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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- (-hance of showers mid thunderstorms through Sunday. Low tonight 55-BO. High .Sunday in 70s. Void IM ft 92 NUMBER HIO Os? LO ) (MI Of tumta CITY FINAL 15 CENTS Oft DAK RAPIDS. IOWA. SATURDAY, JULY 27. 1974 NIXONITES ABAN *4 M' I I *’ %■ 'V w oSi! ra a' - * >r u Voice Hope Of Cyprus Settlement By I’lie Associated Press A Turkish peace plan was under consideration Saturday at the Cyprus peace talks in Geneva, and Turkey was reported slowing its buildup of armed forces on the Mediterranean island. Military sources in Cyprus said Turkish armed forces there had reached more than 25.000 men and 200 tanks, but U.N. officials said a Turkish troop advance that had violated Monday’s cease-fire had stopped. In Ankara, informed sources said Turkey is winding down ifs Cyprus operation. Resupply and maintenance shipments will continue, the sources said, but reinforcement has been com-leted. Premier Bulent Ecevit met Saturday with the Greek ambassador to Turkey, Dimitri Cos-madopoulos, and said afterward the meeting was “friendly.” Turkish Airlines resumed regular domestic service. Before Sunday In Geneva, Greek Foreign Minister George Mavros said after meeting privately Saturday with Turkish Foreign Minister Turan Gunes that a “final agreement” might be reached before Sunday. Turkey’s semi-official Anatolia news agency reported from Geneva that an agreement was expected to be signed Saturday. The developments appeared to restore some optimism to the talks which came close to ending in failure Friday. Britain, Greece and Turkey are guarantors of Cypriot independence under the 1960 treaty that established the island republic. Representatives of the three countries started peace negotiations Thursday. The U.S. is sitting in as an observer. Fresh Fighting U.N. sources reported fresh fighting Friday as Turks tried to expand their beachhead on the northern coast. The Cyprus U.N. ambassador, Zenon Rossides, told the Security Council of “the grave deterioration of the situation in Cyprus through the continued and flagrant violation of the cease fire by Turkey.” Turkey controlled about twice the territory it held when the cease-fire went into effect. Diplomatic pressure from Britain and the U.S. helped save the Geneva talks from collapsing Friday. Mavros repeatedly accused Turkey of moving troops in violation of the cease-fire. Greek sources said he had made up his mind to break off the talks. Points in Plan But British Foreign Minister James Callaghan, assisted by the U.S. observer, Undersecretary of State William Buffum. persuaded Mavros to consider the Turkish plan. Turkish sources said their plan included these points: A cease-fire based on existing positions. A no man s land separating Turkish troops from both Greek Cypriot forces and I N. peacekeeping units. An interim political settlement that would allow the Greek Cypriot majority and the Turkish Cypriot minority to odin i ii i s t e r their own affairs separately. A further conference within IO days to consider longer-term political and security questions. Toil tty'* Chuckle Graffiti Someone wrote “Is there intelligent life on earth'’” Underneath, someone added, “Yes, but I’m only Visiting”    Copyright Pen Holdout: lf I Go, We All Go Down HUNTSVILLE, Texas (UPI) — Convict Fred Gomez Carrasco Saturday repeated threats to execute ll persons he has held hostage for three days saying, “if I go, w'e all go down.” Carrasco, making a desperate bid for escape from the Texas State penitentiary, warned prison officials not to underestimate him. “They can take the responsibility. They re underestimating me and by doing so they are putting many lives in jeopardy. If they do provoke me, you’ll know what caused it,” he said. Opens Fire Friday night Carrasco, armed with revolvers, opened fire, hitting no one, in a display of anger, and rejected an offer of transportation from the prison director, W. J. Estelle. The des-, pcrado insisted he will dictate his own terms for escape. “Carrasco has made this clear to us — he will leave the way he wants to — at the time he wants to,” a prison spokesman said. During Friday night negotia-i tions, Carrasco fill'd seven pot shots in the prison library where he has beld his hostages. who