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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NAT ION At 30,00 WI AT HI * St It VK I *0*1 CAST lo 7 AM IST I - \tr~7+ 30.00 C. R. Expects To Hire 16 New Police Officers DEATHS Infant Glaus Simon Sets Aid Accord With Sadat ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (UPI)! DES MOINES (AP) Shane Timothy (Hails, infant son of Mr and Mrs. Thomas Sixteen of the current 83 ap-,Glaus, 1507 Washington avenue plicants for the police force are, SE, died shortly afterbirth Mon-1- Treasury Secretary Simon Iowa’s current heat wave is expected to be hired. Safety,day morning.    reached    agreement Monday on ,be hottest since 19%. a Na- economic aid for Egypt in a meeting with President Sadat at The Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Mon., July 15, 1971    3 Iowa    Heat Wave    Hottest Since 1936! Averaging 82 Commissioner James Steinbeck; Surviving in addition to his said Monday    'parents    are    a    sister,    Kae    Ann, The civil service commission, at home; his grandparents, which conducted the written ex- Betty Chase. Cedar Rapids; amination April 17 and oral in-'William Hamilton, rural Todd-1 terviews June IO and ll. recom- vj||e; and Mr. and Mrs. Lester fore- the president’s dence here seashore resi gnal Weather Service caster said Monday. “Our average temperature for the first half of July has . been 82 degrees,” said Paul mended that IO of thp annliranUL’i n a n a *    1    one-hour    meeting,    Waite. “Iowa hasn’t had an ■ nu nato inui loot me applicants Claus, Cedar Rapids; maternal Abdel Aziz Hacezi Eevnt’s first'    *    u    ■    u bo hired    .    .u 1    u.,    /*uuri    average that high since 1936 a AMr 1    •    ,•    great-grandmother,    Laura    Ha-,deputy premier and chief eco- The closest we have come in An    additional six    applicants    mi|lon) Cedar Rapids; and    pa*    nom ic planner,    told newsmen C,0&CSt We hdV6 C°me ,n were    recommended    at the re    ternal great-grandmother, Mrs    that Simon and    the Egyptians quest    of the city because of a    Herschel Stone, Lansing.    wouid sign three    accords Tues- manpower shortage    in the po-    Services are pending at    the    day. He said they    covered: lice force    Turner chapel east. * * * Steinbeck said 150 police officers are necessary to “handle Morris J. Minkel    Ways    to    avoid    double    taxation    systems. of American citizens.    “The big jet stream that is Cooperation in mutual invest- Amcrican participation i n Egypt’s reconstruction program. recent years was in 1955.” Waite said the main reason for the exceptional heat is that Iowa has been off the beaten path for the jet stream that moves major weather about seven miles above the face of the earth has shifted to the north, and that means that major rains, storms and weather changes have occurred to the north,” Waite said. For this reason, Iowa during the first half of the month has been left with dry, stationary air that has brought little rain and much heat Some slight improvement is on the way, Waite said. Dry polar air from the southern Canadian plains is moving across the Great Lakes southwesterly toward Iowa. “That should bring some cooler weather,” Waite said. u*t wi Aint* lOKXASi Chance of rain Monday night in Eastern Texas, northern Minnesota and the South em tip of Florida. