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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa DEATHS Mrs. Louis Kriz Lower-Middle Income Group Hardest Hit Lois Hurtt Kriz, 74, a former]    ,    ... resident of Cedar Rapids, died ‘Continued from Page I.) Personal interviews with 1,509 Friday at Apache Junction,    ,    adults, age 18 and older, be- Ari*., where she had been living! fec‘on "'V sa arV ;is    ; tween May JI and June J. fnr rn V.,N    making    an hourly wage.’    I ,    3    , tor 15 years.    ,r. A •    Lven    relatively    comfortable Born July 15, 1899, in Cedar), rho Americans most bothered Amcricans    h,|VC    suf. Rapids, She married Louis It!* mflatKM,(.aljup found, were,fered fr#m |||(,    ^    #f    infla.. Kriv pok •} Iooo ch,, „ithose in the lower-middle-m-u. „ ,    ..    . Kriz on reb. 3, 1922. She was a Lit    .    lion. In the Philadelphia area, omrii.ni,, nf Coo .si!,,    come    bracket,    earning $10,000 to r    .    .. graduate of Coe college.    sir    OOO    example,    Nancie    Wolfe,    32- Surviving are her husband;    „    year-old wife of a Temple uni- one daughter, Eiva Anne    ys    10 op€    versify professor, three    A number of people who have since December she into savings for Eiva Davies, Iowa City; and three A number of people who have grandchildren.    been hard-hit by inflation said Services : Wednesday at 3 theY had worked out ingenious p.m. at Turner chaped east by methods of coping with rising the Rev. Clifton Ellerbeck. costs. For example, Julie Szcke-Rurial: Czech national certie-1    29, of Iucson, said she typed gan 11y , ’ ’ she said. “We've tory.    f°r a fri('nd in exchange for    always    been    paid    once    a    month, __ floor varnishing. She cooked for    and    we    always    come    out    at    the another friend, she said, and got end of the month stone-broke.” her piano tuned in exchange. The findings were based on  --1    In    Washington, ILC., Paul said that had dipped; a “couple make ends hundred dollars” to meet. “I don’t think we live extrava- UPI Telephoto ANGUISH showed in the face of Mrs. Mary Wilkerson, rn o t h e r of convict Otis Wilkerson, as she told reporters Saturday that she fioped her son would give up. —Hostages-— (Continued from Page I.) Memorial Services Harrington, Monday at I Minnis M. at St. Patrick’s Cushion Elusive Catholic church by the Rev .......    ,    .. o0 Hyman, a 34-year-old lawyer, Martin t. Laughlin with NCSF Williamsburg Man, 21, said woman, Almeda Washington, 24, stayed in the cellblock; McKin- ^ _    f ney said he did not know why.    C. R.    >Ar O ITI 0 ll S First reports were that she had elected to stay voluntarily to keep the one female hostage company, but two sisters who talked with her later in the day disputed that. Donella Washing ! „    i    .. c?i iii,' i    -    i— that after working for IO ch a CT s cemetery.11 Rosary * at Serious After Crash years he still was looking for a ! ll™. VT; ■?“"<% .TC MIDDLE AMANA - Randy “finandal cushi0n ’' neral home where friends may1 Osborn. 22, of Williamsburg was Barbara Reese a 30-year-old I call after I Sunday.    listed in serious condition at housewife from Charlottesville, Fink, Arthur Leroy — Mon- University hospital in Iowa City ^a * sa*d a $3,000 salary in-! day at 10:30 at Turner chapel Saturday nieht following a one- ^    her    husband    received WAss-isas*"-«si? «** war up _ p.m.on Iowa highway 220.    -    inflation. The highway patrol reported Mrs. Reese said she began that Osborn was traveling at a I working at a Sears store at high rate of speed and failed night after she moved to Charlo negotiate a curve on highway lottesville from St. Petersburg. 