include seven wromen since Wednesday. “Short-Changed” Carrasco, who successfully, bargained with prison officials for bullet-proof vests and walkie-talkies, said he opened fire because he felt the quality of the items delivered was inferior. AP Wireoboto CONFERRING WITH THE CHAIRMAN — Rep. Tom Railsback (R-lll.), right, confers with Chairman Peter Rodino (D-N. J.), during house judiciary committee debate on impeachment. ^ProfH^Drop California Lf. Gov. Told by GM    Reinecke Convicted DETROIT (AP) Appeals for Aid Ignored For Hours JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - ♦ * * “He felt he was being short- inflation w'hich hit hard on the eral jury Saturday found Cali-ihe made them “wilfully and ( ar* Garner says he tried for Rep. \1ayne (R-lowa) voted changed,” said a San Antonio heels of the energy crisis Gen- forma Et. Gov. Ed Reinecke knowingly.”    more    than three hours to flag Friday night for Sandman’s mo- newsman, Joe Sweeney after a era, MoU)rj rcpor(s j(s profjts guilty of lying to a senate com-! Reinecke was accused in a one- down mcW>rists on Interstate 95jtion. Rep. Mezvinsky <D-!owai ASSOCIATED PRESS. I Pl. NEW YORK TIMES T ACU c Quit Attacking Point-by-Point WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres-1 “To demand we produce a ident Nixon’s defenders on the parchment scrol/of a presiden-house judiciary committee Sat- tial declaration that on such and urday dropped an effort to scut- such a day a policy of eover-up tie section by section a proposed was established is really quite article of impeachment    unrealistic,” he said. But wrangling nonethelessj Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-continued over the precise tN.Y ) accused the supporters of shape of the document, which j Sandman’s argument of raising accuses the President of nine “a phony issue.” Rep Barbara counts of obstructing justice in Jordan. (D-Texas) said they the Watergate cover-up.    were presenting phantom ar- Bowing to the pro-impeach- guments. ment majority, Hep. Sandman Rep Mann (D-S.C.) charged I R-N.J.) declared he would not that. the whole issue had been pursue his original intent to raised in the manner of an ef-press separate motions to strike; fort to influence the public the last eight sections of the ar- through television, tide.    „ He lost in a vote of 27 to ll    -very 0 a Friday night his bid to have the He said he was astonished first count — which accused the that any committee members President of false or misleading would say Nixon would he statements to Watergate inves- forced to undergo a senate trial tigators — discarded.    without knowing the full “No wav”    charges against him. , i “He will be going to trial, lf As the committee moved into g^j. n0^ on|y knowing what another day and night of debate, I charges are but knowing Sandman acknowledged that pry jota every wor(j of thp there is no way the outcome . . evj(jence    PVery    i    dotted . is going to be changed if he and pvprv ^ crossed.” Mann were to pursue the dismantling sajd scheme.    Nixon's counsel, James St. But a Democrat, Rep. Now-iq^ attended all committee ers (Ala ), said he would make tsessjons evidence was pro-another motion to strike as a duced Qnd he has ^ t-tactic aimed at producing more' wjth copjes flf everythinfi thp .specifics on the charges. He memborS have received. wants a compromise in an effort | |n an pf(or, , mee( |he dp. to satisfy Republicans who term man(j of F|owprs and Rpp the accusations too vague    Froelich (R-Wis.) for more in- He had to get in line toi offer rormation    Rod|no his motion, however and lhe:havi he s(aff e a brjef committee turned first o minor;sum of fac(ua, ,nformalio„ amendments refining the tan- ,    ,,n ,hp    d    artic|p guage Of the proposed article. ^ mam    in    the 3» volumes of material compiled Blaming WASHINGTON    (AP)    — A fed"under    oath were    false    and    that i y-i-i:    L-___i- .i i,..ii..    ___i    Carl    Carnpr    save    hp    trioH    frn-    Dan    Mam.    /1}    l«.„.i    > ,.«a.I I during    the long inquiry. Two More telephone interview with (ar-    J    *    f    mittee.    count    indictment    of    lying to the an<* Set help for a young woman voted against it.    Although    the    adoption    of    any ra.sco.    