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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- Partly cloudy with a ♦ hance of rain Wednesday. Lo ws, mid 70s. Highs Wednesday in mid 90s. Tchf Ce due CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 -NUMBER IOO CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA, TUESDAY. JULY 9. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES KISSINGER Police Feel Skeleton Is U.S. Envoy HERMOSILLO, Mexico (AP) — Sonora state police hope to establish the identification Tues-) day of a skeleton they believe toj be that of U.S. Vice-consul John Patterson, who was kid-) naped March 22. Lt. Col. Francisco Arellano, the state police chief, said he | was “pretty sure” the remains) found in a dry creekbed about I eight miles northwest of Her-mosillo were Patterson’s. He said he hoped Mrs. Patterson) would arrive Tuesday to try to1 make the identification. U.S. Embassy officials in Mexico City said Mrs. Patterson) would not make the trip. Arellano said a gold ring! found on one finger of the skele- J ton carried the initials JLP and AML and it was believed these stood for John L. Patterson and Andra M. Latour, Mrs. Patterson’s maiden name. In Philadelphia, Patterson’s sister, Joan Patterson Del Pozzo. said her brother’s middle j initial was “S” and not “L”. The U.S. state department said I its records showed “S” as the! middle initial. Arellano said the skeleton was wearing torn clothes.. including! a blue jacket, blue pants, brown) socks, an indigo tie and black; boots. He said they checked! with the description of the; clothes Patterson was wearing i when he was last seen leaving; the U.S. consulate in Hermosillo .    -    -    iff    t    • Z&SSSSJJr*22 Jury Hears Henley Confession fo Arellano said the skull of the the’front "and ^aMho^ b'asc.^'ap-    So/776    O f    HoUSfOH M OSS Ml/fc/erS parently bashed in with a heavy j metal object. The skeleton also SAN ANTONIO, Texas <AP>—! being paid $200 for each teen-,bodies, six of which remain uni-had a pelvic fracture, but the I “I killed several of them my- i aged male — many of them his dentified. Yields to Subpoena by Ehrlichman Defense MADRID (UPI) — Secretary! “If you’re referring to my! of State Kissinger said Tuesday frame of mind at the time of the in London he would fly back to Aug. ll memo, my mind just Washington and appear as a didn’t dwell on the various pos-| defense witness Wednesday on sibilities. My mind didn’t run’ or Lawyer for Hunt Tells Honey Role WASHINGTON (UPI) - An I behalf of John Ehrlichman in over the various means I the Ellsberg breakin trial. He I methods,” Ehrlichman said. j then flew to Spain on the last Rhrlichman initialed his ap- ’    '“7Yu '7*'    . T 1 stage of his six-nation European proval to the key Aug. ll memo attorney told the house judl* tour    recommending a “covert opera-|ciary committee Tuesday that Kissinger was directed Mon- tion” to obtain Ellsberg’s psy- he received a $50,000 check day to appear as a defense chiatric files, but has testified from his client E Howard witness on behalf of Ehrlich- he “certainly did not” know it „unl after g|ving Hunt a pack. man. President Nixon s former referred to a breaking and en-1 I tering. Surprise Witness No. 2 aide. Kissinger was ordered to testify about whether he or Nixon A surprise defense witness, age which reportedly contained a $75,000 payment from President Nixon’s re-election com- were at the top of a chain of j William Treadwell, an attorney! command that Ehrlichman says led to his authorizing a “covert; operation” against Daniel Ells-; berg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Denial Expected Kissinger was expected to deny testimony that he. along, with Ehrlichman, gave the I orders for a psychological profile of Ellsberg. David Young, a co-director of the White House “Plumbers Unit” tracing na (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) Trudeau Rolls To Smashing Election Win TORONTO (AP) - Canadian voters swept Prime Minister Trudeau's ruling Liberal party ^    ;u** '"YYY 13    7 L..I, • ,_____ °.    *y    determine whether the hush William B i 11 rn a n, whose lengthy testimony threatened to delay for one day the appearance of former Attorney General Mitchell, told the committee he did not knowingly accept money illegally for Hunt. Hunt, convicted for his part in the Watergate breakin, reportedly received the $75,000 in exchange for his silence about the burglary. The committee is trying to River Rescue UPI Telephoto tional security leaks, had    tes-,^*'    j"1** Powc#r in a smashing money    payments which    Hunt tified the two were responsible *_ hat ^ him a solid had demanded were made with for the Ellsberg action.    