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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Fair tonight and Saturday. Low tonight iii mid fiOs. lli^hs Saturday in 90s. VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 177 rn NIXON mmU CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Lebanon in Refusal of Arab Help By United Press International Lebanon has rejected offers of immediate troops and weapons from other Arab countries to defend Palestinian refugee camps on its territory from Israeli reprisal raids, Beirut press reports said Friday. The reports said the Beirut government warned Arab states at a two-day conference in Cairo that Israel was waiting for a pretext to occupy parts of southern Lebanon and a major military conflict might be touched off. Conference sources said Friday that the delegates adopted secret resolutions calling for military, political and financial support to Lebanon, but rejected sending Arab troops or planes — as Egypt. Syria and Algeria proposed. Suspension Asked The Beirut newspaper Al Anwar said Lebanese Foreign Minister Fuad Naffah called at the meeting for a suspension of all guerilla activities pending the outcome of the Middle East, peace conference, expected to reconvene in October. The leader of the Syrian-, backed Al Saiqa guerilla organization, Zuheir Mohsen. who was Arsenal of Weapons Stolen from Armory Warning of Fatal Clot Possibility KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. <AP)-President Nixon’s doctor says Nixon was warned that a per- "The danger is now past,” Dr. Walter Tkach said late Thursday. Tkach for the first time disclosed that Nixon has thrombophlebitis, which he said involves the presence of a permanent clot. ‘‘The clot is pretty well V' Wirephoto BACK AFTER HOLIDAY — John Ehrlichman a nd his wife, Jean, walk lo U.S. district court in Washington after a Fourth of July recess in his trial. Judge Denies Request To Quash Ehrlichman's Kissinger Subpoena Two Perish In Helping Rescue Kin WASHINGTON (UPD — U. S.|Nonetheless, the White House lying to the grand jury in mak- a Palestine Liberation Organi- Judge Gerhard Gcsell Friday asked that a subpoena foxing that statement, as well as Ruskin. Fla. (AP) —- “Two zation delegate at the Cairo con- refused to quash a subpoena or-1    8    appearance    be quashed. I conspiracy In the breakin. jjves were trad€d f0r two ference, criticized the Lebanese dering Secretary of State His-1 Now that President Nixon has Memory Refreshed    others ” a relative said after rejection.    singer to testify in the Ellsberg    [ClUr?ej ^rom ^os5°w’ be 1£ to    The prosecution also    rcad    fwo voune men werp drowned “The conference of Arab de- g .    y    '    8    be asked a series of questions in Ehrlichman-S jater crand |urv fuo oung men werp drowned fense and foreign ministers    has    'conspiracy trial and told him    Ehrlichman’s defense. The writ-    testimoT^ which    he changed    vvhiIe he,ping save two otherkin i failed because the party    for    through lawyers to ‘‘hold him-    ten questions and answers are    hjs testim0ny and said he    saw    fro™ deep vvater dunng a fam,v whose sake the meeting was self in readiness” as a later to be admitted into evidence.    psychiatric    profile    before    R 1ourt^ Jldy P*cnic-    ,radio station manager jailed for convened did not want assis- defense witness.    Testimony    has shown it was the breakin.    Donald Thompkins, 17, and contempt of court was expected lance.” he told the newspaper Kissinger presently in Rome Nixon vvho ordered Ehrlichman in the testimony. Ehrlichman hls brother-in-law, Lee Wilson, to be freed Friday, one day Al Liwa.    was originaiiy ordered to ap- t0 Probc the motives of Ellsberg said his memory was refreshed 20’ were drowiJod while helping after he was ordered released “Lebanese Privilege”    pear jn'cour[ later Friday as    when the Pentagon Papers were    by an appearance    before    the    tolave_na!d *    ™ her’.    