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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., July 30, 1974 Democratic Gains: Trend May Not Last Until 76 MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — All political signposts point to “substantial gains” for Democrats in 1974 elections, but the trend may not hold up for 1976, political analyst Richard M. Scammon said Monday. Speaking at the Midwest Governors Conference, Scammon said this year’s results are likely to include a flock of new Democratic seats in congress and more Democratic governors. Research Center But the cause may be as much related to inflation and fears of a new fuel shortage as to Watergate, Scammon said Scammon is director of the Elections Research Center in Washington, D. C. “This is the year of the opposition,” he said. “How much of this opposition push is Watergate, and how much is inflation, and how much of it is memories of the gas shortage and how much of it is a malaise and alienation, I wouldn’t try to make an estimate.” He ventured no guess on the 1976 presidential election and said a COP rebound is possible. Cited Examples Scammon said the nominations of Sen. George McGovern by Democrats in 1972 and Sen. Barry Coldwater by Republi cans in 1964 were examples of conventions that failed to reflect a majority of their parties, and proposed a national presidential primary. Economist Gardner Ackley told the governors the nation has little to fear from a major depression, but said Nixon administration policies are destined to prolong inflation. Johnson Adviser____ Ackley, professor of economics at the University of Michigan, was the chief economics adviser to President Lyndon Johnson. "On the average, we are neither worse off nor better off rn because of inflation,” Ackley Raid. Gov. J. James Exon of Nebraska, a Democrat, said he will ask the conference to urge changes in federal farm programs because of drouth conditions. Forgiveness Plan Exon said he will ask that target prices for specific crops be raised and that a former “forgiveness” provision in disaster loans be re-enacted. Exon said drouth conditions in Nebraska are the worst since the 1930s. The conference continues through Wednesday. Scheduled Tuesday was a panel discussion on the world food crisis. rn wa r wk m * v Ray Knocks Ackley View On Inflation MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Robert Ray has taken issue with a statement from the former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors that inflation doesn’t hurt nearly as much as people think. “It does hurt greatly people not sitting on the average,” Ray said Monday in response to the comment from H. Gardner Ackley. Sought Details Ackley said at the Midwest Governors Conference here what a nation cannot avoid is “stagflation” - an economy with too much unemployment and too much inflation. In a discussion session later, Ray and Missouri Gov. Christopher Bond asked for details. Ray told Gardner he had “condemned the administration for doing and not doing” and asked what course he would take. Income Policy Ackley said he thinks an income policy and a number of reforms to abolish law that benefit special interest groups are needed. One reform he mentioned was a change in the building codes which he said contribute to inflation in the building industry. Resolutions critical of fed- Elderly Examined by U. of I. Nursing Students IOWA CITY - Health screening clinics for the elderly in four southeastern Iowa towns have been a project of 80 student nurses from the University of Iowa college of nursing. During July, the students compiled case histories, took blood pressures, listened to heart and lungs, and checked urine specimens for 331 elderly persons in Sigourney, Keswick, Wellman and Iowa City. The nurses, all enrolled in Nursing I, worked in teams of two under the supervision of eight faculty members, who referred persons found to have health problems to public health nurses in each area. Of the 186 persons seen in Sigourney and Keswick, 84 were referred for followup checking. Group Meals The clinics in Iowa City, Keswick and Sigourney were held following group meals for the elderly. In Sigourney and Keswick, students and nurses set up voting booths which they had borrowed through the county auditor’s office, adding sheets to provide private cubicles for their examinations of the elderly. Some of the elderly whom the students screened hadn’t been to a doctor in 25 years. The oldest person seen was 90. One eight-year-old turned up with his grandparents and was screened by a faculty member with experience in pediatric nursing. In Wellman the students screened patients in the Shenck Nursing home, of which Ezra Shenck is the administrator. Directed Screenings The Sigourney and Keswick screenings were set up after the college of nursing was contacted by Barbara Ryan, project director of the Area 15 agency on aging, and Ed Green, director of adult education at the Indian Hills Community college. Ottumwa. Kay Zimmerman, public health nurse in Sigourney, assisted with arrangements. Carolyn Crowell, assistant professor of nursing at the U. of I. and course coordinator for Nursing I, directed the screenings. Each screening program opened with a half-hour presentation during which a faculty member explained some of the changes which take place with aging, such as Trucker Killed in 1-80 Collision BROOKLYN - Merle E. Mel-vin, 43, of Glendale, Ariz., was killed Monday when the eastbound semi-trailer truck he was driving ran into the rear of another semi-trailer which was pulling onto interstate 80 one mile east of Brooklyn, according to state highway patrol authorities. The driver of the other semitrailer, Joe William Vanok, jr.,! 