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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Jan. 24. Ift74 Funds To Fix Defects In Old Capitol Asked IOWA CITY — So restoration plans may proceed on schedule, the Old Capitol Restoration committee will ask the Iowa legislature to appropriate funds to remedy structural defects in the roof and interior and exterior walls of the 133-year-old building. The state’s first capitol is in the initial stages of restoration under the leadership of a statewide committee chaired by Susan Rancher of Iowa City. A combination of private and federal funds will finance the restoration itself, scheduled for completion by the time of the national bicentennial in 1976. Seek $330,000    I      —    ~ Mrs. Handier said that the-fueling from the appearance of: Gasoline, Oil Overcharges Told by IRS DES MOINES (UPI) - The Des Moines district director of i the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said Wednesday several | retail service stations and home heating oil distributors over-| charged customers in Iowa and Nebraska $30,814 during the past week. J. T. Rideoutte. IRS district manager, said ll retailers of j gasoline, No. 2 diesel fuel and home heating fuel have agreed In addition to funds for re-'t0 refun(1 overcharge to the pairs, she continued, the com-jPu^*c. through reduced prices, mittee seeks state funds to in-|^e sa^ eac^ ^r,n immediately stall a fire-protection system— |vv*^ implement the lower price particularly in the wooden roof un*'l refunds have reached the support structure—and an inte- determined amount, rior elevator and entrance rampj T Ii e overcharges involve to make the building accessible seven Iowa firms and four in consultants found more deterioration than had been anticipated.” the restoration chairwoman said. “The difficulties include deteriorated masonry and mortar in some places, severe cracking and warping in the ceiling beams and roof trusses, and weather-weakened braces in the cupola.” In Legislature House Rejects Sex Education ■    ...    i.    TrnnsDOrtatioi Susan Hancher to all persons. Must Be Repaired “The committee was, very disappointed Nebraska. Rideoutte said investigators conducting the inspection found of that the overcharge was the to I result of incorrect computations Iowa general assembly will be!the building or the authenticity;course -    .. asked to appropriate $330,000 to of a restored interior arrange-,learn that there was hidden de- °f ° fix previously undetected struc- ment of the mid.1800s.    I    -—.a..    itne    Sasonne*    *    aiesel I J„r. . I ■    , I_______________ Aration cf this magmtude. | and 2 ^ d, tural deficiencies,    to provide    old Capitol was built    native    There is    no question but that it j jje sajd the i., estigators flameproof mg and    a sprinkler    stone by native stone> between    must be    repaired before we go found the gasoline overcharge fnf    ban    1840 ^ ^ ^ W8® th° 0n’ In VieW °f the efforts to t0 ^ I to 2 Cents a Sallon* aS ^Ln^H n!rQnnQ    w!thn!;t Hn"    Caplto1 Untl1 1857 Since    then lt    secure    private and federal high as 4 cents on diesel fuel and dicapped persons    without de-[    bas been a landmark    on the    matching    funds for restoration a maximum overcharge of 5 . #    | University of Iowa campus.! itself, the committee decided Icents on home heating oil. He Energy Crisis A major renovation occurred in that 'a special, separate state|said ^ firms W*H reduce their Is Not Phony, Udall Asserts WAVERLY (AP) the early 1920s. Today the main floor and second floor have been stripped to the original stone and brick interior walls, pre- _ paratory to restoration. Former i J U.S. Secretary of the Interior Stuart Udall says the energy crisis will not be over in a year. “The President has predicted that the crisis would be over in a year,” Udall said in a speech. at Wartburg college Wednesday. ; “Well, don’t believe that. The energy crisis is not phony, it is a major event.” Udall who served under Presidents Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy, said he has no exclusive information on the energy crisis, but added that it is going to affect the economy and make “big changes” in American life. Udall was secretary of the interior for eight years, stepping down in 1969. He now works with a Washington, D.C., planning firm. “When the interior walls, foundations and the roof structure were exposed for the first time in half a century, architectural and engineering Stanleys List Net Worth at $734,878 David Stanley Drake University Ups Tuition Costs DES MOINES — Tuition for full-time day students at Drake university will increase from $2,320 to $2,500 a year effective with the beginning of the fall 1974 semester, Dr. Wilbur C. Miller, president of the university, announced this week. He also announced that tuition for part-time day students will increase from $78 to $84 a semester hour; for students in University college, the adult education division, from $63 to $73 a semester hour, and for students in the summer session from $68 to $73 a semester hour. The executive committee of Drake’s board of trustees approved the increases after an extensive study by the university’s officers. Drake’s total expenditures were $17,852,617 in 1972-73 and are budgeted to be $19,267,604 in 1973-74. DES MOINES - U. S. senate candidate Dave Stanley (R-Muscatine) Thursday filed financial disclosure. The detailed list of everything Mr. and Mrs. Stanley own and owe, and the taxes they have paid is a public record in the Iowa secretary of state’s office. Stanley has committed himself “to make a similar disclosure each year if elected to the sen-1 ’>    I    home    in    Muscatine, valued at $33,975; common stock worth appropriation should be!prices ut a rate of 2 cents a sought,” Mrs. Hancher said, ad-|8aPon un^ arnount is made ding that federal funding is not! UP* available for aspects covered in! More than one-third of the or- the appropriation request.    