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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— I1 air and war rn c r this afternoon through Sunday. Low tonight mid to upper Hits. High Sunday about 90. rn si wilts fEcjct+e CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 NUMBER I7» CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SATURDAY, JULY ti, 1974JURY FINDS __ASSOC    I    ATED    PRESS,    I    I';    V    YORK    TIMES GUILTY Mezvinsky Tops Panel Verdict Ss Recipients from Labor Teamsters Deny Report of Sniper Shot at Ford Motorcade Secretary of State Kissinger Meets with Pope Paul Fairgoers a Year Ago —UPI Telephoto Number of Up from DALLAS (AP) — The secret service said Saturday that no shot was fired at a motorcade carrying Vice-president Ford to downtown Dallas. The report contradicted an earlier one from the Texas department cf public safety that a sniper had shot out a windshield of a patrol car in the motorcade. The report of the shot was also denied by Bill Roberts, press aide to Ford. Roberts said a side window on a patrol car — not a windshield — “cracked with a sharp sound and a hole appeared/’ “It cracked again and the window shattered/’ Roberts said. Immediately a secret service agent and a Dallas police helicopter went to the area from which possible shots could have been fired. But Roberts said. “There was no trace of anyone ... and no spent rounds were found/’ Roberts said the secret service agent in charge, Walter Coughlin, had this conclusion: “All this came from simple heat expansion. It was a new car, the first time it had been used.” Ford was in Dallas to dedicate the World Trade Center. Cedar Rapids News— Attendance at the All-Iowa fair has been gaining momentum. overcoming an attendance deficit which faced the fair after the opening weekend. The burgeoning attendance on weekdays boosted total eight-day attendance to 126.973. That sent the fair into its final weekend with attendance 5.274 ahead of the eight-day figure of 121.699 a year ago. “Apparently the word got around that the increased free entertainment and other added features are making this year’s fair a good one, an entertaining one,” Fair Manager Charles Saturday Night Grandstand: 8:30 p.m.: Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys plus winners of the fiddle contest. Fun Time Square: IO p.m.: Bluegrass jam session. Aerial Acts: 7, 8 and IO p.m. Sunday Highlights Gospel Service:    IO am.: Youth for Christ and bluegrass groups. Grandstand: I p.m.: Three-quarter midget races. 4 p.m.: Demolition Derby. Aerial Acts: 2:45, 3:15, 5:45, 6:15, 6:45 and 7:15 p.m. Judging: 9 a.m.: Pigeon show. Buildings and Exhibits open I p.m. Pope Praises Kissinger for Peace Efforts Charge Sarge Got Them Drunk To Recruit Them PORTLAND. Maine (AP) -Sgt. Ronald Gayle says he was ••just being friendly’ but two young men have charged that he recruited them into the army bv getting them drunk. Gayle and his supervisor at the Portland office. Sgt. Joseph McDowell, have been reprimanded for having a bottle of whisky in the office. But an army public relations officer said that, although the two recruits consumed some liquor during the enlistment process, it was of their own volition and not in sufficient quantity to prevent them from understanding the proceedings. The two recruits have since received honorable discharges by agreement with army of-ficials. Gregory Luce and Kevin Shephard, both 20 and from Gorham. Maine, claimed in written otlay's Chuckle denial Revenue officer to payer:    “Three    teenage gillers do not entitle you ist the telephone company i dependent    copyright statements submitted to army investigators that Gayle bought a fifth of whisky last November and encouraged them to drink most of it to overcome their hesitation about enlisting. Shephard said Gayle told him to drink as much as he could “as long as I could halfway stand up to swear in.” Both young men said they were too drunk to recite their commitments properly during the swearing-in. Asked why the bottle was in the office, Gayle said, “I d just re-enlisted. That s what the bottle was for, to celebrate. The bottle was in the office and evidently it shouldn’t have beep and these guys just happened to get hold of it ” McDowell said he was reprimanded became he was in charge and not because he participated in the incident A Fort Knox. Ky., information officer said Shephard and