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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa C. R. Weather High Saturday .......... fie, Midnight Saturday ........ 65 Rainfall................ l\jone Total for July ............. o.    18 Normal for July........... r>8 Normal through July  *20 IO Total for 1974 ............. 30.12 Barometer, steady ....... 30.06 Humidity at IO p m 70% Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at IO p.m. SE at 7 m.p.h. Sun rises Monday, 5:37; sun sets, 8:44 p.m. Year Ago Today — High, 91; low, 78; rainfall, none. Births — Mercy July 5 — Mr. and Mrs. William Goetz!ncer, 1546 Fourth avenue SE, a daughter. July fi — Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grnmmon, 2030 Glass road I NE, a daughter. Births — St. Luke's July 5 — To tho families of Robert D. Moser, 1342% Ellis boulevard NW, a daughter; Robert I). Price, 833 Shaver road NE, a son. July 6 Steven R. Powell, 6026 Underwood avenue SW, a daughter; Edmund Carr, Pittsfield, Mass., twin sons. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., July 7,    1074    JA Polite Politicians Japanese election campaigners in white raincoats bow to commuters in front of the Shimbashi station in Tokyo Saturday while asking for support Miss Greiner, Dietz Show Junior Event's Top Horses —Nixon— (Continued from Page I.) equivalent, and with margins of error included, it would have Jane Greiner of Waterloo andor, Waterloo; 2. Nancy Mikoda, meant no limit at all. Esther E. Patschke    Mrs.    Milver Sopousek Esther E. Patschke, 81, a life-! Irene L. Sopousek, 77, a long resident of Marion, di^d *orriK'r Cedar Rapids resident, L .    .    , died Friday at Greenville, S.C., Saturday rn a nursing home.; foll#wing a brigf i||nejs B 0 r n July 16,    1892, Miss Born june ^ 1397 jn cedar Patschke was a graduate of Rapids, Mrs. Sopousek, was the Marion high school and was I widow of Milver Sopousek. She employed at Collins Radio Co was, a R)rmer member of St. ,    ...    .. . Paul s United Methodist church; for 30 ^ un"l re,inn8 mi the American legion auxiliary: I9f)3-    the Shrine auxiliary and thp Survivors include four sis- Order of Eastern Star in Cedar tors, Ella Howe, Hiawatha, | Rapids. She was an American Patti Mcsner. Marion, Ida Mar- R Cross volunteer in Cedar ,    - I j ut l. j Rapids and Greenville for 30 tin, Richland, Wash., and Lears Mildred Patschke, Oak Park, serving are a son. John 111 ; two brothers, George A , M., Greenville; one grandaugh- Phoemx and Donald M., Marion.    and two great-grandaugh- Services: Tuesday at ll am. FS' . im u Services: Wednesday at 10:30 at Murdoch chape , Marion, by „ m ™    ,    , , F    J    a m. at Turner chapel east by the Rev. Charles Moore. Burial: Dr. Arnold Herbst of St. Paul’s Cedar Memorial. Friends may United Methodist church, call at Murdoch chapel after I Burial:    Cedar Memorial, p.m. Monday.    Friends may call at Turner east after ll a m. Tuesday and until Mrs. Earl D. Robbins 10 a m Wednesday. The casket Elsie Emma Robbins, 84, wid-    nnf bo opened after the ser- A total of 2.628 votes had been least were by voters living in the ow of Earl D. Robbins, of 6713 AP Wirephoto for their candidates in the upcoming upper house election today. In all, 349 candidates are vying for 1 30 vacant seats. Culver, Ray Hold Leads In Gazette's Straw Poll To the families of John Dietz of highway 94 W Sat-1Elberon; 3. Julie Weers, Scotch| MIRV did not come up again cast bY residents of 52 Iowa; First and' Second districts,! Devonshire drive N E. died sat-1 The fam,,y suggests friends Iowa Deaths sclin, 57. Services Tuesday at urdav showed the    top horses    Grove.    