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. —Daily Record— — Cyprus — (Continued from Page I.) the Mediterranean island off the The Weather Hioh temperatures Sunday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation : Anchorage    63 SS    L Angeles    BO 66 Atlanta    89 70    Miami    88 7S Bismarck    87 57    Min’apolis    86 60 Chicago    95 71    .53    NI Orleans    92 70 Denver    87 58    New York    95 76 Duluth    77 55    Phoenix    102 75.21 Honolulu    88 73    .02    Seattle    76 57 Houston    8 5 70 1.65    Washingt n    94 77 C. R. Weather High Sunday .................97    Reckless    driving Morris J. Minkel the programs and provide cov-j Morri9 j Minke|, 84? of 1439 cr age of the city. lie addod|Richmond road NE, died Satur-i    t d :    i    • thai the current force has only day fonowjng a short illness .I    economic    proj 137 men, with two resignations Formerly o( Dysarti hc had cus-and a retirement expected rn |)pcn a Ccdar Rapids rcsldcnt 25 the near future.    years. Born .fan. 4, 1890. at New The 137 Iola! also does not york Fdy was married to include the five officers indicted.    r,lltc cvh m to 1 ^ at1"”    a"u ,,U1 Steinbeck s-iiri he and Police Rrma Ru . ^°x IO, 191o, at were JOO percent identical. Chief Wallace LaPeters were to:    C pm'nloved b'v HaH^Ekfelt! ’ Asked if he felt Simon's visit i    -    .    ■    of 30 scheduled public bearings meet Monday afternoon to dis-    cllr„:vjn»    arp a    son Morris    would contril)ute to Middle hast    Discrimination against    the    el- throughout the    Second    district, cuss the number of officers thai    JTA™ V/A    “ a*,,abler    P03™' Sadat said' Ccrtaln|y-    derly w,n ^ a Pr'mary topic    on,resjdcnts    of Mf. Vernon    Monday ,    .    were lo be hired, but Steinbeck    IT I , J    S '    wmS »:and you can convcy t0 the    the agenda of the Cedar    Rapids! morning    told    Republ,can con- soutb COdSt of lurkey were se-f •. ..    “good chance” Wayne Kelley, Waterloo, a American people and President H u rn a n Rights commission «rcSsionaI candidate Tom Rilev ; Jeffrey Camp, 2100 Valleyview,Vered, and the international air- ,1 ,    .    g    .    .    sister, Tessie Schilling, Iowa Nix    dpp    thanks    for    Mr    meeting    Tuesday at 7 30 n rn in rh    candidate    Tom Riley drive, Marion; Paul Harstad,; , . Mi(wia wa,rin(!pH    3,1 16 that wcre recommended    brother    Ben PiDDert c »meeting luesaay at /.JO p.m. they were strongly in favor of 2390 Blake boulevard SF.; 1 port al INlC0<'Jd was c,osed would be hired.    C^lty’ ab™;°er’ ^e"^ippen’'Simon s visit.’    the    city    hall council chambers. I revenue sharing. I John Kucera, 3322 E avenue Olvcr reported fighting in Ni- “We’ve never had the opnor- Dysart; and 13 grandchildren.    .. NW; each fined $30 and costs, cosia and Limassol. He said tunitv to brine the strength on Scrvices: Chapel of Memories Lu Ann Clinton, 3101 Bever!*—»    *—«    ....    ... tunny to Dnng tne sirengm on Sadat told newsmen, “We discussed the broad lines of subjects of mutual interest to the two countries and our views IOO percent identical.” Asked if he felt Simon’s visit Problems of Aged To Be Rights Topic Residents Favor Revenue Sharing, Riley Is Told MT. VERNON - In the fifth avenue SE; fined $20 and costs. |tanks had surrounded the Nieo^e^l^ Tora up toTsi) ’"said J*1*>m- Tuesday ““I City Brtefs sia airport, and the rebel forces Steinbeck .“Tim k.«/in<>t ic c«i „n Rev. Wilson Hyde ol irinity    / Striking fixtures adjacent tor"*,    ** 0,,“ “" ,'iuvl >yj‘    i sieinDecK. “'Ihe budget is set up street — Frank Duffy, 805 "ad taken over Radio Cyprus.    for 150 officers.” Third avenue, Marion; fined! A communique broadcast by $15 and costs.    Thomas    Rad*°    Cyprus    sa*d    the    national * * * The list of eligible police force Low overnight .............. 