The    jury    deliberated    nearly    senate    judiciary    committee    two    raPP(,f    under    her    overturned    In    all,    six    Republicans    voted    article    will    mean    the    committee Prison officials said the hos- 1974 nosedived 73 percent from njnp hourj Frjd and Satuljycars ag0 whcn he sajd he did car.    with    all    21    Democrats    to    defeat tages were unharmed Friday, a year ago.    jd    ‘    not    tel,    then-Attorney    General    B.v    the time police were no-Sandman. although one. a teacher, suf- GM Chairman Richard Ger- At the verdict, Mrs. Reinecke| John Mitchell of an Interna-    and    arrived.    Melody    Hants    Data fered a minor gunshot wound m|Stenberg said Friday that thejshook her head and said; -ohj tional Telephone & Telegraph Sharon Rice. 2.3, was dead.    Flowers said he wants to see specific supporting data before the shoulder Thursday.    auto giant was unable to keep my Q0d, no!” Maximum pen- Co. financial commitment to the Garner said he was a passen- Carrasco rejected four ap-j prices in line with^soaring costs^ a|ty js fjve years jn prison and a 1972 Republican national con-ger in her convertible when it vention until after the govern- blew a tire and went out of con- Reinecke had no apparent re peals from Estelle to surrender of casting his final vote. has recommended Nixon’s impeachment, at least two more are to be offered after the obstruction article. One will charge Nixon with violating his oath of office and Household Light Warning Issued WASHINGTON (UPII - ment settled anti-trust cases trol before dawn on Friday. “In the obstruction of justice!^‘s institutional duty to see there is a dead skunk,” he said. I^hat the laws are faithfully executed. It will enumerate sever- Profits were 2.8 percent ut $2 OOO fine sales, compared with 8 4 percent a year ago, he said.    action to the jury announce-1 Against the giant conglomerate, j pjp sajd was thrown clear “You can smell it, but you’ve! *    ment.    !    “He    lied    lo protect the still I as the car soared about 79 feet got to find it."    al    largos,    including    interfer- _ earnings were M2S million.    ^    very    powerful John Mitchell, a over on embankment and land- Chairman Rodino (D-N.J.) f*.wlth »■* Internal Revenue The <omPared Wlth    I    ’    „    .    r    man    who    could help him be- ed on its top.    was clearly dismayed by the Service and creation of the spe- uuiuumci nuuuiH Odin, v.om-'^    nan    re    ^    ^    Ca I1™’ come governor.” said Prosecu- Garner, who suffered a bro- spectacle the committee was :?lal investigating unit that mission warns of .serious or    ^    M‘m1'    15’    an*    ^    j    tor    Richard    Davis.    ken    shoulder, said, “She called I creating on television after    “.*0    the    office    of    Dan.el even fatal electric shocks from ‘ s d n.,artPr nrofits of $306 I WC,T° m ^    Ma«t°    Beineckc.    50. was defeated for me and then I called her. She lvv0 days of exemplary behavior!    8 ? pS><T ia^IS ,,    . a household trouble light a!-    ^*S,ow off the/?rd,ct Fhe tr,al ,ast' the G.O.P. nomination for «ov- was talking but said she in its opening round of debate.I The other to be offered ready suspected of having nprrpnt frftm «7Q7 million in    W    S    .    .    J    ernor    of California last month. couldn’t move. I told her to lie He fook Sandman and his Re-lReP- M    ' «««iT.»k    fi2 Percent ,rom ntillion in The six men and six women ^    ....    ... . ^    .    .    j    nnhl iran allies to    charge contempt of congress caused one death    ,973    mnsidproH    the    case    for    more    I)efense    Attorney    James ft ,still; that I was going to try and publican allies to (ask    refusing    to    comDlv    with Some 200.000 of the “house- '    ,    considered    the    case    tor    more    Reinecke    “has never get help.’'    “Indulging    in a parliamentary:,or re,usinK    fp' i I , ,    ,,    ,.    ..    “Rep    aces    hnergv    than five and one-ha f hours ,    ,    nas ne\ei h v    maneuver tn Helav a rWicinn in committee subpoenas for White hold trouble lights or me-    ™    refUsed    to    answer    a    question in He said quite a few cars maneuver to de ay a decision n chanics lights” have been sold “In General Motors, as in the    De,ore    rcunnS    31    1    ^    this    casp    _    he s such a candid passed without slowing down. th,s very important matter onlyjnouse during the last year nationwide nation, inflation has replaced P ”1    ,    .    .    .    simple    guv    that    he can’t ‘‘I started standing in the serves to tell the people we are by    el/woo oe    Ipttprov tic tho mainr rnnnorn “I A nir|l mat me jury WAS ndV-1 . Zay and by will luring tne last year nationwiae nation, iniiation nas reP,aceo .    s,mp|e    guv that he can't I started standing in the by such stores as Woolco. energy as the major concern,    in^'i-pafhino    a    \\o-    dummy    up a response of I don t middle of the road,” he said. “I ;,!r<ud ,n m<M 1 issue. Rn- Cggj PrOQTGSS IH ?ayre, Korvette’s, Food Fair said Gerstenberg.    ram    iftpr    it    dplihcratpd'reca^-’    ”    could    hear    the    brakes squealing. dmo said    ^    .    .    i    /I md J. J. Newberry, the com Costs of materials, labor and ^ ^bout tlimn hours Friday What s more, Cox said. Rein- hut I guess they thought I was    Charge    Unfairness    OurblflCJ IntmtlC trie Corp. of New York. The commission said sent a non mission said Friday. They were services continued to increase!^ ab<Hlt * 06 manufactured by the A. K Flee- more rapidly than they could be ^rnoon. recovered in the selling price of .. jwora there our products.” he said.    ‘ are no brand names or other Sales during January-June to-. ®^ker identifying marks on the lights, taled $15.21 billion, down 21 per-1    i.,rv and it advised consumers who cent from $19.18 billion a year    s {J®    ,    ■    tiAn    h„,r., may suspect they have one to earlier. Second-quarter sales of Friday PM ecke was so cooperative that he some kind of idiot.    Reps    Wiggins iR-Calif. ) and t0;didn't even have legal counsel He told police he thought he Dennis (R ind.) joined Sand- S District Judge Barrington    ^'m    ^^ore    the commit- fell asleep a few times but kept man in arguing for more detail ® \    .    ’ p of inker asking:    May we have !ec- pn(l    gesturing at waking up and trying to flag in the article. They said the 1    '    "    w other reading of what const!- his ehent: -The big dummy!" down near.    committee was being unfair ,01 anti.inV|ation policic ooeiiie,,    tinot ic t.hot    Mitchell    Account    Finally    a    car    thai    had    passed    Nixon bv not specifying the!, , ______, Finally a car that had passed Nixon by not specifying him stopped and then backed charges more clearly. Reinecke said he informed Up The driver asked what hap- The article says that, after the Watergate breakin, Nixon that is. what to to $8 28 billion were off 14 percent Ptovc terms of a (barge of fviitChell of the financial com-i™^ from $9.6 billion in 1973.    perjur    mitment    in    a    telephone    conver-    ••ne    gave    me    a    blanket    and    adopted    and    directed    a    policy    of    J?J^aa    nt^S    arp    beginning    to take it back to the store make sure. The lights retailed for about Despite the dismal perform- Instructions Reread    sation    in    May 1971, but the sena- sajd be would notify police,” delay and obstruction of inves- $1.50. They consist of a flexible ance. Gerstenberg and GM    j„dgp    reread    his instruc- |ors aever aske^ specifical- (Jarner said    ligation    in    order to conceal and cord either five. IO or 20 feet President Edward ( ole noted tions, which said in part that, if * J! a** n u    u    Officers    arrived    within    IO    protect    those    responsible, long, with the light socket and f^at sccond nuarff‘r wa^ an the jurors render a guilty    ,    n„    °j    became    minutes    after    getting    a    call    It    lists    nine .separate actions bulb enclosed in a metal and improvement ng inflation .OS ANGELES (AP) - E Douglas Kenna, president of the Manufac-President Nixon’s policies are starting to work “We're already seeing a slowdown in the economy,” Kenna told a news conference here brake the rapid acceleration in prices” wire case with a hook on top. Mitchell, who later became over the first,(bey must determine that d‘reclor of Pfesident Nixon s re- from an unidentified person taken to implement the alleged (Continued: Page 2, Col. 8 >    statements made by Reinecke (Continued Page 2, Col. 2.)    