U-    S. Supreme Court Justice He said Lebanon “even ob-defense witness for former first published. LOS ANGELES (AP) — iry sergeant recalled locking at Enough weapons and ammuni-10 a m. Wednesday. J lion to outfit a full army com-| An army officiai said that thej jpany were stolen Wednesday firing pins had been removed from a national guard armory; before the weapons were placed | in suburban Compton, authors in slorage The pins were kcpt| Ties reported Friday.    jn another vault, which ap- “It is frightening to think that parcntly was not entered. this arsenal would fall into tho t ,    , ,,    ,    Standard Practice ;Police Sgt. W. HSw1.1iaLrP 0It U. Col. Andrew Wolf, publicimanent b,ood clot in his appears that the theft was high- relations officer for the military might kill him during his Middle ly organized    department in Sacramento, said;East trip but the President in- ‘ Police and FBI agents refused this is standard practice when fisted on going ahead with trav-| to speculate on who may have j Emories are left unattended. been responsible. But authori-! “Unless they find replacers said they were investigating ment pins, the guns would be routinely the possibility that a |useless without the firing pins in terrorist or radical group may [them, ” he said, have been involved.    However.    Compton    police    of- Missing Items    ficials said acquiring replace- The firing pins were missing|™en* P*ns woldd n°t be much of from the weapons, the army a Problem-said, but police officials said re-, “Most of the bigger gun shops placements could be obtained stock replacements. It’s just^‘xcd, Tkach said, explaining easily.    like if your car needs a new j mat it has attached itself to the Missing items included 96 M-16 carburetor, you can go to an waP of a vein and no longer is rifles, seven M-60 machine auto parts dealer and buy one,” likely to break loose and go to guns, eight M-79 grenade one policeman said.    the heart or lung —- a develop- launchers, one .45-caliber auto- Wolf said the army could not ment that could prove fatal, matic pistol, 15 bayonets, 3,3650 afford to post round-the-clock    Told    in    Salzburg rounds of .50-caliber bullets,'security guards at state ar-1.000 rounds of 7.62-caliber    bul-    "lories and    they arc usually leftl    v lets 45 rounds of 45-caliber    am-    unattended    after normal bush    he    considered    hospi- •?    h,„lr„    talization for    Nixon    at the time munition, 40 grenades,    16    smoke;ness hours.    (he    Presjdonl flBt    |oW Wm of grenades and IOO riot    grenades.    There were    no    army    person-    lc(,    swe|lin(,    ljut he    said Nixon Authorities said 75 gas masks    riel at the armory - where,; who had    kept the ai,ment    secrc{ ironically,    a silent alarm ays- from    him    for severil, d    was tem is being installed    from    ,nsistcnp on going forward with Wednesday    morning    unit    his ,rj a|lh h „we    ,oW h,m Thursday night,    when    the    theft    wha, ,hc otcntia,    ha,ards was discovered, officials said. would he ” Tkach said Nixon    informed Justice Douglas Orders *2? £ s"‘ r\ I    r    C* i I •    LJ    /    ,lune I® enroute to the Mid- Release of oration Head ^ For several weeks, the White LOS ANGELES (AP) — A there and they wouldn’t let us HoUse has declined to describe were also missing Investigators said entry was through a side door and a vacuum drill was used to pierce the weapons vault, which an armo- take him, she said. “Everyone Axon’s phlebitis as involving a in that prison except Will knew blood clot but Tkach acknowl-about the order, and they hadn t edged the President has one. told him.    “The    clot will always be Douglas, who has jurisdiction there,” he said, adding that the jected to granting the (Pales- White House aide John Ehrlich-tiniani resistance movement as- man. sistance for building shelters. Ehrlichman is on trial with considering this to be a Leban- three other defendants ese privilege.”    charges    of conspiring to El.rliehman Testimony house committee charged with mo^by’(    *be    Thompkinsj    William Douglas.    over California, said. “I in-j swelling results from blood fore overviewing the Central jn_ >°utns uncle, James Rose, 27.    ,    Qffjciais at the Terminal Is- dicate no view on the merits (ofling its way past the area of clot- , telligence Agency and by seeing 7°    ~    cousins,    uncles.    