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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazelle: Mon., July 8, 1971 Theater Time For Monday ■>vs*'^»v .1. PARAMOUNT - “Three the Hard Way” - 7:59, 9 40. IOWA — “Thunderbolt and Light foot” - 1:30. 3:35, 5:45, 7:55, 9 50. WORLD - ‘Sugarland Express” — I 30, 3 40, 5:30, 7:40, 9:55; shorts - 3:20, 7:20, 9:35. TIMES - “Papillon” - 1:30, 4. 6:35, 9 15. PLAZA — “The Incredible Journey” - 2. 5:05, 8 05; “Old Yeller” - 3:30 , 6:30 , 9:30. STAGE I - “The Sting” -7:35, ll) STAGE 2 — “Chinatown” — 7:30, 9:55. STAGE 3 - “Our Time” -7:45, 9:30. STAGE 4 — “Marne” — 7:30, 9:55. EASTOWN I - “The Exorcist” — 7:15, 9:30 EASTOWN 2 - “Zandy’s Bride” — 7, 8:50. MARION — Features at ll, I, 3. 5. 7, 9. COLLINS - ‘‘The Bootleggers” — 9:15; “The legend of Boggy ('reek” — ll. TWIXT TOWN - “American Graffiti” - 9:15; “The War Between Men and Women" — 11:20; “Rio Lobo” — 1:15. TWIN WEST _ “The Great Gatsby” — a.20; “Lady Sings the Blues”— 12 05. TWIN EAST — “The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat” — 9; “Carry on Camping” — 10:50; “Carry on Doctor” — 12:20 Monday Night Pilchers el Oly SI The Emergency Room 4650 I st Ave. NC MEXICAN Q FOOD Every Tuesday and Thursday '2“ Wedding Rehearsal Dinners, Capacity IO to 125 People. RANCH SUPPfR CLUB On Highway 21 8 Midway Between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City 857-2641 Myrna Loy, who moved gracefully from leading lady roles to character parts, says ‘the trick is to make up your mind to play lesser roles. An actress has to face up to the truth of life, that she doesn t look like she did when she was 20 years younger.’’ To Order Your Gazette Want Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 A M. to 5 P M Monday thru Friday. ‘Til Noon Sat DRAPORT INN on Old Hwy 218 J Miles South of Kirkwood College Still Open For Business Turn left on detour on g-avel rood, then fight then right again to Draport. TUESDAY SPECIAL $**75 CLUB STEAK DINNER Dance music and entertainment Friday, July I 2 Saturday, July 13 Stringdusters Bar-B-Q Ribs Fri. & Sot. Phene MIMMS ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL The Good FOOD BUFFETS now every night in the Grant Wood Kitchen Sun. thru FH. 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. *2.76 Children under IO *1.84 ROOSEVELT Downtown Cedar Rapids MOTOR HOTEL Connecting FREE Parking. IOWA 364*3413 Two*. Th. *»**"•" CUNT tASTW OOO “THUNDERBOLT AND llGHTfOOT" -R- BEN JOHNSON GOLDIE HAWN “SUGARLAND EXPRESS^ PLAZA 393-0434 PARAMOUNT 363*3344 TIMES WALT DISNEY'S “OLD YELLER" & “INCREDIBLE JOURHEY imploding Action “THREE THE HARD WA^ eTFVE    DUSTIN McOUfEN HOFFMAN “PAPILLON" Rudolph Valentino Discovery Mpa Loy Is Still Starring in Films By Vernon Scott HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Myrna Loy was discovered by Rudolph Valentino in silent movies and today, a half-century later, the actress with the enigmatic smile and distinctive voice is still starring in films. Her newest is “Airport 1975“ and curiously appropriate because she has starred in more pictures aloft than most screen beauties. Among her credits are "Test Pilot", “Too Hot To Handle” with Clark Gable, “Night Flight” with William Gargon, and “Wings in the Dark” in which she played an aviatrix. Myrna can also be identified with a score of oriental roles she played in the early days of her career, not to mention her six memorable pictures with William Powell as Nora Charles in “The Thin Man”. But with more than 120 pic tures to her credit Myrna says happily, “I’ve never been typed and I’ve kept working all the time." Valentino Discovery She was in the ballet chorus of Grauman’s Chinese theater early in the 1920s when Valentino first saw a photograph of her At that time the original Latin lover was the boxoffice king at Paramount Pictures. “Valentino liked to discover people,” Myrna recalled on her day off from Universal^ shooting schedule. “On the strength of that photograph he asked me to come to Paramount and make a screen test for his next picture. “I was only 19 years old and