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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 31, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa lf you like this collie-shepherd pup, you may adopt it and a matching one — except one is male and the other female — at the Humane Society on Mf. Vernon road SE. The puppies are six weeks old, have had temporary distemper shots and have been wormed once. One or both may be picked up between IO a.rn- and 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Doors Without Locks Bother Ex-Convict After 36 Years By Rosalie Ritz SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -Wesley Robert Wells is living in mansions these days, but he ‘‘The whole doggone world is further introduced Wells to life new to me.”    outside    prison walls. Wells be- Economic, transportation and came infuriated when the driver LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Reporter William Farr, central fig-t lire in one of the longest and j most celebrated U.S. press-judi-* ciary clashes, was sentenced to* the maximum five days in jail and fined $500 Monday by Judge Charles Older. Older lamented that he could not make the sentence harsher. The judge, passing sentence, said that ‘‘no man has the right to hold himself above the law and that is precisely what Mr. Farr is doing in this case. Mr. Farr will not be rewarded for his conduct in this court. “Warranted More” can’t get used to sleeping with sourccs °* wonderment to the doors unlocked.    ™an    0 4bas becI] 11 For 36 years he never had TrS,    f that problem. His homes carried names like San Quentin, Vacaville, and death row. But Wells, address July parole board fashion changes are constant'couldn’t find the office. “You people been doin’ this to (man who has been in institu- me ever since I got out,” he thundered. ‘‘None of It cost us 50 cents for an ice!drive.” Paid Homage I cream “Gave cone,” he complained. a dollar for two ice “In my view, the circumstances of this case warranted a much more severe sentence, were it within the power of the court to impose it,” the judge said. Farr and Older have been 'QU canJ involved for three years in a struggle that pits a right of judges — to impose gag orders protect the impartiality of Older could not impose an open-ended “coercive” contempt sentence on Farr, but was limited! to the five days maximum as a “punitive” sentence. Farr is now a court reporter other celebrities. “I am greatly relieved that; my virtual life sentence has j been reduced to five days,” he rtsaid outside the courtroom, “I ii un fully prepared to go back to j ail.” Farr is now a court reporter l or the Los Angeles Times, but I was working for the Herald-Ex-i iminer when he wrote that the Manson family had plans to kill other celebrities. Currie Unaware Of School Zone Change Proposal Cedar Rapids Community; school district officials ex- -------!__________  .    .....    .    Inside    the    office,    a woman to    «...    _ 65, changed his c    ®    ’    an 1 n nu recognized Wells and talked to jurors — against a journalistic PIcsse^ surprise Tuesday over a 2 after the state m,°"eybadt' „ J. J"    '     ^----"u----- decided that the1 WelIs was tciuall>’ dismayed him as if to pay homage to a king. She told him of her own convict no longer was a threat    ]the    meter had to busband wbo was in prjson jt 0f those who give him informa- to society. He was released to 00 ea w,,,e tncy ate tneir 1C« turned out that her husband was tion in confidence. «r^i 1 cream. ‘I was wondering if _ ethic — that a newsman must ProP^s^d clhange in school zone refuse to reveal the identities speed limits. the custody of the Delancey    WI Street Foundation, a self-help »c d,bay.e‘° PaJ for lhc alr we group for addicts and former a ’ sa prisoners. Supt. Craig Currie said he was not aware the city was con- a friend of Wells.    Farr has refused throughout ^(ierJnS .™akin| sc!j00! zone On the way back, Wells that time to reveal the names of    m passed a woman dressed in two lawyers who broke Older's y    ti    5    p.m.    on Posh Mansions “Everything Difierent boots short skirt and light rcd gag orcjer by giving Farr infor-“Wearing clothes is different, wig. “That woman there — she niation for a story during the Charles Manson Wells now lives in the former Autos and streetcars buS me don’t feel too good being what trial of the Russian consulate, one of two"16 "ay they drive - every- thing is different,” he added. Delancey street mansions in posh Pacific Heights. His private bathroom is larger and better 1 outfitted than the cell where he spent four years as a condemned man. He dines nearby in the former Egyptian consulate. “It’s hard to get used to going to sleep with the door unlocked,” said the graying ex-convict. After his mother died and his sisters brought him to Los An- God made her,” he said. “There is some who are more in prison than I ever was.” prison, the Sharon family for murders Older originally sent Farr to ,    „„    .    „    .    ,    As    he    did    in    prison,    Wells    jail.on    an    open^nded contempt gdes, We    is    entered    a    juvenile    Spen(js    much of    his    time now    ...    .,    . ha Im im    He    went from    one    ,    j    chess,    reading    and lis-be,d    untd be    ^elen,cd    ,Tbc    se,n: roi.fnm.o v«..m    e    ®    tence    could have lasted until one of the men -died, or until Older left the bench,    but    Farr was    freed in    1972 after 46    days by U. S. supreme court Justice weekdays. “Right off the top of my head, | I*rn a little bothered by the in-! Tate k rence tbat tbe limit will aj >ply only Monday through Fri-dny. We have Saturday morning pf ograms at the junior and se- ----------    yiaYiiiK    v California Youth Authority facil- tening to a collection of Harry j lty to another until at 19, he was james records on a stereo set convicted of receiving stolen goods. “That’s when I first went to given to him while he was at Vacaville. But he says, “FII be doing my San Quentin,” he said. “I went share of work, too. I hope to do in 1926 and came out in 1941. counseling of youth so they J ail un aa    ‘    ni    or high schools and at a large sentence, ordermg that he ^ nt •mber of elementary schools ” Ccrrie said. iHe added that staff members we mid be studying the speed Un lit change in more detail. J Vt present the speed limit at al times in school zones is 25 1 mj )h. An ordinance to be placed on file Wednesday would make Douglas pending appeals. Judge Limited in^ Ho mn ^en back |n *n on a stolen won’t mess up their lives as bad A complex series of appeals school zone limits effective only v^Q* Olina UemO car charge in Los Angeles. as mine was messed up.”    ann    luarinac    ocfnhiicim/i    thai    <iia    >in<T    cr>h/-w,i    hmtrc    M Wins in COLUMBIA, S. C. Upset (AP) - car charge in Los Angeles.” Behind bars, he was convicted of manslaughter in the 1932 slaying of another inmate dur- and hearings established that duo -ing school hours. Charles ‘ Pug ’ Ravenel has jng a fight. In 1947, he was sen upset the veteran Rep. VV. J. fenced to death for hurling a Bryan Dom to win South Caro- cuspidor at a guard, breaking Una’s Democratic gubernatorial his jaw. nomination. Ravenel, making his first bid 0f assault on a prisoner or for political office and consid- guard would go to death row In California, a lifer convicted a ered an underdog from the start, will face Republican j James Edwards, a Charleston dentist, in the November general election. Rolls-Royce Wells left Vacaville in grand style. He ordered a guard to open a gate and then was swept Ravenel, a 36-year-old away in a Rolls-Royce. A Cadil-Charleston investment banker, i lac followed as a backup car. swept the metropolitan areas of Columbia, Charleston and I Delancey Street had rented the cars for the occasion. “I m Greenville and held his own in older, wiser and better self-con-the farm country to whip Dom trolled,” Wells told newsmen in Tuesday’s runoff election. Ravenel, who returned to his witnessing his departure. One of the first problems he native state only two years ago faced was his health. Gaunt, after almost a decade as a arthritic and with ether ailments Wall Street financier, led the common to his age, Wells went Democratic ticket in the July 16 to a doctor who advised him to primary but failed to get necessary majority in the ven-candidate field. the se- 20 YEARS AGO — The Eisenhower administration approved a military manpower plan of duty for all qualified young men. arrange to get Medi-Cal aid. The trip to the Medi-Cal office “ • WEEKEND AND O UJ mJ -J o u >■ < o s/i UJ z a 2-3-2 COURSE LISTING AUGUST ll, WATCH FOR IT! < rn Z Z o n O O MU LE KOF FS 2Vt acres of everything for the home ft, pen Thursday 9 ’til 9 Drapery Dept., I JOW Located on our newly remod eled 5th Floor Bright, Floral, Wipe-Clean &Replacement Pads Lounge Pads now $ I I 25 Wf    Take more pleasure in I tie remaining '    days of summertime without taking much out of your budge t! This is it! This is your chance to brighten up those Summer of '74 wenrn cushions at Vt the regular price. Or maybe you'll want to be an “early bird'' for nett summer. Either way, our bright, floral replacement pads of heavy wipe-clean polyure thane filled vinyl can be yours now at a 25% savings. The cushions are reversible and gi eat for redwood, wrought iron and aluminum furniture. You'll enjoy the rest of the sumi\.\er all that much more when you've found a bargain like this. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., July 31. 1!