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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Theme Amusement Parks Cut Vacation Energy Use By Sylvia Porter NKW YORK — There is no mistaking the startling changes taking place in traditional American vacation patterns as we move toward the peak of the ’74 summer holiday season Millions of us are indeed switching to modes of travel involving fly-drive, bus-drive, rail-drive, etc., in order to maintain our mobility hut slash our use of gasoline. Millions of others are planning vacations practically in their “own backyards” — meaning Within 200 .100 miles of home. Attendance at spectator sports events and participation in sports close to home are due for an upsurge. Also sharing in the vacation upheaval born out of today’s murderous pocketbook squeeze, the spiral in costs of gas and oil and uncertainties about fuel supplies is the modern theme amusement park industry — a unique American phenomenon which has grown into a national institution since Walt Disney began it all with the opening of Disneyland almost 21) years ago in 1955. Item:    The    number of Americans who visit the theme parks which now dot the U.S. landscape from coast to coast ha ; soared from about IB million in 1964 to more than 54 million in 1973 and will reach 73 million by 197b, the industry forecasts. Item: A money-saving, timesaving fact is that in several important areas, different types of parks cluster together Sylvia Porter to cater to a variety of tastes and the entire family. The three basic types are: Animal or sea life parks, such as Lion Country Safari and Seven Seas; single-theme parks such as Knott’s Berry h arm and Opryland; and mul-tiple-theme parks such as the two Disney operations in california and Florida, first among them all in terms of revenue, and the six parks of Six Flags, headquartered in Los Angeles and first in terms of number of parks and attractions. Item:    Although there are parks across the country now, there are major cluster areas. Southern California is one such Mecca with Disneyland, Japanese Village, Movieland Wax Museums, Lion Country Safari. Knott’s Berry Farm, the Queen Mary and Marineland of the Pacific, all within a few miles of each other. A last-growing area lies between Dallas and Fort Worth and boasts Six Flags over Texas, Seven Seas Marine Life Park and Lion Country Safari, and the home of the Texas Rangers baseball team. Florida’s attractions range By Oswald & James Jacoby Oswald: “A look at the North-South cards only would suggest a seven diamond contract. It makes easily if diamonds break three-two. All declarer has to do is to draw trumps, ruff one heart in dummy and discard the other heart on the fourth spade.” Jim: "Even seven notrump isn’t too bad a contract. Not that it makes the way the East-West cards are set up, but it would wheel in a lot of the time.” Oswald: “Clubs don’t break; diamonds don’t break, the heart finesse is wrong and a careless declarer might actually get set at six notrump.” Jim: “He shouldn’t be. There is a very simple end play to bring home twelve tricks.'’ Oswald: “South starts by cashing three diamonds. Then he runs off four spades while discarding a diamond from his hand. Next come three rounds of clubs. At this time West is 9+CHRDJ5?/**44 NORTH 4 Q J 7 2 f7 ♦ Q642 4 AK52 WEST 4 1084 ¥ K 10 5 4 ♦ J 10 9 7 ♦ 10 3 EAST 4 963 ¥ J9632 ♦ 5 4 J 9 8 6 SOUTH <D> 4 A K 5 ¥ AQ8 4 A K 8 3 4 Q7 4 Both vulnerable West North East South 2 N T. Pan 34 Pass 34 Pass 6 N T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — 4 J known to be holding one diamond and two hearts. South throws West in with dummy’s last diamond and West has to lead a heart to give South the last two tricks.” from Disney World lo animal and sea-life parks Even though dollar for dollar, quality theme amusement parks may be among I974’s best vacation-en-tertainment values, you still can enhance your enjoyment and save money loo if you abide by some simple rules For instance: lf you plan to drive or fly drive, bus-drive, rail-drive, etc., head for one of the major amusement park and attractions clusters. You’ll get the maximum variety for the least gasoline, (let detailed ^formation about parks and attractions of interest by writing directly to the parks or phoning the local Chamber of Commerce or visitors bureau. Check out the energy conservation policies of each park. “Some offer reduced admissions for repeat visits during a given period of time to encourage people to return,” says Ned De Witt, president of Six Flags. “Others have begun giving discounted parking for groups of four people or more.” Still others