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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa hut Uuai UupkUft VMi.t’lir. ITS OU., .I UIU 0,    1911 A China Diary Governor's Party Alone in Hotel EDITOR'S NOTE: The follow ing day-by-dav account of the recent trip to China by six American governors was written for United Press International by Mrs. Robert D. Ray, wife of Iowa's governor. Mrs. Ray agreed to keep a daily account of the governor s trip to convey some of her experiences and observations to Iowans. Mrs. Ray s comments are taken directly from her diary, as she wrote them for UPI. This report is the first in a five-part series. By Mrs. Robert I). Ray Written for UPI After departing Des Moines at 5:30 a.rn. and traveling for nearly three days, we arrived in Shanghai at mid day May 15 and began the adventure of a lifetime. We had, of course, been told by state department officials what we could expect to see and do during the China visit. But, it is a world different from ours and it opened an unique experience for Bob and me. I invite you to share a portion of our trip through the diary which I kept: May 15, arrive Shanghai — A large airport with no other airplanes in sight other than ours, wide streets with no cars, but filled with bicycles and carts carrying huge loads of mostly vegetables, cabbages and rocks. Our caravan went down the middle of the street without regard for traffic lanes and the cars honking ail the way. A little smelly! Tea is served upon our arrival in the . meeting room of the hotel and later in our room UPI Telephoto Iowa Governor and Mrs. Robert Ray, back home in Des Moines after their traveling trip to China, examine a replica of an ancient Chinese museum piece from the Ming dynasty. OId, Drab Hotel The plumbing is quite old and appears dilapidated. A large comb was in the bathroom along with a bar of strong red soap and two terrycloth robes were on the back of the door. Everything else is neat and clean Needlepoint pictures hang in some rooms. Bed sheets are drab white, heavy cotton We were served lunch at the Ching Chaing hotel — the same compound where President Nixon stayed. The dining room was very large and bare, hut quaint. Excellent lunch. After lunch, we drove down Nanking road which is one of the main streets of Shanghai and went to the Mansion hotel so we could get a bird’s eye view of the city from the 18th floor. Ten million people live in and around the city. Then we went to the Whampoa river where we took a boat ride up the river to where it meets the Yangtze. Many, many people are leaning on the sea wall and watched us come and go. Nearly all the boats and ships were badly in need of • paint. Guest House We are staying on the eighth floor of this large hotel or guest house as they called it. I believe we are about the only ones in this hotel which is used for special guests of the government and various Chinese delegations. We had dinner in the same room in which we ate lunch; we were the only ones in the dining room. We had yellow fish, meat balls, Chinese cabbage, rice, chicken and a variety of vegetable dishes for dinner. No water, only beer and orange soda to drink The elevator operator takes us to the floor where we arc going without us telling him the floor number. He seems to know every place we are going. We do not lock our doors — no locks on the outside We left the hotel promptly at 9:30 p.m. and went directly to the Boeing 707 that was already warming up. We have never been in the airport terminal. Our party had seats in a private compartment. We did not set* the other passengers on the plane. It was 90 minutes to Peking. We could not take pictures on the plane. We were served candy, gum, two apples and favors which looked like small paper markers. We arrived in Peking at ll 30 p.m. to complete our first day in China. Forbidden City Sightseeing May IB, Peking — Still having trouble with time. Went to bed at 2 a.m. and woke up at 6:30 a m. We had a good breakfast of ham, three* eggs, toast, jelly, coffee — and orange soda. Our caravan went to the “Forbidder. City.” Ifs the oldest Imperial palace which is now open for sightseeing. When it was still in use, it had 9.IXN) rooms, all furnished One group of buildings now holds jewels of the emperor. They were fantastic. Also saw the museum that holds artifacts from the Ming dynasty. Saw the jade armor that the emperor was buried in Hundreds of jade pieces were tied together with gold threads Had lunch back at the hotel. The large dining room that we British Compony Mokes Headway LONDON (AP) - One of Britain’s largest motor manufacturers has announced a breakthrough in research for anti pollution devices for its diesel motors. Perkins Engines of Peterborough said the new system means it will tie able to meet California’s proposed 1977 air resources legislation described bv the company as “the tightest envisaged anywhere in the world A Perkins spokesman gave few details about the breakthrough other than saying it involved direct fuel injection that would cut noise levels bv 50 percent. ' Two Locations... AS NICE! Marion Club Winners in a Howell movement game played Saturday at the YWCA were: Mrs. K V Harrington and Mrs Ruth Helm, first, and Mrs Howard Wilfong and Mrs. F. G. .Johnson, second The next scheduled game will be played at 7:30 