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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa FIOHTIW6 WITH THAT SAME KID AGAINJ?.' I JUST DO.Vl'T SEE WHY YOU TWO CAMT I SETTLE YOUR PIFFER" A ^ , EMCES LIKE ,—V -«J| ( OEMTLEMEM/ J Digilite Automatic FM/AM Scale Selector Select the PM band, only the FM tuning scale lights up. Select the AM band, only the AM tuning scale lights up. w /*\ Two Plus Two Matrix Add two more optional Allegr speakers and you can enjoy * dimensional sound from stere records and added realism fror matrix records. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., July ll, 1974 Chenault Indicted; To Receive Mental Tes ATLANTA (AP) - A Fulton county grand jury indicted Marcus Wane Chenault Tuesday on two counts of murder and one of aggravated assault in the June 30 shooting at Ebenezer Baptist church in which Mrs. Martin Luther King, sr., was killed. quest was premature because Georgia law requires that mental competency and related issues must be raised before a trial jury. Bacote said he had “reasonable cause” to believe Chenault “may be presently insane or Otherwise so mentally incom- The indictment was returned P°tent as t0 unable to under-only hours after Judge Samlstand the proceedings against Phillips McKenzie ordered him or Properly to assist in his Chenault to undergo psychiatric ,own defense examinations to determine if the 23-year-old Dayton, Ohio. resident is mentally competent to stand trial. Block Hearing “The continued statements of the defendant that he is the biblical Jacob and that he received direct messages from a deity which inspired his alleged criminal acts indicates a need Earlier in the day, McKenzie!for immediate examination and refused a plea from Chenault’si observation,” Bacote said. attorney, Randy Bacote, to j-- block the grand jury from hear ing testimony in the case until! the medical reports were in. Dist. Atty. Lewis Slaton presented three witnesses to the grand jury, including the Rev. OUT OUR WAY by Neg Cochran WE DID--WE TALKED THIMSS > OUT LIKE OEMTLE-MEM AM'ABREED OM HAVIN'A < GENTLEMENS ' 7-ll ti »’• » KU ** IX bt '» tr THE WORRY WART Transcripts Mention Two Mansfield: Watergate Mystery Men Soviet I alks Pleased Nixon WASHINGTON (AP) — The I Sources generally familiar with house judiciary committee’s the Watergate case didn’t recog-version of the Watergate tapes nize it. introduced two new characters to the Watergate cast, but no! one seems to know who they are. According to the committee’s transcript of a March 13, 1973. conversation, President Nixon! and his counsel, John Dean On March 22, in a conversation with former Atty. Gen. Mitchell, the President said that “Earl Nash worries the — - out of us here” for reasons the committee could not decipher. Because the conversation gen- rommittee said he did not look for any American-Soviet agreement to limit offensive nuclear weapons “any time soon.” But Stennis said Nixon and Kissinger gave a better explanation than he heard before of c i “whv we couldn’t get any-W ASHING TON (Al ) — * en    ^    a    flt    thft Mos_ ale Majority Leader Mansfield|^gJUmmit. were discussing how they could, , ..    ...    .,    , Bather information unfavorable fral'y d4a,t "1,h„,he sena,e *a; to the Democratic enemies,. The President said White tergate committee, observers speculated that the President — who the transcripts show had a (D-Mont.) said Wednesday after a White House briefing of congressional, leaders that both President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger are very satisfied with the recent summit meetings in Moscow and the Middle East. Mansfield said they were He did not elaborate. Senator Thurmond (R-S. C.) was asked if he were apprehensive about Nixon’s Soviet journey. “No, I don’t think I am,” he said, reporting that “the President wants to avoid an arms I race if possible” but would not i Spiro Courtesies Only 'Normal' WASHINGTON (UPI) - The I state department says former Calvin S. Morris, who was in the Vice-president Agnew was pro vided pulpit when the shooting began The other witnesses were Derek jmally King, a grandson of Mrs. King who helped subdue the gunman, and Atlanta police detective Berlyn Compton. McKenzie ordered the psychiatric tests for Chenault to begin immediately. Chenault was to be transferred for the tests from Felton only the given Ziegler Raps Hypoed P.R.' On Transcripts WASHINGTON (UPI) —Pres-ident Nixon’s chief spokesman accused the house judiciary’ committee Tuesday of pursuing a headline-grabbing, “hypoed P.R. campaign” in releasing1 negotiators. courtesies nor-businessmcn and other U. S. citizens traveling abroad during his recent Middle East trip. A spokesman acknowledged I Tuesday that the U. S. embassy in Kuwait had passed on Ag-! .    , news request for a car and! same time and not parcel it out __    .    Un    coir!    “o    narratiira tuner” Dockworkers Will Get Annual Wage Increase NEW YORK (AP) - Dockworkers in the port of New York will receive guaranteed annual wages of $16,640 or $320 a week, by the final year of a new three-year contract agreed upon by its version of the White House tapes. Press Secretary Donald Ziegler said the committee should release “all the material at the driver to the embassy in Beirut. It was not granted, however, He He said said negative negative twist twist” The longshoremen are currently guaranteed $12,688 for 2,080 hours of pay a year, or $244 a week. The agreement, reached Tuesday by the International Longshoremen’s Assn. and the New York Shipping Assn., is a sup- county jail to Grady hospital, he said, because the state de could be Put.on sections of the plement ot a master pact neg0. where Mrs. King and two other apartment victims of the shooting were!Agnew be taken. Edward Boykin, a church deacon, was killed in the shooting. A woman was wounded. Mentally Capable? McKenzie ordered the examinations to determine whether Chenault is “mentally capable” of assisting Bacote in preparation of his defense; whether Chenault could determine between right and wrong at the had ordered given only “normal courtesies.” Agnew cut short the trip because his wife was seriously ill at home. tiated last month for ports from False Check Case Dismissed by Court A charge of false uttering of a check against a Coralville man has been dismissed because he is currently imprisoned for another charge. Linn county district court time of the alleged offense, and j Judge Robert Osmundson dis-“any other pertinent matter re- missed the charge against Larry’ lating to the accused's mental capability of standing trial for said offense or offenses.” In a moil ion filed Monday, Bacote had asked that Slaton be prohibited from presenting evidence to the grand jury pending the results of the medical reports. But McKenzie said that re- ^transcripts viewed in isolation. “They have chosen the pub- Massachusetts to Virginia lie relations route which will focus the news media only on one section of the tapes,” he said. Ziegler said the committee has engaged in “some hypoed P.R. campaign or sensationalized proceeding,” and he urged: “Let it all out at once, and get some fair play into this and some due process into this.” But he made no direct comment on the substance of the committee’s transcripts, which included a quotation from Pres-1 ident Nixon at a March 22. 11973, meeting with his aides: House investigators had tried to bad mcmory for namcs _ may find irregularities in the mil-1 , j „    ,,    -    I    have been referring to Water-, .    . lions of dollars contributed to gale committee chief counsel Riven any report on the prom-the presidential campaign of I Samuel Dash Nixon earKer had|ises to provide nudear reactors privately referred to Dash as a Kennedy plant on the committee “very pleased with the results sacrjfjce the nation’s defenses of the summit,” adding: “S° toward that end. am I.”    I    - Asked whether Nixon had Asked if he’d ever heard of did11 * bave time Earl said: Nash, the chief counsel “I’d look like an egotist if Sen. McGovern. “Oh —, there’s a lot of hanky-panky in there and the records used on it are lust too bad to find out anything,” Nixon told Dean. Assured by Dean that “there I claimed he was me is a crew working that,” Nixon    -- asked if they needed anything from the Internal Revenue Service. “There is no need at this hour! SAIGON (AP) — A South ^ for anything from IRS,” Dean vietnamese war veteran burned said. adding that he had tourccshi If t dca(h    tal there if he needed them. for peaceful energy uses to Egypt and Israel, Mansfield said that “never came up-we By 9:30 a m. COT, the Six (J. S. Astronauts Return from Russia MOSCOW (UPI) - Six American astronauts flew home Thursday, ending 17 days of con- training with the Soviets for gressional leaders were emerg- next year’s Soyuz-Apollo space ing and their reactions were linkup. Vietnamese Veteran Burns Self to Death sought out by waiting reporters. Chairman Stennis of the senate armed “Everything went well. There were no problems at all,” said (D-Miss.) .Jack Reilly, a NASA spokes-services man. The President advised him: “Talk to Elliot Gompers.” The name Elliot Gompers does not appear on IRS or White House personnel lists, nor is it listed in Washington-area tele-It front of the headquarters of the international peacekeeping commission in Saigon. Witnesses to the immolation said Vu Phung, 30, left four let-e r s appealing to President phone directories. Personnel Thieu, students, the leaders of rosters of the Committee to Re- North Vietnam and the Intema-elect the President and Finance tional Commission of Control Committee to Re-elect the Pres- and Supervision to stop the ident carry no such name, fighting in South Vietnam. Eileen Dailey NEW OWNER INVITES YOU TO STOP IN CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE 529 4th Ave. SE 363-8697 Freiberg, Coralville. Tuesday in district court. He was accused of writing aj“I want you all to stonewall it false check in the amount of $89.82 to First Avenue Plymouth on Jan. 14,1974. Freiberg is persently serving a sentence on a similar charge in the Iowa men’s reformatory at Anamosa. plead the Fifth Amend ment, cover up or anything else, if it’ll save it, save the plan.” That quotation does not appear in the White House transcript of the meeting. more from your First Trust and Savings Bank 1201 Third St. S E. .1820 First Ave. N E. 1600 Dows Street Ely Iowa 364-0101 Member FDI C. ALL THESE MODELS HAVE: Allegro 1000 speaker systems Zenith’s new Allegro speaker systems have a 616" woofer and a 316" horn I tweeter plus an opening on the gf]||front, called a tuned port. The JJJHltuned port works in conjunction Kip with the woofer to extend and ■llreinforce low bass frequency response. Stereo Precision ll recor changer with Micro-Touch® 2 lone arm. Plays 3316, 45 or 7 rpm records. Cue contro automatic shut-off and 45 rpi adapter. 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