until Kissinger and    Gromyko among tilt' 125 emoted in the Three-year-old and over: I. met privately Saturday morning All-low a fair s first    junior horse    Dietz; 2. Mike    Minor; 3.    Miko-    before full-scale talks    resumed Show for boys and girls under 18    da; 4. Butler;    5. Galen    bud-    The official said    Gromyko years of age.    vicek, Swisher;    6. Shields.    seemed unmoved. Showmanship at halter: I counties as of ll p.m. Friday in whose incumbent congressmen urdav after a long illness. Born ™a> on,rlb,,fo to the Amonoan The Gazette’s straw poll at the are Democrats - usually an ad-!March 7’ 1890 at Alburnett, she tten uoss* All-Iowa fair, which ends today vantage in straw polls as well 031110    Cotfar Rapids from    '    _, at Hawkeye Downs.    as in elections.    Pal°    3    Vears    ago.    She was a Mrs. Roy L. Chittick • , j *    *    ,    1    member    of    St.    Pius Catholic Ellen May Chittick, 77, a Broken into districts, the con-1.former Cedar Rapids resident. From the opening day June Middle Amana — Dean Cos- Miss Greiner showed her two- showmanship at halter: I. When the “plenary" session of!2*’ Democral John Culver and|gressionaI vote showed 150 to ('h"r<'h 1:30 p.m. at Hutchinson funer-te^’l.i0. t.h,c../h,a.mJ>,i°"shi.? U«lvic*k: 2. Jayne Pierce, Wa-|the summit was convened, the    R»y    >»»*«[ IOO tor the Democratic can- al home, Humeston. Visitation Sunday between 4 and 9 p.m. at Surviving is a daughter Mrs. d*od Saturday in a Vinton hospital following a long illness. while Judge Nato McClain of tcr|00. 3. Greiner: 4. Butler 5. Russians established their 'post- hcW ,,oad* in ,hc'r    didate    (U.S. Rep. Edward Mea- I)a"lcl KileV of C(*»r Rapid*; she was born Sept 20 1896 at Maxwell found hts reserve Mikoda. g. Debbie Schneider. tion which, the official said'0 "j*? ‘ ? **?'"* Republican vinsky) over his Republican op-:    $*"*"* at the;Mc"ntire and waVmarr^'to rhamninn in Dip /’ thrpp-vear- im ______..    ,    .    ..    David    Stan    ev    for    IJ    S    .senator_____. / i____i____uv    Tcahen    funora    home.    inure,    ana was married lo ESMK?” fUner#1 |C0Mmpi0n in DietZ' three'year' C,arence-    called"    for‘'grunting" Moscow” so    if " ponenVt.iames I^ach ,7 The t' a «    Western    Pleasure:    I.    Schnei-    many    MIRVs    that    the Soviet f    '    ‘    In    the    Second    district The Egg and Spoon race;,,_ 0 c_ nnnA 11(V7    k.........for governor. West Liberty — Rocnna Har- thc din, IOO, of Long Beach, Calif ! Democratic candidate (State —Colson— (Continued from Page I.) Roy L. Chittick on April 29, 1915, at Osage. Her husband died in 1958. She was a member I of St. James United Methodist church. She moved to Vinton four years ago. j Surviving are three daughters. Mrs. Carl Merchant, Vinton, Mrs. Dale Sills, Cedar meetings that produced some of Culver.'" Iowa's' Second district I Phen Kapp) received 37 votes to Jo'T would 'get Tdon'e^and Rapids' »,nd Mrs’ Em‘> SJiegw. the hottest debates ct the entire congressman, for senator and *^3    lh© Republican candidate thpn he'd turn around and i avenpor , wo sons, Loser C., v...., xw,    ,    .    .    ,    -    der; 2. Sara Recd, 1107 Staub Union might have been seen to .    ...... ,    ,    .    ^...^.<>.11.    ^a.,u«uaic iote.tr. Graveside services Monday at! turned out to be one of the    NE;    3    Picrc0;    4    Cindy;    gain    a    real strategic advantage. L In tbo^rst eight days of vot-S£n Michae, Blouin) got j 195 IO at Oak Ridge cemetery. Visi-event s top crow’d pleasers and T r 07r7 Pirc. 0oW. c 1 kT.    'mg,    Democratic    candidates    .    