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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HBP'’'" NATIONAI Wf ATMI9 St»vi« EORfCAST Ie 7AM Iii I-ii ■■ 74 (fowl 3977 30.00    30.?* DEATHS Merry Ellen Mottingcr Merry KI leu Mottinger, Police: Policy To Release Evidence Following Trial The Cedar Rapid* Gazette: '(hurt., Jan. 24, 1974 I —Energy— (Continued from Rage I.) Merry Kllen Mottingcr, 22J The Cedar Rapids police de called to his attention that the overseas, where production daughter of Mr. and Mrs Uuisjfartm/‘nt has /i,lIl:d an exP,ana‘ P°lice department no longer had    Reaper    and the re- *    Ition for not following a court custody of the $115. In the pre-tsult has teen ,hp 0,1 companies lYiotimger, 1125 jJHisam drivejorder (0 |,Jrn 0V(.r |0 t(H. vj0(JS order t^(l    sustained    have    made their effort overseas Off Wf At Kl I f Of tX AST <8> - -Iud8c SW, died Wednesday night in a of court’s office money the de    a motion hy the county attorney    not    in    the hospital at Victoria, British Co partment had held as evidence    and (lie    defense, directing that -Jackson    said lumbia, Canada, where she had! 'n a criminal case.    the money be applied to pay a been visiting her sister    l)'TV    Asf)C,atf>    Jud«"    An,h'    <"    the    case. '    |ony    Scolaro last Wednesday or 'the case involves, William Victoria police said death was tiered the county attorney and    Gaines,    25, and his connection presumed due to an overdose of ti,,, police department to explain    with an    armed robbery at Don’s drugs A ruling by the British in writing why the order had riot Conoco, ZMH Mf Vernon road Columbia coroner awaits com*| been followed United States,” Jackson said Wednesday that Kxxon, the nation’s largest oil company, last fall cut off supplies of certain Arab oil products to U. S. military ference on Wednesday tile oil embargo against the U.S. and The Netherlands must be continued Recalled for‘‘measures to be taken against those who may br; breaking it.” He warned that the Libyan government might, add to the punishment of the U.S. for its support of Israel by accelerating its nationalization of oil production and marketing. Jalloud also threatened “very serious results” if the oil-con The judge said it had been Walkway System Expanding; Price Thursday night will find rain in the north Pacific states, changing to snow inland over the upper Rockies. Rain will be noted from eastern Texas along the Gulf coast into the Carolinas. Mostly fair elsewhere. pletion of a police inquest. A 20-year resident of Cedar Rapids, Miss Mottinger had been a student at .Jefferson high school and Kirkwood Community college and was a member of Trinity United Methodist church. Sh* was horn .lune 8 ' lnter(:St ,n a ne;worn of elevant, al Dennison    M    walkways    in    the    central Surviving in addition to her business    district is    picking    up, parents are two sisters, Laura sponsors    of the plan    said    Thurs- Ririe of Victoria B.C., and Julie day. Ann Mottinger, at home, and a plan    was presented    to    the forces. Jackson indicated that the sum'nR nations form a bloc was cutoff may have come rn re.iaKa"“‘ ,hp o.i-producmK coun- se, Oct. a Originally Gaines charged with robbery with ag-    'to”    order* issued bv the    ,ries‘ ,,e warnfid JaPan and iho ^ovation atter he was arrested £* AraWan ^veTnmenh Wl‘st Eur»I*'a" <“«“» * '« .several hours after the holdup.!    clted a Dec , artic|P m However, the grand jury indict-|Buglncss Weck which quoted a cd him on a charge of com- confidential wire sent from attend the energy conference President Nixon has called Feb. ll in Washington, ncreases, I OO pouodmg a felony. He was con- Exxon headquarters in New voted of that charge and was york to the company’s senior sentenced to one year in jail representatives in Europe. The and a $100 fine.    wjrp described a Nov 4 meeting An assistant county attorney at which American oil compa-said the reason the state agreed njf,s drj]jjng for 0j| jn Saudi that the money should be paid y\rafoja ‘‘were ordered to cut off Second Suit Is Filed in Car, Train Collision ------- o-»    -.......