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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat.. July 6, 1974 riONAl WI At HI Ik St RvlCf fOfclCAST to 7AM lit 7 ~7 - 74 Tbree Visits to Cuba by Former CIA Agent J old WASHINGTON (AI*) — A!Havana was very forthcoming former employe of the Central I with Moscow. Intelligence Agency made three Th(' dates of (he trips could reply "lien he was asked trips to Cuba after becomingj "ot, ** determined, nor could it aboutI thei five days that police ,j:_____j    ,u.    ,.,4' be learned whether the CIA hadj say his family spent as hos- Tell of Five Days as Hostages OROVILLE, Calif. (AP) "Scared” w a s 13-year-old W <'sle v Skilling one-word disenchanted with the CIA. ay independently determined if the tages of a husky woodcutter hooked for Investigation of kidnaping. He has also been hooked for investigation of three murders near the Skills’ northern California farm last week. Kay Skillin, 34. said her family’s journey through Cali* which led the agency to rear- ex-agent supplied Cuban of-! being investigated for murder forma. Utah and Nevada was range some of its Western ficials with information about Hemisphere operations, an of-1 agency operations. ficial source says.    source    said, When the contact was discovered, The agent quit the CIA more ^ thmgs (hat ^ Rncw flbout than five years ago and apparently was not unhappy with the agency at the time of his departure, the source said. But subsequently the the agency were looked at very hard and defensive measures were taken.” In comments on a report is-(IA shed earlier bv Sen. Baker (Inl and kidnaping. Wesley and his mother and sister, Debbie, 12, held a news conference at the sheriff’s office Friday and described how they were dragged around    frightened and apprehensive, three states after being ab-    and relaxed part of the time.” marked by alternating moods of fear and calm. “Kept Changing" “Part of the tune we were ducted from their farm June 28. It was their first public appearance since their escape un wt Ainu f CKK ASI $ The Weather Iowa Deaths West Liberty — Roenna Har-1 din, IOO, of Long Beach, Calif. Graveside services Monday at Showers and thunderstorms are expected Saturday night in the northern Rockies, the Dakotas and the northern portions of Minnesota. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. 23-Ton Truck, e Meet, Avoid Crash A freak accident on highway 13 seven miles north of Marion Friday afternoon resulted in injuries to two persons. Released from Mercy hospital after treatment were Larry L. Chaplin, 25, of 727 Fifth avenue SE. and John G. Troendle, 26, of 1703 E avenue NE. According to Linn sheriff’s deputies, Troendle’s semitrailer truck lost its brakes and ran out of control in a construction area on highway 13 about 3:30. Chaplin, riding a motorcycle, was suddenly faced with a 23-ton truck headed in his direction. Authorities said the truck took to the ditch, and Chaplin laid his cycle on the pavement. He suffered abrasions. Troendle suffered cuts to the mouth. No charges were filed. City Briefs learned that he was “deter-Tenn ) the CIA indicated that it Thursday mined to do, say or write things ^tempted "to terminate proj- John Card, 26, has been to expose agency activities. ecjs an(j moVe assets subject to!---- the source added. After the cornprorniSe” as a result of the former agent became disgrun- J incident. tied with the agency, he made jn    terminology, assets three trips to Havana, the refer pe0pie under cover, or source said, and “the presump- fjrms or institutions which vol-tion is that he was very forth- unteer. contract or have been coming in Havana, and that sej Up t0 j^p agency around the world. On Wednesday night, the same source had said the disgruntled agent was believed to have given information to a Soviet intelligence agent two years the widow said. She said the family’s mood depended on their captor: “His mood kept changing, depending on where we were ” Nothing Taken (n Breakin at City Natl Bank One Hurt in Fireworks Explosion High temperatures Friday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation: Anchorage 81 63 .36 L.Angeles 78 60 Atlanta ...MM.71 Miami . 85 77 .28    .    ...    . Bismarck 95 58    Mm'apohs    90 7i    IO at Oak Ridge    cemetery.    