66    Keating,    3010    Ravenwood    ter-    8uard    the    Cypriot    army    of    candidates    includes    a    husband United Methodist church. Burial:    Cedar    Memorial. Friends may call at Cedar Me- (More City Briefs on P. 16) * * * Gear Taken — Burdette L nance against morial funeral home after 3 Davison, 1025 Pawnee drive nation, p.m. Monday and at the chapel mw. reported fishing gear va- Coty said Based on complaints the commission has received, Ralph Coty, director, said it is “only a matter of time” before the commission will recommend that I the city council pass an ordi-age discrimi- Mayor Nick Berry termed the program “terrific,” and said he felt local governments should be responsible for making local decisions. Citizens also were critical of national environmental standards concerning waste dispos-reprcsentative aj saying that standards should ..vx    —     r~    —    —---~-iaiiu wile. V/i aiid auu raute lei I ~ ...    „__m_____i„.. tu. i, ,    ~.    i. „    ...    Improper    passing Predoitationa> ........... None    Coitcr*    tMason    City:    fined    ^20|“government"of naTionai'salva-1^“sinTof present wlice^’foTce|ket wi,! be closed at 10:20 a m car parked at 4648 Johnson ave‘ A8in8 wi» expIain Problems of ^unity"size and^condiTions. SC July-    :::::::::::    Z™    of    K Tuesday- _ __    nue    NW    Sa,.urdty-    .    II They clam,cd national stan- Normal for July    3    58    McMurrin,    Alburnett;    Richard    the    situation.    It    said elections orexei drive SW. and David E. KT I *U U 1,1.. on IO Steggal, 438'- Ninth avenue “for a genuinely freely elected!johnson Forestville Md government will be held withini ^Vproved by ’t^ Commis-[ Normal through July ......20.19    swrcach fincd ,i0 and costs. Total for 1974 ..............30.99    Studded tires — Gary Soren- SW; a year. no later.” and It “Shot on Spot” said M a k a r i os First avenue, Hiawatha, died NW^ Sunday< and stoie $105 Barometer, falling .........30.13    son, 403 Eighth avenue Humidity at noon ..........44%|Oarles Hsarik. Hiawatha;: j j. ..    ,    •    •,    j each fined $15 and costs. Wind direction and \ elm i \ a intoxication _ Perry Lin-, it said M ak a nos wasin .. n    nQr.iH    ritv    ,---------^    — 2 p.m. NNW at    6    mph.    deman, 123 First avenue SW;!-ajreadv    dcad“ and that anyone    Dav,d , (,00dw,[1j Rapid A>ity,    Hiawatha five years. Sun rises    Tuesday,    5:45; sun, fined $25 and costs. Herman    rcsistino    the armv    wou|d br    S D,: Robert D See,y’ Anamo-    Born June ll, 1904, at Macon, sets. 8:40.    Gipe, Palo; fined $20 and costs.    the    Tadded    88; Dennis L’ So,monson‘ Iowa    HI he was married to Helen C. Year Ago Today — High 84’ Traffic s‘KnaI violation — ,    1 01 1    .    '    ^    City: Robin L. Naggatz, Iowa t«var.doskv iw 31 1934 at Iou 76 rainfaU none    $lifford lrii£0 Central City; that a curfew had been imposed ^ Da,e R Nelson, Coralville; i low,/b, raintan, none.    Terry    Beck, 919 F avenue NE; and no civilians or vehicles    1    otCaoco    \v;c    •    Detroit.    Prior to ms reuremeni, |t»,eS/rt^Shrist^er,v302?lothcr than ambulances were a1-    l!/«ink Z’ K ki he was empl°yed the U S Schaeffer drive SW; Frank    j    h    Rickey Sywassink, 1414 h iret    government as a mechanic. Mr. koutny, 633 Nineteenth ave-    iowea on    tne streets.    avenue NE; Michael K Klapp-    Tcmevcr was a member of * Lolo 70A fPV> i l-i elronl QI91 ■ Robert A. Temeyer lice said thieves broke into Ed Robert A. Temeyer, 70, of 304 gewood cleaning, 3421 E avenue sion were: Mark Fischer Th!nleSff!h00n^n’.?lth M ,|„7!° Sunday following a long illness.;from vcndjng machines in the Thirty-fifth street, Marion; | Formcr|y of Detroit, he lived in' business * * * Ki'ttttn VfnnHav    83    race    NW;    fined    $50    and    costs. 