ZTLV    house of c®.m*; Nixon’s    prior    knowledge.    The .    .    mons    and the    prospect of five, n j    Y u    j u    r l Kissinger said in Undon be-    more    years jn    )he he has President has    said he    first fore leaving for Madrid: “I will he|(J sjnce Apri| m appear. Complete returns from Mon- A weeping Linda Sandback, 27, of Boston is rescued from the Charles river by Patrolman Joseph Turner (left), Fireman Joseph Simpson (top) and Patrolman Charles Dolan after she apparently fell from the Harvard bridge Monday. The three men jumped into the water when they saw the woman lose her grip on one of the bridge's slippery support pillars. All four clung to ropes until the boat arrived. Kissinger had left Nixon alter day>s generaj election gave the he Moscow summit and briefed LiberaIs 140 Qf the 2M\eais jn Western leaders in Brussels, commonS( a majorit of 16 Paris, Rome, Bonn and London |This represented a ain of 3,j before flying here for talks withjseats {)Vcr (hejr fh(. jn (he Premier Carlos Arias Navarro j jg73 cjectjon israelis Attack Lebanese Ports By Associated Press The Israeli navy shelled three ports in southern Lebanon Mon- coroner’s office believes that’s se|f wdh Dean’s gun and helped friends and neighbors — he pro- Henley said in his statement day night, sinking more than a  ......  ”    cured    for    [lean    Corll,    33.    who    t0    Millican    that    he    was    in-SOTre of fishing boats in retalia- an old fracture The body apparently had been him choke some others. Then -    •    ■    -    i. . .    ..    has    been    described    by    police    as    troducod    lo    Corll by Brooks linn (m. lh„ p.,, buried in the dry creekbed near we would take them and buryi the ieader of a homosexual tor- when he was 14    Illon for lhe 1 ‘d“'lnian 8uerma and Spanish Foreign Minister Pedro Cortina. * * * Ehrlichman, finishing seven hours on the stand, testified Tuesday he would not have condoned the “covert operation”    Democrats    dropped    from    31    to against Ellsberg had he known    16.    and    party    leader    David Lost Badly The other three parties lost ground badly. Robert Stanfield’s, ,    ,    ,    d Progressive Conservatives won'_7 95 seats, a loss of 12. The New ~ Panel To Release Transcripts Today WASHINGTON (API - The house judiciary committee is ready to make public its transcripts of eight presidential conversations and an analysis of how its versions differ from those released by the White House. Release is scheduled it involved a breakin. Ivewis lost his own seat in par- Ehrlichman and three others lament. The Social Credit party arc in the ninth day of their dropped from 15 seats to 12. and trial for violating the civil rights one independent was elected. a dirt path, but recent heavy 1 them in different places.” So reads a statement Elmer Henley, an 18-year-old ture and murder ring. Helped Kill ti “Dean told me that he be Henley said in the statement DM!35 that bought and sold rajds high school dropout, gave police he gave Munican that lie'helped bo-vs> ran whores and doPe and rains uncovered the remains, Arellano said. The skeleton was|yyavne found by a man looking for fruit. Terrorists? It was at first believed that Patterson’s kidnapping was the _________ work of leftist Mexican terror-!"^T'statement. taken last 8 atl'r be phoned Pol'“ a"d “he^were'reTgood iMkiiig" of Dr. Lewis Fielding. Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. “Do you think the breakin at came within two scats of losing raid by sea two weeks ago on piping's office could be con- the government to Stanfield in It was a stunning comeback for the 54-year-old Trudeau. He learned of Hunt’s demand on March 21, 1973. Received $150,000 Reps. Fish (R-N.Y.) and Lott (R-Miss.) told reporters about Bittman’s closed-door testimony when the committee broke for lunch. Fish said Bittman delivered a package to Hunt on the evening of March 21, but did not longed lo an organization out of Nahariya’■ I'Blestinian guerillas doned on national security; 1972. and only the support of know what jt conWined ln Hollo* tho*    Ona    cnM    vowed    a    new    round    of    rePrlsal    grounds? associate Watergate;Lewis and the New Democrats Anri, 1Q7_o Rittmnn rnrn}v.0fi kill after his arrest in connection with the slaying of 27 young coHrswuthful vi'cli'ms" men in the Houston mass murders case and bury at least six of s,ufr >>ke that. Dean told me that he would pay mc $200 at it i    *    a    lo    *.    