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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jaycee Donations to Projects Top $9,000 More than $9,000 has been donated by the Cedar Rapids Jaycees to local agencies during the first seven months of the present Jaycee administration’s reign. Another $4,000 has been received ut st ate and national grants for use in projects to be implemented in 1974. Jaycee President Ha! Walter said the amount given for community projects has to be one of the largest in at least ten years. With possible additional donations planned for the next five months, the amount could reach a high for the period for which Jaycee records exist. Walter said a Playboy Casino night last November leads the list dollarwise. It earned $5,000 for Kirkwood Community college marketing students. The money helped fund study-tour for the students to the National Retail Merchants Assn. convention in New York City. A $300 grant to conduct a labor-management alcoholism seminar in conjunction with the Citizen’s Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse is believed to be ihe first ever received locally from the national Jaycee office. An additional $700 will he provided for the March seminar by the state Jaycees. Since that first Hal Walter grant, others have been approved from the national office—one of $3,000 for a project encouraging employment of the elderly (see adjoining story) and the other a $500 grant for a human potential laboratory for social workers and their clients. Other projects and money donated include: $2,700 to the Jaycee Charities, Inc., from Jaycee Charity Horse show proceeds. $715 to the Children's Home from proceeds of a community garage sale and flea market. $200 to the Bicentennial commission. The money will be in the form of a savings bond to be awarded a high school or college student who comes up with the most creative name for local Bicentennial festivities. $350 to the Cedar Rapids Community school district. Walter explained that special education children from the school district local Bushels for Concern project. Local donations of corn were sold and the proceeds given to the state Jaycees. Total state contributions will buy a dental lab in Appalachia as part of Project Concern. $1,000 from the Jaycee drug abuse fund, to go to the local Special Problems Center or to aid in the alcoholism seminar. a The center is to present a project proposal, though consideration is also being given to supplementing the March seminar, Walter said. The $2,700 donated to the Jaycee Charities, Inc., a separate entity, will be dispersed with the lion’s share going to the Cedar Rapids Symphony orchestra ($1,400) and Sing-Out Cedar Rapids ($300). The symphony money will help start a music library for the orchestra, Walter said. Previously, the orchestra has rented music to save money and two I such a library was not possible. Sing-Out Cedar Rapids is a local singing group of young people similar to the Young Americans. The Jaycees con tributed to the group’s founding over two years ago with a $2,000 donation, Waller said. The $300 will help replenish the organization. 'I'be total year’s budget, (.Tune I to May 31) for the Jaycees is $97,000, Walter reported, with the remainder going to cost of a full-time secretary, mailings, social expenses, membership meeting expense, costs of running the Soap Box Derby and other big projects. Another $1,000 will probably be donated to the Jaycee (Charities at year’s end. And, there will Im* more in the line of money-raising projects. “We’re going to try to raise $2,000 for th(> mentally retarded by selling jars of jelly for $1 each,” Walter said. “We’re also trying to raise $8,(KIO statewide to send Cedar Rapids’ Emenld Knights to the Jaycee Project Aims At Hiring of Elderly Th* Cedar Rapids Gazette: Son.. Jan. 20, 1971 7A Surveys of local employers! and retirees will be the first, phase of a project coordinated by the Cedar Rapids Jaycees to stimulate and encourage em payment of the elderly. Senior volunteers will also lie enlisted to help Mrs. Hagaman counsel elderly persons and aid in job placement. Then, in early April, a seminar will he beld lor employes “We will contact employers to to further investigate the prob-see just what the policies of hir-i|L.m, Miss Schwiebcrt said. mg elderly are,” Alice Soh I Small group counseling will wiebert, from the Area Agency also be provided the elderly for the Aging, said.    during April. Miss Schwiebcrt has been re “We honestly feel there is a tained by the Jaycees as a pro Int of wasted manpower and gram consultant in the project, feel this project will prove that Industry, educational, bos pi- assumption,” she said. tai and other institutions with representation in the Jaycees will he contacted by Feb. 15,1 she reported. A list of persons who have retired during 1972 and 1973 and those planning retirement in 1974 will he compiled iii conjunction with the employer survey. The Jaycee Wives will in turn Initial funding of the project lias come from a combination $300 national Jaycee and $700 state Jaycee grant, Hal Walter, loeal Jaycee president, reported. Jaycee officials are also negotiating funding through a local governmental agency after the Jaycee money expires Dec. 31. Though the project’s emphasis national Jaycee convention in interview a random sample of ,s on    Rapids    area rosi- San Diego in