—— i    ------ w u«v, i , f. rafW ,h. _ hoinol  ------------ 1 ° second multi-hundred- her grandfather, Ernst Reuw- Greater Downtown Cedar Rap- n m ‘ nne’ '"n V n K supply of products derived from thousand dollar lawsuit has saat of Woodbine    ids Assn. last month to link re“Jrne<J 10 J™ victim ct the| Saudi oil to U S. forces stationed been filed in Cedar Rapids fed- chaoel west downtown businesses and park- robbery , *s / ,e wa‘s n0 < vl around the world ” " col,|.    ...    /    Henr-P    that the rru.npv came Services: Turner Lutheran. Weathe High temperatures Wednesday, low tem perjures overnight and Inches of precipitation Anchorage    I*    J    .    L.Angeles    17 4» Atlanta    67    SS    1.25    Miami    77 77    . Bismarck    17    7    .    Mln apolis    76 Ii Chicago    TS    37    .    N.Orleans Oenver    3»    IS    .    New York Ouluth    I*    6    .07    Phoenix Honolulu    BS    71    .IS    Seattle    <8 48    18 Houston    SS    46    .74    Wash'qton    77 47    . Extended forecast — Chance of rain or snow Saturday night. Partly cloudy Sunday and Mon day. Ixnvs upper 20s lower 30s Saturday and in the 20s Sunday! I teenth street SW; each fined $30 and costs. Robert Lewis, I 1816 Hover avenue SB’,; fined I $25 anti costs. Oscar Hicks, Manchester; Barbara Houar, 90 so 67 7.171 Cherry Hill road NW; Wendell -."*^ 7, ; | GouldI Hiawatha; Leon Yandee, Met,;o(Ji 604 H avenue NW; Carolyn Smith, 1407 Mt. Vernon road SE; James .larvas, 272 Boice road NW, eueh fined $20 and costs. Ray Allenstein, Fort Worth, Texas; fined $13 and costs. Driver’s license violation and Monday. Highs mid 30s to Randal Williams, 1247 Hazel lower 40s    drive NE; fined $25 and costs. James Henderson, 1430 E avenue NE; fined $20 and costs. Linda Siemering, 2106 L street SW; fined $15 and costs. Right-of-way violation — Ronald Clausen, Mason City; fined $20 and costs. Dennis Blood, Lisbon; fined $1(1 and costs. Failure to use signal — Rudolph Richter, 1815 Fifth ave-30 26 ni,e SE; fined $20 and costs. Traffic signal violation Paul Brainard, route three, Marion; Irma Steeklein, 3112 Bever avenue SE; Robert Gallic, 721 Seventh avenue SE; each fined $15 and costs. Vehicle control violation Tamara Chaplin, 78 ...35 ...28 30 ll None 0.66 1.51 C. R. Weather High Wednesday Low overnight .......... Noon Thursday 2 p.m. Precipitation .........- • Total for Jan.......... Normal for Jan. Barometer, rising Humidity at noon  78% Wind direction and velocity at At Gazette weather station at 2 p m. WNW at IO mph. Sun rises Friday, 8:26; sun sets, 6; 12. Year Ago Today High. 42; j third avenue SW; fined $20 and low. 22: rainfall, none.    ‘    Tuirttec    a»rh'd,)n^cl'H“hr's"    I    published material expected to 3315 Eastern avenue NE:! be brought out during the hear-Friday    j    fined $20 and costs.    ings includes evidence that Mit- Turning left at intersection cheI, aRainst the advice of anti-— Adelaide Cass, 1810 A ave-1 nue NE; fined $20 and costs. Faulty equipment — Jimmy Phillips, 1453 Second street SE; Lee Roy Wullner, 4900 East road SW; each fined $10 and costs Reckless driving — James was not aware that he had been ro oci Pi Hilt, 326 Twenty-thud street overruled until he received a St. John’s Bros. Luana Mrs. Clara McNal-i ly, 72. Services Friday at 3 at Marin n Lutheran    church, j Ginnier. Schulte’s. Harpers Ferry — Charles R. Brown, 81. Services    at 1:30 Friday at Schutte’s,    Postville. Burial in Castalia. Mt. Vernon — Ray Collins, rvices Saturday at 2 at Methodist church, Mechanicsville. Friends may    call at Horner’s after I Friday. Martelle — Raymond Schley, 56. Services Saturday at 1:30 at Martelle United Methodist church. Friends may call at Goettsch’s after ll Friday. Vinton — Ixnjis E. Roe, 64. Services at 1:30 Friday at White-Phillips’. Burial in Norway cemetery. St. Olaf Elmer H. Schmal-feld, 78, Services Saturday at 11 at Witt’s, where friends may call after 7:30 Thursday. Burial in Zion Lutheran cemetery, Clayton Center. —Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) is essential the committee present publicly its completed investigation. He said full cooperation will be given the house committee conducting the im Thirty-! peachment inquiry. Sources told the Associated r e s s that previously un- dence that the money from the robbery. The crime of which Gaines was crime convicted involved receiv- , at a time to be