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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Fair through Thursday. Lows tonight H to 15. Highs Thursday in nos. VOLUME 92 NUMBER l l HXtUt CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, .JANUARY 23, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES OIL No Plan To Try Dean For Lying WASHINGTON (AP) - Oust-1 ed White House counsel John Dean’s testimony before the senate Watergate committee; and federal grand juries ap-' parently is withstanding the test! of the White House tapes. It was learned Tuesday night that the prosecutors have no plans to charge Dean with lying when he testified about White House discussions of the Watergate breakin. It also is known that Dean is; continuing to cooperate closely with the prosecutors. Ile was seen entering their offices within the last couple of days. Mistaken? A source, who said he believed he was familiar with the material Republican Senate Leader Hugh Scott said contradicted Dean, suggested that Scott may have been mistaken. Scott strongly denied Wednesday that he was mistaken. “What I said to you is the truth and what is attributed to the faceless source is false,” Scott told reporters. Scott said his information is correct “unless all documentation available is completely false, and I think that all documentation is correct.” “I said enough to convince me as a lawyer of 50 years standing that the person involved < Dean» . . . testified as to matters that < did not occur on the dates and times he said they occurred,”] Scott added. rn * rn    www Jackson Threatens To Clean-Air Subpoena Fuel Data [gW [gSjnQ IlNtlTOM I API   Ana nr nr»lifir Indo'ul nf nnriniiranlnrt Requested WASHINGTON (AP) Anger policy, instead of encouraging (flashed Wednesday during a energy development in the U. S., senate subcommittee’s hearing has made the Arab nations self-on oil prices as Sen. Henry sufficient.” (Jackson (D-Wash.) theatened to I subpoena more detailed data ■from executives of seven leading oil firms. Jackson became angry at one paint when Exxon Vice-president Roy Baze was unable to provide some figures on his i firm’s fourth quarter earnings. “These are just childish responses, Mr. Baze,” Jackson said, adding “I guess we’re going to have to start slapping subpoenas on some of you.” Meanwhile the U.S. imposed export quotas for the first time Wednesday on American petroleum products, placing a limit of 46,009 barrels per day on exported gasoline, distillate and residual fuel oils. Tax Legislation | WASHINGTON (AP) - Prosing iD-La ' who last month.[dent Nixon asked congress led a filibuster against emer- Monday to reduce the tax gency energy    legislation be-    breaks    available to    U.S.    oil cause of a provision to limit    companies operating    overseas excess profits    by the oil in-    and to    ease demands    of dustry, said he    would be willing    prescnt    dean air laws. to support tax legislation that would induce the companies to turn their attention to exploration and development at home. On the subject of tax reform, Jackson said that for starters the “foreign tax credit has got to be chopped off.” Under that credit, oil companies can deduct from their U. S. taxes royalties and other payments to foreign Nixon also announced that he was allowing a $1 per barrel increase in the price of U.S. crude oil from existing wells. He said oil from new exploration and development would be removed from all economic stabilization act controls. In addition, the President asked congress to de regulate A ° V. i rf photo governments. Secretary of State Kissinger,the price of natural gas but said said he believes the Arab oil the plan “should not cause a embargo will be lifted shortly as significant rise in consumer a result cf the Israeli-Egyptian] prices for some years.” agreement on troop disen- ^he President sent congress a new energy message urging However, an energy official Pa£sage of the emergency legists! snort age could drag lotion previously proposed and Jacksonwald"carllcMhat the » for months or years after the! adding some new proposals, hearings "have not turned up!