dered refunds    was    attributed    to The    $330 OOO    appropriation,    if one    truck stop in Nebraska. The forthcoming,    would    be    added    to    sa*d C°nley-Detlefsen Truck a restoration project    budget    of    ^top on Interstate 80 near North $1,180,000, to come    primarily    p*att®*    was    ordercd    t0 from private gifts.    re?!!I $12’911, Other firms ordered to reduce prices, their location and the amount of overcharge were: Laughman DX, Dallas Center, $631.61; Whitacre Texaco Service, Dallas Center, $177; Don’s Mobil Service, Perry, $29.37; Peterson Standard, Forest City, $1,368.25; Jerry’s Shell, Clear Lake, $810.84; Benson Mobil Service Station, Omaha, Neb., $389.11; Junction Truck Stop, Iowa Falls, $3,987; North “Y” Truck Stop and Oil Co., Spencer, $565.04; Liberty Gas and    Oil Co., Omaha, $2,775.56; and    Updike Oil Co., Omaha, $7,169.19. By Gordon Jackson DES MOINES - UPI) - The Iowa house Wednesday slapped down a section of the schools s t a n d a r d s legislation which would have required teaching of family living and sex education courses in junior and senior high schools. On a 49-45 vote, the lawmakers upheld an amendment by Horace Daggett (R-Kent) that deleted the family living course requirement from the list of subjects to be taught in the chools. The school standards bill was approved by the Iowa senate last session, but the house schools committee added the family living course requirement to the measure before it was brought to the floor Wednesday. The representatives did not take a final vote on the bill before adjournment. Protests “Order” Rep. Wally Horn the responsibilities surrounding family living and sex. “In some communities, one out of three children is from a broken home,” Horn said. “This education shouldn’t be learned in the restroom. It should be taught in the classroom where it can be handled properly.” * * * $669,103 in HON Industries, a Income Taxes Separate Funds Mr and Mrs Staley also    M    f reported their action taken dur-1    ,      ,    , ing 1973 to comply with their i PanY J a $33,767 interest in policies against conflict of inter- Stanley’s law firm and related est. “We did not accept gifts property. from lobbyists, took no gift worth more than $25 except from family, and kept all cam-! The law firm interests will be paign money separate from our terminated and Stanley will not own funds.”    practice law if elected as U. S. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley do not senator, own any investment in “tax For the years 1970, 1971, and shelters” or in companies re- 1972, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley paid ceiving over 5 percent of their federal income taxes of $4,435, income from federal contracts. $3,487, and $4,399 and Iowa in-The Stanleys’ combined finan-come    taxes    of    $522,    $592,    and cial net worth is $734,878. Mrs.    $804.    Their    total    income    was Stanley owns approximately $37,780, $33,684, and $38,565 for half of this amount. They have these years. $870,253 total assets and $135,375 The Stanleys also disclosed total liabilities, mostly secured their tax deductions, which bank loans and life insurance i were primarily for contributions policy loans.    to church and charity, interest, Their assets include their and other taxes paid. Dial Down... Put Your Savings In The Bank Open Mon. thru Thurs. 9 til 4:00 Friday 9 til 6 Concert of Chamber Music To Be Sunday MT. VERNON — A concert of chamber music will be presented Sunday at Cornell college as a sort of “final exam” for a group of independent study projects carried out during the three-week January Interim term. The concert by the 18-member group will take place at 7:30 p.m. in King Chapel. The public is welcome. Works to be performed will be representative of the transition period from Renaissance to Baroque musical style. The time span is about 1550 to 1650. East Iowans in the group include Shirley Weston, Cedar Rapids; Esther Moore, Sigourney; Elise Kaufman, Union. Daggett said he did not oppose family living courses in the schools because it would provide sex education, but because under the bill the state would be ordering the local districts what to teach in their schools. “I ani not opposed to sex education,” Daggett said. “I think there is a time and a place for it, but I disagree with mandating it to every school district. I think the main responsibility of educating children should be up to the parents and local school boards.” The term “sex education” was not referred to directly in the bill but the term was mentioned numerous times in the lengthy floor debate. The measure specified only “social and family living” instruction. Representatives supporting the bill said family living courses should be taught in schools because sex education often is not taught in the home and the family unit is being destroyed by divorces and general unhappiness. “Protect Family Unit” Rep. Donald Lippold (R-Wa-terloo) said the family unit should be protected through family studies in the schools. “We have more crime, more murders, more families beaking up In divorce,” said Lippold, an educator. “When the family breaks down, watch out for your society. We must protect the family unit.” Rep. Wally Horn (D-Cedar Rapids) noted that the bill would require schools to offer family courses, but it would not force all students to take Welfare Work County relief recipients could be required to work in parks and other public