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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HEATHCLIFF For Better Health The Country Doctor Is An Effective Teacher By Br. S.L. Andelman Medical education has discovered a brand new and highly effective teacher — the country doctor on his rounds. In establishing a new program to encourage more young doctors to go into family practice, the University of Washington at Seattle organized clinical clerkships in which students serve six weeks with rural practitioners. The medical school found that not only do the students learn much about the practical, day- Dr. S. I Andelman to-day aspects of treating patients but they also often become interested in rural family practice and move into this field upon graduation. Report After three years of experience with the program, the university found that “carefully selected family physicians excel at teaching management of common clinical problems, doctor-patient interaction, use of community resources, perception of the demands made by a patient’s environment and practice management.’’ A report of the program appears in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Assn. Washington’s program is set up in four states — Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho — and is called WAMI. Sentence Woman For Leaving Baby To Die in Church PORTLAND (AP) - A Portland woman accused of leaving her newborn daughter to die in a church has been sentenced to IO years in prison. Betty Lou Bobkiewicz, 33, originally charged with murder, was found guilty of abandonment and criminal non-support by the judge who tried the case. Mrs. Bobkiewicz had told police the baby was not fathered by her husband She said she hid the pregnancy from him, gave birth in the bathroom of the couple’s apartment, hid the infant in a shoulder bag and asked her husband to take her for a ride, during which she left the baby in the church. An autopsy showed that the baby, who died March 31 shortly after she was found in the rear of St. Mary’s cathedral, had suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage. Judge John Beatty acquitted Mrs Bobkiewicz of murder, saying experts failed to prove that she caused the baby’s death LAFF - A - DAY ‘ It s («iace and Harry they want to come over to w here the action is!” The clerkships are in rural or small-town practices — towns range in population from 3,500 to 10,000 Physicians participating in the program accept a yearly contract with the medical school and are considered equal to the full-time faculty. Common Problems Practicing family physicians seem to be especially good at teaching students about the common clinical problems that are found more frequently in small-town doctors’ offices than in the teaching hospitals and clinics. The family doctor is also more likely to understand the health implications of the demands of the patient's job or living circumstances. And he is great at teaching by example those skills he has learned more or less intuitively. The program is also successful at encouraging young doctors to go into family practice. Some 65% of those students or residents who took clerkships in family medicine in rural settings are now pursuing family-practice training or are in rural general practice. Seventeen percent are in other primary-care training — medicine, pediatrics, emergency care * * * Br. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future’columns. He regrets, however, he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette. Burning Money Causes Pollution SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -The Federal Reserve bank’s practice of burning worn-out currency violates anti-pollution standards and makes city officials hot under the collar. But local pollution control officials say there’s nothing they can do about it. The bank, located downtown, has been cited four times since April for excessive incinerator emissions. Pollution control authorities said the violations would normally have resulted in fines totaling $2,(MMI but they have no jurisdiction over a federal agency. Bank officials said they have failed to find a replacement incinerator that would burn more efficiently, and with less smoke. As an interim measure, the bank plans to apply to regional anti-pollution authorities for an exemption from district rules. Philadelphia Museum Gets Art Collection PHILADELPHIA (AP) -The state supreme court has awarded the entire $447,420 art collection of the late real estate developer Albert Greenfield to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Museum director Evan Turner described the collect’-tion as "one of the most important and generous gifts to the museum'’ in the last decade. It includes works by Paul Klee, Monet, Jackson Pollock, Willem De Kooning, .loan Miro, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall. Greenfield died iii 1067. A realty company had held many of the valuable works until the supreme court ordered them turned over to the museum BN THIS BATE in 194(1, the government of Norway moved to London after 62 days of fierce fighting against Nazi invaders in World war ll Consumer Ignorance Poses Threat to Protection Bill By Sylvia Porter NEW YORK — Let’s say you receive in the mail an unsolicited free sample of a new hair spray. For one reason or another, you consider the product dangerous, possibly containing substances which could be poisonous to your child, or which are explosive or which are suspected of being cancer-causing. You find out your neighbors — and probably hundreds of thousands of others — also have received samples. To which federal agency do you complain? Who has the time, money and inclination to take up your case? Why was the manufacturer permitted to circulate the samples in the first place? Postal Service Should you call the U. S. Postal Service, which supervises products sent through the mails? Or the Food and Drug Administration (FI)A), which regulates and is supposed to ban dangerous cosmetics from the marketplace? Or should you contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission, because you believe the aerosol can and/or its contents are unsafe? Or should it be the