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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa • ■    *    s-w.-'-    •    ...... NATIONAL WIAtHlt fcf *VlCf fO*tCA*T lo ?AM ISI 7-9 - H UTI wf MHH IDICX AM -    -- Rain is expected in parts of upper California and the western sections of Montana. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. The Weather    accident    ut    Center    Point    road ! and G avenue NE. man’s, Clarence, where friends may call between 4 and 9 Tuesday. Memorial has been established. What C’heer — Glenn Arthur McKay, 51. Tuesday at I, Harden’s. Dysart — Dr. Robert C. Messman, 56. Services set ten- Justices Grill Jaworski on Jury's Action on President The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., July 8, 1974 (Continued from Page J.) be- Cedar Rapids Obituaries Hut some congressmen Hove a ruling favoring Nixon Pastor of Two Area from the start on the question of i would give his actions an air of the Watergate grand jury s ,hav" legitimaey that would go beyond ing named Nixon an unindictcd    jssues before the court and    The Rev. Harold I). Justice coconspirator in the cover-up.    (ake the steam out of the jm_ 59 of 14() Mentzer street’, Justice Douglas led off the pCachment issue.    Robins,    pastor of the    Robins questions before .Iawor.sk> had: A thjrd    raiscs    mid Garrison Churches of Ihe been up five minutes, asking what the grand jury’s naming of Nixon had to do with the tapes and records of 64 conversations Jaworski wants in the Sop- dcrs laPes *» prosecutor (ember trial of six of Nixon's l'eon Jaworskl' the committee doubts,    lf the court rules Brethren and a resident of the against Nixon and he abides Cedar Rapids and Robins area with the decision and surren-|f()r the last 22 years, died Sunday in a Cedar Rapids hospital. Janis Holland, Debra Gardner, ri I p.. co Cindy Gardner and Tracy Churches Dies at 59 Gardner, and two brothers, Michael Gardner and Danny Johnson; and a grandmother, Lydia Rodriguez, all of Cedar Rapids. Services: 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Immaculate Conception former aides and associates. Five other judges jumped into the fray; with Jaworski telling them that revealing the grand jury’s action against Nixon was necessary to get a full picture of John Bahning, 424 Memorial drive SE, died Sunday after a long illness. Born March 6, 1886, at New Vienna, she came to Cedar Rapids from Dyersville 22 years ago. She was a member of All church by the Rev. William i saints Catholic church, the Leonard. Burial: Mt. Calvary. AL.    .    AU    „ . .    , ...in u u ii * J Rosary    and    Altar    Society    and prayer service will be held at 7i /    ,    / Born Dec.    6,    1914,    near    Iowa    Pm- Wednesday in Turner'the Catholic Daughters of Amer- City,    he    was    married    to    chapel east. Friends may call at ica. try to get the tapes for its own Kathryn Hiller, July 22. 1943. at Turner chapel east after noon Surviving in addition to her purposes.    Grandview. The Rev. Mr. Jus-Tuesday and until IO am. daughter are three grand- Hut such a course would take’ acrvcd »jth'he navy du™K ThursdaY-    children    and    three    sisters    Ann weeks, and congress is already1^ war , . attended the     —    I    Freiburg,    Fort    Madison,    Clara chafing to get the vote over with U™v<:!:!!i.ty of Iowa    Mrs.    Lumir    Kolarilt would be under compulsion to. Vorwald. New Vienna, and Rose to get out of town so!,™^»^dJ" thej Louise Adclaide Kolarik, 62. K™*, Dyersville High temperatures Sunday, low tem-per.iures overnight and inches of ore-    10:11 a.m. sunday. Broken tativelv at 1:30 Wednesday in aSm. .SSI    l. Angeles 7, to    ! tot Un* in car at    2088    Chan-;    Tr i n I tv United Methodist Atlanta    ss 69 .09 Miami . as 75    .is J dlcr street SW.    church. Overton s. ch1caqoCk *9? 72 N'orleans 85 67    12:48    P-m-    Sunday. Children Rowley — Leonard D. Cor- Denver    9i 59    New York 90 74    with matches to davenport    at    kcrv, 82. Wednesday at    10:30, Duluth    91 72    Phoenix .97 73    .10j r.ni t^- .vw 87 74    seattle ..7157    I oui is. avenue mw. 90 76    Washington 92 70 Honolulu Houston 5:14 p.m. Sunday. Malfunc- CD \A/^    Honing    of    alarm    system    at    701 . R. Weather    Tcnth street SE High Sunday ................ 