June.”    about 200 retirees during Febru- d('nts’ th(> employment office The Jaycees are celebrating ary and March    wiI1 be °Pen to anyone in ad- The retiree survey will try to!aroas' Miss Schwiebcrt determine how much interest'"",;. omce> at 6(|| -mong the elderly minuc SE m opm national Jaycee week this week Walter said. This year’s emphasis is on ‘trying to destroy the mystique of the Jaycees as a white-collar group,” lie reported. Eighth ave-! will be open all day after March I, with Mrs. Hagaman on hand from IO a m. to 2 there obtaining jobs, Miss Schwiebcrt reported. In the meantime, the Cedar p m an(j elderly volunteers I Lipids office of the Iowa    cm-    manning    the    phones during The Jaycees are a people Payment security commission other times, group. We have got the largest W»H establish a special depart- “We’re hoping to develop inpercentage of laborers and min- ment for seniors, to open terest not only in those who orities from    all walks    of life that March I, she said.    want jobs bul    in employers,” we’ve    had    in    a    number    of Mrs. Pauline Wagaman,    re-    she said. years.”    cently retired from the commis-    Walter    said    the project is The state Jaycee winter board sion, will be hired by the Jay- “putting to work that talent of convention will be in Cedar cees to head the department for experience” found in the elderly the ten-month program.    population. Rapids Feb. 9 and IO. Goal: To Educate Public About VD A community-wide alliance of local organizations will launch a drive this winter and spring to educate the public about venereal disease, Cedar Rapids Jaycee President Hal Walter said. A speakers bureau, legislative push, crisis line help and a spring walk-a-thon with a different twist arc tentatively planned over the next five months by the venereal disease task force, he said. Auxiliary Efforts The St. Luke’s and Mercy bos in helped in the Jaycees Christmas    . Toy Project this season. A $200jPltal auxiliaries developed VI) freezer the school needed for awareness programs a year the children was donated .andaSj}’ ^a ter explained, another $150 was spent on a The Jaycees have gone to party for the children after the ,bose afiencies and discussed a tov project was completed. I community-wide drive. $50 to the Linn county cxten- A nine-person executive collision service for a seminar con- mitten and nine committees cerning handicapped children, (dealing with areas from finance $100 to sponsor a represen- 10 Pubbc relations to special tat ive in the Miss Iowa pageant. I projects have been established. Walter said the move was in- “We will he sending a letter tended to show that the Jaycees, to every club and organization an all-male group, are not] ....................................... biased just to men’s projects. $75 to tile national Shiners (’rippled Children’s hospital. Two Shriller clowns performed at the Jaycee Christmas party in Cedar Rapids and asked that the Jaycees contribute to the hospital rather than for their services. $300 to the U.S. Jaycee Proj ret Concern gained from tin Cedar Rapids saying we are putting together the alliance and asking their membership,” Walter said. The big membership push will be this month. In February and March, training sessions will be held for members of a speakers bureau Rather than walking for I Contributions will be sought money, volunteers will distrib- from other participating agen-ute brochures alerting every des, but monetary investment household in the city to venereal will not be a requirement for disease problems, symptoms participation, he reported, and facts, Walter said.    j    “Gonnorhca    is now the “Right now, all the items j number one communicable dis-needed to date have no fee at-icase in the United States, but ________r_____________tached,” he said. “But, we can people don’t want to talk about and speaking engagements will! foresee the need for funds to do    VV alter said. be arranged for March, April <dl the things we have planned. “The Jaycees are willing to invest some money in tile project.” The hospital auxiliaries are already providing secretarial I not only start talking, but acting time and postage for letters to to put a halt to the rise of for venereal disease I*ocaI organizations, he said. venereal disease.” parental consent and and May as part of the educational effort. Support will be given for legislation requiring teaching of facts about communicable diseases in health classes in Iowa schools, allowing treatment of minors without allowing sale of prophylactics in vending machines. Crisis Line The Foundation II crisis line will be contacted in an effort to include venereal disease treatment referrals in the crisis line’s services, Walter said. In April or May, the walk-a-thon will be developed. Venereal disease over history is something people have been so embarrassed to talk about they are afraid to go and get it treated. “We feel the Jaycees should SMU LE KOF F'S VU ■cr#* of •vorything for th# homo i Drapery Dept., 2nd Floor Open Monday 9 ’til 9 , - Oft cuAtoflb nwdb-t/y-mQAuw djvM&tm A nationally famous DESLEY CUSTOM HADLTO-MLAMJW UAAPUW-S HOW TO MEASURE: Width of rod, end to end Desired length, top of rod down, (Ute rigid rule.) Bring in your meaturementt or call ut (362-2181). We'll gladly measure (or you, without charge. 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