thrilled at the thought of working in pictures. He let me use his dressing room. The title of the movie was ‘Cobra’. But I didn’t get the part. I was too young.” Not long afterward Mvrna SERVING NIGHTLY CHOICE PRIME RIB OF BEEF Appearing At The Keyboard MARY PIKE Nightly except Fri. (JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER) 310 THIRD AVENUE SE, DOWNTOWN TELEPHONE 362 86/9 was signed by Warner Bros. where her name was changed from Myrna Williams to Loy, a railroad stop in her native Montana. Prefers New York Myrna hasn’t been a resident of Hollywood since 1948 She prefers the action in New York where she is immersed in social causes Currently she is working for the national committee against discrimination in housing. She was on the U.S. commission for UNESCO in the 1950s. She has not been called a grand dame of movies nor east in a series of sweet old lady roles for the excellent reason that there remains a twinkle in her eye and a buoyancy about her performances. Unlike many a former superstar, Myrna Loy has not LAST 4 DAYS turn snm tDuiis Chi* Honour of Your I’mrmr i« at tin- Marriagr. Brailling Sight ami Sih-rijurnl limit iii th*- Ii to ut Mi.. HainlioM Hohliino. all ol uhuh Mill lo- lit Dx anal iii 11 iii alI % nw-ulnl iii allowed herself the luxury of self-indulgence, despite four unsuccessful marriages She has moved gracefully from leading lady roles to character parts. “There’s a big ego problem involved in making that transition,” she said, smiling. “The first time it happened to me was in The Ambassador’ with Olivia De Haviland playing the lead Make Up Mind “From then on it was a matter of making up my mind to hang on and wait for star parts — and die of ennui or starvation — or play character roles and keep busy. ‘‘The trick is to make up your mind to play lesser roles. “An actress has to face up to the truth of life, that she doesn’t look like she did when she was 20 years younger “A great deal depends on your own attitude. There is the problem of working in .smaller roles for less money and then trying to return to larger roles for a higher salary. It seldom happens that way “I never felt badly about making the change.” Her decision to accept lesser roles is very probably the reason why Myrna continues to make movies in her 70th year while her contemporaries have faded from sight .T(*. .Ad ■ )W \STOWN k MAHI I ASI CINTI* id OWN 8:15 SHOW 9:00 fried thicken - • 1435 bt Ave. SE    •    4640    1st    Ave.    NE • 1334 Edgewood Rd. SR —STARTS— WEDNESDAY flrelioueaWe Bug is baw1* OPEN 8:15 SHOW 9:00 J RAUD — AAP OTHER ;;; 4 LETTER WORDS SORCERESS    9    BB,nB0UJ    "OM*"! REGULAR DINNER A dr tew VAT B ENTERTAINMENTI WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS Y EVERY TUESDAY YOU GET: * 3 PIECES OF KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN ORIGINAL RECIPE or EXTRA CRISPY * MASHED POTATOES/GRAVY * COLE SLAW * HOT ROLL VISIT THE COLONEL Try our special catering price. “Tori Lynn” Direct From L.A. 42-25-36 FREE 5:30 MATINEE ■ Due to A Ave. const    £ take 10th street, turn left UNIQUE MOTEL Only 3 Minute! Downtown £j 852 A Avo. NE 365-9061 ■■■■■■■■■■NI rut wvtur mm tuatant at rut hah FIRST-RUN I cnmui • "tea s (PG IdBTlEGfiEltS— * BONUS EPIC! * Kl “THE LEGEND “1" OF BOGGY CREEK’’ /J A HUE STOUT TECHNICOLOR o FIRST DRIVE-IN SHOWING Where mere you in 162 ? BIG HIT THE WAR BETWEtt MEN ANO WOMEN” J .CK LAMMON (PO) SHON — TI :30 3rd BIG HIT “RIO LOBO” JOHN WAYNE SNOW - 1:15 A M. PLENTY OF TRIE parking OPEN    m    _ ROBERT REDFORD I j/^CK NICHOLSON iOURMET DINING PAUL NEWMAN “THE STING” -PG- |N ,955 THERE WERE A FEW THINGS A GIRLS SCHOOL DION T TEACH “OUR TIME” -PG FAYE DUNAWAY CHINATOWN COLOR -8- she will CHASE THE BlUfS AWAT lucille ball “MARE" -PO- EASTOWN 2 « MMI «*VI CINTI* THE MAIL ORDER MARRIAGE SHE WAS IESS THAN HE HAD HOPED FOR.... AND MOR~ THAN HE DARED IMAGINE GENE    LIV HACKMAN ULLMANN ‘‘ZANDY’S BRIDE” (PO) 7:00 8:50 PETER BLAITYS Open 6:30; Show* 7:1! THE DEVIL MADE US DO IT. . . MUST HOLD FOR ONE MORE WEEK EXORCIST R ;

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