«**«• * llfled Enc R.I »*ons new measure would, any hard evidence that the /-ausncr- an asslstan‘ admitted adopted: (Continued Page 3, Col. 7) Quotas could be set on other oil exports if the current heavy foreign demand continues to 8af?cment. rise, a spokesman for the com merce department said WAITING AND PRAYING — Mr. and Mrs. Fmil Kosh of Lafayette Mil!, Pa., witn a photo of their son, Gerald, 27, missing in the Battle of the Paracel Islands. ★ ★ ★ Every Effort Promised To Find Civilian Sheriff Eyes Closinq    Use 1    J    Rose in Second Of Marquette Bridge DST Week major oil compaines deliberately created” the energy crisis. But Jackson added: “We still do not have the facts to lay these suspicions entirely to i rest.” SAIGON (UPI) - The government Wednesday mised to exert “ev locate an American port “in my judgment, several sblce C"****86 indictments against Mr. Dean.” i*be disputed “Several Indictments" He said he saw enough to sup r 8 pro- Farnings Increase The subcommittee staff said sarnings of the seven companies at the hearing increased by .....  .    .    . ,an average 46 percent when Hp was rpfnrrinrr tn tho npprt    YORK    (AP)    —    The    Tat-1CCmparing the first nine for driver- nf heave trunks m rePort °n electricity con- months of 1972 with the same for driven* of heavy trucks to sumption shows nationwide D«nod 0f 197* observe the 10-ton gross weight usage during the second fuU * Eliminate the 22 percent depletion allowance granted U.S. companies producing oil abroad. Reduce the amount of foreign income tax which U.S. oil com-panics can credit directly against their taxes in the U.S. Extend for two more years the emission standards now apply- TERRACE, B. C. (AP) — Res- ing to 1975 automobiles, euers are digging through wet,' Remove the present require-packed snow for victims of a ment for a 80 Pcrccnt rcduc,lon Snow Slide Buries Cafe; Fear 15 Die snowslide in nitrogen oxide emissions 1976 cars. in the disputed Paracel islands 9ucHe Scott said Sunday the White ^rom -South Vietnam. House had information that . e ^* ^* embassy in Saigon could prove Dean was wrong ;sa*d be was a Lilian employe when he said the President;0/ *be defense attache s of-knew of the Watergate cover-up j f'ce *n ^a Nang. The embassy before March 21, 1973, the date j identified the American as the President has said he first ;^eridd Kosh, 27, of Lafayette learned of it.    , Hill* Ha. The prosecutor’s office de-! In Pennsylvania, Emil Kosh. dined comment on the reports.]the missing man’s father, said Scott could not be comment. ce completed,” Crawford county sheriff Rav Childs said Tuesday. ^Miosis [Sn 10 Percent By Nancy Bruce PRAIRIE du CHIEN, Wis. uicMiay p.«- "Unless the public cooperates, J’”'1 'FUS*!e dur?nB ,.he ,second fu" However, the staff said the 011 a service station, cafe and inquire labeling of major ap-lery effort” to we lac0 the very real possibility .    ,    .,    .    ,    . week of winter Daylight Saving fjgurcs [rom the companies are small trailer park.    plianccs    and    automobiles    to ■— --------- »hl» k~" «* S'rUC,UrC Jdn- 15 dnd dls° *° ,hC «■ un "»» »    ----------------------------------1 The Roy,) canadian Mounted; show how well they use energy, the posted notices that require ------------------------ 1,1 ««‘«nwtxs rn covering and Police (ROMP) said seven an idea previously proposed to rl,/*      bodies    have    been    recovered    and    congress    in    an    energy    message been pulled I las^ April 18. Extend the legal deadline for meeting clean air standards in metropolitan areas which otherwise would need “unreasonable transportation controls.” Permit temporary relaxation of clean air deadlines and requirements for power plants The slide was 400 feet long, IOO and other sources which cannot feet wide and up to 30 feet deep. get an adequate supply of clean An avalanche authority at the energy. Dean    pleaded    guilty    in    Dc-    when    the    U.    S.    was    still    involved    ers a    year from now, intend    to    the bridge special attention,” j Jan. 12 — showed a 4.1 percent    lon* William    Simon    cautioned    scene'    warned that about    two-    Speed up the licensing and tober to a    charge of    conspiracy    in    the Vietnam    war    and    held    the    bocst    1974    corn planting* 1° Per-    the sheriff said Tuesday.    