announced. inK ramps with a series of cov-Martin Burial: Linwood cemetery. The ered walkways at the second family suggests that friend.1**^' may, if they wish, make memo- ti^pSass'toT'^uld »g consideration for helping a rial contributions to Trinity “P1    N0" aftl" ,hp    hi*d    t"    cn suspended from the buildings on ’committed each side United Methodist church Mrs. Russell Brantner Ethel Brantner, 75, couver, Wash., a former Cedar Rapids resident, and widow of Russell Brantner, died Wednesday morning in Vancouver following a short illness. Born June, 14, 1898, she was a beauty operator for 22 years in Cedar Rapids. Retaliation According to Business Week, the Exxon wire also said that Saudi Arabia had warned it would retaliate against any breach in the cutoff. The retali-In its answer Wednesday the ah°n would consist of extension eral court in connection with a car-train accident in Belle Plaine March 17, 1972. Ramona M. Dvorak, a Cedar Rapids resident, filed a petition earlier this week asking $580,000 from the Chicago North Western Transportation Co. for injuries of the oil embargo already or- she suffered in the accident. Survivors include six sisters, Mrs. James McDowell and Mrs. Oval Reid, both of Cedar Rapids; Mrs. M.C. Reid, Vancouver; Mrs. Roy Fall and Mrs. Carl Hawkins, both of Portland, Ore., and Mrs. Fred Hallwyler, Oswego, Ore., and Mrs. Harold Bangs, Portland. Services: ll the Vancouver Van-Ipoxal‘was’made'’th'ms! was torn’ tte^olteTfx»r‘"years''to dered a«ainst ,he U(S 10 somcj. A Ccdar RaPids fedcral <™rt estimated at between $16 mil- release evidence to the rightful    f‘^n °Prrabonf of the com- jury awarded her $36,500 July after a trial if it is not|Pany    !16’ l973' as executor of her hus- Exxon sent out the cutoff band’s estate. Charles J. order on Nov. 5, one day after Dvorak was killed when a train the meeting in Jiddah, Saudi I struck the Dvorak car at the Arabia, which also involved rep- crossing, resentatives of Standard Oil of The suit had originally asked California. Mobil and Texaco, $970,000. Following the jury’s the magazine said    verdict, Mrs. Dvorak’s attorney The cutoff forced the U.S. to asked for a new trial of the supply the Sixth fleet in the case, claiming the jury incor- lion and $1.8 million    owner after a The estimate is about $1 notified as to any other disposing]! ion more than that now, *,on I Department officials said they believed the $115 found on Gaines was part of the some $500 cash taken in the Architect eLo Peiffer said, be- , cause the size of the project ■ has more than doubled. ‘‘The price per foot actually has gone down,” he said, ‘‘but people have gotten so excited about tilt* idea that a lot more I businesses want txi connect with it.” The plan, still in its preliminary stages, calls for the walkways to be constructed at the a daughter, I expense of business men. then turned over to the city for oper-a.m. Friday at aT'cn and maintenance, funeral chapel. A hurdle now being consid- robbery, and therefore turned it over to the station owner after the trial. They said the county attorney notified them of the conviction and sentence, but did not tell them about a court order that the evidence should he held for further orders. In a previous reply to the court order to show cause, the Modi ten ane an by a massive air and sea lift at a time when U.S. forces were on alert in response to the Middle East fighting, Business Week said. redly figured Dvorak’s potential income when calculating the damages. A conference of attorneys was held on Judge Edward Mc- There was no indication Manus’ orders in October, 1973. whether the cutoff is still in ef- Mrs. Dvorak signed a satis-fect.    faction    of settlement Dec. 3, Jackson said he has received 1973, having accepted an out-of- P Traveler's Forecast . Bismarck * Chicago ! Cincinnati Cleveland Des Moines Detroit Indianapolis Kansas City Mpls.-St. Paul Okla. City .. Omaha Sioux Falls Weather, Hi-Lo . Cloudy 34-12 Cloudy .. .. Fair Fair ... Fair . PtCldy ... Fair ... Fair . Cloudy PtCldv PtCldy ...... Fair 47-33 48-39 43-35 45-25 39-26 38-35 38-30 trust chief Richard McLaren, gave Danner the go-ahead for the Dunes acquisition at a meeting March 20. 1970 McLaren, the sources said, 53-35 46-23! 