jand    federal    correctional    facility    the case', but, the applicant ting. Ehrlichman’s previously se-itbe white House blueprint for mothcr’ brothers, sisters - said (hey heard about the order being a newsman with all First    Medication for Week cret grand jury testimony that breakin.    gathered Thursday to celebrate:Thursday but wanted it in writ- Amendment protections and no °rn|he learned about a psychiatric After the apparently conflict-the. h0,iday witb 8ood food. ing befQre releasing Will Lewis, criminal record, I have entered Tkach also disclosed that Israel launched retaliatorv air r ~ lh    J    the""office pr°fi,e of E,lsberg only after the ing EhrlichVan^lite’menVs were swim^S and games at a park ^ attornoy said he planned an order releasing him on his Nixon was given medication for israeM C -    *    rangC    the    breakm    °f    the    off,ce    breakin    was presented to the re*d int0 the rec0rd. the prose- ncar the tmy town of Ruskin‘ to go to federal court here Fri- own personal recognizance a week during h‘s overseas jour- :*----- about 15 miles south of Tampa. day t0 wm his client’s release. pending decision of his appeal.”lney    something the White attacks on Palestinian refugee 0f 5r. Lewis Fielding, former camps in Lebanon after Arab(psychiatrist of Daniel Ellsberg. attacks May 15 at Maalot in jn September of 1971. western Galilee and June 13 at Kissinger’s lawyers said the    ,    ieari] the northern settlement of . a'secretary could not appear be- breakin that they mir. court Friday. In the testimony, Ehrlichman said: “Well, I learned after the were looking cution rested its case.    „    ,    „    ..    .    . . Rose and Timothy waded too lo lake Stand    far    0ld jn a man.made canal Ehrlichman was expected to and stepped over a 20-foot drop-take the stand in his own de- off, a sheriff’s spokesman said Lewis, 42. manager of KPFK- The appeal had been filed earli- House had repeatedly denied. He would not name the drug in* ir ,    ., ,    cause    he    is    holding    “critical    for    information for what thpvifense *ater in tbe day-    I    Donald    Thompkins    and    Wilson    ,    . The Maalot raid left JI ^'meetings” with U. S. allies and rail a ncunhnintfi^ni nmfitn’*    *    Two    of    the    other    defendants,    heard    the    cries    for    help,    dived    rt’fus'n8    to    answer in ,    ...    meetings sons dead, most of them chil- v a r j 0 u s \ATO officials ... dren. Three women were killed Europe following Nixon's sum-in the Shamir attack. The Israe- d conferences in the Soviet Ii air strikes killed more than union, persons and wounded more than 209. call a psychological profile.’ Ehrlichman is charged with (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) (Continued: Page 3, Col. 2.) 42 Injured in Train Wreck “No Information” They also submitted a memorandum stating that Kissinger had no information about the breakin and knew nothing about By Steve Belle any conspiracy on the part of “World s Strangest Legality of All-Iowa Fair Exhibit Probed by Officials pended in three fluid-filled con-1 Saturday will feature 12 hours Babies” tamers. There are also assorted 0f “virtually continuous music.” Amtrak route cago derailed near this eastern *    .    cvutav    and    injurious    to    the    public    in-    mg. Unbelievable and as one Themas0! 13 cars\>f the 18^ar t€res' ” ,he lawvers arKued fil,r8“r added' “Repulsive." vs,.    auuru,    au'J£di^!’a‘j acf'uanvhaltve'aliUr<lf.y ^Lewis' wife said she told him Hearst and Kmilv and william train derailed Six cars ovcr-l Gesel> re,used 10    ,he    The    le6ali,y    of    ,he    exhibit is (j ‘h ‘    ‘    c ,a "ghf on un I a jamMsswn .Sat- ^    , order and that he Harris talked of the death of six train acraiiCQ. rux ears o\ i aadpQpaa aad ordered the secre* being investigated by the Linn one time. the attendant at tnt urdsv uieht said Decker    ..    .    .    .    .    ...... turned, accordtng to a ^ ►e    ^    jn    readi.:county allorn“y and lhe Cedar I    answered    afLrmativel^ ^    ^    tof™. „mhnnk ness, which is a polite way of Rapids police department.    I|fe.    **lat    d°Pe caused tumbled down a 50-foot embank-    Subpoena and Anybody with 50 cents may lhe‘r grotesque formation “S!"' ,    „„„.    