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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa UL The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., June 3, 1974 Television Today By Jay Sharbutt Murky 'Video: The New I'V'ove' NEW YORK (AP) - A miir-kyism is a statement which gives the illusion of something profound. We cite as a prime example the saying. “He who would rule the sand must be brother to the wind.” Monday night, public television is offering a one-hour murkyism called “Video: The New Wave”. Its described as “highly personal statements by a new wave of artists experimenting in the early stage of the video revolution.” It might better be described as “how to study under Ernie Kovacs and flunk the course.” Some 30 pieces of experimental video artwork are on display, many of them electronic abstractions in which shapes are altered, bizarre noises made and eyes tortured. It will be a bonanza for those wont to cry, “How profound! How profound!” when a work of modem fluff has them stumped. For civilians, the show may Simply appear the work of cuckoos. * * * However, both sides will enjoy a brief, funny sequence, taped by San Francisco’s Top Value Television crew, in which CBS’ Roger Mudd refuses to answer TV7 questions at the 1972 GOP national convention. Our knowledgeable guide throughout this tour of television's rarely seen avant garde gallery is an art critic, Brian O’Doherty, whose commentary is not unlike that of an art critic. As one set of images shape up, he advises that the work is “reflective, transcendental, mystical.” As another artist electronically alters a photograph of himself and his father, we’re told the piece “brings into this medium subtleties rarely found in it.” He is right. As we see a block of ice consumed by fire, we learn “the content is not in the result, but in the process.” * * * The show’s high spot arrives with a study of transparent tape on a wood floor. And our guide observes: “The tape as it lies, asks, ‘Where am I’ Removing the tape gives the answer.” After 40 minutes, I asked, “Where am I?” Removing myself gave the answer. I know I shouldn’t knock creative efforts, but I got to thinking about all this and. honest to Pete, the whole thing is plumb ridiculous. * * * There’s a fair eye and ear treat in store for kids on Wednesday afternoon in ABC’s “Crazy Comedy Concert” bf well-known classic music pieces. The show is a combination of mine—by Tim Conway and Ruth Buzzi at a deserted Hollywood Bowl — and cartooned It runs an hour, which youngsters may find a bit long, rewards patience with a wild closing mime—and—animation version of the “1812 Overture”. Even big kids would like it. Alas, the show has canned laughter. ABC should know kids don’t need prompting to laugh. But the overall concept seems sound. It’s a good try, at least, and deserves another chance in the future. Poll Sees Failure Of Nixon Ouster WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sup-port for President Nixon has eroded in the senate, but move to oust him from office now would fail by more than a dozen votes, according to the latest impeachment poll conducted by the Washington Post. The survey, based on personal interviews with senators from both parties, indicated that if the house votes to impeach Nixon he would still retain his high office at the subsequent senate trial by a margin of 12 to 17 votes. However, the Post said, the sentiment toward impeachment has gained some 5 or IO votes since a similar poll was con ducted in February. 110,000-Member Garment Union Begins Walkout NEW YORK (AP) — Picket lines were up Monday at 700 manufacturers of apparel for men and boys across the nation as the first strike against the garment industry in half a century went into full gear. On the picket list of the 110,-000 -member Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America were selected manufacturers and factories in more than IOO towns in 30 states. About 40,000 of the pocket-makers, cutters, button-hole makers and machine operators striking in the wage dispute with the CI o t h i n g Manufacturers Assn. live in the New York City metropolitan area. Other strikers were concentrated in Massachusetts, Illinois, Mississippi, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California. The union is seeking a new abor contract containing higher wages, a cost-of-living clause and fringe benefits. Details of the demands were not announced. The employes earn an average of $3.50 an hour. Despite the aid of federal mediators, talks between the manufacturers and the union collapsed Saturday and the strike was called. No new negotiations were scheduled. The strike is not expected to cause any immediate clothing shortages. But the workers, most of whom have weekends off, walked out on the first real business day of a week in which the garment industry planned to build up production for the fall fashion season. Honor-MedaI Winner Keeps Pot Garden as Symbol of Freedom FAIRFIELD, 111. (AP) -Kenneth Kays is not your gov-ernment-issue hero. His victory garden is full of marijuana, and he is determined to keep it as a symbol of his freedom. Kays, 24, won the Medal of Honor and was honored at the White House for his heroism in Vietnam.    