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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., July 29. 1974 television Today Bv .Jay Sharbutt Chamber Asks Suit Is Filed School Board Papers Filed By Mrs. Kucera Street Closing For Art Fair Hartz Calls Ad Revenue Vital NEW YORK (AP) - Jim H a r t z , a mild-mannered former medical student from Tulsa, Okla., started making house calls on NBC Monday as the new, permanent cohost on the network’s “Today" show. A good, solid reporter with IO years logged at NBG News, he came to Fun City in 1964 to coanchor a local ll p.m. news show at WNBC-TV with the “Today" host he now succeeds, the late Frank McGee. He got in the news business on a part-time basis, working at radio station KRMG while attending medical school at the University of Tulsa. He gave up the healing arts in 1962 to be a full-time newsman. The reason? “By the time I was in my fourth year at school I had a wife and two kids, after starting as a freshman, single." he said. "I was really working my way through college as a reporter. “But money was a bit tight, needless to say, and with four more years of school to go, plus two years of internship. I found I liked journalism better. i* *    ♦ "And I thought, heck, I can always go back to medical school. I want to give this a shot.’ and I’ve never had any regrets." The 34-year-old newsman. whose on-air style is wry with no ham. will have to do something on “Today" that many reporters regret — occasionally read commercials along with the show’s other regulars. Critics contend that such hawking of wares on the show damages the cast’s credibility as journalists or commentators. NBC officials say ifs a necessary evil that gives the $100.000-a-week show the loot it needs to maintain the quality and timelessness of its news segments, lf commentators don't read them, advertisers sometimes flee, as they did in 1961-1962, when then-host John Chancellor refused to read commercials. Hartz worries about it, but notes that (a) it came with the job, and ib) the revenue it brings “to the news department is vital." * * * He says that as far as the credibility question is concerned, “look at what’s happened in the past. Nobody ever accused Frank McGee of being any less of a journalist than he was before. ‘‘You’ve got Barbara Walters who goes down and interviews Secretary of State Kissinger and comes back and does commercials. Hugh Downs, a former ‘Today’ host, wasn’t a journalist of course “But nobody ran him out of town on a rail because he did commercials. They've always done it and it’s just part of the show'. I think everybody here would like to find some way out of it.” He said changes might be made in the future. NBG News president Richard Wald called the issue “a much over-inflated and silly problem,” but confirmed that change is in the wind. He was asked if this will mean Hartz and Miss Walters won’t have to read commercials, while the others continue doing them. “Yes. that's what I think will happen, but that’s in the future.” he said. “It’s not now.” Television Listings 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapid* 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapid* 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3-WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Monday Night 6:00 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sots. 9— Eyewitness News 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6—6 O'Clock Edition 1—News, Sot*., Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots. 12—To Be Announced 13— Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 6:30 2—To Tell Truth 7—Sanford ond Son 9—Andy Griffith 3—Let s Wake a Deal 4—Dusty * Trail 6—Hollywood Sauore* 8—Nashville Music 10—Bobby Goldaboro 12—Consultation . 