decline over consumption in the    congress not    to act    hastily in    thirds    of the slide was still to    construction of atomic power to obstruct justice. The prosecu-rank of captain--- Nine overweight trucks    had same week of 1973.    *be    “emotionally charged    at-    come.    plants by    encouraging    standard- (Iowa    Planting Story on    been stopped and fined by    Mon-1 The normal anticipated annu-    mosphere” of    the energy crisis    The    slide occurred on a    sec-    jZed plant designs, establishing Page BB.)    day night. Sheriff Childs    said j aj growth rate in electricity con-'    and enact punitive    legislation    tion cf highway 16 which    runs    an inventory of approved loca- -WW    j two Others got into Iowa before|sumptjon js about 7 or 8 percent    a^ainst    the    oil industry    that (along the Skeena river. The tions    for    future    power    plants cent when tliev take    to the    fields    his officers could stop them.    jm moS( areas. An Edison Elee-    ~    U* next spring,    the    agricultuic de-    The sheriff explained    thej(rjc spokesman, asked about the pertinent said Tuesday.    [usual procedure is to put a Pa_ up-and-down pattern of figures. Officials had expected a boost jtrol car on an island between. fiot^d that consumption depend- missing °f not being able to keep the Mruciurt‘    ailu    also lo inc time was up half a percent over not v trictlv eomnarable berausr missing    hr "drip between Mar- need for ad dr,vcrs t0 abldc by I the same Deriod last vear    V    P    _    oecaust forces captured Preseni Dr*a8e oetween Mar    nntir.«c    that    mnwsame perioa iasi year. j0f differences in covering and Paracel islands <?uette and Hra»r*e du Chien P    JI    The    rise    was    lower    than    would    accounting. open until the new    bridge can    P    have been expected under nor-    In New York, Exxon Corp. es-|cne surviver has Crawford county ^ ^ ^ bridge    mal conditions' however.    timated Wednesday that its pro-1 frcrn the snow. The Edison Electric Institute, I Hts in the final three months of Spacial AtteiUoa    which compiles nationwide sta- 1973 were almost 69 percent After allowing a few days I tistics, said Wednesday that for higher than the same period of grace period following the 10-ton (the week ended Jan. 19, Ameri- 197^- posting, sheriff's officers    said    cans used 35.531 billion kilowatt*    Profits for the final quarter of they and high patrolmen j hours of electricity, compared ^97’* werc ^7<94 million corn-started enforcing the new j to 35.368 billion in the same Pared to earnings of $493 mil-WASHINGTON (AP) - The weight limit late last week “as j week of 1973.    ben in the same period in 1972. reached for (his    son    had    served    two    tours    of    nation’s    farmers,    with what; closely    as our manpower    will    The first full week of Daylight a spokesman smd. duty    with    the    U.    S.    green    berets    could be    good news    for consarn- j allow.    We’re definitely giving    Saving time — the week ended    Meanwhile, back in Washing As many as 15 persons were feared buried when tons of snow rumbled down a 5,266-foot mountain Tuesday 28 miles west of this northwest British Columbia community. tors agreed not to seek further ‘ We’re just sitting up waiting charges against Dean in ex- for news. My wife is upset, and change for his cooperation. r,n trying to calm her down,” But the agreement specified Kosh said, that perjury charges would be The Chinese forces sank a brought if evidence showed tha, south Vietnamese patrol boat in the former presidential counsel the invasion of the disputed island chain. A Dutch tanker Wednesday picked up 23 survivors from the had lied. Back Taxes? Meanwhile, Sen. Russel l/mg iD-La.), chairman of a congrcs- South China sea. I hi command quoted the survivors, who had been floating in the water for days, as saying their skipper and many fellow crewmen went down with the ship. (Earlier story on page 2B sional committee investigating Nixon’s tax returns, said the President may have to pay some back income taxes. But he said the question of fraud was still unresolved. “The more I learn about the matter,” Long said, “the more it seems to me that we will ask the President to pay some back taxes.” Long's committee is investigating whether or not Nixon took an improper tax deduction when he claimed $576,0(8) in deductions for the gift of some ot Hughes, bes wanted in court to cf 5.5 percent in this year’s I the two main bridge spans since corn acreage. Including corn, | “we don’t have enough man-sorghum, oats and barley, the oower to watch both there and at total livestock fet'd acreage is the end.” ;ai8°n expected to be up live percent lf an obviously too heavy ve-from 1973.    