properties under a bill passed 88-3 by the Iowa house Wednesday. Rep. Maurice Hennessey (D-Ryan) said broader work opportunities should be afforded those on the county relief rolls. The law now says that ablebodied poor relief recipients may be required to “labor faithfully on the streets or highways” as a condition to receiving assistance. The bill, which now goes to the senate, would allow the county board of supervisors to require them to work on “government -owned properties, parks and recreation centers” as well. It would, however, exempt people over 65 and anyone whose presence is required at home to care for a child or children 12 years old or younger. * * * proposed a .stale constitutional a rn e n d rn e n t Wednesday to break the road use tax fund in an effort to free additional monies for public transportation development in the state. Sen. Minnette Doderer (D-Io-wa City) said she would author an amendment adding a provision to the constitution allowing money from the road fund which has been used exclusively for highway projects — to be used for improving the state’s railroads and mass transit facilities. * * * Shun Gas Tax Hike The Iowa senate state government committee has voted to delay consideration of a two-cerrt per gallon increase in motor fuel taxes. Instead, the committee voted 10-2 Wednesday to recommend for passage a bill to reclassify Iowa’s .streets and roads, and redivide them among the state, county and cities. * * * Other Bills Bills in the Iowa legislature Wednesday: Passed by House 1IF553, To provide that county relief recipients may be required to work on public property other than roads. 88-3. To senate. Introduced in House 1IF1044, To allow nonresidents who are on active military duty in Iowa to continue to register their passenger cars in their home stales, provided their home states extend the same privilege to Iowans. Bittie. 1IF1045, To prohibit persons or firms engaged in nonfarm business with assets over $3 million or owning controlling stock valued at more than $1 million from engaging in Iowa farming. Husak. the highway. Transportation Committee. IIF!047, To make the beginning and ending dates of the Vietnam war the same in the veterans’ property tax exemption law as in the Vietman veterans’ bonus law. Hatchett. 1IF104K, To require departmental rules review committee approval of rules relating to the management, discipline, or^ release of any person committed to any state institution. OUK ley. II FI 049, To require holders of escrow accounts for payment of property taxes, assessments or other charges on real estate to pay interest on them. Fischer. II FI 050. To give mental patients in public and private hospitals the right of uncen-sored communication with then spouses, adult next of kin, lawyer or clergymen. Higgins. IIF1051. To establish state motor vehicle inspection stations, instead of licensing private businesses to make inspections. Monroe. UFI052, To clarify the law on the length of time motor vehicle inspections are valid. Transportation committee. IIF1053, To prohibit establishment of regional administrative divisions of state departments unless authorized by the legislature. Crabb. III 1051, To permit the Iowa conservation commission to establish open seasons on any game bird or animal. Natural resources committee. IIF1055. To appropriate $3 million for construction of a new meat laboratory at Iowa State university. Edelen and 63 others. Tossed by Senate I1F659, To redesignate county homes as county welfare facilities, 37-9. To governor. Introduced in Senate SF1042, To transfer responsibility for federal liens on motor vehicle titles from the county recorder to the treasurer. County government. SF1043, To permit the county treasurer to issue duplicate certificates of title. County government. SFI044, To require the state Raps Turner The Republican leader of the Iowa senate said Wednesday Atty. Gen. Richard Turner should “quit trying to be a legislator” and help the lawmakers in correcting loopholes and errors in state laws. Sen. Clifton C. Lamborn (R-Maquoketa) said the continuing feud between Turner and the legislature “serves no useful purpose” and that the constant criticism of legislation is only angering some lawmakers. He said the recent statements by Turner are making the attorney general “less effective.” Turner Tuesday criticized the legislature for a loophole that exists in the state’s new gambling law, and last week attacked the lawmakers for including a provision in the law which could prohibit cash prizes at golf tournaments. In addition, IIF1946, To permit trucks to to contract with Amtrak for use reflective triangles as well as flares or red reflector electric lanterns as warning devices when the trucks are stopped on passenger rail service between Dubuque and Sioux City or Council Bluffs. Gallagher and 21 others. the subject. “We're not asking that student rn every school take this opponent of the ^sed £jmi. course, said Horn a Cedar na, code rcvjsion Rapids school teacher. “Any    *    * * parent who does not want his    _ child in that class can take him Mass transit out.” '    An    Eastern    Iowa legislator The Cedar Rapids Democrat West j said the classroom is the right j place for students to learn about Have Their Eyes Checked Early... for Safety Sake Guard against eye impairment. Take your child to your favorite Eye Doctor for an eye examination. If glasses are necessary, we have many youthful frame styles to fill your prescription. Quick Service on Repairs and New Frames Closed Wednesday and Saturday Afternoons Open Daily 8:30-5:00 BODE OPTICAL DISPENSARY New Location: IF Tower - Suite 1802 Phone 363-7891    200 First Street S.E. 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