6,000 troops led by 650 Greek and wife Crain and Pamela -    ,    ________ ................ ■    -    Dennis army officers - had formed a Uri(M 2012 G avenue NF and aftcr 9 3 m‘,    CaS-    lued    at    $86 was ,aken from a from thc Linn county Council 00 be tailored according to com led S20i.—------,    .<    ......    I    '    MU.    11    avenue    ne,_ aim kct w||1 be c|osed at 10:20 a rn. car parked    at    4648 Johnson    ave-    *-*—        ' the elderly    at the    meeting. Coty    j rn. t    *„    *, * a    p    aSkM    Lhal    aly “a0 'h‘nk ‘I'X    darts'puTan    “unnecessary    bur- Business    Burglar,zed    -    Po-    m.ght    have    been    discriminated    dcn-    ^ sma,|Cr    commuril[es against because of their age at-    , tend the meeting and air their    areas    of concern voiced complaints.    at the meetm8 included infla‘ “I know for a fact that people j’00; we^are reform, federal between the ages of 40 and 65:Jand use’ amnesty, abortion, have difficulty gaining employ-' atergate and governmental Calculator Missing — Woo- ment,” said Coty.    reform and campaign financing, drow Rajtora, 829 Third avenue He said, the commission now Wiley s next public forum will SE, told police a $132 calculator has no jurisdiction over age dis-lbe Thorsby at 7 p m. at Straw- crimination complaints. The berrV Point, complaints must be referred to j the iowa civil Rights commis- Woman To Seek Mower Stolen — Mary Jane- sion. Traveler’s Forecast Tuesday Weather. Hi-Lo Bismarck .......Tshwrs    97-68 Chicago    .Fair    81-63 Cincinnati .........Fair    85-64 Cleveland..........Fair    75-59 Des Moines......PtCldy    92-70 Detroit ..........•    Fair    82-55    J Indianapolis  PtCldy    85-64 Kansas City 633 Nineteenth ave- j on the Streets, nue SE: John Kucera. 3322 EJ Officials at the Cypriot em- holz 724 ar."ucnZ.:,r.adn.fi"LdK*15v,"d bassy in Athens said they heard Robcrt was taken from Saturday. ♦ * his residence Thirtieth street SE; lQross p0jnt Masonic &Kos£,Umb0- Hy; rhaMhere'h'ad'be"ep “much reHsF^'RotenC^nS'n'Min' N° 584 Vehicle control violation — Herman Gipe, Palo; fined $50 and costs. RoAnna Koenke,! (0 Makarios 1402 First avenue NW; fined * ’ ‘. PtCldy 95-76: $2i,a^ c°sls- . . Right-of-way violation — sistance” to the army coup by 0CqUa, Wis. “Cypriot officers and men loyal They said there: was “much fighting” in the center of Nicosia. -Impeachment- (Continued from Page I.) St. Louis   PtCldy 97-72 Sioux Falls.........Fair    99-72 Coralville Lake Pool level Monday  694.44 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.7. fall .2 Dubuque (17) 8.4, rise .05 Davenport (15) 6.3, rise .1 Burlington (15) 9.4, rise .2 Keokuk (16) 7.3, rise .2 Cedar at C.R .21. Births — St. Luke's Loot Totals S2.915 in Breakin at House lodge sovsky, 1721 D street SW, said a Coty said the Cedar Rapids $60 lawn mower was stolen from commission may soon have the Surviving are his wife. Helen; I her garage recently.    jurisdiction to handle the com- a sister, Ruth Dickey, Decatur,;    *    *    *    plaints and would provide a III.; and    a brother.    John E.    Pistols    Taken — Two    pistols I faster avenue for solving them Temeyer. Cedar Rapids.    valued at $100 belonging to'than the state commission. Services: Chapel of Memories;Richard Carpenter, 615 Third ____ MokastCpaul "'ptCldS Htn I Sum*" Haddy*'’ 3830,“'skylark | "rh* rebeTcorn rn u ni q ut  ......*    "»v ‘ ' at 1:30 pm Thursday by the avenue SW, were reported slo- Omaha* . f    Fair    UneSE^ined and c^.    ' WamedMakariOS and his gov-^ «*    intCTds 10 JPT rL, Me^HaT '.Tw $ 7“'"“    2269    C Driving on wrong side —    ,    b    call    tombment:    Cedar    Memorial,    street SW Sunday. R o n Covington, Hiawatha; ernmen.for    chaos within the;    Aft    examining Herbert    Friends may call at the Cedar    *    *    * fined $30 and costs.    ranks of the armv and church L. ,    ,    ‘    m„r««rioi    f„noP,i    ,ft.r    n.    n    o u j    » Driver’s license violation - and    said    the army    was in Kalmbach-    N,xon s    former    per*    Memonal    funeral    home    after    Gun    Gone    -    Richard    D.    Bar- Ron Covington, Hiawatha; H    _r    faii;ncr    “intn    the'sona^aw-ver’ Tuesday<    tbe com* 4 Pm fined $15 and costs.    !d J anarchist and crimi- mittee wil1 prepare for its cru-lchape! after 9 am Thursday- Iowa Deaths    Inals”    icia* debbcrat'ons* which are to j The casket will be closed at Dyersville — Hilda Joesterj The broadcast said the newjs*ar* next Monday. A final rec-|F15 p.m. Thursday. 74. Tuesday at 10;30, St. Fran-U 0 v e r n rn e n t would conduct!0 nimendation is expected ai!for«.ign rclaiions “as before'’ around July 30 Monday at Kramer’s    and    thai    “friendly    relations! 'n    other    Walergate-related Manchester — George W. would be maintained with alp developments. I Webber, 83, Des Moines. Thurs- countries.” It    added that talks)    Senator.    Weicker. (R-Conn.)    mji|jon showed any significant A ,13. 4.04. Mi ■ day a, 3. Shelly sw    I between ihe Greek Cypriot and Mid he would vote for Nixon* a-  —........... ;day. Delhi _ Mary C. Grapes, 85.1 Turkish Cypriot communities conviction in a senate lmpcach-Wednesdav at 2, United Moth-; would “continue as before.” ment trial if Nixon refused a July 13 - To the families of|odist church. Friends may call, ,n whgt appoared {0 ^ House Post in 32nd District INDEPENDENCE - M a r y Loftsgard. 35. Independence, will be the Republican candidate for state representative from the 32nd district in the November election. David Iloeck. Walker, a son; after 2 p.m. Tuesday at Clif- crime decrease. Taken together, big cities reported an 8 percent decline in robbery, a 4 percent supreme court order to give up dr0p jn assault, and a 5 percent She was named Saturday David D. Anderson reported n*8bt at a special caucus meet- Tuesday and at the rett, Mt. Vernon, said a $40 pis- to the Linn sheriff’s office that inS beld bere for committeemen tol was taken from his unlocked his residence at 3731 M avenue and women in tbe 32nd district, car while it was parked at Third mw was broken into Friday which includes 14 precincts in avenue and Second street SW. night and items valued at $2,915 Bucbanan county and ten in ♦    *    *    were stolen    B^ack Rawk county. Windows Broken — Police re- Included in thc    loot were    two    special meeting    was ported two windows valued at I television    sets, coins, a    ring,    called by State Chairman    John $100 were discovered broken at clothing    and a    sewing    ma-    McDonald. No candidate sought Harding junior high school Sun- chine.    tbe post on *be Republican    tick- _ I et in the June primary. KA rL i    Mrs.    Loftsgard,    a    Buchanan /Vian Charged with county native has ^ active — Crime — (Continued from Page 1.) David J. Svoboda. Clutier, a | ton’s, Earlville.    J    waning to Turkey, it said what;”"6 ° ‘ J nf7hp*spn-QLe,C * 6 3 S 8 daughter; Terry A. Radtke. An- Sigourney — James Icenbicc, had happened was “strictly an VV(1(Xcr’ a rntmDer 0    ^ thefts. internal affair." and that' the:a,e Watergate committee. waS| By region. Sigourney - amosa, a daughter; William 19. Reynolds’. Welch. 