Visi- o5nCve9r° ; w    ::    New16"*    ll7?ill    tation Sunday    afternoon    and Duluth 82 64 .. Phoenix 11084 evening, Snider’s. Honolulu .. 87 75    Seattle    71 SO ..    _ ,, ,    ... Houston .. 94 78 wash'gton 87 72 Delhi — Olive C. Keith, 76. Extended Forecast — Chance Monday at 1:30, Buck (’reek of occasional showers and thun-Lf“od1I*t derstorms through Wednesday; Hopkinton, becoming a little cooler Tuesr| Guernsey — Harlan Heyday and Wednesday. Highs from mann, 54. Sunday at 2. McAn-upper 80s to mid 90s Monday. inch> in Victor- and generally in the 80s Tues-L Millersburg — Nj j j nr j- j t    Gerard,    i3. Services Monday day and Wednesday. Lows fromlat ]0:30 at the UnitC[1 Mcthodt mid 60s to mid 70s.    ist church in Millersburg. r* d \A/    iL    McAninch in Victor. C. R. Weather I Sigourney — John William High Friday   .....  86    Ulin, 90. Monday at IO a.m. Low overnight ............ 65!Holm’s- Noon Saturday ............ 83    Sisourney-Bcniamin Frank- „    oe    Un Applegate, 77. Monday at 2. - Pm.  ......  85    HoimV  ....Bone    Decorah — Elmer P. Vine, 59. Total for July  ............ 0.18    Monday at IO, Decorah Luther- Normal for July     .......3.58    j an church. Burial: Union Prai- Normal through July 20.19    rie cemetery. Steine’s. Total for 1973 ............. 30.121    Decorah — Melvina Klotz Barometer, steady  .....30.09 Humidity at noon 44%.    74.    Stcine.s. Wind direction and velocity at    Chclsea _ Roy w. Street. 79. Gazette weather    station at 2    Monday at 2. Hrabak’s. Burial: p.m. S at 9 m.p.h.    Oak Hill cemetery, Tama. Sun rises 5:37 a.m.; sun sets, 8:45 p.m. Year Ago Today — High, 88 , low, 72; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Sunday Weather, Hi-Lo bach, 85. Steine’s. Decorah — Mrs. Norris Lar- Mrs. Skillin .smiled frequently but looked tired from the ordeal that ended when she and her children slipped out of chains that had been used to bind them and walked to a ranger .station at Wilbur Springs, about 50 miles southwest of their home. Authorities said the Ski 11 ins were chained to a tree Wednesday night but used a can opener to break the chains. The kidnaper left them in the remote mountain area of northern California with a three-day supply of food and soft drinks, Mrs. Skillin told authorities. She said Card threatened them if they tried to escape or attract help. “At All Times" “He did it by reminding us that he was with one of us at all times,” she said. Asked if Card specifically threatened to harm them, she replied, “He did mention harm.” Sheriff’s Capt. Leroy Wood Cedar Rapids police and the By United Press International FBI are continuing their inves- Tw0 separate accidental ex tigation of a breakin early Sat- , .    f    f    T i r■ t —— --r urdav al City National 'bank, P|oslon-s of four,h of July f,rc'i would not let Mrs. Skillin HOO Old Marion road NE.    works displays left one person elaborate. Questions had been Bank Manager Guv SleeD said injured and several thousand screened beforehand by auth-nothing was Taken. Only minor dollars in damage.    critics, and Wood told report- damage to a door which was Authorities reported halfway ers tha! Questioas ,Tlat»ng to pried open to gain entry was through a display at Lake Cor-, possible evidence again.s -    -    1 Card were not allowed. Mrs. Joseph Sedlak Mary Sedlak, 89, widow of ago On Friday night, the source Joseph Sedlak. 837 Cambum “ld that 'hal was an e,rr°r court SE. died Saturday. Bom 'here had been no contact with Sept. 22. 1884, in Swisher, she a 5?viet agcnt- had been a resident of Cedar ;source. sa! ex-agent reported.    nelia,    one    of the fireworks mis- Rapids since 1900.    ‘    is now living in Western Europe. Authorities said the breakin fired and ignited the remaining Card — arrested late Thurs- She was a member of St.    '    appeared to be the work of juve-fireworks in two barges on the day at a flea market in the Wencelaus Catholic church.    CoiHlCr    I    nile*. Sleep discovered the entry lake. Officials said four men fir- mountain town of Truckee - Surviving are a daughter,     A    c____^ [When he reported for work Sat-ling the explosives from the has been booked for the Mrs. X. Cole, Sioux City; three t( ont*nued from Page I.) lurday morning.    