Luce were released under a regulation that “allows us to discharge men who in our opinion will not make good soldiers if they agree with us in writing or if they go to their commander and say, T/ook, I think I made a mistake in enlisting’.” Decker said Friday. “We’re pleased at the response and at the indication that Cedar Rapids really has a fine fair this year.” He pointed out that the livestock entries are up over a year ago, the Woman’s World drew a record entry of more than 900 items and the Fine Arts show has, one of its largest showings in years. A major attendance comeback after a decline on an opening weekend is a rarity. “It just doesn’t happen that way ordinarily,” Decker pointed out. After the first three days, the fair was 7.097 below the attendance of the first three days a year ago..Going into the final weekend 5.000 ahead of a year ago represents a net gain of 12.000 fairgoers during the traditionally “down days” of midweek. Attendance Friday was 19.010. compared to 13.030 on the second Friday of the fair a year ago. Stock car races were the grandstand feature both years. * * * Saturday is “Bluegrass day”, an innovation at the fair. Bands started playing on the grounds shortly after noon and were scheduled to continue all day and evening, winding up with a jam session in Fun Time Square after the grandstand show tonight. Fair officials said that the three winners of this afternoon's fiddle contest will play their specialties as part of the grandstand show tonight. * * * Three “Premier Exhibitors" were named Friday in the livestock shows. Kenneth and Paul Wendt of Buckingham were selected for the citation in the open swine show Cedar Crest Farm of Stanwood was named “Premier Exhibitor” cf the sheep show. Judging was completed in the swine show Friday. Final judging was conducted Saturday in the open beef show and in the 4-H and FFA show FUERSTENFEDLBRUCK. Germany (AP) — Secretary of State Kissinger met for an hour Saturday with- Pope Paul VI in the Vatican to discuss a wide range of international issues. and the Vatican said the Pontiff praised him for his efforts “in the service of peace.” Kissinger then flew to Germany for the World Cup soccer championships, landing at the NATO airbase here where Arab terrorists massacred Israeli sportsmen during the 1972 Munich Olympics. Nine Israelis, five terrorists and a German policeman died in the gunfire. Two other Israelis were killed earlier at the Olympic village. Kissinger's jet was originally scheduled to land at Munich’s commercial airport. But authorities changed the site to this base 25 miles west because of strict security enforced during the weekend championships at Munich’s Olympic Stadium. The Vatican said Kissinger and the Pope first discussed the Middle East, then the Moscow summit. The Pope said the American government should continue its work to ease world tensions despite “numerous and grave difficulties," a spokesman said. Also present at the meeting in the Popes private library were Henry Cabot Lodge. President Nixon’s special envoy to the Vatican; Archbishop Agostino Casaroli, the Vatican’s chief) diplomat; several Kissinger aides, and interpreters. The Vatican said the talks were “open and cordial.” Kissinger earlier promised Italy assistance if its economic problems worsen “You can count on the fact that whatever moment Italy j should find itself in difficulty, we will do everything possible to assure its stability and progress.” he said Friday at a luncheon with President Giovanni Leone. Drug Ring WASHINGTON (AP) T w e n t y -1 w o persons face charges in connection with a drug-smuggling ring that allegedly brought $32.7 million worth of cocaine into this country from Chile iq diplomatic pouches and military aircraft, the justice department says. Sixteen persons, including members of the Chilean air force and navy, were arrested in Santiago, while six others were arrested in suburban Washington, New York and Madison, Wis., this week. The justice department identified all as key members of the ring. The ring smuggled at least 162 pounds of cocaine from Chile to New York via Washington between May, 1973, and last month, said John Bartels, drug enforcement administrator. A naval officer stationed in Valparaiso, Chile, with access to diplomatic pouches was accused of arranging the smuggling, while an officer stationed at the Chilean embassy here received the incoming drugs, according