6505 Bradford road NE. Wellman — Frank a son; Charles Tew, Martelle, a Barth. 69. Tuesday at son; Ed ward A. Goebel, Swisher, a son; Ernie F. Walters. 307Va Ninth avenue, H i a w a t h a. a son; Francis Quinn. 931 Old Marion road L Nettier Reports W a t e r g a te tape recordings. decr e a se jn mo,or vehicle To Hospital, Not Federal Officers Motorcycle Theft in the Republican party several Robert A. Fults. crime increased fosegbtakeov"er was* “for The benefitof' interviewed ontheCB5 program the mosF _ 23 percent - in Joseph’s Catholic church. jthe entire    Greek Cypriot    peo-    Face    the Nation    southern    states. Western states Burial at Keota. Friends may I pie.”    Ihe    house comm'ttee    is    ex*:    reported    a    17 percent surge and call Monday at Powell’s.    1    Utmost    Concern    pected    to    release more im-1 northeastern and north central Mt. Vernon — Mrs. Edward'    peachment    evidence this week. jstates listed a 9 percent in- rtu .    _    ..    ,    i    Ankara’    the    Turkish,    The.    trial,    of. California. U.\crease NE. a son; C atherine Lingo, 608| Brosh s, Ccdar Rapids, and at fnreion ministry said the Tur-L-.    «„•__\iinn    ... ..... Eighteenth avenue SW, a son.    9:30 at St. Weneeslaus church, ,,;*u    v'_    . R®l°ecke    heg<^    .    -    Ihe FBI    report said that only Marriage Licenses Jovce Taylor and Michael! Kalona —    Mrs.    Willard Cole ShelTv Anderson and Marner, 66. Tuesday at 2, Men Rand Duffy,' Mary Oakley andlnomte church. Powell’s. Darwin Lewis, Cynthia Novak1 Tipton — Lars F. Larson, 66.*» and Leonard Thompson, all of J Tuesday at 1:30, Sheets and (Cypriot community. Cedar Rapids. Loretta Zalesky,    Son, where friends may call) a source    in Ankara    reported Cedar Rapids, and Gene;■    .    „    that several ships of the Turkish Rucker Vinton. Carolyn Clark Dysart — Dorothea L. Han-    .    ,    ,    ,    ,    ... and Merle Drexler both of sen. 94. Tuesday at 3, Over-;navy had been ordered to sml to Hiawatha. Gail Wood and ton’s.    the Medditerranean as a pre- Wayne Howington, both ofi Waukon — William Cun-;cauBonarv measure and an Solon. Ohio. La Donna York.    inurn    26.    San    ;    army battalion stationed on the IR of 57in'years and lS Rrst vice*Pres(dent Briarwood street SW was being of the Buchanan county Repub-BriarwoHl street sw, was wuigl.    Women. Her husband, he id rn Linn county jail on $1,000 Dean b a construction superin. Although federal Judge Ed- . on ,°fn.a' n aL.C,ia ° tendent for a Waterloo firm. She ward J. McManus turned down la^cn>'o a motor vehicle. is the mother of three children, requests for a new trial and a was arrested at his resi- Kenneth Miller is the Demo-delay in confinement for Everett den(je bunda-v and charged with cratjc incumbent m the 32nd Sam Nemer, Nemer failed to sleabn8 a motorcyle belonging district meet the Friday deadline for !CedarlRapids.eiRosary8 Mondayigovernment was watching|day He is charged with lying to 33 major citi^ reported an ac-l^shal h*mS€,f ’n t0 the U S' at 7 at Brosh’"    “withu^mosr    concern”    STS    crime    decrease’    comparedi    Instead.    Nemer    had    admitted witn utmost concern put sO|about hls involvement in trying XVith IOO for the same period aihimself to St. Luke’s hospital. to Jim Center, 3220 Bramble road SW. Wednesday. far the coup appeared to be “an to bring the 1972 Republican na- year ago a internal matter of the Greek | Ronal convention to San Diego    - No Comment on —Pickets— (Continued trom Page I.) Ammeter Gets Time To Plead Man Gets Two Sentences for Bank Robbery OhRhe!' Kan 't'atliy' iVumphrU's! Panick's^h^'ch^ Jlosary^Mon-]south coast facing Cyprus had Dwight Morgan Bachman._ 30,| negligent manslaughter, accord- according to a deputy marshal Nemer had been found guilty We’re trying to keep costs do\*n Darwin Ammeter, a suspend-tn early July of receiving, pos- and provide good service.” ed pollce detective, has been sess.ing and disposing of stolen Seda said postal employesjgiven untii juiy 26 at 8:30 a m. cigarets and was ordered to un- now receive a starting wage of Crime rn Cedar Rapids duringi^,m^,a!