rn    we may need him ”    lclimb    the    stairs    and slar0 According to the chapter o Forty-two persons were re-    *    through    the fenrim? at what are!,he Iowa code m «bscPnity and ported taken to hospitals tor “Adwsed EbrUcbman"    threo dead babies sus.|indecency (section 725.12), “ex- treatment, and 22 of these were under Gesell’s questioning.    !    hibition    of deformed or abnor- released within hours.    defense    attorney    William Frates    ★    ★    ★    mal persons” is prohibited when The spokesman said none of |said Kissingcr -advised the!    Friday Nieht    a fee is charged, the passengers was believed 111 tr P s j d e n t , Hhrlichman and .,    . ,    ^    ,    *    *    * jured critically. A doctor aboard j o(jlers    nature“    0f    infor-|car races. *    ^    When    contacted    Friday,    Fredj Fun Time Square:    10:30    Haskins,    assistant    state    attoi    j FM. was jailed June 19 after U. er-    ivnlv^H S. District Judge A. Andrew' Mrs. Lewis said her husband's u,vca- Hauk ruled him in    contempt for    reac^on    was ^baL “*f a su- The doctor said    that, by^ the a federal    Preme court justice can release,time the President    left for Mos- grand jury’s questions about a    bi™ on a holiday, then    there’s    cow last week, the danger    was tape purported to be from the    no reason why a prison    warden    not as great as during the    Mid- Symbionese Liberation Army couldn’t do so ”    die East trip He declined to say and a letter with signatures at-    Spent Six Hours    if he had advised against both tributed to the radical Weather    Lewis’    attorney, David Finkel, Journeys but the    New York Underground and    for refusing;    said he    spent six hours Thurs-! Daily News quoted    him earlier to turn the materials over the day fruitlessly trying to reach as saying he wanted the Prcs-FBI    'ocal federal officials who would ident to rest. “p tt a ”    'act on Douglas’order.    Tkach    said    Nixon    “felt    he    had Pretty Aagry    “The    significance of all this is an obligation” to go forward Lewis gave copies of the tape    that the federal system    doesn’t    with his Mid-East trip and    “we and letter to the FBI but re-    have, or doesn’t want to    have, a    watched him daily and he    did out orders well.” from prison,”, [n both the Middle East and the Soviet Union, ambulances ni.xwinry ut    19    in    nm    Sat J Investigators want    to check    the    On    the tape, voices    believed    were placed in presidential mo- ? nrl, rr>„ci^    iriii    nnntim.oIoriginals for fiuigerpriiits.    to be    those    of fugitives    Patricia    torcades but were never used. Lewis’ wife said    she told    him    Hearst and    Emilv and    william Swimming Advised was “glad at the news, but comrades in a May 17 shootout: Tkach has advised Nixon to pretty angry    and    frustrated”    with    police. The letter linked to    do as much swimming as possi- after spending    an    hour on thejthe    Weather Underground    blo and the President took two telephone unsuccessfully trying (claimed responsibility for the dips Thursday, the White House the new bluegrass t0 fjnd dle warden    so he could    May    31 bombing of State Atter-    said. He and Mrs. Nixon came get out.    ney    General Evelle Younger’s    here late Wednesday for a long “We went to get him out of headquarters here.    holiday weekend following a 14- said Decker. * A A Chester Sheet/, 54. Twenty- first avenue SW, who is in charge of event, said Friday that the (id-(Continued: Page 3. Col R I one of the derailed cars sa‘d be: mation leaks of confidential in-gave emergency treatment or forma(jon to the press, broken arms, a broken back    ♦*j|e above anyone other than and a head injury,    the    President    was concerned Family Feud Flares; I Hurt about the he said. nature of the leaks,’’I p.m.: Dance with Rayne. Saturday Highlights Bluegrass Day Grandstand: 9 ani.: Junior rn nn rf pH travplinp at the recula-'    ,    .    ...    Horse show. 3 and 8:30 p.m.: . p    ,    u.‘ I here has been testimony in jimmy Martin and the Sunny tion 70    miles    per    hour    when    t    ^ {{.