hide is stopped, everything pos- ’Iii? indicated soybean plant* sible is taken off. and it is then ings were down 3.3 percent from escorted back to Prairie du last season, but cotton farm- i Chien, ers expect to boost their crop 17 percent. cd on a variety of factors: Weather, economic conditions, conservation efforts and, “to a very minor extent,” Daylight Saving time. Summons Returned, Howard Hughes May Face Warrant An overweight auto transport (caught between spans Saturday was required to turn around on the island, return to Prairie du I Chien and unload its nine new (Continued Page 3. Col. 5) RENO (UPI) - A legal effort to notify billionaire Howard (Turner Gambling Pot-Shots Ranged rageous lie his vice-presidential papers the National Archives. Long said the deductions (Continued: I ‘ag« * 3, Col. 6.) Today i S Index Comics Kl) Courthouse SA Crossword HD Daily Record SA Deaths 3 A Editorial Features SA I am 6B Financial ID Marion ic Movies Hi Society im; bsh Spoils 11 Mil) State IC 3C Television TD Want Ads 101)131) iii e ii t bv lawsuit threats against Air West directors. Two summonses were sent to Hughes at his last known letters    address* the Summa Corp. in Las Vegas. Tile first was re- turned with the notation sa*d Wednesday he thinks Atty address.    “moved, left no address.” The    <,en    Richard turner    is    bend    (Jnette Leased Wires But U.S. Attorney Devoe    Hea-    second was refused by the cor*°vt'r    backwards    to    find something wrong with the gam- can’t serve a summons    b,inK    ,aw    because we    didn t the continental limits of    P°ss    b*s    a V(’ar a8°    that oil industry that    along mc hkecna river, mc    uons tor future power might slow development of new    I highway had been recently) and separating the questions of fuel sources.    closed for several days because    site approval from reactor- The federal energy chief said of heavy snow.    I    licensing. there “is probably a very real Volkmar Zobel, 30, of Prince;    w_____ danger” that cutting off tax law Rupert, B. C., a mail truck    Earlier    Proposals incentives enacted    many years driver who    was pulled from the    As top    priorities among pro- ago. with the aim    of encourag- snow, was    incoherent and un-jposals already pending, Nixon ing the industry continually to able to say how many persons j urged congressional action per-search for new supplies, could were rn the area when the slide nutting restrictions on energy worsen the energy shortage.    hit. the RUMP said    use, a tax on oil company Zobel was reported in satis-    “windfall profits” due to the factory condition at a hospital in    energy crisis, unemployment in- Simon contended that profit Terrace.    surance covering energy-caused tax legislation as written would hour of tho victims were* job losses and establishment of NEW YORK (AP) — NBG be unworkable and ineffective identified as Allan MacDonald, a Federal Energy Administra-News said Tuesday that it had The administration, he said, op- 20, Terrace, a highways grader; tion formalizing the present learned that Secretary of State poses windfall profits by oil Steve Mintenko, 40. a heavy Federal Energy Office. Kissinger told two high-level Is companies, but wants to meet equipment operator employed Nixon reported that the nation j raeli ministers lie believes Pres the problem differently.    by the service station; Donald has been “making significant idont    Nixon    will leave office Simon outlined generally his    Lagimodiere, 27, Prince Rupert,    progress in conserving energy” within    six    months.    