13—Sanford ond Son 40—Great Soorts Legends 7:00 2—Gunsmoke 7—Baseball— Yankees Red So* 9—Rookies 3—Rookies 4—Gunsmoke 6—Baseball— Yankees Red So* 8—Gunsmoke 10—Baseball— Yankees Red Sox 12—Pro Tennis 13—Baseball— Yankees Red So* 40—Rookies 8:00 2—Here s Lucy 9—ABC Monday Movie— "Hello, Down There' 3—ABC Monday Movie— "Hello, Oown There’' 4—Here s Lucy 8—Here s Lucy 40—ABC Monday Movie— "Hello, Down There ' 8:30 2—Dick Van Dyke 4—Dick Von Dyke 8—Dick Von Dyke 9:00 2—Medical Center 4—Medlcol Center 8—Medical Center 10:00 2—Action News 7—News. Weather, Sots. 9—Eyewitness News 3— Newsbeat 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6—10 O'Clock Edition 8—News, Sots . Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots. 13—Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 10:30 2—CBS Movie— "Home Before Dark'1 7—Tonight 9—Wide World of Entertainment 3—Wide World of Entertainment 4—Wild Wild West 6—Tonight 8—CBS Movie— "Home Before Dark TO—Tonight 12—David Susskind 13—Tonight 40—Wide World of Entertainment 11:30 4—Rawhide 12:00 2—Lost Word 7—Tomorrow 6—Tomorrow 10—Tomorrow 13—Tomorrow 12:30 4—C ountry Music Tuesday Morning lummer Semester lew Zoo Revue lummer Semester 7:00 2—CBS News 7—Today 4—CBS News 6—Today 8—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 8:00 2—Copt. Kangaroo 9—New Zoo Revue 3—America Sings 4—Coot. Kangaroo 8—Copt. Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 3—Sesame Street 9:00 2—Joker s Wild 7—Nome That Tune 9—Mike Douglas 4—Joker s Wild 6—Name That Tune 8—Joker's Wild IO—Nome That Tune 13—Nome Thot Tune 9:30 2—Gambit 7—Winning Streak 3—Kid Power 4—Gambit 6— Winning Streak 1—Gambit 10—Winning Streak 13—Winning Streak 40—Galloping Gourmet 19:00 2—Now You See It 7—High Rollers 9—All My Children 3—Galloping Gourmet 4—Now You See It 6—High Rollers 8—Now You See lf IO—High Rollers 13—High Rollers 40—Not for Women Only 10:30 2—Love of Life 7—Hollywood Sauores 9—Brady Bunch 3—Brady Bunch 4—Love of Life 6—Hollywood Sauares 8—Love of Life IO—Hollywood Sauores 13—Hollywood Sauores 40—Brady Bunch 11:00 2—Young and Restless 7—Jackpot 9—Password 3—Password 4—Young and Restless 6—Jackpot 8—Young and Restless IO—Jackpot 13—Jackpot 40—Password 11:30 2—Tomorrow 7—Celebrity Sweepstakes 9—Split Second 3—Split Second 4—Tomorrow 6—Celebrity Sweepstakes 8—Tomorrow 10—Celebrity Sweepstakes 13—Celebrity Sweepstakes 40—Split Second Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 2—News, Weather 7 —News. Weather 9—Eyewitness News 3—K iws 4—Dick Von Dyke 6—Noon Edition 8—Noontime 10—News, Weather 1 13 News, Weather 40—All My Children 12.15 3—Town and Country IO—Virginia 13—Cartoons 12:30 2—As the World Turns 7—Jeopardy 9—Let s Moke a Deal 3—As the World Turns 4—as the World Turns 6—Jeopardy 8—As the World Turns IO—Jeopardy 13—Movie 40—Let's Make a Deal 1:00 2—Guiding Light 7—Days of Lives 9—Newlywed Game 3—Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light 6—Days of Lives 8—Guiding Light 10—Days of Lives 40—Newlywed Game 1:30 2—Edge of Night 7—Doctors 9—Girl in My Life 3—Girl In My Lite 4—Edge of Night 6—Doctors 8—Edge of Night IO—Doctors 40—Girl In My Life 2:00 2—Price Is R'ght 7—Another World 9—General Hospital 3—General Hospital 4—Price Is Right 6—Another World 8—Price Is Rioht 10—Another World 13—Another World 40—General Hospital 2:30 2—Match Game 7—How To Survive a Marriage 9—One Life To Live 3—One Life To Live 4—Match Game 6—How To Survive a Marriage 8—Match Game IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive a Marriage 40—One Life To Live 3:00 7 Tattletales 7—Somerset 9—810,000 Pyramid 3—810.CB0 Pyramid 4—Tattletales 6— Somerset 8 —Tattletales IO—Somerset I J—Somerset 40—810,000 Pyramid 3:30 2—Dr Max ;_What's My Line? 9—Star Trek 3—All AAy Children 4—Mike Douglas 6—Cartoons 8 —Bewitched IO—Not for Women Only 12—Bridge 13— F loopy 40—Western Stars 4:00 7— Bongnjn 3—Let s Make a Deal 6— Jeannie 8—Star Trek IO—Bonanza 12—Misterogers 13—Merv Griffin 40—Trails West 4:30 2— Bewitched 9—Big Volley 3—Gentle Ben 4—Hogon s Heroes ■    6—Merv Griffin 12 —Sesame Street 40— Pioneers 5:00 7- Conseaue' ^es 7—Dragnet •    3—    Newsfeafures 4—Hazel 8— Consequences IO—Munster* 40-- Robin Hood 5:30 2— CBS News 7—NBC News 9 —ABC News 3—ABC News 4—CBS News 6—NSC News 8—CBS News IO—NSC News 12—Electric Compony 13—NBC News 40 ABC News Plans for a three-day “Downtown October Art Festival” are jshaping up under the direction of the Cedar Rapids-Marion Chamber