|aj    Kissinger was    Mountain Boys. cars    jumped    the    Racks,    set    mg    among jh0Se who wanted derog-    Fun Time Square: AU day, atory information about Ells-    farting at    Bluegrass .    .    .I-    r,    .    !    bands — Echo Mountain Boys, berg made public after the    Pleasant Strcet String band, former Pentagon analyst leaked    Lost Kentuckians and Grass- the Pentagon Papers study of I    fire. 4:30 p.m.: Fiddle Contest. the Vietnam war.    *    I    IO p.m.: Jam session. Cause of the derailment was not determined The train was off a chain reaction. U.S. Greetings MOSCOW (AP) — U.S. Ambassador Walter Stoessel spoke on Soviet television and conveyed greetings from the American people on Independence day. ney general, expressed some doubts about the constitutionality of that chapter of the code. The chapter on exhibition of deformed persons is “still in force and is prosecutable; it isn t unconstitutional,” he said. Several other sections of the obscenity and indecency chap-: tor were recently ruled uncoil-1 stitutional. The Linn county attorney’s of-j fife was contacted earlier this Todau's Chuckle The reason the bear went over the mountain was to sec what was bruin. copyright Haig “Unnecessary” Ehrlichman’s attorneys also had initially planned to subpoe-!fi .,')d'J*,! j’ na White House chief of staff Alexander Haig to appear as a witness. However, defense attorneys indicated Friday that Haig’s appearance would not be required. Filii' Arts Building: Tile week about the fair exhibit. The; Heritage Pjaynw    detective bureau of the Cedar j Rapids police department was. then contacted by the county at-iind I torney’s office and is investigat oroilers, Tinkers and Thieves \erial Arts: 1:13, 2:15, 5, 6, 7, rn. Judging: 9 ani.: 4-H _ FFA steer show with grand mg the matter, champion named about noon. 2    *    *    * pin.: Charolais in open beet show, Buildings and Exhibits opal I p.m. Races on the Hawkeye Downs oval track were on the schedule j at the fair Friday. (’HARLESTON. W. Va (AP) — A long-standing family feud that erupted into gunfire and fistfighting left seven persons injured, one critically, police said Friday Deputies said the battle in Sigman Fork Hollow on Tupper creek, just north of Charleston, was between families headed by Paul Burdette and Pe arle Burdette, apparently not related. At least 15 adults and children were involved in the fracas that began Thursday with hand-to-hand lighting in the road between the Burdette homes, deputies said. The fisticuffs were followed by gunfire between one family’s house and the other’s house trailer Deputy Joseph Kellam said the shooting was going on when he and Deputy Ron Ault/, arrived "We made ourselves known as lawmen, and bleeding men, women and children from both sides came pouring out of the home .iud the trailer,” Kellam said. “Every window in the trailer had been shot out ” He said the families had been mad .it each other for several years over a series of incidents involving disputes between children, pets and other neighborhood matters. Kellam and Ault/, said they confiscated an assortment of guns including rifles and shotguns. The butt of one rifle was broken, apparently when it was used to strike someone over the head, they said David Burdette, 23, was listed in critical condition after surgery for a rifle wound to the back of the head. Woody Burdette, 38. was in fair condition with a gunshot hip wound. Fay Burdette, 30, and four juveniles — girls and boys of both families — were treated for cuts, bruises and other wounds and released. It was not immediately known how the victims were related. No arrests were made, and the investigation was continuing. “We have to sort out what was what before any charges are made,” said Kellam. hour flight from Moscow Nixon took a boat ride on Biscayne bay Thursday afternoon with his neighbor, C. G. “Bebe” Rebozo Today s Index Comics .......IG Crossword .....16 Daily Record ....... 3 Deaths ........3 Editorial Features ....... 6 Farm ...... 7 Financial .......17 Marion . . ..., 18 Movies DI Society .......... _______8 Sports 13-15 State . 4.5 Television 9 Want Ads ... 21-25 ;

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