kilberg said Tuesday night. "It (was a direct conflict” with his sworn senate testimony, he (said, i According to Kilberg, Kissinger received "fifty plus logs men: "Run green persimmon o(    nMlverV)Ilons    ;IJ june on your hem It woo l d(,a^w„h n(liona| st.,.uril grow hair, but it will draw your    .. sideburns up to where they will ‘    ’ ’    .    j r    J    Rep    Mezvinsky    (D-Iowa), an* meet.    cap»r«»oi!    1 * .    (Continued:    Page 3, Col. S.) (Continued: Page 2, Col. 3 > Today9* Chackle New remedy for baldheaded “Rub to a memo quoting the committee transcript. The Associated Press obtained a copy Wednesday. "Containment” The committee transcript quotes Nixon as also telling Mitchell on March 22: "But that’s the way <unintelligible t. Kvcn up to this jwnnt. the whole theory has been eon ) tainment, as you know. John.’ At a later point in the conver-l sation. the transcript has Nixon saying, "That’? the thing I was concerned with — we’re going to protect our people, if we) can ” The memo was prepared for committee members by the staff as part of a review of the evidence so far presented to the committee iii its impeachment inquiry Dean Report The memo centered on a White House plan to have former White House counsel John Dean prepare a report of Police Save Girl, 5, from Gunman NKW YORK (AP) A 5-year-old girl was yanked to safety Wednesday from the Queens housing project apartment where she had been held hostage with her father since late Monday. Her father was found shot to death The gunman allowed her to open the apartment door to retrieve food set in the hall by a special police hostage team and had kept a revolver trained on her. To Safety Police LL Frank Bol/, who pulled the girl to safety, described what happened in the final moments: "We put some food down, He let her pick up the food We s;x)ke on anything from seeds to railroads. She made three or four trips and at one time she handed me a cup. hut her uncle had the gun, and told her to come back "During the last trip, she was coining down the hall with some [Kool-Aid I reached out with my left hand for the Kool-Aid. and grabbl'd her with my right,” Bolz said "He looked a little shocked, as though he realized his shield was gone.” said Capt. Daniel St. John. Several hundred neighbors cheered as the girl, Avril, was taken to an ambulance. She appeared to be unharmed, In bullet-proof vests and carrying rifles and shotguns, the police said they told the gunman, Floyd Steele, 56, to "take it easy.” With a shotgun trained on him, Steele surrendered. The gunman had twice promised to release Avril earlier Wednesday. Dorothy Clin-1 Hingham, a woman the child! calls grandmother, went to the I apartment at 7 a rn and vainly tried to negotiate with the slight, white-haired man The girl’s father, 34-year-old I Fred Kinsley apparently had' been dead since Tuesday Police j I had seen his motionless form on the floor since then Avril's mother escaped short-) ly after the gunman, who had been living with them, took the three hostage in their apart ) ment in the low-income project following an argument (filii to Her Head Through holes drilled in' apartment walls, police said they could see Steele holding i the girl on his lap. a gun to her; head. At one |M)int Wednesday, the man who normally drives Avril to school called her from outside the apartment and asked her if she was ready for school. She replied, "Yes,” and jumped up, bul was pulled back by Steele, police said The girl s aunt, Margaret Williams, was taken to tho apartment shortly before 5 a ni. alter the gunman told police he would release his young captive in her custody. Sergeant Kenneth Kelly said that when tin* aunt asked Steele to give her the girl, he replied "No, I won t. Come back tomorrow The child is staying with me.” Steele was paroled last year after serving a prison term for manslaughter in the death of a girlfriend. netted drugs valued at more than $8,000 and $1,500 in cash. Police said the back door of the building was pried open. The business was not protected by a burglar alarm system, officers said. The assorted drugs were contained in approximately 150 bottles. Personal checks valued at $700-800 were also taken in the breakin. Today s Index Comics ... 91) Crossword ..... ... 91) Dally Record ..... 3A Deaths ....... 3A Editorial Features 6A Farm ....... 4C Financial ..... 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