hav** instituted their own bus services from central locations to get people out of their cars altogether. This could be a real money-saver if you come by train, bus or plane and don’t want to spend money renting a car Check into the pricing policies. Most parks have an admission fee and then charge additional for rides and attractions. An increasing number, though, are adopting the “single-price” policy under which you are allowed a full day’s entertainment with unlimited free access to all rides and attractions. A single-price admission park could be ideal for the budget-minded. To save energy and get the most out of your park visit, visit the park on Sunday or on Tuesday through Friday. The peak attendance days include Monday, Saturday and holidays. Arrive toward late afternoon — when the crowds are thinning out, the temperature will be cooler and the park will be taking on the enchantment of evening. Or if you have children, arrive when the park opens. Save money on food by planning your snacks and food breaks to make sure you're not on a non-stop eating expedition. Ask about children’s portions. even if there is no children's menu at a restaurant. Bring your own lunch and eat in the picnic areas. LAFF - A - DAY ■'(lo home, Robert. The first thing you have to learn is not to make house calls.” Judge: Marriage Permit Must Go To Man, Woman SKATTI.K (AP) - A Male law barring two persons of the same sex from obtaining a marriage license has been upheld by the Washington court of appeals In a unanimous decision issued Monday, the court ruled that Judge Frank Roberts was correct in holding thai the state’s denial of a marriage license to persons of the same sex “is required by our state statutes and permitted by both the state and federal constitutions.” The ruling involved a suit brought by John Singer and Paul Barwick against King county Auditor Lloyd Bara. They contend laws prohibiting their marriage were in violation of the equal rights amendment of the state constitution, and the Eighth, Ninth and 14th Amendments to the U. S. Constitution. Annual Music Camp Set for June 16-28 IOWA CITY — Some 400 young musicians are expected to attend the University of Iowa’s 25th annual All State Music Camp June IB to 28 at the school of music. The camp offers the eighth through twelfth graders the opportunity to perform in large ensembles — the Black and Gold Bands, chorus and orchestra — under nationally known conductors. Private music lessons with U. of I. music faculty members and graduate assistants and a broad range of music courses, including an expanded jazz improvisation class, advanced music theory, composition and conducting courses are included in the camp. Frank Piersof, U. of I. director of bands, is camp director. The camp offers one of the broadest selections of music courses in the country, he says, and provides one staff member for every four students. For Better Health The bidding has been North East Double Pass Pass Pass South 2* West ta 24 You, South, hold: 4 6 5 ¥J 4 3 2 4AQ97 4 8 5 3 W hat do you dc now? A—Bid three diamonds. With seven high-card points your hand warrants a competitive hid here. Remember, your two-heart call showed no strength at all TODAY’S QUESTION Your partner has bid three hearts over West’s two spades What do you do after East passes9 Answer Tomorrow C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 363-0671 lf you need help: Foundation ll 362-2174 (4 p m to midnight) I I rn Protect Yew Investment In Clothing with HIGH ft I r I Quality I g CLEANING ! MASON DRY CLIANiRS 214 SHI Av*. S.W. 362-6331 JCPenney JCPenney Pixy portraits are enough to make anyone smile. Only 169 for a 5 x 7 or 4 wallet sizes of came pose Ut im Jut al color. • No appointment necessary. Come rn. • Age brod: children lo 12years okt • Choice of poses from as many as 4 or 5. • Two children together... only 2.96. e No hidden chargee. • Mail orders: Just slightly more. If, you have a second or third favorite pose, take them, too. At these special prices, In either size. Your second selection  ------ Your third selection    ■«    *f Your fourth selection ,  "ti? Your fifth selection ................................ Tuesday thru Friday 9:30 to 9 Saturday 9-5 Violent Acts by Girls Are Considered Abnormal By Dr. S. L. Andelman Mental health workers and society at large say It’s normal for teenage boys to take a poke at someone once in a while. But adolescent girls who act this violently are not considered normal. Antifeminist as it seems, this is the conclusion reached by Chicago psychiatrist Daniel Offer based on a study of juvenile delinquents who were patients at Illinois State Psychiatric hospital. Dr. Offer says the patients and staff studied reflect the fascination our culture has with violence. “The most interesting finding emerged,” he says, “when we compared the likability scores of the adolescents as scored by staff members with the extent of violent behavior undertaken while on our unit.” Bruises The hospital staff, the main target of the teens’ violence, suffered bruises along with a few broken bones and wounds made as patients supplemented their fists with bottles and other makeshift weapons. During the study a group of teens rioted. The therapists disliked the violent boys when they fir®4. met them but grew to like them. They had the same reaction to the quiet girls. On the other hand, they grew to dislike the quiet boys and the violent girls. Dr. Offer explains these feelings by observing that the therapists believed they were reaching the boys when they finally “acted out.” On the other hand, the violent girls were not only unlikable — according to the therapists’ standards — but “also have a very low opinion of their own worth.’’ While the boys’ violent acts came as they developed confidence in themselves, the girls who were violent “did not see themselves as healthy. They did not project‘ confidence.” Aggressive Spurts This parallels society’s fostering of aggressive sports for boys and not for girls, Dr. Offer explains. He believes the observations made on the psychiatric unit can “best he understood as a microcosm of society at large.” The patients and staff were all “reared in an environment Dr. S. L. Andelman where violence in the home and on the streets is a .common everyday occurrence. They learned to experience violence as a normal phenomenon and they derived pleasure from its occurrence.” As a side comment, Dr. Offer observes, “Mental health professionals have found it most difficult to deal therapeutically with violence; and the mental health profession in general, and we psychiatrists in particular, have been reluctant until recently to work with juvenile delinquents. It is possible that at least one reason is fear of looking into the potential for violence in each of us.” Taylor Believes Stalingrad Was Main Battle WASHINGTON (CFI) -What was the principal battle of World war II? British history books are filled with tales of the tide being turned at El Alamein in North Africa Russian books talk of Stalingrad American books speak of Normandy. Asked which really was the decisive battle of the war, Gen Maxwell I). Taylor, commander of the American 101st Airborne division on D-Day, came down for the Russians. ‘ Stalingrad certainly turned the tide,” he said. “It made things enormously easier for us.” In that epic battle of December, 1941 - January, 1942. Nazi, Germany, lost 240.(MW) men. By comparison, in all of World war II 290,000 Americans died in action ON THIS DATE in 19BB. a Surveyor One spacecraft was relaying back pictures of the Lunar surface after making America’s first soft landing on the moon. They'll Do It Every Time After two prinks everybody** an ex-pog IF TOU FOUGHT 0X1CV GRAZIANO, HOW (MB WRE NOT IN THE RECORE BOOK? EVERY GUY WHO EVER BOXED IG IN HERE Alaskans Import Floating Hotel VALDEZ. Alaska (AB) - An influx in trans-Alaska pipeline workers has caused such an acute housing shortage that the town’s newest hotel will he a floating one. The Glacier Queen, a 265-foot self-contained ferry, is scheduled to dock here for use as a hotel in the town which will serve as the southern terminus for the hot-oil pipeline. The ship will cater to the Valdez tourist industry, hard hit by the housing shortage. It has 21B staterooms, dining facilities, a recreation arca and self-contained sewage P illttfol Advertisement Political Advert! vffr mermen RASMUSSEN Democrat For Governor • Former Legislator • Past Democratic State Chairman • Chief Iowa Aide, Senator Hughes By Bicycling Across Iowa, Clark Rasmussen-Found That Poeople Want Him To Work For Public financing pf Political campaigns Registration of hand guns State land usa policy Improved health care delivery ta rural Iowa Equal pay for equal wark Tai reform-plugging loopholes in high income brackets Reducing interest rates on chnrga accounts Housing far the elderly “IOWA NEEDS A PERSON UKE CLARK RASMUSSEN^ HE'LL MAKE GOVERNMENT WORK AGAIN" PoM For ny Alk* Ritter, Cador Rapid*; Chorio* and Marcia Hooker, Morion, Iowa VOTE RASMUSSEN ON JUNE 4 MORRIS Decorating Centers HELO OVER OY POPULAR DEMAND! OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR. STOCK UP ON QUALITY HOME DECORATING SUPPLIES NOW! SALE POSITIVELY ENDS SAT. JUNE 8TH, HURRY! 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