“    rn”ihe'edar^Rap^prfs' Ihe first quarter this year in- Manus tentatively gave Nemer officc, he said, including fringe one murder or non-|a io-year prison sentneco. C.R. Report to plead to charges against him in connection with an alleged conspiracy to damage the repu- Hartsvillc. S. C.,    and Stoner, Mt. Vernon. Fires 10:14 a.in. Saturday. Torch to kitchen floor tile    at 2 3 3 6 Blakely boulevard SE. 11:43 a rn. Saturday. Faulty carburetor behind    129 Six teenth avenue SW. 6:09 p.m. Saturday. Short in outlet at 619 Nineteenth avenue SW. 7:38 p.m. Saturday. Stand Dan day at 8, Bakke-Hansen.    been    alerted, Tama — Albaro Guardado, canceled. 22. Mason-Hand. Burial in!    _ 1 Mexico. Cascade — Bernard Keating. 82. Wednesday at 10:30, St. Martin’s church Rosary Monday at 8:30 and wake service Tuesday at 8 at Devaney’s, with all Paper Asks Powell To Allow Trial Coverage WASHINGTON (AP) - The eluded one murder or non-la'm” rnrkon ^enmeee    ne    8    tat    ions    of    other    police officers. lu-year prison sentnece    benefits,    is $7.58 an hour    At    i mn u o    o_____ r _____iii____l in turning down tho sddosI for    the    drrsi^nrncnt    in    L<inn leaves Des Moines, was sentenced to a jng j0 jhe pederai Bureau of In- a npw *riai judoP McManus lbose wb() work nights district court Monday Judge total of eight years in prison by vesti8ation rcport    |    ’    ws    ceive a ten percent pay dif- WilUam Eads also set July 24 at federal Judge Edward J. Mc- There were also 16 robberies, clearly against Nemer and that lerenlla1, ^cda sa!d’ and pcl”5 p.m. as the deadline for Am- *    ii    mn ti    Jo    onnt morn ics noiH frtr    ...    _i    ...    .    ai -    .    J    — „ a _ Manus Monday in connection 9 aggraVated assaults, 438 lar-no irregularities occurred dur-icent more is paid for Sunday meter and five other defendants with bank burglaries in north- ^ thefts> and 98 motor vehi-; ing the one-day trial.    work    whlch    is part of a reguIar to file motions in connection central Iowa.    cie    thefts.    The    judge    refused    to    allow    vvork    week    witb indictments returned by He was given a five-year term police Chief Wallace ^Peters \erncr additional time before Seda said none of tbc workers the grand jury last week after a where friends may call after TiTimes Picayune Publishing on one count ban^ burglary was not available for comment having the medical evaluation was oR the job Monday. The probe of the police department. Corp. of New Orleans asked'and tbree years for conspiracy on (he report Monday morning. a Missouri hospital, saying leaflets handed out by the postal The judge said that if the tirrtrbzirc nriitz'i'Ktd *“hliinH^rg'’ in nthnr fi\'n rlnnirln tn Anlor a nlpa Monday. Central City Delbert Birk-) at ford 79 Tuesday at i-3o" supreme court Justice Powell t0 commit banit burglaries. The other police officials declined to that he already had sufficient wooers criticized “blunders” in other five decide to enter a plea United Church of Christ, visi-jMonday to stay a lower court sentences are to run concur-,comment on the report because chance to work out personal planning by higher postal of- rather than file any motions the tation at Murdoch’s after by clown wires at 1212 Maple- Monday, wood drive NE 1:56 a.m. Sunday. Faulty outside alarm at 1010 E avenue NW 10:39 a in Sunday. Food In oven at 1526 Sixth avenue SE 4:53 p.m. Sunday. Air-e-vac at airport. 