44-18 Burial Skyline memorial Port- ored, Peiffer said, is how the ““"'X a,lornc7 said.*h* Prob independent documentation that court settlement of unknown .    .    ‘ y    ’    cost of the project could be fair-dem was ^ resP°ns,bdlty °* Inc the Business Week story was amount. Notice of the settle* an ’    _ |y assessed to business men It P°*ice    department,    because    of-    ‘‘substantially correct.”    ment was filed with the court kJamnrljil    wouldn’t be fair, he said. to ficia,s there turned over ev'- ‘ Blatant Disloyalty” Jan. 3 NfMnprrk Mary — All c’har8e same assessment to donce without the authority. ,was pretty blatant, fla Th*’ new SLn* claims Mrs. Saints Catholic church at 10:30 business men who stand to prof- 00,1    01    recluest of stale- grant corporate disloyalty to the Dvorak suffered head, neck, a.m. Friday by the Rev. Ed-i it from the walkways in unequal    United States of America,” ^ac^, rib, arm, leg and other in- amountF,     k    rnnh  Jackson said “They had the juries in the accident, and has stocks, but they    cut    them    off    been permanently disabled, lost during the alert.”    income and earning ability and Watergate-related    case*    who    Jackson ordered    the    seven    oil    incurred past and future medi- were allowed to plead guilty to executives testifying before his I cal expenses and pain and suf-a single count in return for subcommittee to produce by jeering as a result of the ac-cooperating with prosecutors. Monday documents he indicated cident. Krogh asked he not be required y^id prove whether Exxon was It claims the company suc-to testify until after sentencing, acting in response to Saudi Ara-!cessor to Chicago North West-Based on Conscience mund J. Becker. Burial: St. John’s cemetery. Rosary: Turner cast at 7:30 p.m. Thursday by Father Becker. Roth. Mildred E. 10:30 a.m. Saturday, at Sacred Heart Catholic church, Pocahontas, by the Revs. Donald and Richard Ries. Burial: Calvary cemetery. Pocahontas. Friends may call at the Beatty-Beurle chapel until 9 p.rn Thursday, where a Rosary Will be recited at 7:30 p.m. Dearefi Days Wednesday........ 43 Total to date    3,759    j Through Jan. 23,    1973    4,105 Percent of normal    year    56 56 j Total normal year ..    6.631 drive SE; fined $25 and costs. iowa Deaths Biberon Joe Vilimek, 71 Services Saturday at 1:30 at Hrabak’s, Belle Plaine. memorandum from then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover expressing concern that Danner. Hughes aide Robert Maheu and attorney Edward Morgan—all Anamosa Mrs. Mary Ellon formerly connected with the I»hr, 87. Services Monday at IO at St. Patrick’s church. McNamara -De Wachter. Earlville — Ray Bush, 69. Services Saturday at IO at St. Joseph’s Catholic church. Rosary at 8 Thursday and scripture service at 8 Friday at Clifton’s, where friends may call after 7 Thursday. in Coralville Lake Pool level Thursday 680.92 Births — Sr. Luke’s Jan. 23 To the families of David Albright. 1319 Thirty-sixth street SE, a son; John J. Rf bf r, 412 Thirty-seventh street NE. a son; Richard Farson, 417 Twentieth street SE. a daughter; Robert Swenson, 700 Thirty-fifth street, Marion, a son; D. Duane Peyton, Marion, jester, 86 Witt’s, Elkadei a daughter; James De Wald.' bureau—were participating the proposed Nevada venture. Hoover reportedly believed it would reflect badly on the FBI if former agents became involved in a major gambling operation In another Watergate-related Van Horne Mattie Olson I development, ousted White —Education— (Continued from Page Ll Peiffer, Architect Scott Bison and City Attorney Dave McGuire met informally with Mayor Don Canney Wednesday to discuss the project. McGuire is checking on the different sources of financing available. Besides the financing question, several other problems re-, main. The possible cost to the —Krogh— (Continued from Page I.) When Krogh pled guilty he told Judge Gesell. ‘ My plea to- city of maintaining and provid-jday is based on conscience I ing police protection is one of want to avoid any possible sug-month. but unless we soon enact!    