Wednesday at the YWCA West Side Winners of the Mitchell movement game played Sunday at 5:30 at Welty-Way were: North-south — Mrs II M Hines and Mrs A. .J llornung, first, and Mr and Mrs Howard Wilfong, second; east-west — Dr. Beth Hatch and Keith Hanson, first, and Gene Gauron and George Wine, second. The next game will In* played Thursday at 7:30 at Welty-Way MRS. GARY BOWEN FETED AT SHOWER Mrs Loren Ross, 1325 E avenue NW, was hostess at a baby shower given Sunday at 1:30 for Mrs Gary Bowen, 725 Ellis boulevard NW M rs. Michael Walser was co-hostess to the twenty-five guests Mrs Bowen's baby is due in July Politico! Advertisement Politico! Advertisement DOWNTOWN 108 ie tower TOWN & COUNTRY Shopping Center A VOTE FOR BILL MARTIN IS A VOTE FOR PROMPT, EQUAL ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE! Experience in Linn County Government! Present member, Board of Supervisors. v Previous Assistant County Attorney. * VO TE ★ MARTIN ♦« DEMOCRAT FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY RokJ lot by Citizen* for Moctm Commit*ee, Charlet Junkman Tremore> ate in is used only by foreigners. Only foreign travelers live in our hotel. Many are from Africa. I’m sure we were served pig knuckles for lunch. (When I don’t want to eat something, it’s a good time to have trouble with the chopsticks.) Weather is warm during the day, about 75 degrees. Mailing a letter is quite a process. At the stamp counter, there is a pot of glue to put on the stamps and envelope flaps. Also a damp cloth to wipe off the excess glue. Artistic Factory In the afternoon, we went to an artistic factory that employs 1,300 people. Here they were carving jade and ivory. I was fascinated by the girls who were painting very detailed pictures on the inside of small snuff jars I was never able to find one to purchase — probably all went for export. At dinner, we were guests of the vice-chairman of the People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, ( hoi Chi’iu-yeh. Excellent ice cream. Still drinking orange soda instead of water. All the Chinese ladies at the banquet dressed in drab, dark-colored pant suits JAMS FIELDS HONORED AT PERSONAL SHOWER A personal bridal shower honoring Miss Janis Fields was given Friday at the home of Mrs. Alan Halt, 234 Atwood drive SW. Co-hostesses to the 12 guests were Mrs. Mel Huerter and Miss Joann Harlan. Miss Fields, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fields, 1307 A avenue NW, is the June 29 bride-elect of James Phillips of Iowa City He is the son of Mrs. Joseph Phillips of Maquoketa and the late Mr. Phillips Things are happening every day in the classified ads Florida Couple Wed By Long Distance By David L. Langford ORLANDO, Fla. (UPI) -Ma Bell was the maid of honor Saturday in the noisy, transpacific telephone wedding of an air force captain and a pretty legal secretary. The cheers and the expletives were crackling over a 12,000-mile hookup from Florida to Thailand and a young lawyer was pleading “I need an ‘I do.’ ” ‘‘Did you hear that, ( apt. Cason?” asked Terry Friedman. performing his first wedding ceremony. ‘‘I need an I do.’ ” “I do,” Cason finally answered, and his buddies crowded into the officers’ quarters at Korat air force base in Thailand roared in echo, “I. do!” Cried Thus Capt. Fen Cason, a 26-year-old air force legal officer from Lindsay, Okla., pledged his vows to Donna Irion, a 21-year-old Orlando legal secretary, who cried a little after he hung up and then told newsmen, “I just love all this.” With the help of air force authorities at Langley air force base, the wedding phone in the law office where Donna works rang right on time at noon, with the bride and a small party of family and friends gathered around a desk holding electronic equipment and a display of white daisies. But it was midnight in Thailand and (’apt. Cason and his chums listening at speakers obviously had already started celebrating. “We have 14,000 people here,” the groom exclaimed while operators worked to clear up static in the hookup. For about five minutes they fussed with the equipment. “Is that you Donna?” “Yes.” “Can you hear Capt. Cason?” “I can hear you kind of halfway.” “Okay, hold on a second.” Then finally, “I can hear you good.” The troops yelled, “Yea!" Joke Donna, a graduate of Orlando’s Boone high and Valencia college, met Cason while he was stationed at McCoy air force base here. But by then the young officer, who got his law degree from the University of Oklahoma, had already volunteered to go to Thailand. Friedman, an attorney in the firm of (iurney. Gurney and Hundley who first suggested a telephone marriage as a joke, took over to read a two-mmute AP Wirephoto A big smile appears on the face of Mrs. Leo Cason, the former Donna Irion of Orlando, Fla., Saturday after she hears her new husband, Capt. Len Cason say I Do over the phone from Korat, Thailand. The couple was married long distance Saturday. Capt. Cason and Donna were married by Terry Freeman, at right, a notary public in whose office Donna works. civil ceremony. “Y’all only have to say two words,” he instructed Donna and Iren With the knot tied, Donna hustled everyone out of the room so she could talk to her new husband in private. Their honeymoon will be delayed until July when she flies to Bangkok for a second ceremony in a chapel. Society for Women