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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Odar Rapids Gazette: Tues., July 30. 1974 rn PW! $ Investor's Guide J ^\\V\\V\i\\N\SkSA\W^ By Sam Shulsky Q - I ant a single man. 52, earning $12,000 with savings accounts and F bonds, plus the attached list of investments I’ve suffered heavy paper losses. Now, with a thought to retiring. I'm wondering what you would suggest. I don't have to leave an estate. Should I buy more of a conglomerate’s preferred to bring my original price down? It’s now selling for half of what I paid. \ — B’s pretty obvious that J you don’t need me to tell you, that your gambling days are over, lf you are eligible to retire soon you surely must realize that you are not going to get much material comfort from a list of eats and dogs selling at l*k or 5 or 2 — and some of which I can't find They may have been attractive gambles at one time — but they are not your cup of tea now and surely won t be in retirement. You might as well begin taking your losses while you are still employed and can make the best use of the tax deduction. If you plan to retire soon — at 55 or the sunny side* 0f (ii) — you will have to continue a substantial portion of your funds in common stocks or convertibles — but in much higher quality. Your envelope is bringing you a list of investment grade companies. The E bonds, of course, should remain as they are until you do retire — when you eau I) switch to II bonds; 2) cash in a certain percentage every year or 3) cash them all in and go for higher yields — if then obtainable Your tax bracket in retirement will determine your best course. As far as your leaving an estate is concerned Right now you have to proceed on just about the same basis as though you had four children and a dozen grandchildren because at 52. or 55. or HO you are your own heir. That is. you must protect your capital for your own lifetime use. No safe formula for eating into that capital so that it will run out when you die is feasible until you are much older and can consider a lifetime annuity. So — you must now turn your investing toward safety and growth of principal and income. I don’t think much of your idea of averaging down on the conglomerate stock. Its selling now at a level to yield better than 12 percent. To me that indicates some doubts of its ability to continue. Besides. if you put more money into stocks it should give you much more diversification in sound issues than you have * * • Q — If these treasury and federal agency bonds are so safe, why the “bid’' and “asked” prices? A — There's always a difference of opinion between buyer and seller even when there is no question of safety. Furthermore, the difference in most cases represents the commission or mark-up price which the broker uses to stay m business * • * “WHEN ISSI El)”; This is a shortened form of “when. as and if issued” and refers to a conditional transaction in a security which has been authorized for issuance bul has not yet been issued lie .Cfi Only tSfOUQft ’Se cc of nrowfs aillt Qtvidend S*C ode o veil addressed, st pc Address your reciue ,kv care cf The Caretfe ii yes, you can say charge it” when you hove us fill your prescriptions Its hard to budget for illness, so we re happy to provide you with a con vement charge account. Serving you is paramount with us.pharmacies7 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS HEATHCUFF For Better Healrh Seat Belts Hold Passengers In Place in Sudden Stops —    i.. Bv Dr. SF. Andelman lf you’re driving your t ar at 40 mph and slam on the brakes suddenly, the t ar w ill stop within a lew feet — but what happens to von and the other passengers'.’ Euless you’re wearing seat belts, you and the passengers continue to hurtle forward at 40 mph. In a crash, the seat-belted passenger slows down with the car instead of hav mg his forward motion halted abruptly bs the windshield. dashboard or tin' seat iii front of him. While tin' v u tim of a car accident is likely to be injured e\en witll his seat belt fastened, injuries to tile belted passengers are usually less severe In fact, the American Automobile Assn estimates that seat belts reduce injuries about one-third open Doors Frequent Iv in car accidents. the ear doors fly open and passengers are thrown into the street Obviously, wearing a seat belt will help keep you iii the t ar Your chances of being killed arc five tunes greater if you're thrown from a car and (ut the pavement or arc tossed in the path of a passing motorist. Car accidents can happen anywhere. Surprisingly, half of all fatal accidents occur at speeds less than 4<i mph and two-thirds of them take place within 25 miles of home. So fasten your seat belt even for short trips and city driving All new cars are now required by law to be equipped with at least two seat belts Some manufacturers put in six lf more than two people ride in your car regularly, you should provide seat belts for everyone. And require your passengers to buckle up before the engine is started. Cap Belts Then* un' two kinds of seat belts: lap belts and shoulder harnesses. Cap belts have proved helpful in reducing the' severity of injuries, but shoulder belts have the added advantage of holding hack the upper part of the body and keeping the head away from the dashboard. Smaller versions of the adult seat belt are available to keep youngsters from being tossed about when the ear stops sudden!,v or turns abruptly. A baby should travel in a special safety car scat mother’s lap. never in his * * * Dr. \ndelinan welcomes let leis outlining problems which he may discuss in future columns. Ile regrets, however that he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in care of The* Gazette. PLAY    * FUN & GAMES EVERY WED., SAT. & SUN. EVENING Montrose Hotel Doors Open 6:30 EARLY-BIRD STARTS 7 P.M. ADMISSION $1.00 INCLUDES ONE CARD Addl. Cords 504, Specials 6 for $1.00 *500 JACKPOT IF ISO PEOPLE OR MORE IN ATTENDANCE Sponsored by Em.rnld Knight Drum I Bugle Corps and Comp Courage " GOT ANYTHING FOR A PARROT ? By Oswald & James Jacoby If the expert has to take a finesse and has only one way to take it. he is going to lose that finesse one-half the* time. He knows about this possibility and tries to take the finesse when the loss is least likely to hurt him. Now look at today's hand. South will duck the first heart lead and win the second one in dummy. Then, if South is at all careless he will lead a diamond. After all, he has to knock out the diamond ace in order to take his four diamond tricks. Fast will take his ace and knock out South's ace of hearts. Sooner or later South will have to take the club finesse for his ninth trick. The finesse will lose and West will take two heart tricks to set South An expert South will look for nine tricks at the start of play and see that two clubs will be needed He will lose the club finesse right away. He will lose the ace of diamonds trick later, but there will be no way for Fast lo put West in to take those heart tricks. Suppose West holds both the Both vulnerable V\est North    East    South I NT j Pass ;t N T    Pass    Pass    i Pass I Opening lead—Q* I     J king of clubs and ace of diamonds. Expert South will go down just like everyone else. *fCRRDA*«# The bielding has boon West North East [’ass    IJT l’a>s    ;”)♦ South I A Pass 4 N T. F’a» ’’ You, South, hold A A Q ti 5 \ V A Q 6 5 4 ♦ A K A 2 What do you do now A —Bid five not rump. Ii your partner shows three kings you w ill biti seven. TODAY'S (JI ES NON Your partner bids six hearts to show Ivvo kings What do you do now Answer Tomorrow THE NEWS has been really been ‘‘sizzling this summer. Each time you open the paper it seems you re greeted with even more startling headlines, vital stories, and eye-catching photography than ever before. CURRENT HAPPENINGS plus the regular features from the worlds of sports, business, finance, fashion, and entertainment make reading your Gazette all the more interesting and necessary in today s fast paced world. THE CEDAR RAPIDS GAZETTE, delivered directly to your doorstep, tops the best-seller list in ‘ must reading not only this summer but all year round, try it. You ll see what we mean. Our Circulation Department telephone number is 398-8333 (the Ctechit TAnpub Open a New FREE Personal Checking Account at Peoples Bank and Your First 200 Checks are Free! 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