220 near here.    j    Fla.,    primarily    as    a    way    of Osborn’s vehicle went into a meeting local people. “Now it’s ditch and flipped over once. No a necessity,” she said. “We Rescue Fails, Teacher Drowns PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis. ,    ..    .    ,    , _    Officials report a Cedar Rapids    chaurSes had been filed Saturday "Ced    thc m°"Cy for Sroccnes’ ’ ton, JI, and Deatriee    Brown    27,    resjdcnt Miss chrjs Law|o of    night. said their sister told them the _.    ___    1A    , convicts required her to stay.    avenue    SE,    attempted They gave no reason.    t0 rescue a Mar-Mac Iowa com- The pair originally    took    eight    munity school substitute teacher hostages, but released one Fri-early Saturday morning.    utiw/in-iww,    iv    ai.    tun)    ~jtrander    of    Chicago,    a day morning. Remaining in the The two women had been on Lightning struck a group of Boy consultant married to an invest-cellblock with them were three aa outing with friends before Scouts trying to find shelter merit banker, has worked for 7 deputy marshals, two justice de- the accident.    from a high mountain rainstorm bt her 12 married years, partment employes and two pri- Ljnda Vorwald, 26, of Prairie in a rugged northeastern New Her salary formerly was used Plans in Disarray cli. Some famihes have found Boy Scouts Struck by their long-established financial Lightning; One Dies plans thrown into disarray be- miADDAU    /17nT, cause of inflation. Susan Os- CIMARRON, N.M. (UPI) -|trander of Chicag0> trave. The Cedar Rapids (Jazrttr: Sun., .Inly 14, 1974 3A —Daily Record— C. R. Weather High Saturday ll p.m. Saturday Rainfall Total for July Normal for July Normal through July Total for 1974 Barometer, steady Humidity at IO p.m. ... 98 86 None 1.05 3.58 20.19 30.99 Iowa Deaths Atkins Francis J. Voss. Monday at IO, St. Paul’s Catholic church, Newhall. Rosary: Sunday at 7:30, Teahcn’s in Cedar Rapids. Anamosa ■— Bessie F. An-dreesen, 75. Monday at 1:30 at ISI. Paul’s Lutheran church. 30 07 Goettsf h’s. 87% Atalissa Curtis H. Werl-ing, 68. Monday at 2. Visitation Wind direction and velocity at after 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Gazette weather station p.m. SSW at 6 rn.p h. Sun rises, 5:44; sun sets, 8:41. Year Ago Today — High, 79; low, 62; rainfall, none. Births — Mercy July 12 — To the families of James McLnan.v, 5001 First. avenue1 W, a daughter; Charles Hemphill. Hiawatha, a at IO Sheets and Son, Tipton. Calmar - Dina Winger, 92. Monday at 10:30 at French’s. Dyersville John Knipper, 76. Monday at 10:30 at Basilica of St. Francis Xavier. Visitation after I Sunday at Kramer’s. Burial: St. Peter and Paul cemetery . Davenport — Thomas F. Gill, 68. Monday at 2:30, United Church of Christ, Wilton. Burial: Oakdale cemetery. Gill son; and I rank Zieser, Walker, Memorial Home. a daughter. July 13 — To the f ami lie Robert Russman, 1607 Fifth avenue SE, a son; Linda Vavra, 2393 Thompson street SE, a son; Rex Carter, Mechanicsville, a son; and Richard Carr, Springville, a son. Earlville Harvey J. Wocste, L 75. Services Monday at 2 at the Births - St. Luke’s To the families of Gazette Photo by John Mclvor vate attorneys. —Ford— (Continued from Page I.) I d e n t ’ s oceanfront office, spending just about all of the time on the economy, Ford said. This was Ford’s sixth meeting with Nixon this week. Discussing the economic situation, Ford said there was “some pretty good news” over the last week and that Nixon was getting “favorable public reaction to the policy of the administration and the personal attention the President is giving to our problems in the inflation area.” Nixon has “pretty well laid out a blueprint,” to try to curb inflation, Ford said. He reiterated what