93    9:42    p.m.    Sunday.    L'nder    in St. John’s Catholic church, Independence. Rosary Monday at 8 and Tuesday at 3 and 7:30, and wake service Tuesday at 8 at White’s, Independence. 1 nw overnight    76    vestigation    in    car at 2050 Glass! Lisbon—Dannie L. Caraway, u>w overnigni .............. rn    ^    N£    fi3 Tuesday at 10 Morgan-s. A .Noon Monday ............... SM    ^    ^    memorial has been established. 2 p.m. Monday ........... 96    Magistrate    5    Court    Robbins, Elsie E. — St. Pius Precipitation ..............None    Speeding:    —    Vein    McMurray,i£ Jrajholi? cbi!rclL Tuc*day aj Barometer, steady ........30.06 Humidity at noon ..........60% Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m., S at 12 mph. Total for July ............. 0.18 1529 Sixteenth avenue SE; Normal for July ............358:fmed$100 and costs Ralph , UTI    on m Swa1 lorn, 1006 Eighteenth Normal through July ......20.19, strect fined $35 and costs. Total for 1974 ..............30.12: Jack Rigby, route three, Cedar Rapids; Raymond Kimm, 1731 Miami , drive NE; Oliva Vega, 1507 Sixth avenue SE; Susan Woodruff, 1525 Fourth avenue SE; Darrel Weiland, 5801 D av-Sun rises    Tuesday,    5:39;    sun    enue NW; Julie Zeller, Hia- R-44    j    Watha; each fined $30 and n, I    ti- u    ne    costs. Ernie Meierotto, 1027 Year    Ago    louay    High, 95,    Fifth avenue SE; Deidra Dague, 903 E avenue NW; each fined $25 and Ro bins; John Tefcr. 801 Twenty-seventh street NE; Jay Kacena, 2745 First avenue, Marion; each fined $20 and costs. Striking fixtures adjacent to street — Lonnie Bell. 1633 Thirty-fourth street NE; fined $20 and costs. License plate violation — William Schmidt, 1256 Thirtieth street NE; fined $10 and costs. Intoxication — Harold Orr, 1006 Eighth street NW; fined $30 and costs. Ronald Milota, 2121 North Towne place NE; low, 76; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Tuesday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck  ..PtCldv 92-63 Chicago ...........Fair    96-73 Cincinnati ...... PtCldy 89-72 Cleveland  PtCldy 90-72 Des Moines  Fair 96-70 Detroit   Fair 93-66 Indianapolis  Fair 91-72 Kansas City ...PtCldy 93-73 Milwaukee.........Fair    90-67 Mpls.-St. Paul ......Fair 96-72 Okla. City..........Fair    95-70 Omaha ..........PtCldy    96-72 St. Louis .......PtCldy 93-71 Sioux Falls PtCldy 94-68 9:30 a.m. by the Rev. Bernard 9:30 a.m. by the Rev. Bernard C. etery, Vinton. Wake prayer service; Monday at 7:30 p.m. by Father Collins at Teahcn funeral home, where friends may call —Jawboning— (Continued from Page I.) members can have time to explain their vote Oil impeach- he would follow. But the! tain an order from Judge John Sirica for the evidence. Sending Material Douglas said the grand jury was sending material to the house judiciary committee which is conducting an inquiry into whether grounds exist for the impeachment of Nixon, but Jaworski responded: “The grand jury sent nothing incriminating to the house committee.” Jaworski agreed with Burger that the fact that Nixon was named as a co-conspirator was not enough in itself to demonstrate a need for obtaining the presidential tapes and conversations. Justice Powell said Jaworski had said in his brief filed with the court that naming Nixon foreclosed the President’s claim of “executive privilege” as a reason for refusing to yield the All Nighf for Services: All Saints church _____ _    Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.    by the C alvary Bible church in North    njng    aRer a brjef jjjness A life-    Rev- Edmund Becker.    Burial: long    resident of Cedar Rapids, |    Dyersville. There will be    a wake Church of God in North Ameri-i0f 2628 Mt. Vernon avenue SE. ca and has served as pastor of died at her home Sundav eve- men!, no matter which way they Ha'vary B,b'c 1c.hur<Lh >n Nor,b ■ ~    '    ..... go. Kcpublicans particularly ,,' arri an „,e ,H lns, aa feel the pressure.    ;    „ .. s ?,n 1Ch“r?be? ot ,h(1 she was born Feb. 3, 1912. She, P^ycr service Tuesday at 7:30 Chairman Rodino    (D-N J I ,c,BrcthJen. He had also been em- was marricd t0    |jUmir F. Ko- 'P-m. by Father Becker and a reluctant to discuss    what    course    by.    <roll,ns Badl° 18 lank March 23,    1933, al Cam-    Rosary at 8 p.m. by the Ortho- retuclant to discuss    what    course!years until    retiring in 1970. brid m Mrs    Ko]arik was a    lie Daughters of America at Surviving    are his wife; three|member of First Christian    Teahcn funeral home, where chances are he would opt to sons, Robert H Sl Paul and TT® stick to his original timetable john H. and    James L., Cedar    Arriving    in    addition    to    her; Tuesday! calling for a committee vote!Rapids;    six    daughters, Mrs    aurviv,n8    in    addition    lo    nor, during the third week of July, Daryl Spilde, St. Paul, Mrs. and a house vote in late August. 'David Stumbo. Minneapolis, Then, he could argue, if the Mrs. Percy Johnson, Isle, tapes become available and if Mina    and    Elizabeth, Janicc J    brothers, ^ Robert °~E. "    Kehne” he house votes to impeach, the;and Christine, all at home; two;Ccdar R jds d „d wi||iam tapes could be used as evidence grandchildren; three brothers,!K h f Anoine in the senate trial of the Pres-|Howard, Marion, Vyrl, Cedar' ’ ident — a trial in which the I Rapids    and    Melvin, Morrison, house designates members,'Colo.; and two sisters, Mrs. Wil-probably including Rodino, to! bur Lincoln and Mrs. John Rock- friends may call after I p.m. Victor L. Ross serve as the prosecution. Crowd afellow. Iowa City. Services: IO a.m. Tuesday at Robins Church of the Brethren I by the Rev. Virgil Blosser. Burial and graveside services: 2 I p.m. Tuesday in Memory Gar- husband is a daughter, Judy K.i Nuss, Cedar Rapids; three grandsons; a sister, Mrs, M. E. Victor L RosSi 56 of 1650 Barger, La Grange. III.; two Forty-second street NE. died suddenly Monday. Born Nov. ll, 1917, in Clemens, he had lived in _    ,    .Cedar    Rapids    the    last 35 years. Services: Turner chapel east Re jjad j3een associated with at noon Wednesday. Burial:' L w Ross and Sons ft * i °    . I s may He is survived by a sister, if L burner chapel east until ^rs Donald Machula, Cham-11:30 a.m. Wednesday. The cas- paign^ rj and fjve brothers, kct will not be opened after the ;charles and JameS( Cedar service-    Rapids,    Lewis,    Joplin, Mo., Donald, Effington, 111., and Dr. Fulton, New York. Services: Brosh chapel at Mrs. Joseph Wencil dens, Iowa City. Friends may I Anna Wencil, 88, of 2613 Mt call at Murdoch chapel in;Vernon road SE, widow of Jo- 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. Burial: WASHINGTON (UPI) — More Marlon untd ® P m- Monday.    Iseph    Wencil,    and a lifelong    Cedar Memorial.    Friends    may than 125 persons, many in blue Friends may, if they wish, con-    Cedar    Rapids    resident, died    call at the    chapel    after    noon jeans and T-shirts, waited pa- tribute to the Latin American    Sunday following a long illness.    Tuesday, tiently in line through the night 'Mission as a memorial.    Born    Oct. IO,    1885, in Cedar    - to get a glimpse of history at    —    she    W3S    3    memb€r    of    Memorial    Services Monday’s session of the su- Eliza beth Blong    u    A loage-    Chittlck,    Ellen    Mary    —- 3 preme court.    Elizabeth    Blong,    82,    of    1215    r.,    _!1Vin,?r    are,    J?htei[S’    P-™-    Tuesday    at    the    Cedar    Me dley can demand,” Stein said. “If people have endless costs. Marie Belk demands, we will have increasing inflation and that is what’s happening around the world today.” On the outlook for continued inflation, Stein said:    “We must think in terms of years, not months. We must follow a program of much greater discipline. We need a period in which the economy is not in an exuberant boom, when there is some slack in it.” However, he said he believed that in terms of economics, “the (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.5, no change Lansing (18) 7.3, fall .5 Dam 9 (18) 13.5, fall 1.0 McGregor (18) 7, fall .6 Guttenberg (15) 5.5, fall .5 Dubuque (17) 9, rise .3 Davenport (15) 6.5, rise .1 Keokuk (16) 7.5, fall 1.2 such moves as a tax cut for Americans because “we should I Gregg    Klees, 272 Drinkward Coralville Lake    street NW;    each fined $20 and    J American people    and the    people Pool level Monday —    699.38 costs.    