a..«    i    least for every boy that I could. bring him and maybe more U?'™ The Israeli military command j asked, said it had “numerous indications” that (he terrorists were more seaborne attacks. The command said its ion ists. But on June 7 Bobby Joe Aug. 9 by”Set David ^Mullican t0,d them he shot and kdled Keesee, a California carpenter *    "■* "n ",r and self-styled soldier of for- raid on the ports was intended Ehrlichman replied Keesee a California carpenter! onh/ p^'dep^n^'^ j Corll following an all-night sexjf^^    10    "dlsrup'    lhe    prcPara,ions    imd Houston suburb of Pasadena. tune, was indicted by a federal,was read jnto c0uid record in Pasadf JI3'Cor^ s s^ay‘n8 was t0 Corll apartment and trick grand jury rn San Diego. Calif., Mond as tcstimony started in ruled self-defense.    L on charges of planning and (ak-Heni .s murdcr |ria| bci Another youth David Owen m/t    I    n    ♦ L Ie i J m „«! u w    iv    TO    Tj rwl < n I II hnn    Ka r\    rtK    1* A A H    I tn mg part in the kidnaping. 1 held here on a change of venue. in Keesee. 40 pled innocently, is chargcd swilh slx of four| of the 27 deaths. Brooks LS niislrirt rnnrf nf Con* ..    /    .    ....    .    .    trial    Hatp    nnt    hppn and drug party at Corll’s home ...    ,    r ,    .*    warn against the use of    these committed, in Doenrionn CArii’c ciauinn tine bt> helped Dill I ii 11* ,i teendget harbors” by the guerillas.    iimm ^ ami Israel said attack was “limited in scope,” and every attempt was made to avoid injuries to civilians. The Lebanese tx,x* ..    ,    |    ,    ,.    .    . ,.    ,    ,rtlAPriL    1973*    Bittman    received    a prosecutor William Merrill;enabled him to hold on for 19 check from Hunt for $50 000 for months at the head of a minori-u al fees which |uid accnjed “As a matter of personal opin- ty government. Now he can gov- tQ March 30 Fjsh said Bju. I think the investigation as em without the support of any J, y conceived was other party. Pollsters and political If you lysts had predicted a tight race, money was for silencing,” aud mean the actual acts that were but the Liberals took an early that the attorney told the com-  H ^    1    A'"' ' condone lead in the Atlantic Maritime mittee his firm had received o r i g I n a grounded in national security,” man testified. Lott said that “Bittman made ana- it clear he did not think the him into trying on handcuffs. RrnnU lh has heen chaired in Henlcy said hc lcft and thc nCXl O ;    ■    J    ,,e    ,    day    was    paid    $200    bv    Corll. I don’t them on any grounds." Memo “Did vou know that one of the U.S. district court at San Diego on June 20 ann is being j    ,b'“'ix deaths Reid in jail in lieu of $500,000 bail. Keesee, who was a civilian (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) trial date has not been set. “Ran Whores. Dope” Mulliean and Pasadena women listened. District Attor- beeman J. B. Jamison testified J fore killing the youth. Corll had ney Carol Vance read the state- that Henley told them about the homosexually raped him. ment in which Henley told of slayings and led them to 27 the slayings and is being tried As the jury of six men and six “Then a day or so later I found out that Dean had killed the boy,” Henley said in his P°- statement. Henley said that bt “This was the start of government reported one casualty, a civilian wounded by an explosion in Sidon. The Lebanese defense istrv reported 21 fishing boats the sunk: IO at Tyre. IO at Sarafand) populous province. .. .....    .    .    ,    Inflation,    now    running    at possibilities of examination of .    pj tho rlnntnr’c filnc    (mn    had    ^    pCrCCni,    Wdfc    int    lg provinces and wrapped up the $150,000 from the Nixon com-clection in Ontario, the most mittee for legal fees and the the doctor’s files, which you had m ,h cam aign stanfic,d approved in the tag. ll «'9y11 jproposod a 90_dHavK [ree2C - memo, would be by somebody r r    _  L present in the doctor’s office?”J (Continued: Page 7, Col. 5.) min-1 Merrill asked.    . Top Klan Post at 19, Owes It All to Carnegie Course HOUSTON (AP) — Dimmie Johnson, elected a Grand Dragon of the KIux Klan at 19, says he owes Ku it all to a Dale Carnegie personality improvement course. Johnson, a Houston machinist, said the Carnegie course “has really helped me in the Klan work. I’ve shown a great improvement.” He was elected Grand Dragon of the Texas Fiery Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at a meeting Sunday in Dallas. Johnson beat out two other men for the No. 2 post in the Fiery Knights behind Imperial Wizard Scott Nelson of Houston, who estimates membership at 200 Johnson said he has been in the KKK about a year and is anxious to use his new position to improve the image of the organization “Our major problem in public relations is the image of the Klan.” he said in a telephone interview. “We’re trying to stay away from this violent sort of thing. Every now ana then we get somebody in who wants this violence thing, but I don’t know anybody in it now who believes that way, although we’re not going to he pushed around by other tropic ” He said he joined “because I’m a white racist and I believe in thc separation of the races and I believe the Klan is the best way of achieving that goal.” Johnson, a bachelor, said his active membership in the Klan hasn’t affected his personal life, hut he said, “I don’t find many girls who think as I do on this. A girl won t expound on rac ist ideas as readily as a man will.” He said some Klan members have had trouble with employers, but he said there’s been no noticeable effect at the sheet metal firm where he works, “People just seem to accept it,” said Johnson “I’m planning on running for political office one day, probably as a state legislator,” he said. “I don’t know if the Klan will help or not.” Whole thing.” thc statement and one at Sidon. An Israeli; said. “And since then. I have spokesman claimed about 30 helped Dean get other boys, I sunk, or about IO in each port don’t remember exactly how The Palestine guerilla head many.”    quarters    in Beirut said Israeli! “I shot Charles (Cobble, 18) in frogmen blew up wooden jetties; the head with Dean’s pistol . . J at Tyre, but the Israeli an- iContinued: Page 7, Col. I.) I (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) Nixon Summons Businessmen on Inflation care of Hunt and his family. LaRue Presidential lawyer James St. on I Clair is attacking the charge that Nixon approved the payment in order to keep Hunt from talking about “seamy things” he did for the White House. Monday. however, one of his witnesses, Frederick LaRue, reportedly was not as strong a (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) WASHINGTON (AU Pres- ministration's newest etfort to ident Nixon is calling more than deal with double-digit inflation. a score of the nation’s business At Tuesday’s White House leaders and best-known econo- meeting, Rush said there was a I mists to a White House meeting discussion of efforts to trim the Thursday to urge restraint in current federal budget below coping with the nation’s ecu-1 the target of $300 billion. He Inomic problems, his economic outlined the administrations ecorstnic game plan this way: “We are very strongly commixed to ;» tight monetary poli- Academy Dismisses 7 | Middies for Cheating ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP)-The U.S. Naval Academy announced Tuesday that it has dismissed ; seven midshipmen for cheating on a navigations examination ; last May. Vice-admiral William Mack, academy superintendent, said an additional 13 midshipmen, 'were placed on honor probation ; following a lengthy examination into the cheating incident. coordinator said Tues- poliey day. Presidential counsellor Kenneth Rush disclosed plans for j the meeting after he and o iler economic advisors met for about 90 minutes with Nixon to discuss ways to cope with what he described as the evils of j inflation. Rush himself has been holding White House business and Today s Index cy, a light fiscal policy, no con-. | trois over wages and prices, no tax increase and certainly no tax decrease." lo if <11/Vs th tick lr The world is moving so fast I meetings with these days that the man who; labor represent- says it can’t be done is gener- UPI Telephoto atives, but the Thursday session ally interrupted by someone marks the first personal in-'doing it. *    c©ovh<#m! volvement by Nixon in the ad- , "Oh joy, Oh joy,'' Margaret Trudeau seems to be saying as she exults in her husband's election victory. Comics ........... Crossword ........ Daily Record ____ Deaths ......... Editorial Features Farm Financial ........ Marion ........... Movies ........... Society ........... 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