Federal Trade Commission, because you think this is a highly questionable method of advertising such products to an unwary public? The answer is inherent in my questions. You, America’s individual consumer, probably have only a faint — if any — idea of how to plead a consumer cause, small or large, before any regulatory agency in Washington You almost surely wouldn’t — even if you could — take the necessary weeks, months or even years to check into ail the possible regulatory agencies to determine which, if any, was ready to move quickly to discover whether or not the can of hairspray you received was indeed dangerous and should in* recalled at once Disorganized You do have an impressive and expanding army of spokesmen and women attempting to make your interests and demands known at various levels of government, in the various federal regulatory agencies, in the federal courts. But you are still utterly disorganized and undersupplied with the kind of information essential if you are to present your case with the appropriate money, time, manpower and womanpower before even a fraction of the agencies to which it should be submitted. Item: Your voice wasn’t even heard when the Interstate Commerce Commission set freight rates on virgin materials transported by our federally regulated railroads at about half the rates chargeable for transporting used materials. Yet not only would an equitable freight pricing system tx* beneficial to our environment by encouraging (rather than discouraging) recycling of scarce materials, but it would also lend to lower prices on products made from the reused materials and minerals. Item: The FDA approved the use of DES (diethylstil-besterol) as a “morning-after” birth control pill at a time when evidence was mounting that children of women who took DFS during pregnancy may be more vulnerable to vaginal cancer than those who didn’t. This agency did not even require warnings to women of this risk. Item: The Civil Aeronautics Board, which fixes air fares and routes, has been granting the airline industry fare raise after fare raise and has eliminated many low-cost fare deals. “Nobody spoke for the consumer in these actions,’’ charges Sen. Moss (D-Utah), one of the key senate sponsors of the 1974 Consumer Protection Agency Act, now facing a bitter senate fight. “Nobody is Sylvia Porter insisting on competitive air routes in places where there is no competition. Today you can’t leave Salt Lake City on a flight going to the Fast Coast after 2:55 pm” Infuriating Examples On my desk as I type this are dozens of other infuriating examples dramatizing why a new independent Federal Consumer Protection Agency has been proposed to be your first representative non-regulatory agency at the top levels of government. For obvious reasons, the new agency is opposed by a powerful and well-organized array of industry trade associations and private business corporations. Lined up for the bill are virtually all major consumer protection organizations — including the Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, Ralph Nader’s Congress Watch — and the AFL-CIO, the United Auto Workers, the Sierra Club. This, the Ninety-third congress, is the third congress to debate enactment of a Consumer Protection Agency; this is the second time the CPA has faced the threat of being filibustered to death (the first time in 1972). WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald It James Jacoby Oswald: “One of the standard defenses against artificial bids is the double to show that you have strength in that suit. This is a rather dangerous toy in that there are occasions when it may boomerang against the user.” Jim: “You must have been playing some rubber bridge lately. I ll bet you have some rubber bridge hand as an example.” Oswald: “As a matter of fact, I have. I was playing at the Regency Club with John Rau, one of the great players of the Thirties. We played standard simple bidding so after I opened with a heart and raised NORTH (Bi ♦ A J 5 2 f A8432 ♦ K J ♦ 74 WUST 4 43 *9 ♦ 10954 2 ♦ Q J 9 8 3 SOUTH 4 K Q 10986 ? IO ♦ A Q87 ♦ ak FAST 4 7 f K Q J 7 6 5 ♦ 63 ♦ 10652 Both vulnerable West North East lf Pass Pass 34 Pass Pass 5f Dble Pass 64 Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -9f South 2* 4    NT 5    NT 7 4 The bidding has been West    North    East 14    14    Pass South You, South, hold 4 AQ4YKJ432 4 A Q 9 7 <4 3 What do you do now? A —Bid two clubs. You intend to get to game or even slam TODAY S QUESTION You bid two clubs. West passes. Your partner bids two spades and East passes. What do you do now9 Answer Tomorrow spades, Johnny got right into Blackwood.” Jim: “So when you bid five hearts to show two aces Fast had to open his mouth and cry ‘double’. Then, when you bid six diamonds to show one king it was easy for Johnny to decide that it was the king of diamonds and bid the grand slam.” Oswald: “The double was silly also. Fast should not expect to collect any heart tricks against a spade contract so there was no reason for him to ask for a heart lead.” ON THIS BATE in 1919, President Woodrow Wilson received a tumultuous welcome in New York as he returned from the peace conference at Versailles. SMULEKOFF'S Open Tonto (Mon.) ’til 9 p.m. Third Ave. at First St. S.E. 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Including related labor, of parti found dftvc'i.s as to workmanship or material under normal UM and returned through Amana I dealer distributor ozonization Owner ii reipcn-.tbla lur local cartage, repairmen . travel worse it tequ rec1 replacement of gaskets, filters, rubber or DiaitiC parti, and instal ^)o Ait material Owntr ii alin re'.ponnbie ic norm,ii maintenance im vice (deaning ut coilv meter drams, motor lubrication1, end normal deterioration of appearance items due to weal or e«ppiure. Any product subjected to accident, mime, negligence, acute, defacement ot genal p ate 0( alteration (hail void the warranty. In Canaua, the warranty applet at above except that it duel not cover tam, duties, assailment! levied At time cf pail export. SMULEKOFF’S TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET ;

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