administration and White House aides have been saying: Nixon will submit a tight, balanced budget for fiscal 1976. He will “take a very hard look at any authorization or appropriation bill that would increase his budget recommendations” Ford said, and “there undoubtedly will be vetoes of those bills that substantially exceed” the budget. The “good news” Ford cited was “the lowest rate in the cost of living in eight months” and the signing of a budget reform bill that he said would give congress and the administration “a new tool so that there can be a better handle on federal expenditures.” He also said unemployment was stabilized for the third month in the 5.2 percent range. Ford said Nixon thinks any tax increase or tax cut now “is the wrong approach” and none is contemplated. du Chien, drowned in a 50-foot Mexico area Friday, killing one stric^y ^or ^er own exPcndi' deep section of the Mississippi,,.. . . • • ’    •    tures. “Now,” she said, “it goes river north of here at about 2:45    ■    . a    into    the    checking    account, not a.m. Saturday.    panions and an adult leader.    the savings    account.” Miss Vorwald, in addition to    ~    ~~    I For many Americans, infla- being a teacher, was an assis-    rogress by I ope    jjon js no^ onjy a problem, but a tant manager of    the Pirate’s    VATICAN CITY (UPI) —    puzzle. i Cove lounge in    Prairie du    Pope Paul    VI is making “very    “What I don’t understand,” Chien.    satisfactory progress” in recov- She reportedly    fell into the ering from    an attack of arthri- river from a walkway stretching    tis in his    right knee and has i from a boathouse to    the dock.    resumed his normal work Several law    enforcement    schedule, Vatican spokesman Weapon Search Search resumed Saturday morning in the Cedar river in Cedar Rapids for the weapon sought in the murder of Donald Van Steenis. A magnet was dropped into the river from the Third avenue bridge from a crane. Van Steenis died Feb. 22 of a broken neck caused by a gunshot wound, according to sheriff's deputies. No arrests have been made in connection with the murder, but deputies said the investigation indicates the weapon may have been thrown into the river at the downtown location. United Methodist church. Clifton's. Iowa City — Rueben Stoner, 73. Monday at 1:30. Visitation Sunday morning. Burial: Ridgewood cemetery, North Liberty. George L. Gay’s. Memorial fund established. July 12 — To the families of Kalona — John Y. Swart-Arnold F. Ileisdorffer, Ria- zcndruber, 83. Monday at IO, Watha, a son; Dennis D. Flvnn, Lower Deer Creek Memonite 3434 C avenue NE, a son;1 church. Visitation at Powell’s, Steven J. Ovel, 2031 Park av- Kalona, after 5 Saturday, enue SE, a son; and John Hof- Keystone _ Bcnnet Wood, fa, Belle Plaine, a son.    62 Tuosday at 1;3n. Visitation July 13 — To the families of after I Monday Fellmet’s. Rick A. Bartelf, 3116 O avenue NW, a son; Floyd R. Clark, 1515 Sixteenth avenue SE,    al    Hoover-Valentinc where friends may call after 3 Sunday. Marengo— 41. Services John D. Monday Hansen, at 1:30 daughter; Roger D. Richards, 1700 First avenue NW, a daughter; Orval F. Walton, Masonville—Engelena Foster, 938 Center Point road NE, a 56. Monday at 1:30, Grace daughter; Frank TV. Manning, ] United Methodist church. Vis-Oxford Junction, a son; and Ration after IO Sunday, Kreus-Edward L. Heathman, Todd- sel-Fawcett’s, Lamont. Ville, a son. Fires 11:43 a m. Saturday. Faulty carburetor at 129 Sixteenth avenue SW. 6:09 p.m. Saturday. Short in outlet at 619 Nineteenth avenue SW. agencies dragged the river and Federico Alessandrini said Sat-recovered the body at 3:15 a.m. (urday. said Grace Brown of suburban! Seattle, “is why the horrible,; tremendous