0f Rje developed    world    will    be Resisting an officer — Gregg u ..    .    ,.r    ,, Mississippi Stages    Klees,    272    Drinkward street    tooter off in three    years. NW; fined $15 and costs.    Stein said he disapproves of Driver’s license violation — Gary Holst, 1212 Thirty-second street NE: fined $15 and costs. .    .    ...    „ Rhonda Wcatherwax, 806 Sec-'not    be    Pulting $5 or billion rn end avenue SW; fined $10 and!their hands which they’d only go costs.    lout    and    spend.” Meter violation — Orvin As ^ current soarjng j„ter. VanLangen, Des Moines; finedi .    .,    ", $42 20 and costs.    est    rates,    the    presidential    eco- Traffic signal violation — Cedar    at    C.R. (13)    4.77, fail j Ahmed Scheronick, 400 .35    {Twenty - eighth street NW; Blethe Mercv    {fined $20 and costs. Glade ,    , __    _    Stockwell, 1411 Memorial drive July    S—Mr.    and Mrs.    James    SE; David Parr> Luzerne; Er- Franta, 13U Ninth street SW,,nest Schlemmer, 1224 Wiley a daughter.    boulevard NE; Gary Holst, 1212 and ts'C\iT    Thirty-second street NE; Rich- 2951 Sixth street    SW.    a    afd Rstomj 140g Twenty.ninth Ondler, 2951 Sixth street SW, a daughter. 3irths — St. Luke's nom ic expert said: “I would not interfere to put them down even if they went a good deal higher.” Interviewed on the CBS television program “Face the Na tion”, Stein, who plans to leave his post soon, was asked what street NE, each fined $15 and advice be could offer to his yet-costs.    j    J unnamed successor. material. Powell said Jaworski was claiming that the naming of! Debate Tickets the President reduced him to the status of any other defendant. Jaworski said the claim of “executive privilege” is not foreclosed, but the situation is such that the claim is “inappro- r?\a,.faCtSr ,haVS ‘Tr'! TWelV° Trh bCf°re ll* ^    an0rirCCharTotteClli^brdvar Canton! ^rianeCvha StepLn e R°" Roof. tant. That s why we lay stress sion was to begin, police es- Rapids resident about 20 years. .    Grandchild    and    a    Burial; Cedar Memorial. on«." hf said.    timatcd between ,25-150 persons died in a Cedar Rapids hospital Lfher, Charies    PrivrMskv____ But St. Clair said Jaworski s were on the steaming sidewalks Saturday following a short ^edar Rapjds Services: Turner chapel east argument that the President must produce the subpoenaed material “would make Richard Nixon, let’s say, an 85 percent President instead of a IOO percent President.” “This can’t be,” he added. “The framers of 'the Constitution had in mind a strong presidency even in the course of impeachment proceedings.” Justice Powell asked St. Cair, “what public interest is there in preserving secrecy in relation to a criminal conspiracy were on the steaming sidewalks {Saturday and the lawn adjacent to the i illness. marble building hoping to get I Surviving are a son and j.oa Dm wednesday bv the one of the seats allotted the daughter, Clement and Rose r)l L, . .. n<-sday by he UHL OI lilt, seals auuucu me e ...... (Rev. Earl A. Huebner. Burial: public.    !    Blong,    with    whom    she    made    her | Nationai Fripnds mavi With temperatures in the 90s home; another son, Irvin, Fort    ,    ,    ,    ,v Olin itinperdiurts in me »us> *    M call at Turner chapel east until all weekend, the would-be spec- Atkinson, two daughters, Mrs. tators had the added discomfort of having to stay awake. Police said anyone found I p.m. Wednesday. The casket will not be opened after the service. Mrs. Anton Schermer Frances E. 2” A criminal conspiracy is only! wjlen ^ wag jntervjewed on criminal after it is proven to be Mtional tclevision criminal and we are not at that point yet,” St. Clair replied. Daniel Poirier. Mundelein. 