They found Miss Rice dead Navajo Iwo Vet Pride Turns to Bitterness Watson of IBM, Ex-Envoy, Dies NORWALK, Conn WASHINGTON (AP) When they raised the U.S. flag over Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima in 1945, Marine Cpl. Frank fssac was standing sev-e r a I hundred feet away, flushed with pride. More than three decades later, Issac looked up at the huge bronze marine Iwo .lima Memorial across the Potomac river from the nation’s capital and said the pride had turned to disappointment and bitterness “We Navajos fought for our country, we helped win the war against Japan. Now our sons have also fought for our country. And how ar ewe treated'.’ On mv reservation, 79 percent of the veterans are unemployed.” Issac 51. was one of several dozen Navajo veterans of four U.S. wars who gathered at the memorial Friday to pray in their native tongue, talk with newsmen and protest what they say is discriminatory treatment of Vietnam era In dian veterans. The statue of the marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima brings back many memories, Issac said. One of the six was his friend Ira Hayes, a Pima Indian who died in Arizona iii 1955 “He volunteered to help raise the flag. I was right there with him 200, maybe 300 feet away," Issac said. One of the most decorated marines of World war ll. Issac was one of a number of Navajo “code talkers" who relayed sensitive military information by translating it into Navajo in radio communications. “It was the only code the Japanese couldn’t break Every other code and foreign language that was tried, the Japanese cracked lf it hadn t been for the Navajo code talkers, Japan would have won the war.” Issac said “You’d think the U.S. would recognize the contributions of the Navajos. But our sons are coming home from service and can’t find work " The Navajos came to Washington from their reservation that sprawls over parts of New Mexico. Arizona and Utah They testified before a senate subcommittee that held hearings on a boundary dispute between the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Indians and on legislation to establish an Indian medical services program. The Navajo reservation has a per capita income of $759 and a population of 140,000. of whom 14.000 are veterans of World wars I and ll, Korea and Vietnam. But the Navajos claim that benefits available to other U S. veterans are practically non-existent on the reservation Many like Emmett Left-hand, who was an army ser geant in Vietnam, claim they can’t get VA financing to buy a home. “As soon as they hear you’re an Indian living on a reservation, they send you from one office to another all that red tape, hut I’ve tw'en trying for three years and still can’t get a loan.” Lefthand said The Navajos also say they want the government to build a veterans hospital on their reservation. But most of all. they say, they want more jobs. Jim Begay, a Navajo World war ll air force veteran, pointed to Hayes on the memorial. “lf an Indian can do that, then surely this country can do something for hun in return,” he said policy. Wiggins, Dennis and Sandman ms isled the names date and places involved in all the ac- NORWALK. Conn. (AP) — tions should be included in the Arthur K Watson, 55, formei article, hut the Democrats, Ambassador to France and a hacked by Special Counsel John leader in making the IBM em-Doar and Associate Counsel Al Pire a giant of international bert Jenner, said the proper trade, died Friday He had been method is to supply the details in a hospital since being injured in a separate bill of particulars. I in fall July 18 at his New Rodino said the factual data Canaan, Conn., home, supporting the articles would be    "    — included in a committee report accompanying any articles it sends to the house floor Many Months Rep. Sarbanes (D-Md.», spon-l sor of the obstruction article,! said it did not include itemized; events because it deals with a course of conduct spread over many months. Rep. Waldie tD-Calif.) said details were hard to come by because the cover-up policy was! concealed carefully and Nixon has withheld evidence the committee requested Todays Index Comics 5 Church 3 Crossword . $ Daily Record 2 Deaths 2 Editorial Features 4 Financial ll Marion ll Movies 6 Sports », IO Television 7 Want Ads 121$ ;

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