cf Commerce and the fine arts council. The city council has been requested to close Second street SE between Second and Third avenues on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Oct. 3-5. Harold Ewoldt, assistant exec-u t i v e vice-president of the Chamber, said preliminary plans are to rent a band shell to locate on the closed street, where concerts and plays can be presented during the festival. Also planned throughout the area are roving singers and instrumentalists. painters, potters and other representatives of the arts. “We think it has the makings] of a real good promotion," Ewoldt said, “both for the downtown area and to spotlight the cultural activities we have available here." Spinola: Independence Goes to Guinea First LISBON (AP) — President Antonio de Spinola said Monday that Guinea will be the first of Portugal’s three African colonies to be granted independence. “After we’re through with Guinea, we will turn our attentions to Mozambique and Angola." Spinola said in a brief television interview. The 64-year-old general had j announced Saturday that Portugal was prepared to grant independence to its three African territories where Portuguese soldiers have been fighting independence movements f o r more than 13 years. No date for granting independence has been set. but political ] observers here predict it will come soon. Extension Asked on Aid for Elderly DES MOINES (AP)-Gov. Robert Ray said Saturday he has asked Revenue Director Donald Briggs to grant a 90-day extension to elderly and disabled Iowans who qualify for special property tax relief. Ray. in a letter to Briggs, noted that original estimates showed the new law would channel some $17 million in I property tax breaks to low in-'ecme elderly and disabled homeowners and renters. But applications to date account for only $13 million. The deadline for application for the tax benefits was set by law for July 31. However, there is a provision to allow the revenue director to grant an extension of up to three months. To Stop Merit Pay at U. of I. I O VV A CITY - Kenneth Murphy, a custodian at the University of Iowa filed suit in Johnson county district court Monday against the state board of regents, the ll. of I., its president and other university officials. The Murphy suit requests a temporary injunction and declaratory judgment prohibit-i n g the defendants from adopting the merit pay system recently approved by the regents. The first division of the action claims at least eight regent employes were paid more in the I past than they deserved under their employe classification. Murphy has asked the court to subpoena university records to substantiate that claim. Division two of the suit contends the regents on July 23 adopted a revised pay plan which allowed some employes to be paid above the scale rate. Murphy asks that substantial-j ing records also be subpoenaed. I The suit’s third division claims the present merit plan is in violation of the state constitution in that it allows inequities in salaries. Magistrate Court Mary Ann Kucera, 38, a substitute teacher in the Cedar Rapids Community school system for IO years, filed nomination papers Friday for a two-year vacancy on the school board. Mrs. Kucera, 2160 Larry drive NE. said she is running for the position to support “quality education and training programs Mary Ann Kucera Encibnit Fined $100 On Marijuana Charge Jon Wayne Enabnit, 1061 Juniper drive SW, was fined $100 and costs in magistrate’s court on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. He pled guilty to having marijuana in his possession on May 26. Enabnit also pled guilty to trespassing and was fined $20 and costs. Blaze Causes Heavy Damage INDEPENDENCE—Extensive damage was reported to a $32,000 self-propelled combine in a fire shortly before noon Sunday. Firemen were called to the Tim Mclnteer farm five miles southeast of here to battle the blaze. No estimate of the loss was given. Young Hospitalized After Cycle Accident John F. Young. 