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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frl., July 12. 1974 MMNW9WI sun** Investor’s Guide By Sam Shulsky Q — Seven years ago I was forced to sell my business Since then I have had three investment advisory firms None has been satisfactory. All my money is in common stocks, and I hatfp*uffered substantial loss. I am looking for an adviser or bank trust department which will give me complete service Can you recommend any? If I could withdraw 6 percent a year for living expenses and have a little left WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald & Janies Jacoby If you always lead your partner’s suit you will keep your partner happy. Furthermore. you will do far better than a man who is always looking around for a surprise lead. West was one of those lookers-around. He opened the eight of spades! South went up with dummy’s king and played the six of hearts. East won with the ace and could do nothing better than to lead another spade. NORTH (D)    12 4 K93 V Q 8 6 ♦ K 92 ♦ K 10 7 4 WEST    EAST ♦ 876    41054 VJ532    f A ♦ Q IO73    ♦ A J 8 6 54 ♦ AI    ♦ J 5 2 SOL TH ♦ A Q J 2 V K 10974 ♦ - ♦ Q986 Both vulnerable West    North    East    South Pass    Pass    I T Pass    2+    24    34 44    4*    Pass    Pass Pass Opening lead -8 A South won, led a trump and finessed dummy’s eight. He had decided that East would not have played the ace of trumps if he didn’t have to After the eight held. South cashed the queen of trumps, led a club and since one eight-spot finesse had worked he tried another. After that one worked it was a cinch for South to wind up making his contract with an overtrick South had really played the hand like a man with second sight, but all the brilliance in the world wouldn’t have helped him if West had just opened a diamond and East finessed the jack. Furthermore, West really had an automatic diamond lead. With four trumps he would want to force South to start ruffing. *+CHRD«fr/**44 The bidding has been West North East South 14 14 Pass 2+ Pass a* Pass 4 A Pass 4 NT Pass 5f Pass 5 NT Pass O You, South, hold 4A Q 4TK J 4 3 2 *A Q 8 7 ♦ 3 What do you do now0 A —Bid six diamonds to show your one king TODAY’S QUESTION Your partner continues to six spades What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow over to take care of inflation, I would be happy. A — There Is no way for me to make any worthwhile comment on your experience because not only do you not mention your age and resources, but give no indication of how your money was invested I can contribute only that the last seven years have exacted a heavy toll of all securities portfolios — equities as well as bonds. There may have been some advisory services and trust departments which withstood the trend — but I don't think there were too many Obviously, I cannot recommend specific brokers or banks or investment counsel There is the Investment Counsel Assn of America at 127 East 59th street. New York City, from which you can obtain a list of members But that’s as far as I can go. In talking to counsel, bank or broker you should of course make your own goals very, very clear For example — there is no problem today in drawing ti percent from an investment in high-grade bonds and hav ing nearly 3 percent more left over with which to help offset inflation. I say “help” because there is no KHI percent inflation hedge I know of which would be safe enough for you to use. Even with banks paying close to 8 percent for four-year certificates of deposit and top-quality, longterm bonds paying close to 9 percent there is no way for a cautious, retired investor to offset inflation officially reported at ll) or ll percent, but most likely 12 to 15 percent. But that’s no reason, however, for a retired person taking chances at losing money in volatile stocks. By all means talk to counsel, banks and brokers — but make plain what you want and the risks you do not want to take. I think it’s only fair to point out that some money managers want to be “heroes” — which is understandable But it shouldn’t be tried with money you evidently can’t afford to lose. 0 0 0 Q — I was recently widowed, sold my home and now have about $40.(HH) to invest. Please comment on the enclosed advertisement. A — The advertisement is an Sam Shulsky offering by a firm which identifies itself in no way except to say that it is offering investments which yield fil*2, 7 and 7V<2 percent on notes ranging from a few months to ll) years I. of course, know nothing about the company or how it is regulated I notice its offerings are limited to state residents — so I must assume it is not approved by federal authorities. This is neither here nor there. But what I can't understand is why — knowing nothing of the people making this offering, or how your money would be employed — you consider putting your money into it when you can get the same from insured savings accounts in banks or savings and loans protected by federal agency insurance or in ll. S. treasury bonds which are backed by the government itself? * *    * CALL    LOAN:    