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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Pions Outlined for erecting ^School Product Safety The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Jan. 15 1974 School Director Districts Enrollmenf Setal 23,289 "IX* Z\Br!fi*!' RinsersStrike; New Threat from Miners By Judy Duiihenmier Plans for dividing the Cedar Rapids Community school district into four director districts were presented to the school board Monday night for members’ study before the Jan. 28 board meeting. A written report from John Liittschwager, a University of Iowa professor of industrial and management engineering, showed six alternate plans using school district precincts as their basis. He will be present at the board’s Jan. 28 meeting. The board, at its Nov. 19 meeting, approved a director district plan featuring four director districts and three at-large directors. All Voters All voters in the district will be allowed to vote for all the board members. The four districts are residency requirements for board candidates only. The plan must still be approved by school district voters, but the school board has not set a date for the election. In his report, Liittschwager noted criteria used for determining the districts included equality of population, contiguity and compactness of the districts formed. Using these criteria, Liittschwager said one plan, Plan B, is superior to the others from a technical viewpoint. One District Under that plan, one district would consist entirely of Westside precincts, and the other .three would include precincts from both sides of the river. District I would include the following east-side precincts: All Saints school, Monroe school, E r s k i n e, Grant Wood, Jane Boyd Community House, Immaculate Concep- iV al king in Dark, Students Advised To Use Armband Children walking to school in early mc ming darkness because of Daylight Saving time should wear some type of reflective armband, Cedar Rapids Community school board President Norman L i p s k y suggested Monday nigh*. Lipsky said the armband would make the children more visible to drivers. The school district has not changed its starting time because the change “would create a sizable problem for our many families where both mother and father work, and have to arrange for supervision and care for their elementary school age children.” Asst. Supt. William Ramstad said. Elementary schools do not begin classes until 9 a.m. in • the district, while rural districts typically begin both sec- rondary and elementary classes at 8 a.m. because all children ride the same buses. r Starting time for junior • highs is 8:30 a.m. and for senior highs 8:20 a.m. in the Cedar Rapids Community school district. Cronkite Called To Trial of Two Show Crashers . NKW YORK (UPI) - CBS anchorman Walter Cronkife has been served with a subpoena to appear at the Feb. 19 trial of two gay activists who crashed a live telecast of Cronkite’s nightly network news program last month. • A CBS spokesman confirmed Monday that Cronkite had received the subf)oenu, but declined further comment on the case. I The two defendants, Mark fegal, 23, and Harry Langhorne. 28, both of Philadelphia and both members of the “Gay Jlaiders”, are charged with Ires passing They interrupted the t'CBS Evening News Dec. ll to protest what they said was anti-homosexual bias in the network’s programming. A startled Cronkite ad-libbed some remarks before the protesters wore wrestled out of camera tango. lion school, Johnson and Squaw (.reek school and Grant and Hayes Westside precincts. , District 2 would include the following (all west-side) precincts: Wilson, Van Buren, Hoover, Coolidge, Cleveland, Lincoln, Riverside Roundhouse, Roosevelt, Ellis YMCA, and Town Hall in Covington. District 3 District 3 would include west-side precincts Taft, Madison, Harrison and Kennedy, which is half on each side of the river. Pierce, Nixon, Hiawatha city hall, Palo school, and city hall in Robins are the east-side precincts. District 4 would    include east-side precincts Polk, Garfield, Arthur, Franklin, Washington, Coe college, Harding school, and Kenwood school, plus city hall precinct which is partially on the west side. Under this plan, district 2 has the smallest population with 23,149 persons and district 4 has the largest with 28,597. Board Member Ed Beatty told 'lhc Gazette Tuesday morning, “Liittschwager has done a good job laying it out population-wise. There’s no more than about a two jx-r-cent deviation population-wise on any of the plans.” Hadn’t Studied Plan Beatty had not had time to study the report thoroughly enough to comment on the merits of any of the six plans Liittschwager offered. Lauree Gerber, a west-side resident and board member, said