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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Investor’s (fuicle lly Sam Shulsky Q — Having been a net loser in the stock market over the last five years I decided to put all my eggs into one basket by buying a severely depressed stock in the hope that a recovery would put me back into the plus column. Over the last 18 months I've accumulated 1,100 shares of an electronic stock at prices ranging from above 7 to below 4. Wl~at is your opinion? A — The company reported some sharp losses in recent years but in the last several months has shown slight recovery. However, your speculation still shows a loss — marketwise If the earnings recovery trend continues (and if the market has faith in it) you may be proved right. If it doesn’t you’ve just thrown good money after bad The definition of “depressed stock,” very much like the definition of ‘‘feminine beauty,” lies in the eye of the beholder. A stock which has fallen from 40 to 7 is certainly down in price, but when you call it “depressed” you imply that the decline is temporary, that the company will recover its earnings power, and that the stock market will once more return the stock to favor. A drop in price — alone — does not make a stock a “depressed stock.” * * * Q — We are in our late fids with substantial amounts in percent treasury bonds, treasury bills and savings accounts. With interest rates going up, what are your suggestions? A — lf yau are convinced interest rates are on a longterm rise then the logical move would be to keep all your investments short term — for example, in treasury bills of six months’ or a year’s duration and in day-to-day savings Politico! Advertisement Sam Shulsky accounts. That way you can ‘‘roll over” your investments frequently and take advantage of rising money rates I must warn you, however, that it is quite possible for short-term rates to decline while long-term rates hold at high levels or even, possibly, go higher. * * * Q - Where do you buy these bonds which yield percent? And how much do you need? A — lligh-grade corporate bonds are bought at brokerage firms and in some cases through your commercial bank Practically, you should go shopping with a minimum of $5,000 * * * Q — I am being forced into retirement and will need $800 to $900 a month — with no risk — from $50,000 total capital. How? A — I don't know; $800 a month, or $9,60') a year, from $50,000 would indicate a return of 19.2 percent and that I can’t find with even high risk, let alone “no risk ” A Grade AAA investment would yield about $4,250 a year from $50,000 * * * Q — How much would the government take in taxes if I sell a house for about $17,04M)^ I’m 70, and want to put the $17,000 into savings certificates. A — Any tax on the sale would depend upon whether the $17,000 showed you a profit. If the house cost you $17,000 originally, or if your original Politico! Advertisement JIM SCHABEN the man who... □ □ □ □ 0 □ 0 0 0 As Senate Democratic leoder, the highest elected Democrat in state government, opened Senate Democratic meetings to the public tor the first time in Iowa's history Fought to keep consumer interest rates low while the prevent administration doubled the cost of credit, Has served in public office for the last eight years, winning each time he ran by ever- increasing margins. Voted 100% Right tor working men and women during his 8 years in the Iowa Senate Went to Washington to seek release of impounded Rf AP funds for Iowa formers Sponsored the legislation to create a state Department of Veteran Affairs Has consistently voted for education legislation, including area schools, regents institutions, teachers votaries and benefits, student loans cmd grants, and special education funding Successfully fought for property ta* refunds for the elderly and repeal of the sales ta* on food and medicine Has offered the mas! concrete proposals tor creating public transportation in Iowa s towns and for revitalizing Iowa s railroads Will lead Democrats to victory in the race for Governor this November VOTE SCHABEN Democrat For GOVERNOR June 4 Your support will bo greatly appreciated Paid for by Committee For Schoben for Governor Sen Gene V Kennedy, Chairman cost plus rwnodtding and other permanent improvement# brought the figure up to $17,(KHI, there would be no tax at all If your (ax cost was, for example, $15,000 you would have a $2,000 profit, of which only one-half would be taxable, Unless you are in a high tux bracket, I wouldn’t let tax fears hold up the sale •    *    * Q — I want to set up a 10-year trust for a child, to help him with college tuition What would you suggest? A — Do nothing without the guidance of a lawyer expert in this field. •    *    * Q — Gould you suggest a good investment for $1,(HHI? A — That’s like asking me: what sort of ear should I buy — and then failing to tell me to what use the car would bf* put ... MATURITY: The date on whioh a loan, or a bond, or a debenture comes due and is to Ik* paid off by the issuing corporation or government. *    ♦    * Mr. Shulsky welcomes written awes