clo    , V, tattoo Sunday afternoon and it ,00k longer than usual be-1®*"’    "T"n0t .a*r?’ an,dhave benef.ted from 1.057 vot^.1,    ^    °    2lePubl'can evening, Snider’s.    cause    of    a    final    duel    between    Saw riSher«iir    'I . T o58'?5 co"t'"ued whde strajRht ticket ballots to only 639^a"dl'late (SU,e So"' Tom MonHav at °/-3n SanHT^rreek tw0 Marion girls. Ann Toussiant '    '    ’    '.    '    be    a"d    Brezhnev flew to Yalta. cas( f0r Republican candidates. 1 °-v    .    ....    __________ _________ Methodist church. Visitation I and Kathy ! /tan both kept the ,,esl!'rn ldm^.' ' „ 'i.'T’    7    were adjourned until Sun- Another 540 tickets have been The Third district. Democral- SPt me Up jn t^e (hat he after IO Sunday, Goettsch’s, eggs on spoons while the judge - Loan, .larion. 3 ic oria day when during seven hours of Sp|jj jn favor 0f Democrat candidate (State Rep. Ste- would give me something to Hopkinton.    I    romped    them    through a series Md cr 2420 Otis road SE; 4   ........-    -    -    - MMM       |    ‘    * Harlan Hcrr-|of trols, canters, „(endod trots V,ckl Mmor- f a,rfax' bitter feelings between Henry Kissinger and myself because the President would kind of Guernsey £ch*in5Vicm?day ^ 2’ McAn"! and stops’ Miss Toussiant final-] Equitation: I. Pierce; 2. Jodie conference.    Republican    Ray,    Iowas three-) (State Rep. Charles Grassley). Millersburg   Newton F ty tbe b^ue ribbon when a Winder, 330 Forest drive SE; 3. it was his honest impression, term governor, for re-election to ibe Fourth, it was 14 for Gerard, 73. Services    Monday j sudden call for a stop sent Miss I    Schneider:    4.    Ludvicek; 5.    the official continued, that the    an unprecedented fourth term.    Republican candidate at 10:30 at the United    Method-!Loan's egg flipping out of the    Dietz; 6. Weers.    Russians had their own serious    Only 65 tickets have been split    (Charles Dick) to 6 for the a cbur°h in Millersbiirg. igpoon.    Musical    Chairs:    I. Diane Con- debate over U. S. proposals. The in favor of Stanley, a state rep- Democratic candidate ( U.S. Sim1 raft111 —° John William! Other winners were:    nolly. Delhi; 2. Darcy Connolly, Soviets argued bitterly among resentative who came within Rep-Neal Smith). Ulinf°90neMonday°'n    IO* a.m. 1974 foal: I Brad Butler. 5426    Delhi; 3. Pierce;    4. Ann Tous-    themselves in front of the Amer-6,415 votes of defeating U.S    In the Fifth, the Republican    have    information    that    can    im- Holm’s.    Skyline drive NW; 2. I/innie    saiant, Marion;    5. Butler; 6.    icans during the meetings at    Sen. Harold Hughes in 1968. and    candidate (U.S. Rep. William    peach    the    President?    Is    there Sigourney—Benjamin Frank- shields, highway 94 W; 3. Mike    Teresa Shay, 154    Fifteenth ave-    Brezhnev’s sea-side villa arid    Schabcn. the state senate’s    Scherle) led the Democratic lin Applegate, 77. Monday at 2.Ljjnor pajrfax ‘    inue SW.    during a yacht cruise on the Democratic leader.    candidate (Tom Harkin', 14 to Holms.    Vnariinre*    i    lipids- 9 lohn Barrel Race: I. Vicki Minor; Black sea, and did not give the Each candidate received ad 4. Monday*!!To, Decorah Luther^ Diets, highway 94 W. " “ '    2 shaV: 3-    Mar,in- 4420 impression that they were stag-dHional votes for him alone or In the Sixth, in northwest .    ~    •    «-• 1    .    -    •    i Bowline street SW: 4. Pierce. me the drama for Nixon s bene- for him and onlv one other can- Iowa, the Two-year-old: I Jane Grein-★ Bowling street SW; 4. Pierce. ing the drama for Nixon’s bene-for him and onlv one other can-1 Iowa, (he Republican c a n-Egg and Spoon Race: I. Tous- fit.    didate    on his party’s ticket.    