she is “most anxious to hear input from citizens. I’m not so interested in expressing my opinion as in knowing whether the plan is going to be satisfactory to the people who are most concerned about districting.” At first she was somewhat surprised that none of the six Liittschwager plans followed quadrant lines, but realized “there are fewer people west of the river, so numerically it just couldn’t be.” There are 23,289 students attending classes in the Cedar Rapids Community school district, according to an enroll rnent report, released Monday night. The figure is down 154 from enrollment in September, but is about 130 above the number expected by Dr. George Ross, director of research and evaluation for the district. Ile predicted 23,159. Breakdown of enrollment shows 12,521 students in elementary schools, 5,618 in junior high, 4,610 in senior high and 536 in special education classes. Also counted for budgeting purposes are 76 students on a shared-time basis, six others from Cedar Rapids Community school district attending other school districts and 76 involved with shared time at Kirkwood Community college. A total of 154 .students from other districts pay tuition to attend Cedar Rapids Community schools. These students are subtracted from the total since they are not counted for budgeting purposes. Budget Ceiling The .January enrollment report is used to determine the budget ceiling for 1974-75. School districts with declining enrollments are allowed to use the previous January’s enroll Chain WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Consumer Product Safety Com- LONDON (AP) — Most of Bri-    wildcat railroad v/alkout last mission    has    ordered    hearings on    tain’s railway engineers struck    Thursday that stranded several whether    4    million    electric frying    for 24 hours Tuesday and com-    hundr(*d thousand commuters gasoline-po-    muters r(.|vinL, on cars snar.„d    K»inl! ‘® or from london, travel- mn is i > 0 oars snark    prs ,IIK| chippers had ample London and other pans and 334,000 wered chain saws are hazard- traffic |ous-    cities The frying pans were identified as Presto brand 15-inch size, model Nos. EPI SAI) and in ers and shippers warning Tuesday. The threat of an extension of The traffic congestion was the miners’ slowdown came less severe than expected in from Michael McGahey, the some areas. Some commuters Scottish vice-president of the I* I I MID. The chain saws are fjppjjpcntly were staving home miners union, after Heath I the McCulloch Mac” series No. 14 “Mini as they did last week one-day rail stcnnage In both cases, the commission massive traffic jams. said, there is a difference of opinion as to how serious the AII passenger was halted, but train some when a caused service ment figures for budgeting problem is and the panel has trains kept running. purposes, rather than next September’s figures. Last September's enrollment in the district was 23,443 students, compared with last year’s 24,279. decided to turn the matters over to an administrative law judge to decide. It said people might receive electric shocks from the pans and the saws may leak gasoline. wa£r No Coal ITireat Coal miners threatened to escalate their slowdown. Prime to Minister Edward Heath, in a row with the miners, failed to accept a peace proposal from the Trades Union Congress. The TUC proposed that the freight government meet the miners’ demands for pay increases in excess of the anti-inflation ceiling. In return, the TUC pledged that other unions would not try use the miners as Heath and his treatment of a precedent. aides the But indicated injuries have been reported came under more pressure from they didn’t believe the TUC Staff Reduction Policy Receives First Reading Heat Wave Looms for Skylab's New Champs from either product. his Conservative party to call a could hold the other workers in U. S. Chess Master, SPACE CENTER, Houston perature to rise to somewhere (AP) — Skylab 3’s astronauts, between 80 and 85 degrees.” the new world champions of Lewis said that, in general election. Some 29.009 I''com et ive engine jrs and firemen stayed off the Spassky    Play    to    Tie    job Tuesday because of the re- „...    ri    ,    * a »v    fusal of the national rail board SAN JUAN,    Puerto    Rico    (AP)    .    *u„lr. T1 ’    ,,    ,    .    to resume negotiations on their Former word champion .    ... line. Braves Cracked Ice for Rescue champion d(,man(j for „ay increases above the Soviet    r space flight, Tuesday began few days, some earth resources four days without darkness in surveys might be canceled be- Boris Spassky of . Union and American champion ,*"«” the next „ .    . ^    ;    inflation    program Rnhort Rvmo h^vp nlavorf tn u ....    .. PITTSBURGH (UPI) - Lying the ceilings set by Heath’s anti- on cracked ice, police Sgt. Robert Byrne have played to a 44-move draw in their first George Ault Monday successfully rescued a 71-year-old fisher- could cause heat cause these require that expose more energy-conscious areas of the orbiting craft to A policy allowing the school district to place teachers on staff reduction leave was given first reading by the C e d a r Rapids Community school district Monday night although the policy may conflict with the state’s continuing contract law. An opinion by school district attorney Richard Nazette was distributed to board members for their study before the policy is finally adopted. Nazette’s opinion stated placing a teacher on staff reduction leave “constitutes a termination of the contract and unless the statutory procedure for termination ... is followed, rn our opinion, the court might well hold the teacher has been denied due process of law.” No Termination Teachers may not be terminated without due process of law, which includes giving the teacher notice of reasons for termination, a fair opportunity to refute the motives at a hearing before an impartial body and a chance to present witnesses and confront adverse witnesses. If any teachers are placed on staff reduction leave, the impartial hearing procedure should be followed, Nazette suggested. The policy states teachers may be placed on staff reduction leave in inverse order of their original contract dates, but exceptions to the seniority list may be made when the district’s affirmative action program for minority employment would be adversely affected. Requested Vote . Teachers in the district earlier requested a vote on the policy and approved it by a 833 to 224 vote. Teachers opposing the policy had claimed the affirmative action program clause was too vague. * * * School district policies on the role of the professional teacher and on student insurance were adopted by the board with one board member dissenting on each policy. The policy on the role of the teacher states he or she should be aware of district goals, building policy and department guidelines. Teachers should also carry out plans for the students’ educational growth and keep abreast of current developments in education. Moore Objected Board Member Ronald FANCY APplK _ POUND 29’.. 5 lbs. $1.25 Brach’* Choc. Covered PfANUTS.........69<    lb. Jonathan Applot . . bu. 5.99 spinal si fro fancy—Th* Very lot Clad* EXTRA FANCY DELICIOUS APPLES .......... bu.    6.99 Rod or Whit* No. I POTATOES . . IOO lb». 6.50 IO Lb. Bag ......... 89’ Wo promise you th# sweetest omit;)#* you ever af# or your money bark. ORANG!) ar RID GRAP! I BUIT I 8 Lb. Bag . . . ......2.00 DALE'S Fruit Market Open 9 to A every dny 3338 Center Point Rood NE Moore objected to the policy because it does not state the teacher serves under the direction of the principal and has the duty to cooperate with other teachers. Similar statements are contained in other job descriptions, such as the one for principals, Moore said. Staff members said the policy is not intended as a job description for the teachers, but is meant to outline the teacher’s responsibilities to students. The policy on student insurance was adopted by the board on a 6-1 vote, with Robert Barber dissenting. Add Paragraph Moore asked that a paragraph be added to letters sent to parents offering the coverage noting the coverage being purchased may duplicate other policies already held by the family. “Who are you protecting?” asked Barber. “Those who understand their coverage aren’t going to buy it. For those who don’t have a policy, it’s the cheapest thing around and they’re going to grab on to it.” The policy states insurance programs may be offered to students on a voluntary basis and that school district personnel should not be involved in clerical work connected with it. sunlight that discomfort. Like many earthlings, they turned off some S(dar heat. lights, but for different reasons They want to cool the station. Longest-Flying Gerald P. Carr, William R Pogue and Edward G. Gibson on The railmen had been on blowdown for five weeks    that    man    who had fallen through disrupted much commuter    traf-    thin    ice en nearby North Park fie and reduced the vital coal lake. The    match goes    to    the    first    shipments to the electric power    Police said the ice beneath player    to    win three    games,    or    plants. They suspended    the    Ault    gave way as he stretched maneuvers world chess Championships vulnerable    r    * A week ago, the astronauts the playcr who is ahead at the slowdown last Friday in a futile out to aid James Goodyear, 71, shut off about half the lights in end of 16 ga™es. If there is a tie attempt to get the wage talks of