attitude in a letter to the com-    believed to have been on a busi-    over recent weeks. NBG    later    said    Kissinger    mittee’s chairman,    Sen. Russell ness trip:    and Theodore    “All of    the measures of con- termed    the    report    an    “out-iLong (I)-La ).    Armstrong.    27, Terrace, a pre    servation    and allocation have Kissinger: Nixon Exit Story 'Outrageous Lie' NBO Unworkable But Jackson said, “Our tax vale grader operator. to face grand has resulted rn a r k e d , jury indictments,! in returned “moved, left no DES MOINES — House Speaker Andrew Varley (R-Stuart) Syrians Will Tafk-Sadat U.S. Attorney Devoc I tin said Tuesday a warrant for poration his arrest could be issued if outside Hughes fails to appear as ordered Friday for arraignment on stock manipulation and conspiracy charges. Hughes’ attorneys have Fought dismissal of the charges, saying they lacked substance A nine-count indictment alleges a conspiracy by the reclusive Hughes, now believed li\ing iii the Bahamas, aud others, to pressure directors of Air West Airlines into selling by forcing down the value oi company stock. The indictments also charge iiaiass- thc U.S.,” said Heaton, “So we can’t go to the Bahamas to serve it if that's where he is. “Our position is he cannot be arraigned through an attorney. A warrant for arrest is preliminary to extradition proceed-dings.” The law states a summons should be sent to Hughes’ last known address, the Las Vegas be resumed until agreement on*troop withdrawal Egyptian President Sadat said ,bt    ls    ,0iU    b(’d    with    Israel in Rabat, Morocco, Wednesday    Palestinians,    Canal    Withdrawal Syria war ready to hold “The Geneva talks cannot re The Israelis, withdrawing to ines about 12 miles east of the Hie Geneva talks cannot re-don I think problems with talks about withdrawal of troops start as long as there is no igreement between Syria and (Earlier Story on Page JC.) the law are nearly as critical as the headlines make them out to be.’’ Varley made it clear that he thinks any possible loopholes in the law — such as not requiring with Israel. Meanwhile. Israeli troops aud tanks began pulling back from the west hank of the Suez Canal, two days ahead of schedule, military sour c e s said. greatly improved the nation’s chances of avoiding hardships this winter and gas rationing this spring.” he said. Nixon noted that price increases have helped to discouragement age fuel consumption but said (hey must not be allowed to become excessive. Price Limit “There is a limit ... to the amount of market allocution Israel on disengagement,” canal( a,s0 bt’8an di88ing up through higher prices which we Sadat said. “Damascus is ready thousands of land mines aud wdl allow, he said. to hold discussions on this mat-;communications lines from the *****    !    sands of occupied Egypt proper, j Sadat also said that the Pales “We will not have consumers (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) lived a year rn london before apparently moving to the Bahamas, the U. S district court clerk’s office s.lid tinians should also participate. in the Geneva    talks.    He    said Sadat told a news conference that reopening of the Suez Canal to    start    to shipping was “in    no    way .    ,    .    ,...0---------------- —..HL.,.......  L    the    Egyptian-Israeii les what chanty they send prof- drawa| issue, which Damascus troop withdrawal agreement. has previously refused to dis- Sadat later flew back to cuss. Sadat said    the    Middle    East    Cairo, winding    up a    tour of (Continued Page 2 Col. 4.) peace    talks    in    Geneva    could not    Arab countries    to explain    the those operating gambling ,hat Syria 'was rCildy     „ Corporation, though Hughes K'imes to report to lax antlion- i I .a t lairs on the troop with- linked” lo its to lh must be closed added that State Hep Israel began the pullback after the parliament approved the agreement in a stormy session iii Jerusalem Tuesday by a vote of 76 to 35. The opposition rightwing Likud had called the pullback too onesided, hut Prime Minister (Continued: Page 3, Col 3.) Ii -- T*    -    ..Jfcjj’    -ii*    .m I oil ay's Chuckle A person can accept not being worth Ins weight in gold. What’s shattering is finding you’re not even worth your weight iii pork chops. Copyright ;

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