A loan    which may be    called in.    terminated, at any time by either lender or borrower, ('all loans are often used to finance margin loans on securities. * *    * Mr. SSulskv welcomes written Questions, but he will be obie to orovide Answers onlv through the column For Information on mutuol funds, please include a self addressed, stamped en velooe Address your reauests to Sam Shulsky, core of The Gazette ON THIS DATE in the year KH) B.C., the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, was born LAFF - A - DAY HEATHCLIFF For Better Health Dizziness, Ringing Ears Are Symptoms of Meniere s Disease “They were such a temptation, I thought I d better get rid of ’em.” FREE GOBLET 12 with $50 deposit! Your choice of three elegant style.' - FREE with a qualifying deposit in a First National Savings Account or Certificate of Deposit. Additional goblets available at lieautifully reduced prices. Start your collection today! (Limit, one free gift per family.) First National Bank of Marion ,. F.DI.l I}-1}- J}- J}- J}- J}- SPECIAL OFFER FOR JULY 1974    J}-    J}- HAPPY 198th BIRTHDAY AMERICA! 4th of JULY SPECIAL bib 'mbira>2i ->356 ONE PRICE 7'D OUR 1776 PRICE INCLUDES, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE ♦Single Vision Lenses * Bifocal lenses * Trifocal lenses * Tinted Lenses * Impact resistant lenses which meet FOA requirements ♦Your choice of any frame in our large selection (wires frames SIO extra) Bf'hg youf EYE physician SVD OPTOMETRIST S prefer phons to be accurate , t **d i Capitol DOWNTOWN CEDAR RAPIDS 106 FIRST ST., S E. TELEPHONE 364 2122 ' Final Stop Halts Thieves VAN NUYS, Calif (UPI) -Cab driver Tom Santos made one trip his passengers had not requested, when he began to suspect that his taxi had been turned into a getaway car. When Santos picked up two men. police said, they had just robbed a liquor store of $100. He took them to a drug store, where police said the pair stole $250 and 700 amphetamine pills Then they went to a supermarket, where police said the men stole $20, got back in the cab and began celebrating by taking the stolen pills. At that point, Santos was suspicious about his passengers, so he took them to the West Valley police station. Officers arrested Colin Montgomery, 22, in the parking lot. The other suspect was hospitalized for taking an overdose of the pills DRIVE SAFELY By Dr S I,. Andelman Dizziness, ringing in the ears, falling are all symptoms of what Shakespeare called "falling sickness" — known today as Meniere’s disease. .Julius Caesar may have been one of the most famous people afflicted with Meniere’s disease but it is common in elderly persons. During an attack, the patient will become dizzy, hear strange ringing or other noises in his ears, have trouble hearing, become nauseated, vomit and sweat profusely. He may become so unbalanced that he actually falls to the ground, as Shakespeare says Caesar did. The victim of an attack may feel so ill that he won’t wish to move for hours. The attack may last only a few minutes or for several hours, lf you’ve ever been seasick, you have a pretty good idea what the Meniere’s disease patient goes through. Both problems relate to disturbances of the equilibrium apparatus of the inner ear. Problems Bet wet*; attacks, the patient may experience, to a lesser degree, the same problems which are common during an attack. In Meniere’s disease there is an abnormal increase in the volume of endolymph. one of the fluids that flows in the labyrinth, the winding passages of the inner ear The disease usually appears without warning, but is sometimes associated with systemic infections, anemia, arteriosclerosis, hyperthyroidism, multiple sclerosis, a blow to the head, allergies, poisoning or other diseases and injuries The disease usually persists for some time, although the severity of the symptoms may vary from attack to attack or year to year. Salt Intake Treatment consists of reducing the patient’s salt intake. which has the effect of reducing the body’s retention of fluids, including endolymph. Diuretics — drugs to increase the body’s elimination of fluid in the form of urine — may be prescribed. Smoking, alcohol, quinine and some other drugs may provoke attacks, so a reduction in their use may ho advised. The physician will also treat any basic infections or other systemic disorders which seem to be related to the ear problem. Nicotinic acid and antihistamines help some patients Motion-sickness tablets or liquids, such as the trade-marked product Dramamine, occasionally make the patient feel better. But they aren't cures for the disease. Sedatives help calm the patient, who may become emotionally disturbed as the result of continued dizziness and nausea. ON THIS DATE in 1869, the parliamentary system was adopted by Napoleon III of France. Eileen Dailey NEW OWNER THE INVITES YOU TO STOP IN CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE 363-8697 I 529 4th Ave. SE PARKING LOT Our inventory has overflowed into parking lot, we must sell hundreds items of fine furniture tomorrow. 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