barge jumped into the lake but grandchildren; two great grand-! repeatedly, defense counsel Investigators said the would- were not injured, children; a sister, Mrs.    Edward    sajd, warning him    not to    tell    be burglars attempted to    pry!    As the fireworks exploded on Cech, Fairfax, and a    brother,    anyone about the    incidents of    open the night safety deposit    one of    the barges, the craft was Edward Langer, Cedar Rapids. March IO.    safe,    but only    managed to chip    almost completely destroyed. Services: Monday at 9 a.m. at,    r..n    Raft    some paint off the safe door. j However, the second barge was. ...    . .. St. Wencelaus church by the    Although    deposit    boxes    and    not seriously damaged and hind their hof'Tleu flg , *vs Rev. Clarence Frana.    Burial:    Conner testified    that he    did    safes are equi.)ped with    an    owner    Jim Johnson said the    a8°-    Mrs- Griffiths    body    was St. John’s cemetery.    Friends    not rob Michael    Servey,    18,    ajarm SyStem. the door to    the    barge    probably could be re-    l°und    same    day    in    a    field may call at the Kuba funeraliCedar Rapids, at gunpoint. Al- jg officials said nairpd Mn dollar estimate of near the Skillin farm. home east after 9 a.m. Sunday though Nowlin had given him a    '_ where a rosary will be recited shotgun, Conner said. he threw __    ■    ■    ■ at 7 p.m. Sunday.    it back to Nowlin. Testimony in- Wool fjrHprpri —- dicated    Servey was robbed of "Wl VI UCI CII Memorial Services^    ^ m°nCy    TO    Sell    HoldjflgS at j Young Servey’s body    was of found March 16 in the Palisades- murders last week of Dr. Clayton Griffiths, a veterinarian in Willows; his wife and their daughter, Lisa Ann. 13. The bodies of Griffiths and his daughter were found be- paired. No dollar estimate of damages was immediately available. Johnson. Gary Hill of Clarion, and Larry and Mike Sadler, both of Eagle Grove, were the Inside Job Is Suspected in Arms Heist LOS ANGELES (AP) - Authored in I inn rn.intv in conner-! been ordered to sell his holdings I suffered a head injury when aunties Saturday were invent with Sprvev’s dpath    I in a large livestock marketing H°nian candle shot into the back j ligating the possibility that in to tSrBiimLtinn Friday afagriculture depart- of a pickup truck loaded with side information was available r!L*. i^Jl! .aJment announced Friday.    fireworks. Authorities said the to burglars who took more than The firm Farmland En-man’ w^° was not    weapons    and    thousands    of Seger, Charles G. were Saturday at I Cedar Memorial Chapel Memories by the Rev. Mary A. I irpnlpr state nark area ...UU-    ----- Both    defendants    also    are    ac-    ^packers,    Inc.,    Omaha,    has|auxiliary police _ and firemen men who jumped into the lake WASHINGTON (AP) - Frank whm the mishaP occurred. R West, president of American I" Grinnell, the chief of the Transport Plans Help River Cities White of Bethany Congregational church. Burial: Cedar Memorial cemetery. Horsky, Marie — Services; tion    with Servey’s death, were Saturday at 3 at Eden United Church of Christ by the; Rev. Glenn D. Hunt. Burial: Ce d a r Memorial cemetery, I Cedar Memorial funeral home a reasunauie uuuui, mm vuiuiwi-j'*-'*,    V1,‘ai,a’I from flvine debris    iCalifnmia national tniarri armo- was rn charge of arrangen.entr. was    a par, of the robbcry.    was    suspended    from doing busi-    fr0™ ,l} ing dCbr,S'    ya“°™f    "a'10"a'ar Ebehng, Mrs. Ralph D. —    np    f on j    hpainninft iniv    Witnesses said a    Roman    can-    ry in suburban Compton. j church^ Marion?‘by' the’^kev!    Tr^le    Skepta*    9. West is president of Farm- <«e came loose from its mooring ! "I ve been a cop IO years and I Martin W. Pfab. Burial: Mt.| “Frankly,” said one defense land    and was    described as “a    a    s several volleys    into    the    j I worked    in burglary    three ternoon, Conner’s attorneys said the state failed to prove, beyond c aum. tu , uc^.m - »^ . ....    ^ T (suffered minor head injuries rounds of ammunition from a reasonable doubt, that Conner! terpnses, Inc., also of Omaha, .    .    ..    