t A draft-resister-turned-medic, Kays lost a leg in battle in May. 1970. but repeatedly crawled past his lines to rescue and treat wounded comrades. Farms Marijuana Today his battleground is a Last U.S. Troops Pull Out of Laos VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) -The U.S. Monday withdrew the last of the 216 military men it sent to Laos 16 months ago, ending a decade of direct military involvement in the Indo-Chinese kingdom’s civil war, diplomatic sources reported. The last of the force of special “military attaches” took a com mercial flight to Bangkok, the sources said. The Laotian peace accords specify that all foreign troops are to be out of the country by June 4. The last of more than 17,000 Thai troops pulled out two weeks ago, but military sources say there is no evidence that North Vietnam has with-drawn any of the estimated 25,000-30,000 troops it has along its supply lines through southeast Laos to the Communist forces in South Vietnam. 1,000-square foot patch near his trailer in this southern Illinois town where he farms the illegal marijuana phmts for his own personal use. With practiced ease, he swings down the rows on his artificial leg hoeing, raking and tilling. A headband secures his long, sun-tinted hair which cascades into his beard. Kays was raised in Fairfield, population 6,000, mid attended Southern Illinois university. He was discharged from the army in 1970, and has been living here on disability checks since then. What he did in Vietnam and what he is doing now are part of the same personal quest for freedom and what is just, even if it conflicts with the law, Kays said. “I’ll finish what I started, a Jesuit McLaughlin Voices Fascination with Power ‘prayer and reflec- Guerillas: Killed Envoys Because Of Nixon Stance KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) -Eight Palestinian terrorists say they decided to kill U. S. Am bassador Cleo Noel and two other diplomats last year when they heard that President Nixon would not negotiate with them The Palestinians told a Sudan ese court trying them Sunday that they heard radio reports of Nixon’s refusal while they were holding the diplomats hostage inside the Saudi Arabian em bassy in March, 1973. They saic they killed the diplomats in the embassy cellar, all of them fir ing at the same time. The Black September terrorists confessed to the shootings during Sunday’s court session and their alleged leader, Rizig Abu-Ghassam, declared: “If I am given the chance, I will do it again.” The guerillas told the court that before Nixon’s refusal to negotiate, they had extendec their deadline for compliance with their demands three times They said they demanded free dom for Palestinian comman dos held in Jordan and eWst Television Listings 7—KWWLTV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8-WKBT, la Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3-WHOTV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Monday Night 6:00 7—News, Weather, Sots. 9—Wild Wild West 2—Action News 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News. Weather, Spts. 6—6 O'Clock Edition 8—News, Sots., Weother IO—News, Weather, Sp!-. 12—Trains, Trocks, Trestles 13—Eyewitness News 40—Lassie 6:30 7—Sanford and Son 2—To Tell Truth 3—Let s Make a Deal 4—Dusty's Trail 6—Hollywood Squares 8—Nashville Music IO—Booby Goldsboro 12—Consultation 13—Sanford and Son 40—Great Sports Legends 7:00 7—Baseball— Braves Phillies 9—Billy Graham 2—Gunsmoke 3—Billy Graham 4—Gunsmoke 6—Baseball— Braves-Phillies 8—Gunsmoke IO—Baseball— Braves-Phillies 12—Special of the Week 13—Baseball— Braves Phillies 40—Rookies 8:00 9—ABC Movie— •'No Way To Treat o Lody' 2—Here's Lucy 3—ABC Movie— ••No Way To Treat a Lady” 4—Here s Lucy 8—Here’s Lucy 40—ABC Movie— • No Way To Treat a Lady” 8:30 2-Dlck Van Dyke 4—Dick Van Dyke 1—Dick Van Dyke 12—Third World 9:00 2—CBS Special Edition 4—Billy Graham 8—CBS Special Edition 12—Washington Straight • Talk 9:30 12—Theater Macabre 1000 /—News. Weather, Spfs. 2—Action News 4—News, Weother, Sots. 6—IO O'Clock Edition 8—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weother, Spts. 12-Day at Night 13—Eyewitness News ness News Movie— ch of Blue” Special Edition iht Movie— ch of Blue” iht d Susskirid 'VI 9—Wide World of Entertainment 3—Wide World of Entertainment 40—Wide World of Entertainment ^4*—Stud Wild West 12:00 7—Tomorrow 2—Last Word 6—Tomorrow IO—Tomorrow 13—Tomorrow ^4—Country Music Tuesday Morning A • TA 2—Summer Semester 4—Garner Ted Armstrong 8—Synrise Semester 7:00 7—Today 2—CBS News 4—CBS News 6—Today 8—CBS News IO—Today • 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 8:00 9—New Zoo Revue , 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3—America Sings • 4—Copt. Kangaroo 8—Copt. 