29, of 408*2 A avenue NW, Monday was in fair condition at St. Luke's hospital with head and internal injuries suffered Saturday night in a motorcycle accident. Police said Young was eastbound in the 200 block of First avenue E when he lost control cf his motorcycle and fell to the pavement. Young was unconscious when admitted to the hospital and his condition was listed originally as serious. No charges were filed. best suited to the individual needs of all our students." "More efficient utilization of administrative staffs and facilities is needed, and the self-pacing concept for individual student achievement should be implemented in more schools and in more areas of study,” she said. A native of Cedar Rapids, Mrs. Kucera was graduated cum laude from Coe college and has done graduate work at the University of Iowa. She also taught two years in Arlington, Va. Mrs. Kucera is past president of the Children’s Theater and the Community Theater Assistance Guild. She served as sec-r e t a r y for the Community Theater board of directors and treasurer of the Junior League and Supply Teachers Assn. She was also finance chairman for the League of Women Voters. She is a member of St. Luke’s auxiliary and of the Cedar Rapids-Marion Fine Arts Council. Her husband, Howard, is employed as navy satellite pro-g r a m manager for Collins Radio. They have one son, a 1974 graduate of Kennedy high school, and a daughter, a junior at Kennedy. Mrs. Kucera said that if she is elected to the board and can no longer teach in the school district, she would continue her involvement with teachers and students. Man to Grand Jury On Drunk Charge Martin Kenneth Thenhaus, 2270 First avenue, Marion, has been ordered bound over to the grand jury by Magistrate Anthony Scolaro. Thenhaus is accused of drunk driving in connection with an incident July 16. Suit Seeks To Force Director District Vote A suit filed in Linn county dis- director district plan f^atnnng trict court Monday morning four districts and tin cc at Iii m seeks to force the county com- directorships, missioner of elections to submit    “Cause    Damage” a director district proposal to Accordjng to the suit, submit-Cedar Rapids Community any proposai concerning school district voters.    the    division    of    the    school    district The suit asking for a writ of jnto geographical sub-districts mandamus was filed on behalf without abo submitting Reyn-of T.C. Reynolds of Palo against oJds, saj “W0Uid cause ir-Merle Kopel. county commis- abIe damagc and harm to stoner of elections.    0_    the plaintiff.” Reynolds was one of 8o The restraining order was signers of a petition served on h( tho suit said) because Kopel and Otto Wiedersberg. jmmedjate action is necessary, secretary of the Cedar Rapids R , must pub,ish the pubiic Community school district, last questions on the school election ballot at least four and no more Nov. 2. Asks Division    tban 2() days before the Sept. IO The petition asked the division1 election. of the school district into seven    --- sub-districts from which school board members would be elected. The suit also asks for a temporary order restraining Kopel Meyer Found Guilty On Driving Counts Martin Thomas Meyer, 1931 E avenue NW, was found guilty in a jury trial in magistrate’s; J court of charges of reckless] ] driving and failure to have his | vehicle under control. He was fined $75 and costs. A third charge of traveling on the wrong side of the roadway was' dismissed. Moulds Pleads Guilty To Marijuana Charge Scott M. Moulds, 1050 Eighth street, Marion, pled guilty in magistrate’s court to a charge of possession of a controlled substance. He was fined $200 and costs and sentenced to IO days in Linn county jail. The jail term was suspended and Moulds was placed on probation to his attor* ney for six months. Moulds admitted having marijuana in his possession on April 13. Seeks Board Post OELWEIN - Vance Coleman has taken out papers for an at-large post on the Oelwein Community school board. The in-cumbant. Dick Crump, has indicated he will seek re-clcction. Higher Education Director Named DES MOINES - Willis Ann from submitting another direc- Wolff of Des Moines has been tor district question to voters named acting executive director without submitting Reynolds’ of the Iowa Higher Education petition also.    