38, of Vernon, Texas, was in stable condition at Grinnell General hospital Tuesday with back injuries. It was incorrectly reported by j the wire services Monday that Melvin was from Peoria, 111. changes in circulation. After - screening each elderly person, Two Are Named to students told him or her of any sign of diabetes or any Ceiling To Be Asked On Suits Against State DES MOINES (UPI) - An assistant Iowa attorney general said Monday he will pro-erai policies on beef, wheat ' pose that the 1975 Iowa legisla-and dairy imports are sched- I ture put a limit on how much uled for consideration by the conference Wednesday. Other proposals dealing with energy questions will also be up for discussion Wednesday following a speech by Federal Energy Administrator John C. Sawhill. Ray Appoints Eastern Iowans DES MOINES (AP) - The appointment of three persons to, the school budget review committee and two to the board of physical therapy examiners was announced Monday by Gov. Robert Ray. Named to the school budget review committee were Mrs. Enid David, of Keokuk, for a two-year term; and Edgar S. Gage, of Mason City, for a three-year term. Former state Rep. Keith Vetter, of Washington, was reappointed for a one-year term. Reappointed to one-year terms on the board of physical therapy examiners were Nancy G. Thompson, of Ames; and Dr. William R. Whitmore, of Davenport. a person can collect when suing the state. Assistant Attorney General John Beamer also said the legislature should adopt measures to protect state employes who are sued individually while on the job. Limit Needed Beamer said the limit is needed because of the large number of lawsuits being filed against the state. He noted that 291 claims were filed against the state in the two years following elimination of the law providing the state immunity from lawsuits, and added that 293 were filed in the 1971-72 period. And although the state now has five attorneys to handle law'suits, there is a backlog of about 125 suits still pending. $300,000 Ceiling Beamer said he probably will ask the legislature to limit claims to $300,000. He said he is not particularly set on that figure, but said it will bring the situation to the attention of lawmakers. Beamer said most of the suits are filed against the Iowa highway commission because it is the state’s biggest agency and has frequent contact with citizens. Other prime targets have been the department of social services and the Iowa conservation commission. Need Protection The assistant attorney general said state employes need protection because more and more are being sued individually for incidents that occur as part of their jobs. The attorney general’s office is responsible for defending state employes who are sued, but if the employe loses the suit, he or she must pay the damages unless the legislature agrees to do so by a two-thirds vote. other abnormality indicated by the urine examination, reported any finding of high blood pressure, and saw that he or she met the public health nurse in the area for foliowups. At Churches Clinics were held in April in connection with group meals at St. Andrews Presbyterian church and the First Method-i ist church in Iowa City and at the United Presbyterian home in Washington and the Pleasant View home in Kalona. The I students screened a total of ; 180 persons in the four April clinics. Students in Nursing I have screened well over 800 elderly persons since the new program got under way in January, counting persons seen for individual interviews and those seen in clinics. Newspaper Posts TAMA — New editors of the Tama News-Herald and the Traer Star-Clipper have been named by the owners of the Star-Clipper Co, Both editors come to Tama county from the Denison Bulletin and Review'. Ron Slechta, 32, is the new editor of the Tama News-Herald succeeding David Hynek, who managed the paper since the death of his father, John Hynek, Jan. 1960, and sold the paper in April to the Traer Star-Clipper. Hynek will continue work with the paper but possibly on a part-time basis. Paul Thompson, 32, is the new editor of the Traer Star-Clipper succeeding Tom Tuttle, who has been named to the position of executive secrtary of common cause in the state of Iowa and will assume duties at the Des Moines office of common cause Aug. 5. Park Guides Dean Anderson and Sharia Crew pause while maintaining Hoover Birthplace cottage area in West Branch. The National Park Service "living history" program there includes touches like the 1874 lawnmower at left as well as costumes authentic to the period 1880. II Progressing Backward WEST BRANCH - At least one Eastern Iowa village is making progress backward these days. The locale Is the neighborhood of the young Herbert Hoover near West Branch. This year, his old neighborhood on Downey street has taken on a new — rather old —look. Concrete sidewalks are gone and in their place are the boardwalks that late 19th century America knew so well. Sturdy picket and board fences now line the street, not built originally for their quaintness but because cattle were driven up the street to railhead, and gardens could not survive marauding cattle. Street lighting of the post- pdlCA- n—'    >    rtimn    aru    I stored are the kerosene burning lamps of that era, restored in detail. And they are lighted at dusk. Costumed demonstrators recreate the blacksmith’s work and home life of a century ago in a town then predomin-ently Quaker in texture. Even the lawnmowers used are vintage 1870s, although it takes an energetic one-manpower to keep it rolling along. During the summer months, the village under restoration is open from 8 a rn. until 8 p.m. seven days a week and there are no charges. Council Approves Merit Pay Plan DES MOINES (API — A | salary’ increase averaging 12.5 percent for non-academic em-i ployes of the state board of re-i gents was approved by the ! Iowa executive council Monday. The plan, previously approved J by the regents, provides a 7.5 percent cost of living increase to I about 7,503 employes, plus adjustments in the regents’ 'morit cvcfpm InnDPvitu natl boosts and other adjustments averaging 5 percent per employe. 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