to a federal indictment returned in New York. Wisconsin Professor Among those arrested in the I U.S. were Mrs. Eduardo Diaz, whose husband is a chief petty officer in the Chilean navy and is assigned to the country’s embassy here. Her husband was arrested in Santiago. Also charged was Marion Brown, a University of Wisconsin professor of agriculture who worked last year in Chile at the university’s land tenure center. I Arrested in New York Monday and Tuesday were Lina Cotes, owner of a dry cleaning firm; Lionel “Chile” Marques, owner of a food market; Elva Morales and Jose Rcy-Ferreiro. The indictment charged that Mrs. Cotes traveled to Washington “to receive the narcotics after they had been smuggled into the U.S.” She was identified by the justice department as the alleged mastermind of the ring. “Major Purchaser” The indictment charged that Marques “was a major purchaser and re-seller in New York of the cocaine smuggled from Chile to Washington.” The indictments were issued June 5. but were kept sealed until arrests could be made as simultaneously as possible. Diplomatic pouches allegedly used as part of the scheme are routinely used by diplomats to carry communications and are not subject to customs inspection. Murder in 1st Degree WASHINGTON (AP) — Labor given $1,180. The unions have donated $13,355 in have given $4,050 campaign funds to eight T^e sccon^ largest total re- mnm,    .    ... . ceived, $3,125, went to Democrat members of the    house judiciary Barbara Jordan Qf Texas_ shc committee since    it began its im- reported $500 from the peachment inquiry, with 30 per-Teamsters and $2,625 from the Bertha Finn cent of it coming from the pre- LAW and AFL-CIO unions.    ANAMOSA — Atwell Junior Nixon Teamsters union    Democrat    Charles    Rangel    of    Conner was found guilty by a .i New York is listed as receiving Jones county district court jury , ' lh a ♦ Antu    thr Cf t°h oo I $500 from the Teamsters and I    Saturday    of    first degree    murder I    ‘ U...y    . I '/hi/ S 55 0 from pro-impeachment    in    the    March    IO    death    of unions.    .    Maureen Connolly, 17, Cedar One of the most ardent Nixon Rapids. members have received more than $1,000 from unions since last October. All three received ,•    .,    ~ c *    •    u    u    u    ^ ,    ,    .    ,    critics    on the committee. Demo- Sentencing has been soiled money both from unions favor- , ,    ... ... f r, ...    , . r «__„    , .    .    .__.    .    ,    .,    erat    Jerome    Waldie    of    Califon uled    — mg impeachment and from the anti-impeachment Teamsters. for 9 a m.    Aug.    8, al ma, split with the state AFL- though Conner’s attorneys in-CIO leadership during hts    re- dicated they will appeal the de- More than half of the total cen^    losing campaign for the    cision. amount, $7,400, went to a single party’s nomination for gover-    Miss Connolly    disappeared member, Rep. Edward Mez- nor    Nevertheless, he received    early in the morning of    March vinsky, an Iowa Democrat who 5500    from an AFL-CIO union    IO. Her body was    found    in the faces a tough re-election race.;ancj $30 from |be aut0    workers.    old Morley bridge    area    in    Jones He reported getting $3,000 from    yWf) Republicans    received    county March 16. the Teamsters and $4,400 from    money from    unions.    Thomas    Testimony indicated her death AFL-CIO unions and the United    Ransack 0f    illinois    got $500    was due to a gunshot wound to Auto Workers.    from the auto workers, and    the the head, fired at close range. Critics    have suggested that Teamsters reported giving    $50 Another gun shot was inflicted the impeachment proceedings joseph Maraziti of New Jcr- to the rectal area, might be unfairly influenced by sey    wont    on tria, herc the AFL-CIO, whose leaders    jbe onjy 0^er union dona-June 27 after a    jury    of    eight have called for President Nix-    {jons sjnce    October    went to    women and four men was seen s ouster. The AF L-CIO usual-    jyemocrat John Conyers of Mi-    lected over a two-day period Iv donates heavily to Democrat-,chigan. who reported $500 from earlier that week ic congressional campaigns. an AFL-CIO union, and Demo-    rnnninHwi    vaa A study of campaign finance ,crat Wayne 0wens of Utah who    umciunea friday reports shows, that the AFI^CIO was jjsted for 5200 from the auto The trial, suspended for the itself had donated no money to workers    holiday, concluded about 6 p.m. any member of the impeach---[Friday following summations by ment panel    since the inquiry    \a/ ii* n J.    prosecution    and    defense attor- started    Wedding Party    neys Unions affiliated with    the    lf!    