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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tho < od ar Rapids ^ascite Sat , July |$t 1971 AMANDA PANDA By MARCIA COURSE STEVE CANYON  f THE 'REVOLUTIONISTS' ' HAVE NOT VET TURNED 7 f UH ll (.Ilf f M THA JA    ON YOU - BUL AH 15 ( WE SHOULD'CONVINCE'I V J \ COL CANYON SOON I C^\r(- WHEN THE BOILING OIL IS POURED ON HIM, DO Nor Ruin his l ace I I shall WANT HIS PROE ILE ON COINS AS MY CONSORT' MARK TRAIL By ED DODO Bv MILTON CANIFF COMMODORE CANYON, ^QUATORZE J WILLET lf YOUR ACCENT COME OUT' COME OUT/ J JOUR DF PASTILLE) MAY NOT BE Ll BE RTE/ /so POT, BUT YOUR FRENCH LEAVE is sensational! as// «*' - WHOEVER YOU THINK w YOU ARE' 7 an v MARY WORTH rrr™----------in— jyiU^eLjE^ By SAUNDERS AND ERNST BEETLE BAILEY Bv MORT WALKER Hl£ MEAKT'5 IN THIE RiiSHT PLACE,BUT BRAIN lEN'T Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section NANCY NANCY WHAT ARE YOU SERVING FOR LUNCH AT YOUR BIG LAWN PARTY TODAY ?    , Bv ERNIE BUSHMILLER BUZ SAWYER Bv ROY CRANE A UXORIOUS HIGHWAYMAN OU TPE UATCUEZ TRACE.' ACROSS I Son of Jacob 5 Biblical patriarch 8 Cains father 12 Russian ruler 13 Eggs 14 Frenzy 15 Knock (Scot. ear > 16 Cobra < Hind) 17 The dill 18 Not ItM-al 20 Attire 21 Cheer 22 By w ay of 23 Sanctified one 26 Annoys 30 Conjunction 31 Samuel's teacher 32 Peter used one 33 Japanese name 34 < tolerated 35 First number 36 Site of the Crucifixion 39 Malicious burning 51 Arab garment 52 Peel 53 Qua I ii it'd 54 Encountered Assam silkworm 56 TV figure 57 Malt brew 58 College official HOVAN 1 Marine fish 2 Cry of bacchanals 3 Worthless 4 Segregate and detain 5 Biblical prophet 6 Ellipsoidal 7 Sack 8 Biblical mountain 9 Native of Copenhagen 10 I .irk ones 11 Baseball team 19 Rodent 20 Roman god ot underworld 22 Blood vessel 23 Levantine ketch 24 Egy ptian goddess 25 Baal, for instance 26 Drama 27 Seth s son 28 Nevada city 29 British gun 31 Makes booboos 37 Evening prayer 38 Art "‘Fat m> 39 Timetable abbreviation 40 Harvested 42 Diminish 43 Fellow ilull.I 44 Biblical name 45 Spanish jx»t 46 Eve s son 47 Rabbit 48 I iperatic solo 49 Humble 51 Eucharistic wine cup tNEWSPAI’KK ENTERPRISE ASSN “Modern teaching methods stress character building, rather than the ability to spell correctly.” DICK TRACY YES, WE CHECKED BIG \ NOTICE BRASS' FACTORY, A WEIRD ANYTHING OPERATION, CRYSTAL! J mad TOArVP v-UTTER FRAUD!    1KAC7r V' Bv CHESTER GOULD GRIN AND BEAR IT By lichty LIL ABNER Bv AL CAPP 7 WE'RE AT J HE BIN LYIN' GROANIN' HERE JI THE EMD —J 3 HOURS. NOW-AN'AU-WE n.-f-T) IS UP TO IS HIS 0RANNV2? J ^ CLAMCPHO0IA - OR FEAR ) ALL WE NEED NOW IS THIS FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FORM, FILLED CUC BZ THREE PANK Presidents !!! Earth might not be the only planet that's inhabited, Junior! There might be other people in the universe who can take as much punishment as we can! I" ON STAGE Bv LEONARD STARR BLONDIE ]\mw 1 BLON DIE LISTEN U TO TW!S~ THE GIANT ^ ! BUSTARD OF MALAVA HAS A WINGSPREAD OF El CHT FEET^ v IS> r pu >^, i = vs I * : ! fce    '    v< HE HAS TO RUN l<‘“ A HUNDRED YARDS BEFORE HE CAN TAKE OFF BV CHICK YOUNG Iirr WHAT HE NEEDS 11 IS SHORTER WINGS ( AND LONGER LEGS/ ' AH, BITSY/ IT'S AWFULLY 6000 OF YOU TO COME SFE I ME I I RFAILY PO BILLY 5AM ANP ME ? APPRECIATE IT... OVERLY FRIENPLY GREETINGS MAKE ME NERVOUS, HARLOWE , YOU SORE ABOUT V Ti % 'A __ ti i < NOT SORE, EXACTLY.. YI KNEW IT. YOU I'M A BIT UPSET, J ARE ANORX WELL -MAYBE ... NO -i PlRECTEP TOWARPS CONC ERS EU.ME-" Meanwhile ...uh... hear \ — ‘CHARMAINE? a WHAT, I .. HARRUMPH" CHARMAINE? J BILLY PIP YOU HEAR ME ?...    {    SAM    ?    / ;

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