increase in prices?1 Things went up not just a few cents, or gradually, but whole dollars and seemingly all at, once.” Korea Sentences 7 More to Death SEOUL, Korea (AP) — Seven, more persons, including a wellknown Korean poet, were sen-: tcnced to death Saturday, and former President Yun Po-sun was added to the list of 55 civilian defendants being tried on charges of plotting to overthrow the government. The seven brought to 14 the number of persons given death pen-alties this week in connection with an underground student group known as the Nation a I Democratic Youth-Student Federation. Thirty-nine others have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from 15 years to life. The remaining two. who are Japanese residing in Korea, will be sentenced Munday. Making Money Is the Topic A five-part series taken from a new book, “How To Make Money in Wall Street”, by Louis Rukey-ser begins on page 20A in today's Gazette. Rukeyser, formerly a foreign corres pondent for the Baltimore Sun and economics editor for ABC-TV News, currently hosts “Wall Street Week”, a popular program on public television. Rukeyser’s book covers the market generally for the average investor or for those who want to become interested. Asked if he could pass along some inside advice about how the market will behave in the future, he said, “Whenever I'm asked that question, I give the answer J. P. Morgan always gave. Morgan would pause portentously, and say, ‘The market will . . . fluctuate.’ ” Service Monday for John Hansen, Marengo MARENGO - John D. Hansen, 41, died Saturday at Veterans Administration hospital in [Iowa City.    i He was born Sept. 18, 1932, at-’ ?ay st » »*' V?Ued , j    ...    ,    ,    Church.    Burial:    Strawberry Monona — Leslie D. Secland, 80. Monday at 10:30, St. Paul Lutheran church. Visitation at Schultz’ after noon Sunday. Oelwein — Margaret Reicks, 80. Monday at 10:30 at Sacred Heart Catholic church. Hintz’. Sigourney — Ruth M. Carmichael, 82. Services tentatively scheduled for Tuesday at IO at the Methodist church. Holm’s. Sigourney — William H. F. Ahrens, 88. Monday at 2. Holm’s. Strawberry Point — La- werence Q. Thomas, 85. Masonic services Monday at 8 at Feeney’s chapel. Services Mon- tended Marengo public schools, and married the former Eunice Ealy on June 18, 1955, in Belle Plaine. Mr. Hansen was the and operator of a trucking service in Marengo. He is survived bv his wife and Crocodile Fine BEVERLY HILLS (UPI)—Thc New Officers Apollo 11 Reunion Set For Fifth Anniversary WASHINGTON (AP) - The three Apollo ll astronauts will be reunited this week in cere-) monies here and at Cape Canaveral, commemorating the fifth anniversary of man s first landing on the moon. Neil Armstrong. Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins will dedicate their launch pad at Cape Canaveral as a national landmark at 8:32 a m. CDT Tuesday — exactly five years to the minute after they blasted off on their historic journey July 16, 1969 Carles Jenkins, Davenport, seated, Saturday was elected grand master of Prince hall, Grand lodge AF and AM, during the final day of fhe group's stale convention at the Roosevelt Hotel. Hubert Ross, Burlington, left, was named senior warden; Adolph Ollison, Sioux City, center, deputy grand master, and Steve Gilmore, 917 G avenue NW, re-elected junior grand warden. Also re-electd were Paul Wilson, Des Moines, grand treasurer; Jake Nelson, Burlington, grand secretary; Cleo Morrison, Des Moines, grand lecturer, and Charles W. Peguese, Des Moines, CCFC. The seven sentenced to death Saturday included dissident poet Kim Chi-ha, 33. five students from Seoul National university and a 29-year-old unemployed man. Yun Po-sun, the 76-year-old former president, said he will go on trial Tuesday on a charge prestigious Gucci Corp. of Italy, !of Providing money to the stu- which has a Beverly Hills out dent group. He was not detained jet% has been fined $2,500 for try I although he was interrogated by ing t0 seu crocodile shoes, jths military prosecution on Yay 22 in connection with the charge. 