111., and Mrs. Joseph Schmelzer, Decorah; 13 grandchildren, and a sleeping would be arrested for|sjster’ Josephine Schroeder, Os- ,    -    ,    . Si ii ti    {    dllCLS    iii    •    mC    lilvl    w    I 1 ElM-Lassower of New York' Services; Tuesday at ll at St.1 “Wow of Anton Schermer. who Ic a bas o er OI Ne Y(    Catholic    church    St    made    her    home    with    her    daugh- was the first to arrive, at 9:20 ^UKe s nLdtnoll‘/t cnurcn; ,    .    •    ,    „    . a m. Saturday. But the bulk of j£c?s; R°sary Monday at 8 at [ter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. the crowd did not really begin to'funera^ home. Fort At form until Saturday evening GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Nows, Sports, Bookkoopmg, Gonorol Infor-motion ond Offices Not Listed Below Coll ............................ 398-8211 Circulotion-Subscription Dept  398-8333 Mon. thru Sot. 8 am to 7 p.m. Sundays Until 12 Noon Holidays 11 a.m. to 7 p m. Want Ads........................398-8234 Mon. thru Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Satuiday until 12 Noon Display Advertising................398-8222 8 a m. to S p m. Morion Office ....................398 8430 kinson. But a lawyer for the special prosecutor’s office, Philip La-covara, urged the court to order tapes surrendered saying the conversations were “not in the course of lawful conduct of public business but in the furtherance of a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstruct justice.” Lacovara presented the special prosecutor office’s rebuttal 'to Family Rents Town (Minus Bar) for Massive Reunion Olin L. Davis Miss Sassower said she was! Olin L. Davis, 88, a Cedar surprised more people hadn’t I Rapids resident from 1924 to shown up. “You see people wait- 1952. died Sunday in San Diego.    When the Cichos clan decided For Sunday's picnic, the or- ing in    lines    for    gas,    you’d    think    Calif., where he had made    his    lo have a family    reunion, they    ganizers provided: 35 pounds of people    would    come    early    to    see    home since retirement from    realized they'd need    someplace    hot dogs. 20 cases of soft drinks, history.”    Cherry-Burrell Co.    big enough to hold a pretty and 50 boxes of potato chips. A '___Services and burial will    be    good-sized crowd.    So    they rent-    sitdown dinner Saturday eve- Tuesday in San Diego.    cd a whole town    —    all except    ning took care of 55 pounds of I Among survivors arc his wife, the bar.    ham, 70 chickens, IOO    pounds of Rose; a daughter, Mrs. Vernon Over 200    members of    the clan    baked potatoes, and    56    dozen Paul, Chula Vista, Calif.; two from nine    states went    to mass    dinner rolls. Of C R Firpman sonSt Q- Daleof La Mesa’ Calif.,!Sunday in    a rented church and    The relatives, from    six    weeks WI w. iv.    iii    cl    I    anj Donald D 0f Marion seven had a massive picnic in this tiny to 76 years old, are the descen- No Decision on Bankruptcy Case July 7 — To the families of Mirharl Rekemeyer, Tipton, a daughter; Larry Trout, 2339 Eighth avenue, Marion, a daughter; George Nolle, 333 Lewellen drive NW, a daughter; David Aehcy, 279 Jacolvn drive NW, a daughter: Kenneth bit, Mt. Vernon fined $20 and costs. Truck route violation — Donald Gitch, New Hampton; fined $20 and costs. Fighting — Donald Petsche, Robertson, 4101 Sixteenth ave-jHiawatha; fined SIO and costs, nue SW, a daughter; Jon] strikmc unattended vehicl Novak. Center Point, a son; Boyd rainier. Central City, a son; Gregory Ringel. Hiawatha, a son; Larry Webber, Deep Rive a daughter; John Nettier, I OO * a Sixteenth avenue SW, a daughter. Federal bankruptcy Referee grandchildren and 13 great plains township where their an- dants of John and Mary Cichos, St. Clair’s argument before the I william Thinnes Monday de-grandchildren.    icestors    homesteaded in 1919.    and 14 of their children spoke to court.    Iferred making a decision on al      “We    never    really    got    together    the    reunion crowd during a Sat- ..... Mich«el    Joteph    Carr    m    ~ SSS sKEoiS him    .    “KSB,    «”«ll ..... . I,-' ii.    him »«»*)«"'■    .I    m organizers .I    Mn. «on Mi *. I >■<«' religion.” jehiole —Phili Philipp, 3019 Schaefer drive SW; fined $25 and costs. Iowa Deaths —Ehrlichman— (Continued from Page I.) Young said he reviewed with Ehrlichman, Ehrlichman testified he remembered a busy schedule after the files were delivered March 21 or 22, 1973. “I remember saying I’m not Millersburg — Melvin (Bill) Seaton, 66. Tuesday at I. Best’s, North English. Out of Town Births McGregor — Leona Mc- going to get to this I’m leaving .I ^ 1^    »I    Millin, 81. Tuesday at ll, St. town for several days . . . I’m Mrs Donald j llniwek. a son Ea“t's ^‘heI?n <*“«*• Burial: sure I caused them to bo July 6. Mrs. Holecek is the daughter of Clifford Davin of Arkansas, formerly of Cedar Rapids. Mr. Holecek is the son of Mrs. Ernest Fikcjs, 2714 Iowa avenue SE. and Jerry Ho-leeek, Colorado Springs. At Burlington — Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Doth. a son July 7. Mrs. Hoth is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Malv, 3109 Bever avenue SE. Marriage Licenses Mary McCusker and John Blank, Edna Taylor and James Bornstein, all of Ccdar Rapids. Garnavillo. Thornburg’s. Balfour, 86. sent back.” he testified. Ehrlichman said before the Toledo—Mae E Henderson’s.    ...    .    . Keep River - Helen Wine-1 Krogh-Young team got involved garden, 78. Wednesday at in covert activity it was as something, he said.    ward to another reunion next Eventually they rented Wind- year. And it may be even big-sor, N.D. —• population 38 — ger, Cichos said. He explained including the town hall, the that some 70 to 80 family 10:30, Ecumenical church. Burial: English Valley cemetery, North English. Steffy’s, Montezuma. Webster — Jessie Clara Beinkie, 80. Wednesday at 10:30, United Methodist church. Friends may call Tuesday at Powell's, South English. Decorah — David ll. Wikan. signed to aet as “a prod, a goad” to keep other agencies vigorously investigating leaks. Ehrlichman said Nixon was particularly interested in learning whether Ellsberg acted alone or was part of a group. Tokyo Quake 18. Tuesday at IO, Decorah Lu- I thcran church. Steine's.    /imn    » Decorah — Alvina Klotzbach.    TOKYO (Ll I)    — A    moderate Marriages Dissolved 85 Monday at 2, Decorah Lu- ly strong earthquake shook the Susan L. and Warren L. Wit-1 theran church. Steine’s.    Tokvo area Monday, causing Hams, and David L. and Linda; Decorah — Mrs. Norris Lar- J. Helmick. Petition for Bankruptcy Harlan Ray Hint/, formerly doing business as Butch’s 66, and Doris Kay Hintz, Maquoketa. Both claimed debts of $7,413.98 and assets or $715, with $550 claimed as exempt. Freddie Eugene and Judy Ann Reel, 946 Twelfth street NE. Both claimed debts of $4,610.63 and assets of $200, all claimed as exempt. Fires 1:57 a.iii. Sunday. Nuisance call at Twelfth avenue and Tenth street SW. 4:50 a m. Sunday. Car lire at son. 74. Tuesday at 2, Highland Lutheran church. Steine’s. Decorah — John Doerr, 80. Tuesday at ll, Elks club. Ol-son-Fjelstul. What Cheer — William Kimberly Duncan, 18. Tuesday at IO, Harden’s. Burial in Indianapolis cemetery. Iowa City - John Liercke, 74. Wednesday at ll, Chap- strcot lamps to wobble and buildings to sway. No casualties were reported. Drive Safely three Nixon appointees —'-chambers with Buol’s lawyer son ,^r- and Mrs. Edmund event. “Sure, we sent wedding seen for 25 years,” Jerome Burger, Powell and Blackmun; and Asst AR judith Red- Carr of PlttsflclfL Mass., died in gifts, but that was no big thing. Cichos paid. “My cousin from one Franklin Roosevelt appoint- mond Thinnes gave the parties a ^edar RaP*ds hospital Sun- somehow family members felt Minnesota and I were only five ee, Douglas; two Eisenhower,^ guR twQ weeks fj]e;day. The family had been more obligated for funerals.” years old when we saw each appointees, Brennan and    aRer    ^1^    sajd    enroute to a new home in Several members of the clan other last, and we remember Stewart; one Kennedy appoint- woujd make a determination Wy°ming.    talked about the situation last running around in a farm yard ee, Bryon White: and one based on the merits of the case. I Surviving to addition to the, winter after a funeral in James-together.” Johnson appointee. Marshall. jn Aprjj Ruops jawver re. parents are a brother, Travis town, N.D., and decided to do Cichos already is looking for-The ninth, Justice Rchnquist, (quested an injunction to keepj^obn’ and a twln tother, removed himself from the casejRuol from being dismissed    from    Miuxus Andrew;    his    grand- because of his close past ties{tho fire denartmnnt after he    h-iH    parents, Barbara    Filkin, Lee, with former Atty. Gen. Mitchell, filed for bankruptcy '    '    Mass., and Mr. and    Mrs.    