>74 Volunteer Alert It the summer months^ are showing >ou that you have some spare time, we. .have many worthwhile projects that can be rewarding to you and extremely helpful to the people you’re narking with. TRANSPORATION: Help in this area is always needed — any day, any time. This could be a one-time only, or a regular basis, lf you are interested in providing transportation for pee pie who desperately need it, give us a call. HANDICAPPED: Taping books for the blind, companions, recreation, transportation, chess, handicrafts and many more. You coluld work with children or adults. VISITORS: If you would like to share some of your time with elderly or conf lined people, we need you. This can be scheduled at. your convenience and will reward you and your friends. TOUR GUIDES: lf yoni,’re a mature individual and enjoy working with groups of kids mid elderly people and appreciate scenic surroundings, you are needed to conduct tours. CHINESE: If you speak Chinese or any other language, we would like to put your name in our language pool to help occasionally with communication problems. MUSICIANS: If you play a musical instrument and/or are part of a bai Kl, your skill could make a lot of elderly people who like to dance very happy. What we need money fcan’t buy ... We need you. Call the Voluntary Actions Center at 365-6942, or stop in at 712 Third avenue SE,, between 8:30 and 4:30 weekdays. A member agency United Way of Linn County. Robert Naughton Is Promoted to New Navy Rank ! Former prisoner of war Robert J. Naughton, 36. was reeent-I ly promoted to U. S. navy commander and graduated from the naval war college at Newport. J R. I. Naughton, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Roland Naughton, 2516 C avenue NE, is scheduled to be stationed at Jacksonville, Fla., where he will study for his master’s degree in business at I the University of Jacksonville. Naughton, a navy pilot, was released by the North Vietnamese March 3, 1973, after being a POW for almost six years. Ho ; returned to a hero’s welcome in Cedar Rapids March 24, 1973. He has been at the naval war | college for IO months, during which time he received advanced instruction in tactics, strategy and policy-making and defense economics. The college is the navy’s senior graduate level educational ! institution. Panel Votes President More Tariff Leeway WASHINGTON (AP) The senate finance committee has agreed to give the President broader tariff-cutting authority than is allowed in a house-passed trade-reform bill. Sen Ixuig (D-La.) said his committee agreed tentatively to allow elimination of a tariff when the existing duty is less than IO percent, lf the tariff is more than IO percent of the value of the product, it could be cut by half. The house bill would allow elimination of any tariff presently at 5 percent or less of value, and would authorize slashing a tariff of 5 to 25 percent by 60 percent. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 363-0671 lf you need help: Foundation ll 362-2174 (4 p.m. to midnight) Star-News Backs Impeaching Nixon WASHINGTON (AP) The Washington Star-News, which supported President Nixon iii his 1968 and 1972 campaigns, has called for his impeachment. Iii an editorial Monday, the newspaper .said . . . “We believe I the house has no other responsible choice but to order the President to stand trial before the senate to answer for the transgressions that have come to be grouped under that word — Watergate — that will forever mark his administration.” The Star-News, Washington’s evening newspaper, took no stand on whether tho President should be convicted in the senate, saying “a presumption of innocence will follow him into the trial in the senate.” The editorial said Nixon has accomplished many praiseworthy things as President, particularly in the field of foreign affairs. but added that his administration “has given the country a hurt of the spirit.. It Pays To Advertise Pick up the telephone and call 398-8234 to place a want ad! You Get Lots More at SMU LE KOF FS IV I acres of everything for the home Third Ave. at First St. SE In Downtown Cedar Rapids Newsman Gets 5-Day Term After Long Legal Battle Carpet Depts.-First Floor, South Open Thursday 9 a.m. ’til 9 p.m. aiel iental ot)e&ian The Elegance of Beauty Capture the beauty of the old world in your home today. The rich oriental designs are textured in an all wool rug. The colors, blended well to compliment any decor, lf you are at all oriental minded you will certainly want to see these fine, imported rugs now. All sizes at a special savings price. Choose from Kirman, Tien Tsin, Sarouk, Bachtiar, Bacchara, Heriz designs. • Finest Imported • 6 Designs • 100% Wool    -Well-blended    Color- 2 ft. x 4 ft. 6 inches................... *34.95 4 ft. 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