30 YEARS AGO - The Duke| and Duchess of Windsor arrived from the Bahamas for an indefinite stay in the U.S. I Point cemetery. Urbana — Ronald E. Tharp, jr., 21. Monday at 2 at Murdoch chapel,    Center    Point.    Burial: Urbana cemetery. Visitation owner af^er 3 Sunday at Murdoch’s sanitation in Center Point. Vinton — Clark Geater, 64. Monday    at    2    at the    Wesley ,,____ ____ rk—.sj    ta  i    United    Methodist church. three sons, David. Dean, and,gurja|. gear Creek cemetery, j Brandon. Visitation after 7 p.m. Services: Monday at 1:30 p.m. ] Saturday at Camphene. I at    Hoover-Valentine    where    Wellman    —    Harvey Glenn friends    may    call after    3 Sunday.    PowliT"" W Jlman? Vhcro fri- --------ends may    call after 7 Saturday. Peronist Dies BUENOS    AIRES,    Argentina (AP) — Adelino Romero, 51, j head    of    the    key    Peronist- dominated General Labor Confederation, died of a heart attack Saturday, a union spokesman announced. City Briefs (More Briefs on Page IHA) In Hospital — Ray Koepke, 228 Atwood drive SW, is a patient at Mercy hospital. IHMIMMHHHHINIIIIIMHIHlMlMIIIIIIIIHUHIHIIMIIHIIIMlillHMtlllHMIIIIIMIIIIIIIMNIIIIIHIHIIIIMMIIillllllMIMttMHIHMlHIHMNIIIHIIIIH TEAHEN FUNERAL HOME Since I 936 Marian F. Teahen    Eldon    B.    Rohn NOVAK MONUMENT CO. FINE MEMORIALS SINCE 1S»2 203 14th Ave. SE Phone 364-4439 Markers, Monuments and Private Mausoleums We have so many beautiful ways to say something special FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day OWNLR    MORTICIAN Phone 364-6627    600    First    Ave.    NW ItMfMIMtHMMtMliMllMMMIHHIMMMIMIMIMMIItlltintMIIIMItUtltMIMMtHltlHttlltNHttlHtlHHMIHItHIUIIIttltlUMMtlMHHHItHIIMMMM CENTURY BURIAL VAULTS Since 1927 Charles, Henrietta. & Charles Jr. Pochobradsky 4219 MT. VERNON RD S E. 364-7478 3(1 YEARS AGO — Use of German prisoner of war labor at the naval academy at Annapolis was disclosed. STEWART FUNERAL HOME Formerly Monohan-Stewarl I 844 First Avenue, N.E.    362-2147 (frclttr jUtjwU (AntrHc ’ ~! »tabll»hed In UU bv The Go/eMr Co one pubiiihed dolly and Sunday al 500 Third av# St, C#dar Rapid*. Iowa S740A Second cia** po*tog# paid al C#dor Rapid*. Iowa Substation rat#* by carrier 9S cent* a week By moll: Nigh* edition and Sunday 6 I**u#* S3 7S a month, SJV OO o year At t#rnoon edition* and Sunday t l»*u#* S3 IS a month SJO OO a year Oth#r *»n*#s and U S i#rrllorl#» SOO OO a v#or No Moll Sub*f rlptlon* occ#pt#d In or#a* having Gai#M# tarrl#r »#rvlc# The A * *oc Idled Pr#»* I* entitled em luMvelv to th# ut# tor republli otlon of all the lot al new* printed In thl* new* pnpei a* well a* all AP new* di*patch#* -I .ROUX E. IaAI’KK va/ flowers Since 1909 Conv«ni«nf downtown location 308 Third Avenue Si. 365-0511 Sympathy is hardest word to write say it with Flowers from PIERSON 1800 ELLIS BLV FLOWER PHONE Open Nightly Till I—Including Mon Fii to 6 p rn. Sat HI Time and Understanding For many years we have served the families of this community with dignity, understanding and integrity. At Cedar Memorial we take the extra time to render the finest sendee our profession is capable of. Our first consideration is to conscientiously serve the needs of each family with respect to their religion and their financial need. Serving all Cemeteries Idarjcntorial FUNERAL HOME 4200 FIRST AVENUE KAST TELEPHONE 393-8000 ;

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