noHnn.i .rn. CLINTON (AP) — Iowa cities $58 in cash were taken in an | sunday from 2 to 9 p along the Mississippi and Mis-!overni8ht breakin at the Clark----- wearner, ni-Liu cnnr; ri,,Qrc    service station, 720 Center Point k a • i    i    . Bismarck  ady    88-53    'ouu "vers ma> dcrn0    great    road NE.    Married    Cadet Chicago........ Fair    92-74 benefits as the state continues    *    *    * Cleveland    86-61 to unify transportation, Gov. I Living room $9.95, bedroom Des Moines  PtCldy    93-69    Robert Ray said Saturday.    $7.95. Diamond Carpet    Cleaners. Indianapolis V.7.7.7.% %% Ra*    to    dedicate    ****-**>. Kansas City ... PtCldy 95-73,a $22 million flood protection    *    ’    , n llru„ Milwaukee  PtCldy    85-65    project consisting of eight    miles    'Sports I heft—Glen    R. Whit- Mpls.-St. Paul ..PtCldy    88-58'0f levees to protect 2,000    acres    ^ fortieth street    NE, Fri- fimnhev    UTI    Intr    Qi_7A I    *    *      a__I aaaa____ ai. rn # Breakin — Cigarets, oil and Calvary cemetery. Friends may attorney to the jury, "I believe major livestock buyer” at Oma- back of a PickuP truck loaded .vears and I ve never s66” a 'call at Stewart funeral home1    •    -    -    -    —'    J    ----f:—1----—'—:—1    ”    °“,s— you will have trouble sleeping if ha’s Union stockyards. I you convict him." with about $700 worth of fire- more professional job," Police works. Observers said shocks I Sgt. Cliff Smith said. “They had "There^is ‘tremendous poten-    mterells'Tn"writher ''firms: fr®I?jhGexplosion were felt 280 !ha‘ P|ac«.c#v«red.aub!aa‘ yards away. Labeled Honor Code Violator St^Louis ....... ^PtCUiV ul-il °' homes, public facilities da' reported $300 worth of fur- Sioux Falls . . . .. T*hwrs 92-70 and industry.    niture    was    taken    from    an    apart- "Location on this river be-ment he owns at 1003 D ave-setback after a hearing before a Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets). Lacrosse (12) 5.6 fall .3 Lansing (18) 8.1 rise .3 Dam 9 (18) 14.7 no change McGregor (18) 7.6 fall .1 Guttenberg (15) 6.0 rise .1 Dubuque (17) 8.5 no change Davenport (15) 7.4 fall .8 Keokuk (16) 9.7 fall 1.5 Cedar at C.R. (13) 3.12. rise comes even more of an asset as nue NW tial, said another of Conner s I Nebraska Order Buyers Inc. defenders, “for additional trage-omaha;    F. R.    West    &    Co..’    T ] dy in this tragic case.    Wichita.    Kan,    Iowa    O    rd e r JuOQe    Orders "We know two innocent peo-; Buyers, Sioux City, Iowa, and n ,    , , pie died. This has been a trial of    Denver    Order    Buvers,    Inc. J Ruhland    TO WEST POINT (AP) — Donald George Nowlin. Do you want    Denver Bo£, who was marriedI secretly George Nowlin to destroy him I The ' departmenrt Packers ££ 3 ^    ‘ r>f Academy, I Conner I too? You must find At- and stock Fard, administration cadet and is now fighting to well Conner innocent."    . ■„ .      —    v     o™o graduate, has been handed a    •    a    sad west will be allowed to re-^ Mars youth charged with he told a reporter Friday night Not Required    urn owners ,p and manage-    f ftid was ,urned mor Authoril.es sud they had no ket. They knew exactly what to do, where to go and what to take. There was no wasted effort.” He said the burglars appeared to have just the right equipment Juvenile Court t0 accomplish their job. “Nothing inside the armory was used SIOUX CITY (UPI) — A rural to get where they were going," sernacK aner a nearing oetore a    monf    .    .    .    . ” torgerv friday was turned over    aam    mcy    nau nu board of officers, his civilian The states attorneys, howev- whlcb , (lca™, t™d was '» Juvenile court authorities by hard lcada The7 ,said the>.alf lawyer says.    cr,    said    it    was    not    required to e *    ,    , 0IIlcia,s Sdia "as *    .    3    were    studying    the    possibility r    #    .    .    .    .    ,    :    thA    ens*    An    rf    Inrrmcf    hAaf    e    ntmkt    WAA/iriiiFi/    nicrrint    Miriam    ...    .    °    . X ™VeC^Ray said"' Announcing to new location T£*er tribunal an- P- “he    a-ond    largest    beef-slaught-    Woodbury county district Judge prepared remarks.    ?f    Dr    ?ndrei    F    Hasek    to    119    nounced Friday night that it pulled the trigger, only that he enng tlrm    John Pachman.    