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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa LIFE Committee To Seek Support for Amendment Members of the Cedar Rapids LIM*, committee plan lo distribute information in tile downtown area Tuesday urging citizen support of a constitutional amendment which would prohibit abortion and euthanasia. It. is one of several activities planned by tile LIKE (Life Is hor Everyone) committee in connection with the first, anniversary of (lie supreme court’s decision legalizing abortion. MEE Chairperson Patti Walsh said bells at a number of churches will toll Tuesday as a reminder of tile court’s decision. 'We are also planning a membership drive along with urging persons to write Sons. Harold Hughes and Dick Clark and Congressman .John Culver in support of the human life amendment,” Mrs. Walsh said. Sen. Hughes is a co-sponsor of the life amendment. Mrs. Walsh said representatives of Iowans for LIFE will join those from other pro-life organizations from throughout the country iii a memorial march in Washington Tuesday. Mrs. Walsh likened the eonsti tutorial amendment effort to one IOO years ago when the Died Scott decision of the court was reversed. The amendment, would protect human life at all stages. Hills legalizing euthanasia have been introduced in legislatures of eight states. 4-Hand Piano Concert T uesday by Coe Faculty Nebraska University Sets Up Quake Unit LINCOLN, Neb (AP) - Far from tile regions most frequently jolted by earthquakes, the University of Nebraska is setting up a seismograph. The university expects to become a part of a worldwide network of seismograph stations that locates and measures the intensity of earthquakes around the globe. Nebraska has actually had several slight earthquakes in this century, triggered largely by a Nemaha county fault. Pianists Mare Taslitt and Dr. (J. ll. Pro of the Coe college music fatuity will give their first lour hand piano concert at K pm. Tuesday in Daehler-Kitehin auditorium. Taslitt, who has been on the Coe faculty since September, 1971, is the winner of such major awards as the Lima Symphony Orchestra Young Artists Competition in 19(16, the Cleveland Institute of Music Solo i competition in 1965 and Concerto competition in 1965, and the [Arthur blesser Scholarship in Piano in 1965. At the age of 21, he received his master of music degree cum I laude from Indiana university, where he was the student of Menahem Pressler, pianist of the Beaux Arts Trio. Taslitt played more than 350 concerts as an artist-in- residence for the state of Kansas before he came to Coe He has also performed with the Parma Philharmonic, Mansfield S y in p Ii o n y orchestra, Lima Symphony orchestra, Newton, Mid-Kansas orchestra, Cedar Rapids Symphony and Wichita Chamber Symphony. Pro holds a master’s from the University of Illinois and a doctorate degree in music from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. lh* has been on the Coe faculty since last fall. Pro has studied with .John Perry, Robert Ward, Richard Heber and Laurel E. Anderson, in addition to work at. the Sum mer Organ institute in Freiburg, Germany, iii 1968 Tuesday’s concert will feature “Sonata in Ii flat Major” by Mozart; “Three Pieces in the Shape of a Pear” by Satie; “Petite Suite” by Debussy; and “Searamouehe for Two Pianos” by Milhaud The concert is open to the public without charge. The Cedar Rapids Cia/.ette: Son., Jan. 20, 1071 Electronic Device Will End Need for Applause KANSAS CITY (AP) An have three buttons at his seat electronic device will enable These buttons will enable them conventioneers to let speech- hash lights on the speaker s i    ,    ...    ...    podium. The device eliminates makers    know    whether    their    .    , ,    . the need (or applause talks were stimulating, in- The Multimedia Forum, which teresting’’ or “deadly dull ’ wdl open next year, is in Crown Each listener in one room of Center, a eify-wifhm Kansas the Multimedia Forum here will City. Killian's Lindale Plaza, Cedar Rapids and Mall Shopping Center, Iowa City OPEN SUNDAY 12:00 TO 5:00 PM T* , .    ti. ■rf    .ae* West Bend Humidifier 54.95 .#4053 #4054-2 >p«ed  64.95    #24056    deluxe........99.95 #4017 tabletop 24.95 Automatically puts back the freshness winter heating drains away. "Water wheel’’ moisturizing action effectively humidifies up to 2500 sq. ft. No pump to worry about, no noise, . . the perfect answer to home humidification. Housewares, Downtown and Lindale Plata tans Killian's Missy Three-Piece Weekender 17.99 Polyester knit ensemble that's machine wash and drya-dryable. Pastel shades of blue, pink or lilac to choose from. Ensemble includes a jacket, slacks and a 6 gored skirt. Missy sizes IO through 18. Phone orders welcome! Downstairs Budget Store and Lindale Budget Shop THI KILLIAN COMPANY, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 Joon Joyce, For tonal Shopper: Float* send me rhe following outfits of I 7.V9 plus Sec state sales ta* and 65c to covet postage and handling. Total Sire I st Color 2nd Color Pries Tax 65c Handling ( | Charge | I | ] Check | Slate Zip 4 4 RIGHT-ON” ,\ BY £ J t my I > '4 one hairpiece with many looks! ONE WEEK SPECIAL 6.98 Regularly 7.98 Brush it    •    Shake    it • Fluff it A clever hairpiece that switches your looks with a single twist. The wire base lets you bend it easily to create any style. Made of easy care Kanekalon'*’ modacrylic . . the realest fiber. Tiny loops at each end holds bobby pins. Downtown Second Floor ■    ,.    VV-    ■    .I-    «r    dWy.    JVS'"    >    * yuh' ' -'-'if7?-si    db *r Kilians MONDAY ONLY SPECIAL lions New Musk Oil Cologne Spray Mist by Jovan The Understatement of the year . . . at a Special Introductory Price! 3.00 A 4.50 Value! 2 OZ. SIZE A. A Jovan has created a new way to wear Musk Oil ... in a cologne spray mist. As you might expel ♦, it comes on soft and subtle. But, don’t br tooled Ifs powerful, provocative end lingering. The cologne soys the same things about you as the perfume does. That you’re sensuous. Womanly. And warm. But, it says it a little more lightly. Which could be the most powerful way of all. Try this new understatement Cedar Rapids: Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plata Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Sin at Sycamore A Styles to choose from! Flemish Bronze with wood trays Beautifully Designed Tray Lamps 69.99 VALUES TO 130.00 A. Flemish Bronze lamp has octagon fruitwood troy in two tone finish. Eggshell shade. 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