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John McLaughlin, a Jesuit tion.” priest who took a vow of po- McLaughlin joined the White verty, is paid $25,000 a year as a House staff in 1971 after an un-White House speech writer, successful race as for the U.S. lives in Washington’s plush Wa- senate' against Sen. Pastore (D-tergate complex and says he is1 R.I.) fascinated by power.    |    In    the People magazine inter- Germany and for Sirhan Sirhan “Clearly power is just as view, McLaughlin said, “Even who assassinated Sen. Robert great an emotion. I experience though I work at the White Kennedy. as making love,” he said in an House, I’m available for wed-    They    said their instructions interview published in People dings, baptisms — and cxor- were to leave the country with magazine, “and it might not be cisms. I’ve never performed an the Saudi Arbian and Jor-as short term.”    j    exorcism,” he said, “but the danian ambassadors after com McLaughlin, 47, said, “My life- time could come. I’ve been in- pleting their mission but to sur-style is avante garde, salaried dined to look at the judicial render to Sudanese authorities if and autonomous.”    branch.”    refused    permission    to    depart. He said he opposes releasing the White House tapes, an act he compares to “losing your virginity — you reveal one and then how do you stop?” He defends President Nixon’s use of profanity as nothing more than “ a form of emotional drainage.” McLaughlin said in the interview that he thinks celibacy for priests is “obsolete.” “I look forward to the day when women can become priests,” he said. His presence on the White House staff and his defense of President Nixon have thrust1 McLaughlin into controversy. He was summoned to Boston to talk to his religious superior, the Very Rev. Robert Cleary, Jesuit provincial of New Eng- 100° o SOLID STATE # (I QUO (Mil (HROMACOIORII 30,000 volts of picture power. One-button tuning. Power Sentry system. Modern style in oil finished Wolnut veneers and hardwood solid*- Rey. Vein* $639.95 • Me $$69.9$ w, t The Antares I4S4S SAVI >70°° Shop Mon. and Tburs. 'til 9,..and nil day Sat. 363-0283 West end of Second Avenue Bridge 106 2nd Ave. SW Youth Night-First of three one-hour TV specials with BILLY GRAHAM ••Cliff Barrows and the 4000 voice crusade choir—Geo. Beverly Shea— Tedd Smith—John Innes—Special guests-Mike McCoy, defensive tackle "Green Bay Packers"—Myrtle Hall—Bob and Jane Henley—Dr. Bill Bright—The Hawaiians— Lori Jonathan—Rev. Alan Early. search for personal freedom,’' he said in an interview. “I desire freedom 'to seek myself.” Was Unsure Kays resisted going into mili-tary service. When his induction notice came, he left for Canada. But, unsure he was doing the right thing, he reported 31 days late and volunteered to be a medic. The medal he earned has no value of itself, only the experience it represents, and has often been a source of trouble, he said. “I can’t handle being a hero.” he said, adding the accolade brings him unwanted attention and praise. Kays has been arrested twice and convicted once for possession and cultivation of marijuana. He was sentenced to one year of probation. Two weeks after his first arrest. the sheriff discovered Kays was still growing marijuana and arrested him again. Revocation of probation is being sought by the prosecutor. What Purpose “They see my adherence to responsibility as irresponsibility,” he said. “All they are is what they have been told. What purpose is served by restricting freedom?” “I don’t wish to fight, but I’m not going to quit,” he said. “I will trust to the courts to see that justice is done. My only weapon is the truth. No man has the right to dictate to fin-other.” In another blush with the law, police took Kays’ car in lieu of bail after he refused to pay a traffic fine. He was ticketed for roaring through the town at 60 miles per hour honking his; horn. “I was trying to wake up tho | dead,” he said. “I threw the tickets away.” A student of Oriental mysticism, Kays said. “I put my trust in the law of Karma; not the laws of men.” Then, fingering the leatherj thong that holds up his muddy and faded trousers, Kays adds, “ITI continue to stand up for what I believe.” Gallup: Kennedy Is Leading Ford PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) -Senator Kennedy (D-Mass.) would out (xii I Vice-president Ford if a presidential election were held now, according to the latest Gallup poll. In a poll of 1,543 adults May 10-13, 