a    terrorist    organization. "We in Iowa are now moving! into a new appreciation of a 3rd St. NE. Adv. * * had found Boyd in violation of aided and abetted. the academy honor code. Attor- Conner lied when it was con- Fayette Girl, The judge ordered that James; The investigation by police, _    _    .    .    _    .    Ruhland. 17. be held in the juve- the FBI and the California mili- unified transportation svstem 1 Gam<'s Safurda.v' Sumtay. Mon-    ney Steven Hyman said    venient for him.    seven different    ~    .    / ''    '' nile section of    the county jail    tory department    included one in which river traffic may trose’ *)(X,rs if)- Camp Cour-    Hyman is also representing    times during his    testimony, the    struck    by    OdT pending further    orders from ju-    checking fingerprints    taken at age. — Adv.    Boyd    in a federal court proceed-state charged.    I    a    I    in    v    venile authorities.    the scene and contacting ar- ing in which they attack as un- ‘it is your duty,” one prose- ,    ®    Ruhland,    who    was arrested mament stores and truck leas- pAncfifntinnul n U'ftcf Dnint —..rf    ntiltnii aHnrnotr    fnW tho lttrtr    ilODeriSOn,    W3S    in gOOQ: play an even more important role than it has in our modern past.” Adv ♦ A Items Taken - Clark Witt, constitutional a West Point reg- outing attorney told the jury, Fires 9:45 a.m. Friday. Stand by. and flush acid at 700 Fifty-! eighth avenue court SW. 6:23 p.m. Friday. Flush gas at 629 Ellis boulevard NW. 5:39 p.m. Friday, Short in car wiring in 1200 block of FifJL. . , .    .    .. teenth street SW. Extensive 0 said scd    a    dowR* damage to car owned by Morris town flophouse so he eould earn C(JBS in Actjo„ need 5 men, ■    .. Ferguson, 512 Ninth avenue praise for saving lives was frtr mjr hnsJn-.d    wdust is secrecy. SW.    charged with murder Friday in 0r-0i7.UiL0?.d--LeaV*.Sun- 7! The academ>' char*cs agalnst ____________________________3®34 Lennox avenue NE, report-!ulation that forbids cadets from    “to the people of    the    state to I-    j    ed Saturday morning that a    marrving. The    punishment is    convict Murder C-/h8rQe    television, citizen's band radio,    separation from    the academy.    dumb like I    m    I    I    n|    desk mike* tapes, a camera    The hearing,    however, was    - ....................—-—-- In notel blaze and $70 worth of food stamps not on that issue. An army I lliL.r.nt A m n Wefe ^aken *n a ^rC3kin at his spokesman said the regulation ^UTnercin5 YOTe residence.    j“is    not the immediate cause of *    *    *    this    action.    The    immediate condition Saturday at St. Luke's Wedne!??I’ “ aPcused ,of for8’ ^companies. people of the state to    following    an arridnnt ^ a $9’581 check issued by the “Yes, we have discussed the kT, fox “ dUml>' He Krlday aflcrnoon at 1311 Kourlh r,dW,CSt UVheS,0f C°-    '“J    pf    "’n ,“af alVT Ke a IOX.    I*___4    I    Cliv In annthpr .lamps RnH and side lob. Police Detective Wil- HOUSTON (UPI) For Review of VV 1:04 a.m. Saturday. Nuisance ^1 * “r “,U‘UT ‘ '    a.m.    Call    393-9887. call at First street and First av- ,H‘ 'a'a,'n one r’ !rif‘ three    a * Adv. Boyd is that he lied about his omen s BALTIMORE (AP) street NW    to an°tber James Ruhland, side job," Police Detective Wil- p j. . tit i) ■ , o- wh° is a Le Mars cattleman. | lie Mosley said. "We’re inves- also of Fayette* was backfiie a Authorities said the check was 1 igating all possibilities in this car into a' driveway when Ihe a™d“‘a"y sent to the younger case and we do plan to question vehicle struck the tot. .She sot- Ruhland who alle8edly cashed " "J1'guardsmen who operate out fered ahra^inng    a    Sioux City bank about one tkat armory. week ago and fled the area.    - Ruhland was remanded to ju- Radio Station enue SE. Role Price said a tree blocked his A reso- vision. *    marital status, thereby violating lutl0n calling for a review of the    *    *    *    venile court after he convinced Baskin Robbins is closed tem- the honor code.    images and roles of women in Catherine K. Pierce, 67. of tbe judge wa2 17 and nat 18 Arcnn invpfioafpr UM ti    Moving    new    loca-    Boyd,    according    to Hyman the Lutheran Church was adopt- 1514 First street SW, suffered as authorities originally be- ..J e 111’ tion in Town & Country Shop- was found to have violated the ed Friday by delegates to the injuries to her left arm in an ac- lieved- enth biennial convention of cident shortly after noon Friday    - persons who perished in blaze. the Home-Mortgage    wcr.    a    p,„*    den,err    - Interest Rate Up    i ^ ,1, ^1    “    I    a"    insurance    form    that the "ie h0!cl and bmther of ,hc    *    *    *    woman    named    a,    his    ben,ii ca Lutheran Church in Amen- at Eighteenth avenue and Ha- milton street SW,    nvJrlT    CrUpTS Among other things, the re- She was treated alt Mercy hos view will deal with systems of pita!, then released. Driver of appointing men and women to; the other car, Steven L Clair, decision-making bodies in the 1425 N street SW. was charged Manager Free LOS ANGELES (AP — Radio station manager, Will Lewis, has walked away from a federal prison, vowing to carry his legal battle to the U.S. supreme court. QI j jci    Lewis    left    Terminal Island DiOCKGCl street Correctional Institution Friday brattie r y , l    HS result of an order issued a. up v, 37, of 5480 by u.S. Supreme Court Justice Over Car that WASHINGTON (AP) — The manager, in the death of Willie Decorah Nordic Fest Motor- ciarv was hLS wife maximum interest rate on fed- Wesson.    coach    Tour,    July 27. Travel and J ~ erally-insured home mortgages Investigators had already Transport, 393-8747 — Adv. ■ i r J    L is being increased to a record 9 charged Speer with arson but    *    *    *    U. b. 6110 GZ6CmS percent, effective Monday.    waited to file a murder charge Name, Omitted - Two names    e xxi Dl.r,,.**. church, and with the images with driving on the wrongly The increase from 8 75 per- udU one of the victims war were (.mated from the lust o    Settle UlSpUteS and |angMg# used ref!arding of the .tree!    Wyoming    drive    SW. told police Lucias TLZrw cent was prompted by the con- identified.    ,electedI officers; of the Knights of WASHINGTON (API - A pre- women in educational and wor-      Friday    he    was    assaulted in an ,Tn7 iLJvl in (J ii c l o urn bus 111 friday s Gazelle |,minary a(.rt,ement settling a ship materials and church pub- 'Unman Drnmne in ‘r K u m 1 11' provoked bv a surrenrlVr tan!.. -.nH I I'li'r They were Pete (.asper, deputy palr of qu* ter-century-oW dis- nations    WDmail UrOWHS III blocked etreet.    ' I ^    ^ A C I Mil I n mdr? 'a 3    01    ‘    pules has been reached be The delegates also asked thai    Rip.    OrAplf    I aire Murphv said he was driving I owi,«oui ti t-,.P vin. u As Son Is Wed *“*>•>• «'ardc”'    .tween the I S and Creche,Ina a commit^ be formed lo studs    L*k« eas. in the HIX, block of TwelfthiFl^TrouJd Mrm^r the mate kia, the State Department said j the ‘‘theological, liturgical and DES MOINES (AP) - Linda! avenue SE when he came upon rial — reluctantly — only after tinuing rise in market interest rates, officials said Friday. “This continuing rise in the cost of money forces us to increase the maximum rate FHA (Federal Housing Administra Ford Best Man CATONSVILLE, Md. (API Mt .       „    .      DES    MOINES    (AP,    -    Linda don) will insure so that prospec-    ^    s a*‘ ov*'r‘ sa:d *    WlSnflp five home buyers will continue Vice-president Gerald Ford, HosnjtaljTOC Girl ll to have access to FHA-insuredjsmd*nSashe finished a job less, “    •    'tionalized American oroDer tv    Ihuman beings    I    Bled    in    weeds    authnriti#»<j    cain    4    u    -u    v    ,    ,    ,, mortgages." said James tymn.:~^but    to    Diane Feinberg. ll. of HO. A department desman    Basically, ifs lookin« a, the    Mrs Gwinn !,od her husband,    his ia^e rn‘'^dh\be drlver 1,1 nals^^ fingerprints. secretary of housing and urban    !1'P0^1: Thlrd a venue SW, was in good John King, while declining to    old view of God as ‘He,’" a    Michael, had been swimming in    person got oui    of    his    cl The°rate also applies to Vet his s wedding    ‘    ‘    cond,t,on    Saturda>’    at    St‘    Luke'8    glve de.tai,s* American citi- church spokesman said. 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