tions, but he will be able to provide answers only throuoh the column For lists of growth and dividend stocks, please include a self addressed, stamped en velope Address your requests to Sam Shulsky, care of The Gazette ON THIS DATE in 1964, President Lyndon Johnson described American military might as awesome, saying it exceeded the combined might of all the nations in world history. BIG GEORGE! Virgil Partch Excavations in Corinth Yield Ancient Finds ATHENS (AP) - Life size ornate engravings of human figures dating to Roman times have been discovered by the American School of Classical Studies excavating in the ancient Greek town of Corinth. The engravings, the latest of a series of important finds in the area, were described as “unprecedented in ancient Corinth ” A marble column was unearthed showing the detailed figures of a bearded man arid two women. One woman hopis Boy, 12, Finishes High School PARKERSBURG, W Va (I Pl) — Frederick Keith Wamsley, 12, will be the youngest graduate in Parkersburg high school’s 100-year history Fred completed his high school work in one year, entering after six years of elementary school. For three of the last four years he also has spent three days a week at Ohio university in Athens, Ohio, doing work in mathematics, physics. Russian, psychology, logic and electronics. Fred is nol sure what he will tin in the fall His father is a West Virginia university graduate in chemical engineering and his mother has a degree in economics from Louisiana State university. a flaming torch and the other a handful of corn blades in one hand and two poppies in the other The excavations also un covered two tombs dating between the Fourth and Sixth centuries B C. The skeletons wort* intact A total of 450 bronze coins showing busts of Roman and Byzantine emperors were found Most date to the years 850-1050 The most significant was a silver Corinthian coin from the Fifth century B (’ depicting Pegassus, the winged horse The school struck a major find 18 months ago when it unearthed a sphinx dating to 540 B. (’. ‘I’ll let you know when chow is ready.” Candidate in Refund Vow CONCORD, N. II (UPI) -John Durkin, Democratic senate candidate, has announced a dollars-for-Durkin fund-raising campaign including a money-hack guarantee. He said his program “seeks to involve and gain the participation and support of only one special interest group — the people." If the contributor is not satisfied with Durkin’s perfor mance, if elected, the contribution will be refunded “For altogether too long," said Durkin, “too many politicians have shaken our hand lK*fore an election and our confidence afterward .” ON THIS DATE in 1973 a Soviet supersonic airliner crashed during an international air show near Paris, killing the six crewmen and seven French villagers * ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ NOTICE! Cedar Rapids Homeowners Homestead Exemption and Military Exemption Applications Must be Filed in the City Assessor's Office, 5th Floor City Hall BEFORE JULY I, 1974 Come In Early, Avoid The RushI OPEN MON. THRU FRI. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. * ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ SAI ULEKOFFS 0pen r#nrte    ’,il 9 2 Vt acres of everything for the horn* “EARLY BIRD ildCWlWlWltll Aer mm mum ROOM /WIFI C"o«C^° Coup® - debase . 50.00 °° * coop00 *ot' AiVvO*'**' -.woo'K)t’ • roup    Kit    G0®    ,we    *1** f\0"ce' ana Air Conditioners Now You Can Buy Brand New ana Air Conditioner 5,000 to 18,000 BTU and § Save so OO With Coupon The sleek, handsome air conditioner so whisper quiet it gets talked about ACT NOW! Why Swelter This Summer? Get Set NOW To Enjoy COOL, COOL COMFORT During Summer’s Sweltering Days and Nights! 5-Year Total Appliance Warranty! Covers Labor and Parts Only Amana gives you this comprehensive protection! It Pays To Buy NOW AND SAVE! BUY NOW .. . No Monthly Payments Until July I st We’ll Deliver Now In Original Factory Crating and Place It In Your Garage or Basement for Installation Later lf You Desire. An i'm lei .mtv tor s yean I, ,vw it.it* cl pf g.nal pun hun Mi (I • , tref replacement cr tora Inclining I to .I (it * • , • ». ta v. rkmj»>h<p ie eater .it under rat mal use ani return*! through A- .n a s de 1 'rf (ti* I— AMANA S VIAN TOTAL APPLIANCE WANRANtV Includ e? related labor, of parti UIL. ....        .       '    th'tutor organization •'••"vt *» • ■ 1    ’    tor    lo*    al    ta* late. mailmen » ba.el opt ne* it i.* mum    ut.hi iv t (I gi <>. tv Mien, tubber cr mastic M'tl. »'••* i'1 taint I M material Orth* I ta ain ii ;>o«vbl« lot normal iRimt>.ii*n e    . if n ■ min* ct tells, (Alter ivjh's, r tub'I. Ill OI anil nu 'Mi Deter mr at it ut appear AMO WWW due la ital « nevi' Any I Willet injected ta .evident, ie. it.**' gen*e, abuse, dele ement tit aerial pate or aHMAtd ahail void me warranty bi Ca Mila. me warranty applies at above ti ept that it duet hot cover t et, dit.et, a    levied    at bm* cf pail pvport. IO,,In SMULBKOFFS TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET ;

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