them.    gcstion that    I am seeking leni- reforms they will not know how    Others    are whether the walk-    (>ncy through testifying ” much their federal funds will'ways would hamper fire protec- Krogh's agreement to plead be until late fall,” the White    Bon and    what the cost of each    Rui|ty to the    civiI rights charge    Thursday,    Mobil    Oil    Corp,    the    DES    MOINES    (AP)    -    The House message said    connection would he to the inch-    rcsu|ted jn    the government’s    nation’s    second    largest    oil    com-    Iowa    senate    Thursday    changed bian orders and whether any em Railway Co., was negligent other companies were involved, by having inadequate warning None of the seven executives,[signals at the crossing, including representatives o f Exxon and the other companies, doing business in Saudi Arabia,! had any immediate response to Jackson’s charges. In another development Senate Votes S30 Studded Tire Tax man, over and dr0ppjng a two-count indictment the basic construction ;1||egjng he lied to a grand jury. “The sole basis for my defense was to have been that ll Manship, 94. Services Friday at 2 at Friends church, LeGrand. Fell met’*. Ilk port    Mrs.    Minnie House counsel John Dean is listed as a prime government pany,    said    its 1973    profits    a bill to prohibit    studded snow shewed    a 47    percent    gain over    tires to one which    would place a 1972.    $30 annual tax on    the tires. The The    company said    it    earned    senate then delayed final action Wa ilk on Melvin Johnson, 1475 Tenth street, Marion, a Services Friday at 1:30 at ■ cial prosecutor I awl Jaworski after the year has begun daughter    ...________________ Births — Mercy Jan. 23 — To Mr. and Mrs j Ralph Coly, 3019 Elaine drive NW, a son. Jan. 24 To Mr. and Mrs. Donald Owens. Palo a daughter. If congress acts promptly on j vidual business the request for a $2.85 billion j above supplemental appropriation for (’°st of the walkway the current fiscal year, the President said, those who run our    —Lobbvist—"    arled m 'n,erest national *842 8 million in the last year. on the measure, elementary and secondary    7    security.    ” he told Gesell. “I now compared with $574 2 million The $30 special tax was inschools as well as vocational 1 on moi* rom agr    feel    that    the    sincerity    of    my    mo-the year before    eluded    in an amendment by and adult education program;Kreamer (R-Des Moines), the tivation cannot justify what was    Sen H. E. Heying (D-West would for the first time know house subcommittee chairman done and that I cannot in con A    1/a.wi*    Union),    which    was passed 27-21 A debate then ensued on whether the bill should be returned to the ways and means witness in the case    against how much federal money they    Norpel told the committee    science assert    national security former presidential aide    Dwight would have before the school    that Miller was a good lobbyist    as a defense ” Chapin being prepared    by spe-iyear begins, not several months    wh0 had got a $5 million capital Illnesses Persisf, Kraft Denies Contaminated Product in Iowa appropriation for UNI — more than either Iowa State or the University of Iowa received Actually the board of regents presents a coordinated appro- Arab Head Kows To Keep Boycotf U. S. Files Rights Despite Sadat Liby- committee because the amendment imposed a new tax. The final r r . i.    TRIPOLI. Libya (AP) —,    4    .    .    . Suit tor Indians an Premier Abdessalam Jalloud senate recessed before a PHOENIX Aril .AP) - A has vowod ,0 ,iRl” KRyp,lan    was    made PHOENIX, Ara. (Al    President Anwar Sadat s re- been asked to 4aA  the Marriage License* Alice Bohlman and Allyn Heiserman, both of Manchester. Marcia Dyal, Cedar Rapids, and I^ewis Lee, Shellsburg Marriages Dissolved Diane and Donald E. McDonald Steven Michael and I madonna Lee Dolczal. Barbara Ann anil Joseph Newton Winnie. Annulments Elizabeth Jeanne and Edwin l>eo Kilburn Fires Wodne By Dale Hurter Kraft Food officials in Chica- . . t   _________   Sadat’s priations proposal to the legisla- federal court has been asked to    proposal    to    ease titre every two years that seeks order the reapportionment of an    0jj    h0VC€{(    against    the to take into account propor- Arizona county because Navajo United States V.