didate (U.S. Rep Wiley Mayne I siant; 2. I^oan; 3. Debbie Wood,    The proposals were still up in    During the first eight    days    was ahead of the    Democratic Marion: 4. Darcy Connolly; 5.    the air Monday as Nixon flew to    C u I v e r received the    most    candidate    (Berkley    Bedell), ll -AIE-Iowa Fair- Butler; 6. Tower.    Minsk. Brezhnev took Kissinger    votes, 1,737 to Stanley’s 823, for    to I. f    i    English Pleasure: I. Winder:    back to Moscow and the two    the senate seat from    which    Today is    the last during which (Continued from Page I.)    2 yyeers. 3 Gayla Martin. 4420 men talked during the flight. IHughes is retiring at the end of a vote can be cast in the strawj pion Hereford. “Big Fauss” Bowling street SW; 4. Wood. After they returned to down-1his Presont tcrm-    poll at The Gazette’s booth in gained 2.50 pounds per day. j Keyhole Race: I. Pierce: 2. jtown moscovv Brezhnev called RaV Spoiled Schabcn, 1.365 Exhibition hall. Anyone 18 and The champion Shorthorn steer Vicki* Minor; 3. Miller; 4. But- hjs Politburo to a secret meet- to l209- durinS that same over is welcome to vote. —i%UToanth    was    shown    b*v Marcia Jansscn ,or-    mg, after which Gromyko and P°riod-    ,    J    1    Saturday and Sunday’s results on stove ut m2 lenin . tied Waverly. Marcia named her---Kissinger met.    Thoro    vot,n£    showod    a    j*449    to    win be carried in Monday’s Ga- an church. Burial: Union Prai rip cemetery. Steine’s. Decorah — Melvina Klotz-bach, 85. Steine’s. Decorah — Mrs. Norris Larson, 74. Steine’s. Chelsea — Roy W. Street, 79. Monday at 2, Hrabak’s. Burial: Oak Hill cemetery, Tama. Tires Cedar Rapids, and Lyle E., Davenport ; two brothers, Charles and Herb Peterson, of Alden and I/eRoy. Minn., respectively; 12 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. Memorial services will be held at Cedar Memorial chapel 3 pm. Tuesday by the Rev. Stephen Root. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at. Cedar Memorial funeral home after noon Monday and at the chapel after 9 a m Tuesday. The casket will be closed at 2:55 12:22 p.m. Saturday. In-    1.060-pound steer “J V.”,    and    Pnfr^nf    14 known to three junk cars at    “J.y.” gained 2.00-pounds    per    L"m    ,C,,M 1211 F avenue NE.    . 6:18 p.m. Saturday. Possible    • children playing with matches    I    he reserve champions wen to grass across from 215 Wiley shown by Michelle Cropper    of boulevard NW.    Grinnell (Angus),    Jon Malone    of 6:22 p.m. Saturday. Surge in    w „ (Hereford) and    Jim sprinkler system at 1601 Blairs    vvapc JIO t rte1 erora», ana    Jim Ferry road NE    Horr of Stanwood    (Shorthorn!. The chance for an agreement 830 preference for Democratic zette. during the summit apparently congressional candidates over evaporated in the Politburo, the I‘CP'ltd>can. official said. Although Gromyko However, most of the votes -  (Continued    from    Page    I.) Birth of Twins Postpones Couple's Trek to Wyoming Blue Ribbons in Flower Judging was in a jocular mood — even Mrs. Charles Rohlena. 2407 safest,nfi that they should Victoria drive SW. won 14 blue:scream ’never, never, never ribbons in the final flower judg-1 fl,one another as ™de a inn at the All-Iowa fair to be- televised speech, it became ap- and export them to our disad- safe(v —Investment (Continued from Page I.) leaving the driver with fill of glass.” a lap- then he'd turn around and say, “See, Colson can do it. why can’t the rest of you guys get off your duff.’ Q. YVhy did the President feel threatened by you on the transcripts? That is, do you any great dark secret you know? Any great single serious crime that should make him impeachable? A. No. Q. You’ve said that before. A. The answer is, no. I con- p m. Tuesday. sider him a personal friend.    - He's a man who has qualities Memorial Services that I enormously admire. He Sediak. Mary — Mass Mon-has deficiencies like you have day 9 a.m. at St. Wenceslaus .    „    .    e    ,    fufnu koi church by the Rev. Clarence and like I have. think on bal- prana BUrjal: st. John’s ceme- ance, he’s done a tremendous tory. Rosary: Sunday 7 p.m. job as president.    Kuba funeral home east. _ Harding,    William L. — Gra- ______veside services Monday at ll at Oak Shade cemetery, Marion, by the Rev. Charles Moore. Friends may call at Murdoch’s, Marion. Van Gorp, W illiam—Services: of Turner chapel east at 10:30 0f a.m. Monday by the Rev. Glenn Bender. Graveside service*: Mrs. Bette Jo Menefee Hanford. Calif., daughter Mrs. J.E. Gabriel, 1300 Oakland Memorial Park. Davenport, at I road NE, received a bachelor’s p.m. Monday. Friends may call The department of public degree in medical technology at Turner east. which initially report- *rom the College of the Se-    chapel*    west    1*30 Wilbur Feild said Saturday I that Mrs. Rohlena won a total of 31 blue ribbons. She also ex-By Bill Laveiette    I    while    the    couple and their son. hibited the overall best exhibits Edmund    Carr    and    his    wife Travis, 4. were traveling near in horticulture and in the na * ~    4U    v-b* ' Victor    bae. art and industry class wanted    to    move    from    the    East .victor. Coast to the state of Wyoming, Hours later, Travis paced the ..    .    ntinnor    in    parent there was no room for vantage, or does U.S. sover- * t ,    " . r, ; m,ninc Visalia Calif She era- V1V'CS,/U1‘‘c‘ come the top overall winner in f    •    plpntv    ovpr    forclffn    investment    ed    that    a    shot    had    becn    f,red    b-v    it    u    ll    a    p’?’ ^onda>r bY \h? RTev- Rlcb- the 10-dav competition Supt, compromise.    «lgnty over loreign mvtsimeni    duated with high honors and ard Osing. Burial: Linwood. h    At    that    point,    the    official    said,    in    this    country    adequately    pro-    a    sniper    —    issued    a    statement    wgs named t0 tbe president’s Friends may ca!1 at Turner Kissinger raised the idea of a lect the national interest'”’ at midafternoon saying: “Since honor roH for the spring se- longer term agreement to re-, The report’s trouble with: a bullet was not found, we lean mester    Jon,^>^7Rapids!'in addition to those previously listed. move some of the pressure to numbers indicated the nature of toward the theory that the hole ’ reach a short-term SALT exten-!the problem and, it hoped, the was caused by a flying rock. sion.    need    for    a    study.    For    example,    perhaps    kicked    up    by    a    car.” Gromyko told Kissinger it was it said, the commerce depart- Secret Service Agent in worthy of being presented to the ment listed total direct foreign Charge Walter Coughlin said: R-J, s Mrs. Carl Franks, 631 Six- i tU    ,    teenth avenue SW, had the best but it looks like the unexpected Moor    of the    wait.ng    room    along    #vwa|| winner jn thc „,hpr ar. birth Saturday of twin seas will I with    his father.    fist ic classes, lier husband was force the couple to become tem- “I    called    the    highway    patrol    the second leading wina(!r his heels all day and aides said,pared with a $38 billion esti- The Department k/x MXC “iimelrinn nn    lo    '    ITI    ‘A    tp    in JJU nP.'lHfm if’ SIITVPV    CJliH porary residents of Cedar Rap- for help. They said they would the final judging with Y, send out an ambulance." Carr I'ibbons Winning blue ribbons was a family project in the final show The ambulance took Mrs said. s ,    v    ra„Aiiu    nf    about noon, and Gromvko sent listed 1.400 foreign - owned" the mileage    meter showed 12,255 fast with a    low-cost Classified "r    Venneman    family    of    at    I p rn' after a firms in the U.S. in 1972. but miles.    