50 percent preferred Kennedy, 39 percent favored Ford and ll percent were undecided on how they would vote. Other Gallup surveys conducted this year identified the two 42 Perish as Reds Rocket Viet Air Base SAIGON (AP) — Communist gunners attacked the Bien Hoa air base Monday for the first time in seven months, killing 42 Vietnamese and wounding 82, police officials reported. Many of the casualties were caught by a direct hit on a prison camp. Thirty rockets struck the sprawling air base and five sur-rounding villages 15 miles northeast of Saigon before dawn, the police said. One of the 122mm rockets tore through the roof of a building inside the Tan Hiep Correctional Center, riddling more than IOO sleeping prisoners with shrapnel, Associated Press photographer Dang Van Phuoc reported. Police said 29 prisoners were killed, 64 were wounded. Many of them were women prisoners, and some of their children were among the casualties. The camp holds Viet Cong and other political prisoners. Some rockets damaged the runway at Bien Hoa, the biggest tactical air base in South Vietnam, and several napalm bombs were detonated. But no aircraft were damaged, the South Vietnamese military command said. In Cambodia, military sources said insurgent gunners and infantry attacked the isolated, Kompong Seila Garrison, 90 miles southwest of Phnom Penh on highway 4. for the fourth! straight day. Seven government troops were reported killed and 20 wounded, but the Cambodian military command claimed 30 insurgents were killed in a counterattack. men as Hie top choices of nemo-(•ratio and Republican voters for the presidential nomination of their parties. The latest poll followed recent Gallup findings that 24 percent of American voters identified themselves as Republican 42-percent said they were Democrats and 34 percent identified themselves as indeped-ents. In the Ford-Kennedy poll, 76 percent of Republicans chose Ford, 14 percent Kennedy of Massachusetts and IO percent were undecided. Democrats took Kennedy 73 percent to 17 percent for Ford with the remaining IO percent undecided. Forty-six percent of those calling themselves independents favored Kennedy, 39 percent Ford and 15 percent undecided. President Signs Bill For Institute on Aging WASHINGTON (AP) - President Nixon on Saturday signed legislation establishing a National Institute on Aging to consider the special problems of older persons. The bill, passed by congress last month, also sets up a new National Advisory Council on Aging to be appointed by the secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. Do you have a special service? Advertise regularly in the want ads. Dial 398-8234. Political Advertisement MARTIN Political Advertisement Political Advertisement JENSEN m    DEMOCRAT for congress "Together... We Can Make A Difference" Paid tor by Friends of Martin Jensen, Robert Rush. Chairman Political Advertisement Tom Riley Gets Things Done! Ill Mon., June 3 —- 7 PM    Tues.,    June 4 — 9 PM    Wed.,    June    5    — 9 PM SUBJECT    SUBJICr    SUBJECT The Devil, Demons [rue Love' "The Coming Storm' and Exorcism" KCRG-TV Ch. 9 REPUBLICAN ^ WK! Tom s 1974 Iowa Legislative Highlights. He was the author and/or floor manager of the following bills which were enacted into law. (1) Prohibit Discrimination in Credit Based on Sex, Age, Race, etc. □ (2) Senior Citizens Mobile Home Tax Relief Act n (3) Extend Hot Lunch Program To All Iowa School Children □ (4) Repeal law which prevented conviction of rapist on victim’s testimony alone □ (5) Governor’s Task Force on Early Childhood Development □ (6) Appropriation for ETV Translators For Northeast Iowa □ (7) Non-Public School Busing Bill □ (8) Additional Appropriation For Equipment at Community Colleges □ (9) Provide Annual Appropriation for TGE Swine Research □ (10) Witness Immunity Bill to Help Prosecuting Attorneys Secure Convictions □ (11) Meat Laboratory Appropriation at I.S.U. □ (12) Authorize Breath Test in Suspected Drunk Driving □ (13) State Regulation of Puppy Mills □ (14) Prohibit Dissemination of Pornography To Minors and Rewrite Lascivious Acts with Minors Law □ Tom chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education, the latter reviewed over Va billion dollars in education appropriations during the 65th General Assembly. He acted as the catalyst in focusing the Legislature's and Governor’s attantlon on the needs of the Foster Care Program. Result: Additional Appropriation. Tom pointed out the defect in the 65 foot double-bottom truck bill which would have permitted the trucks to travel anywhere In Iowa (cited by Governor Ray In his veto message). Riley For Congree* Committee Arlene Dayhoft, Chairperson Tom Riley Will Get T hings Done in Washington, D.C., too. Vote for Tom on Tuesday, June 4th. ;

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