-ounce steel He said the EDA concurred 'in"al ""•<** °f lns,itution j"dia"s a'|W'dly don t receive H(, a)so threatened further uadis- with Kraft tests which showed und,‘r "s Jurisdiction    their    fair share of the vote tionaluation of American od in- In addition to the three {state I he justice department suit is (crests in his country go insisted Thursday that none of its macaroni and cheese dinner suspected of being contaminated with salmonella bacteria was distributed in Iowa. However. The Gazette is continuing to receive reports from sa*d W(' ore sitting individuals who became ill after questionable box of cheese dinners (7 with those numbers were tributed in Iowa al! were the four other lot numbers, 9-26-74C, two-dozen packs, according to 9 29-740. 10-6 74C and 10-7-740, Kraft. Some of the suspected product coded 9-30-74C was distributed in other states, but Dr Stine on every IO 8-74U” diiy. road Cur and 6:07 pin ftrr at Mt Vernon Fifteenth .*■ tree! Sh: 9:31 pan Malfunction of alarm at Third street and Sixteenth avenue SF 9:54 p.m. Wednesday. Defective wash in* machine motor at 1922 Washington avenue SE 11:46 p in Wednesday. Overheated dehumidifier motor at 3202 Carriage d» ive SF. MdqisDntc s Court Speed ing Theresa Kindle, 79 Thirty-sixth avenue SW, Doran Welch, 1/35 I) street SW; Susan Young. 348 Thir- consummg the product    product Dr J B Stine, vice-president Hence, he said, Kraft is not in charge of Kraft's quality recalling any of the IO-8-74U standards, told The Gazette two two dozen packs distributed, of the six lots originally suspect-!but. because of the confusion ed of that lot to be clean. One Cedar Rapids resident said he became ill atter eating the product coded 10-7-74C He said he became so ill that Monday was the first day in 12 years he trussed going to his office because of sickness. He raid his wife ate a small amount of the product, and did not become ill universities, the regents also the first attempt to protect the have control over the Iowa voting rights of the American Braille and Sight-Saving school Indian. IL Dennis Ickes, a dent Vinton and the Iowa School partment attorney, said for the Deaf at Council Bluffs. Wednesday. The premier told a news con- tnu>u.. MD Mf; ha Arumin HvHrvry fttkS FT ll FLOW FII SIMM* SMS ( enter Pl. Rd. N.E. 393-5565 i    „,    In spite of Kraft’s claim none   contaminated ar., owr MO-741 is rrcall.r.K all of ()f ,wllamjnalfd produd gol being regarded as ‘‘had flowers for every occasion! sin ce I 909 .IOU* Ii. LARES (timmtnl downtown location JOH 3rd Ave. St 365-0511 John B. Turner & Son Rinoml Direr tors since 1888 Only one service...our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal choice Those lots carry the alen Federal Food and Drug Ad-tification Code 9 30-74< and 10-8 ministration (FDA) officials ap-74C. Considerable confusion has parent I v now concur with developed since both four-dozen Kraft’s findings and twodozrn lots with those (illU({ |„|ormilUn„ numbers were packaged at w fa»    in    i    .    We    wouldn t have agreed Kraft s Champaign, IIL, plant. ...    , with Kraft unless we have good Supped Packs    information ourselves.” said Only the four dozen packs are Jerry Vince, director of the suspect. according to Dr Stine ! FDA’s compliance office in While rome Kraft macaroni and Kansas City into Iowa. some Cedar Rapids stores have pulled all of the firm s macaroni and cheese din tiers of that size off of shelves. Hinters Kusl HOO Second Ave. SI ll inter s West UJI First Ave. West 3 generations of Florists to Serve you. PIERSON’S'snot'-'' 1800 (Hit Blvd. NW FLOWER PHONE 366-1876 floral artistry let our flowers speak for you FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day FLORIST Town and Country Shopping Center    364-2146 WANT AD DEADLINES (For Non-Contract Advertisers) For Sunday’s Gazette 11:00 A.M. SATURDAY For Monday’s Gazette 11:45 A.M. SATURDAY Tues. thru Sat. 4:45 P.M. day preceding publication Dial 398-8234 Want Ad Dept. Closes At I 2 Noon Saturday “20 Calls... Sold Everything The Very First Day!” I ARL. Y Ammelin Hoi al conch. SAC matching chon.-SZO. maple Ati*gi» bed, complete $?■> 191 JJM Betty lekin of Hiawatha had quick, successful results from her inexpensive Gazette want ad To Order Your Action-Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 to 5 Mon. thru Friday... ’Til Noon Sat. ;

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