HI**    The iurY deliberated    until AFL-CIO. a few of which are oriel leu,    IU lOie    about ]1:30 pm    Fridayi    laking lukewarm in their    support of    the    SAIGON    (AP)    —    Viet Cong    an bour out for djnner pro-impeachment    stand of    the    terrorists    opened    fire on    a wed-    jur0rs returned to their    delib- federation leadership, have do- ding party in the Mekong delta. erations at 8 30 Saturday and nated $8,125. The UAW. an in- killing IO persons and wounding rcported at about 10.30 lhal a dependent,    union that formally    IO. the South Vietnamese    com- Vprdirt    had    horn    rmrhori advocates    impeachment, has    mand reported Saturday. Announcement Delayed Announcement of the decision was delayed about an hour to allow presiding Judge Harold Vietor to arrive here    from Cedar Rapids. I In his list of 23 instructions to the jury Friday, Judge Vietor said there were two alternatives. guilty of first degree murder, or innocent. Both before the case was sent to the jury, and after the verdict had been reported, Judge Vietor told Conner he “had the benefit of excellent defense counsel,” who gave him their “very best” efforts. As he has throughout most of the trial. Conner displayed no emotion as the verdict was announced. July 29 His attorneys have until July 29 to file a motion for a new trial. Attorneys for Conner. 29, of near Bertram, have conceded throughout the trial that the defendant, although present when the crimes were committed, did not participate. George Junior Nowlin, 31. Keystone, who is awaiting trial in Jones county in Miss Connolly’s death, threatened Conner (Continued: Page 2. Col 5.) Chou Recuperating, but Mind Is Sharp: Jackson TOKYO (AP) — Chinese Premier Chou En-lai is recuperating from an illness but his mind is sharp and he is mentally able to handle his job. Sen. Henry Jackson said Saturday. The Washington Democrat, just returned from a six-day visit to China, talked with Chou for half an hour in a Peking hospital Friday morning. Jackson said the conversation confirmed reports that the premier had been sick, although he is recovering. “The man is terribly sharp. He was quick, well informed, obviously he has been ill. I do not know the nature of his illness,” Jackson said during a stopover enroute to Washington. First Since May Chou said in mid-May that he was in declining health because of old age. He is 76. Friday's talk was his first reported meeting with a foreigner since the end of May. He has been represented by subordi nates at official functions in Peking. The official Chinese news agency said Chou asked Jackson to convey his best regards to President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger. It also said the two were joined by Chiao Kuan-hua, China’s vice-foreign minister, and Assistant Foreign Minister Wang Hai-jung. Soviet Comment The Soviet news agency Tass, commenting on Jackson’s visit, said it is not the first time that Maoists have invited Western representatives of circles that are trying to foil relaxation of international relations. Jackson opposes new trade benefits for the Soviet Union until it relaxes its policy on emigration of its citizens. Tass described Jackson as a senator who is trying to interfere with improved U.S.-Soviet relations, “who has a hostile attitude to the relaxation of international tensions and who pines for cold war times.” Today's Index Bank Robbed by One-Legged Man Comics 6 Church 3 Crossword .... 6 Daily Record 2 Deaths 2 Editorial Features 4 Financial ... ll Marion ll Movies rn . . , . i Sports 9. Ill Television 5 Want Ads 12-15 LOS ANGELES (AP) - The rn a ii approached the bank teller, said, “This is a holdup,” and demanded $500 The teller, startled, turned over $1,000. Then the one-legged man turned on his metal crutches, hobbled out of the bank and into a bar, called for a taxi and made his getaway. Deputies said they were checking with cab dispatchers to find out where tile man went Friday Senator Henry Jackson and His Wife with Chou En-lai UPI Telephoto ;

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