6:51 p.m. Sunday. Flush gas at accident at Sixteenth avenue and Edgewood road SW. 8:10 p.m. Sunday. Unattended fire at Circle1 drive and Glass road NE. 1:30 a rn. Monday. Malfunction of alarm system at Americana Nursing home. Magistrate’s Court Speeding    .lames Miler, Vinton; fined $35 and costs. David Buwalda, 425 Grand avenue, Marion: David Hubbell, 3703 F avenue NW; Kevin Wade, 2221 Haven court SW; Fred Frodick, Atkins; Howard Young, 242 Wilson avenue SW; Michael Randolph, Anamosa; West Liberty    Patrick White. 81. Tuesday at IO, St. Joseph’s Catholic church. Rosary Monday at 8. Snider’s. Burial: Memory Gardens, Iowa City. Oelwein Kina Kern, 81. Tuesday at 1:30. Brant’s Fayette gartner, 60 St. Franc Oelwein. fi iorder restricting coverage of a j renny.    they    had    not seen it.    problem?.    ficials.    time    for entering of the pleas murder-rape trial.    Bachman    had    pled    guilty    to    p0|jc€    officials had said last Nemer was listed as a patient Tbo leaflet also criticized will remain as scheduled at John Weinmann. attorney for j the two counts near the end of a (month any increase in crime aj st. Luke’s Monday.    what the workers believe are their arraignments last week the paper, said the order was an trial in which he, Robert Weeks|reflected on the FBI report    ____ ,    luxury items rn the postal sci- A hearing has been set for 9 unconstitutional prior restraint j and Jack Scott were defendants, would he largely due to a Hardware Store Entered vice’s new headquarters build- a rn. on July 26 for any motions on publication.    I Scot* was found guilty on change in bookkeeping.    LAMONT    -    Thieves    broke    ing in Washington.    filed    in any of the six cases. The --seven counts, and Weeks wast The value of a missing item is in'‘ XL(,m,,u.n hard*It was not known if the protest judge explained that in this way Death of a found innocent. Scot. has ye! «o|now bascd on tbe ow„cr s valua-l "'I Ll 20 YEARS AGO William    Baum-    large number of small fish in    be sentenced. 0.    Wednesday at H,    Cedar lake during the dosing    Four other counts    against ms    church.    Brant’s,    days ()f jutlp was blamed on a    Bachman were dismissed. (temporary lack of oxygen in the) His prison term is    to    begin 30 YEARS AGO - American|water.    JulyJJlT_ troops reached the outskirts store here over the weekend and    Pa»,of    demonstrations    he    ran    hear    arguments    on    sun. Hon, rather than the market^ ,hree sh0tguiug tWH riflesJ at other postal points lar points of law' at one time value of the item, police said Drive Safely 75 boxes of shotgun shells and IO,(KM) rounds of .22 cal. riflt ammunition. Less ay, western German in Normandy. of anchor Horal Fantasies from our th Mod artistt PIERSON’S ’S’ IHM) I I I IS HI VO. NU H CW I K PHON! Mt-1121 florist (or Over 61 Yeoti .IOIIN K. I.APi:S Convenient Downtown location 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 z < o when words aren't enough send sympathy with flowers FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 PHON! ANSWERED 24 HOURS EVERY DAY John B. Turner & Son humeral Directors since I HHH Only one service...our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal choice. Tlirnrr& Luis! 8( M) Second Avo. SI Dimer s West IJJ I First Ave. West I V ;

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