Ad.    398-8234. n- 4403 I^ee street NE. James Yen- 1X1*. F IU< “llcI ;      «l„l 90-minute discussion, he told commerce department figures Carr to the hospital at Maren go, where she was admitted.|neman^admght^tp^ *|Kissinger the Poljtburo had ap.;reported about 800 When complications set in Sat- nus and Mrs. Yenneman <    .    ^    ^    s proposa| jn - ,    .    *    j , one. Their daughter, Shelly, Provoa lf1° u »• Proposal in urday morning, thc only doctor lon two blue ribbons ^ an. j principle, and the two men at the hospital sent her to St.j0thCr daughter. Luanne, won bpfian drafting a communique lone. ids. Kathleen Carr, 24. gave birth to sons, Marcus and Michael, ten minutes apart Saturday afternoon at St. Luke's hospital. The babies were born four to six weeks premature and weighed about two pounds six ounces each.    ___ ____^_________ _________ “We may have to stay around Luke’s.    one. *    calling    for negotiations to ex here for awhile,” Carr said    The    trip    t0    st.    Luke’s    was Mrs. Robert Rohlena, route 2, tend the SALT agreement from about the births. He explained completed about noon Saturday and Vicky Prachar, route 2.    *°    I9®*1, the doctor will not release the and (W0 ancj ba|f hours later each had four winning entries boys from the hospital until ^e boys were born.    J while Debbie Steinbreeh of So- j they weigh at least five pounds The twin births came as a Jon and Heidi Anderson, route; three ounces and that will take* complete surprise to thc cou- I, each had two. Other blue rib-1 as long as two months.    - p|e because their doctor had not bon winners in the final show j Thc stop in Cedar Rapids detected double heart beats in were John Anderson, route I, was not part of the couple’s previous examinations, Carr and the Cedar Rapids Chlorisj plans for moving from their) said.    I    club. former home in Pittsfield,    --- Mass.    Want ads help you find, buy Mrs. Carr began to have    or sell    .    .    .    quickly and eronomi- labor pains, about 9 p rn. Fridayjcally Dial 398-8234. Drugs Taken — William Politburo, and another meeting    investment in    mining, manufac-    “All this came from simple heat    Varner, 1865 O avenue NW, Sat- of the ruling group was set    turing and petroleum at $10.5    expansion ... It was a new car.    urday reported a small quantity Tuesday — when Nixon cooled    billion at the    end of 1972 com-    the first time it had been used    of drugs valued at $40 was taken of Public from a safe in his residence. he was “working on domestic mate in an academic survey. Safety said, however, that the (More Briefs on Page MA) affairs.”    In the same    manner, the com-    car had been put into service    ---- The Politburo session ended    mittee said    a private study    Feb. I, 1974. A spokesman said    Wait. Don't store it . . . sell it Thr (frclnr JXnpirU (6:urHr Established in TIM bv The Gazette Co. ana oubnshed dollv and Sunday a* 500 Third ave. SE, Cedar Ropids. Iowa 52404. Second clos* postage paid at Cedar Rapids, iowa. Subscription rates bv carrier 95 cenls o. week. Bv mail: Night Edition and Sunday 6 Issues S375 a month, J39 OO o veor: Afternoon Editions ond Sunday 7 Issutt S3 15 a month. *40 OO a veor. Other states ond U S territories *00 OO a veer. 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