Morris one of the six cover-up defend- Ruol claimed he was told hejCarr*    Mass.,    and    great-!    parish hall, the church, and members were unable to attend, ants.    would    be fired because of a grandparents, Elva Moulton, I other available facilities for the Many of the missing relatives The supreme court decision,    departmental policy against    Dcrby Une> vt- and    Mr- a«d    July 4 weekend.    have called Windsor because of when it comes, could affect pro-    ‘bad debts.” Bud is still on the    Mrs- R- D- Fllkms-    Dalton,    The organizers sent    out    ques-    news reports on the gathering foundly the impeachment pro-department payroll.    Mass.    tionnaires to famUy members, and town rental, he said, ceedings.    !    In    May    City    Atty    David    Mc-    Private cremation services asking about a reunion and the This year's guests included Nixon allies and foes alike    «uire petitioned for dismissal of    wcre conducted in Turner chap-!    most convenient date.    They got    people from California, Ken- agree that his defiance of an    the suit, arguing that the court    el East Monday.    a 95 percent return, Cichos    said,    lucky, North and South Dakota, order to surrender the 64 tapes lacked jurisdiction over an      Between    210    and 220 members Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, sought bv the special Watergate “employer -employe rela-1 Raelee Gardner of lbe cla11 ~ the organizers Wisconsin and Indiana, he said. prosecutor would produce a tionship.”    Raelee Gardner, 14, of 14271arent really sure of the exec ! The family group could no swollen and bipartisan house Thinnes said Monday    the    Fourth avenue SE.    died    Sunday count — ^tended the event that rent the local bar because of maioritvfor impeachment.    question of jurisdiction has yet at University hospitals in Iowa C*cbos sa‘d c°st about $450. licensing restrictions, he said, The only comparable event to be resolved.    | City following a sudden illness.! Some of the money went for but the bar has been ‘very co- was the one which awakened He commented that although She was born March 5, 1960, in tood-_____{operative.’ the impeachment drive in the,similar cases have been found Cedar Rapids, and had lived first place, Nixon’s firing of 1° within the limits of bank- here most of her life. Archibald Cox last Oct. 20.    ruptey statutes, he knows of | She would have been an lf the court rules in    Nixon’s nont>    lbal an.'    of    exactlv    the eighth grade student at    McKto- favor, the impact would be same    nature.    {ley junior high. She    was a more difficult to gauge.    j--{member of Immaculate    Concep- The committee, of    course,! 38    YEARS AGO    —    American I Hon Catholic church. Surviving are her mother and Jo-  ____________  „    course, would continue toward a vote Hoops captured three Italian on whether to recommend that!key fortresses - Rosignano,| stepfather. Mr. and Mrs PHONE RINGS FROM 6 TO 11 PM! TWO bedroom house. 1641 13th St. H W. 846 2036 the house impeach. Castellum and Colic di Val d' seph A. Kolter; Elsa. Keith Gardner; horal Kinlasies from our a killed artists PIERSON’S 'SKT IMM l l LIS HI VI). MA I LOW I RPHON1 m-im Z < 2 O when words aren't enough send sympathy with flowers FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 PHON! ANSWlRtD 24 HOURS EVERY DAY JOHN E. LAPES Convenient Downtown Location 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 HOUSE RENTED “Half of Cedar Rapids must have called,” said Mrs. Wilma Sedivy. lf you have a rental unit, advertise it now in The Gazette want ads. Dial 398-8234. ;

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