Features By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: My in laws have turned against me because when I was going steady with their son he got me pregnant I was five months along when we were married. The baby is two years old now and my mother-in-law has never seen him. My mother has called my mother-in-law. trying to make friends with her. but my mother-in-law said she doesn’t want anything to do with my mother or any of her family — including me. I think it’s terrible that my husband’s mother has never accepted any of my im Rations to come here and see her grandson or asked me to come over and bring him. We live only 20 minutes from each ti her My husband says unless his motlier apologizes to my mother, he doesn’t tare if bt* never sees her again. (His own mother, that is.) How tan I get our parents together? My husband and I ire happy. Why can’t they be? SAD ABOUT IT DEAK SAD: Your husband s mother appears to be the one who’s causing all the trouble and until she changes her attitude. nothing else will change. It’s very sad indeed. But the greatest loss is hers. Pray for her and don’t quit Irving. I ll bet in time she’ll mellow Dromo Winners Announced Wanner of the HOO scholarship given Friday at the annual Drama Recognition night awards program is Marcia Davis, a Washington high school graduate. Miss Davis has worked in costumes, stage, props or performed for all five productions this year. The event, sponsored by the Cedar Rapids Community Theater, was given at Kennedy high school. Twenty other scholarships were awarded Winners and their schools are: Debbi Boyd, Him Van Steenhuyse and Lynn Fattig, Jefferson; Eileen Fehlig, Lynda Okones and Mike Koon, Kennedy; John Rezabek and Dawn Jacobi, LaSalle; John Winistorfer and Jon Ward, Marion; Don Hagen and Bob Flanders, Regis; Cary Casteel and Janet Allen, Linn-Mcr; Dana Davis and Jeff Mann, Prairie, and David Smith, Bud Zenzen. Steve Koontz and Lacy Curtis, Washington. Technical assistants of the year: Diane Wilson, Jefferson; Jim Kazimour, LaSalle; Mary Lou Kline, Regis; Jeff Fiagle, Prairie; Dave Smith and Dave Loy, Washington; Mike Heaton, Kennedy, and Carl Oppedahl, Linn-Mar. Awards by musical judges went to LaSalle students John Rezabek and Dawn Jacobi for significant contributions in ‘‘Oliver”. To Washington students Dave Redford, Deb Moormen and Dave Loy went outstanding contribution awards for ‘ Man of La Mancha” and significant con-tr’bution awards went to Pain Winfrey, DeMar Southard and Bud Zenzen. Significant contribution awards for performances in “Music Man” went to Prairie students Dana Davis, Perry Nelson and Jeff Mann. Significant contribution awards for performances in “No, No, Nanette” went to Jefferson students Sherrie Tierney, Debbie Lamb and Len Frondle. For “Our Town”, Jefferson students winning were Bill Konigsmark, outstanding contribution, Sherrie Tierney, Debbie Lamb and Len Frondle. significant contributions. A general award was given for tho graveyard scene. A significant contribution award went to Len Frondle for his performance in “Merton of the Movies”. For performances in ‘‘Androcles and the Lion”, Jefferson students David Oehler and Don Nance won outstanding contribution awards and Randy Ralston, Francis Payne, Debbie Boyd and Gary Moss won awards for significant contributions. The following Kennedy high school students received awards for their respective productions: “How To Succeed in Business without Even Trying ”, Eileen Fehlig, Jim Zulakis and Scott Kellogg, outstanding contribution, and Uharlie Kucera, Joni Carman and Bill Malone, significant contribution. “Dracula”, Eileen Fehlig, Mike Koon and Charles Kucera, significant contribution. “Dark of the Moon”, Mike Koon and Lynda Okones, outstanding contributions, and John Dillon and Mike Heaton, significant contributions. Also, for Kennedy’s produc tion of "Noah”, Bill Malone, outstanding contribution, and Mike Koon, Lynn Pickett, Bill Malone, and I^iurie Pyatt, significant contribution. Linn-Mar students receiving awards for their productions are: “Macbeth”, Sarah Allen, Dee Casteel, ( aria Eollensbee; and Carl Oppedahl, all outstanding contribution; Tim Tresse, Cary Casteel, Connie Larson and Lance Rooks, significant contribution “Brig-adoon”, Duane Caylor and Rita! Meeks, outstanding contribution. Washington high school students, productions and awards follow: “The Matchmaker", Sigm Munson, Dave Redford arid Dave Smith, outstanding contribution; Bruce Springsteen, Cary Franklin. Meg Thornton and Lyle Chalupsky, significant contribution “The Secret World of Og ”, Pat Daugherty, Steve Koontz and Pam Winfrey, outstanding contributions. Regis high school productions, award winners and awards follow: “J B ”, Bob Flanders, Tim Kremer, and Mark Valliere, significant contribution. “Ring Around the Moon”, John Herring, outstanding contribution; Bob Flanders. Carol O’Brien, Dan Hagen, Sue Renner, and Lynn Henecke, all significant contribution. Op mi Monday and Thursday Evenings Special! Special! Special! David CRYSTAL $ 30. *48 David Crystal’s always pretty special . . . but here s a group of beautiful dresses and pant suits just unpacked‘and Very Specially Priced. Hight attractive styles, wide choice of summer patterns and colors. Shown left, pant suit at $44. 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