Facilities    commission, it was The school board plans to ask announced Monday, voters to approve Sept. IO a    Formerly director of the com mission’s state student aid pro-/■si    ii    I    j    grams, she succeeds Norman Oheeseman Meld Kladstrup, who recently rcpt^ p ru.no s»gned t0 acceP‘ a p°sitlon as V-/M Nape v^nargt; assistant to the president of the Robert T. Cheeseman. 20. of College of Osteopathic Medicine 1524 Fifth avenue SE. was and Surgery in Des Moines, charged Saturday with assault Mrs. Wolff has been on the with intent to commit rape. commission staff eight years. Cheeseman was arrested after The commission administers a he allegedly grabbed a 15-ycar- number of federal and state old girl at 9:45 p.m. Saturday in programs of assistance to Iowa the 1200 block of First avenue colleges and students. SE, and dragged her into a-- parking Jot.    |B/y\ Rays $13 Million, The girl's screams attracted    '    r, two men who chased Cheese- rirm Drops Charges man, caught him about a block REDWOOD CITY. Calif. (AP) away and held him until police — Ampex Corp. has agreed in arrived.    return for a payment of $13 Cheeseman was free on $10,000 million to drop allegations that bond at the time of his arrest in IBM Corp. infringed on some of connection with an earlier its patents and violated anti charge. He was charged May 16 trust laws, with the rape at knifepoint of a The settlement approved Sat-21-year-old woman in her north- urdav by the AMPEX board of east side apartment.    directors also calls for the two Bond on the most recent firms to exchange existing and charge was set at $10,000. future patent licenses covering Cheeseman was being held their respective business inter-Monday in the county jail. ests in the data processing field. CS! 1-80 and Amana Interchange Phone 668-1223 Iowa State Receives Heart Disease Grant AMES — Continuation of a research grant at Iowa State! 'university for research on the effects of diet on heart disease i has been approved with a $140,086 grant from the U. S.j health, education and welfare department. The financial support of the; ISL’ study, which originally; started as research on lipid or! fat absorption, was included in! the gifts and grants received in, ‘the May-June period which totaled $1,556,242. A. Dare McGilliard. professor J of animal science, is director of the research project “Diet, cholesterol absorption and atherosclerosis." In Custody WINTHROP - Gilbert Horning, 34. who reportedly was overdue at the state penitentiary at Fort Madison from his work release job, was arrested by Iowa highway patrolmen and Buchanan county sheriff’s officers in a Winthrop lounge over the weekend. Dinner at the Special Cut Filet Mignon Served with crisp, green Salad, Choice of salad dressing, Baked Idaho Potato, Butter and Cheese Sauce, French Bread, Butter. ROOM (JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTE*' 310 THIRD AVE. S.E. DOWNTOWN 8679 Pick up the telephone and call 398-8234 to place a want ad! MONDAY THROUGH SUNDAY 3 pm Till I I pm serving your favorite Cold Beer or Cocktail STAN GUNN RETURNING FOR 2 WEEKS! MON. IULY 29 THROUGH TRI. AUGUST 9. (EX. SUN.) RES. SUGGESTED - 668 1223 RUSS A BOB SANDERSFELD ur Guest Redd Entertainment Pages Daily Via The Gazette AT THE TWIN WEST DRIVE-IN THEATRE THEATER OPENS AT 7:30 PM ... SHOW STARTS AT 9:00 PM “ROUGH NIGHT IN JERICHO’ DEAN MARTIN GEORGE PEPPARD JEAN J SIMMONS One man kills to live. The other lives to kill. A woman forces the showdown! PG All ogts termini guidons luggiiUd Stirring Richard had all ha needed to hold hit marriage together. Miranda, Audrey, Jessica, Marcy, Do ria . . . DY4N CONNON I4MES COCO JENNIFER O NEILL KEN HOWARD NINK FOCH LAURENCE LUCKINBILL ’R* rnlrtl*! u/xfcf 17 r«iu,r*4KtOrT>p»n>1ni M,,n, w    g,-r(3|#n TWO DELIGHTFUL AND EXCITING MOTION PICTURES . . . Plus COLOR CARTOONS Bring the entire family! No tickets to buy! Simply drive out and drive int COMPLIMENTS OF RADI01600 ;

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