Cadogan, who was spotted the station, turning certain ones *n 8ames w°n after 16 games, a going again. on only when needed, to keep the heat down. Despite higher temperature, coin toss will decide the winner. The Byrne-Spassky contest is one of four scheduled this week Ample Warning The day-long rail strike added cbnging to the edge of a large hole in the ice in 14 feet of water. Another fisherman and a park supervisor held Ault’s feet on Monday    night    became    history’s    the    spacemen    planned    a    full    'n    the    elimination to name a    to the troubles of workers, busi longest-flying    space    travelers    as    workload    Tuesday,    with    empha-    challenger    who    will play the    n e s s and industry already    solid ice as    he    pulled    Goodyear ’    ’ title holder,    plagued by power shortages, the    to safety. the U.S., in    three-day week and slow deli-    Goodyear    was    treated    for    ex- very of materials. But unlike a posure at a hospital. they broke the single mission sis on medical experiments now record of 59 days, ll hours, 9 that they have been in space minutes, which had been set by:longer than any human beings, the Skylab 2 crew. The astronauts soared on toward their goal of 84 days. They return to earth Feb. 8. They might begin to feel somewhat uncomfortable Tuesday as temperatures climb inside their orbiting station be-i cause of the high angle of the says he does not expect Pres-sun in relation to the spacecraft, idcnt Nixon to renew wage and “They’ll see no darkness, only price controls in April. current world Bobby Fischer of 1975. Brennan Doubts Nixon To Renew Price Controls PITTSBURGH (AP) - U.S. Labor Secretary Peter Brennan daylight, until Saturday,” said flight director Charles Lewis Brennan also predicted that unemployment will rise above! For most of the mission, the *he Percen^ mark this year as astronauts have whirled through the energy crisis continues to j sunrise' tighten the economy. either a sunset or a every 46 minutes as they orbited the globe. Fewer Nights In Pittsburgh on a stopover; 'after attending a Wheeling-j Pittsburgh Steel Corp. event in Wheeling, W. Va., Brennan also But for several days, the sun said reports that he intends to has been moving into a position resign from the Nixon cabinet where they have seen fewer are false, nights. The position, called a He told newsmen that the high beta angle by mission con- labor department was studying trol, will bathe the station in means to reduce the impact of direct sunlight until Saturday.(energy crisis layoffs, including Then normal day-night cycles training programs and compu-, will begin to return. The most noticeable effect has been a temperature rise inside! the station from 71 to 79 de-1 grees. “This thermal situation going to worsen,” l^ewis terized job relocation services. Rev. Krieger Dies JACKSON, Mich. (AP) - The Rev. Dr. W. Harry Krieger, 59. is vice-president of the Lutheran told Church-Missouri Synod, died! (newsmen. “We expect the tem-;Sunday. va    KV-A*    ■A'fjtA'    * THE QUIZ (The (Tri')ar Satilla Oktsrttr THE WEEKLY QUIZ IS PART OF THIS NEWSPAPER'S SCHOOL PROGRAM worldscope (IO points for each question answered correctly) 1 President Nixon rejected the (CHOOSE ONE; Senate Watergate committee s, Watergate Special Prosecutor’s) subpenas for about 500 tapes and documents, calling them “an unconstitutional usurpation of power.” 2 The coasts of the U.S. experienced unusually high tides due to an unusual alignment of the Earth, sun, and .. ?.. a moon b Venus c Comet Kohoutek J Attorney General Saxbe urged citizens to report gasoline price gouging to their local (CHOOSE ONE; Commerce Department, Internal Revenue Service) offices. 4 An unpiecedented peacetime army alert, spurred by fears of Arab terrorism, was called at Heathrow Airport in ,. ?.. a London b Tel Aviv c-Dublin 5 Soviet offu idls were very (CHOOSE ONE: pleased with, critical of) Alexander Solzhenitsyn's new book, "Die Gulag Archipelago" newsname (IO point* if you can identify this person in tho newt) I continued as prime minister of my country although my Labor Party lost seats in recent parliamentary elections. In our campaign we alluded to territorial compromise as the price of peace. Who murchwords (4 point! for each correct match) I ..tensutn a official population count newspicture (IO point! lf you answer this question correctly) As his wife watched, tonner Ohio Senator William Saxbe was sworn in as President Nixon s fourth attorney general in 5 years. Who were the other three? spotlight (2 point! for each question answered correctly) I Atter winning the Sugar Bowl, . . ? . , was named the the final Assoc) 2 . ..census 3 cede b ban tx alter certain hooks, movies, etc. c happen at the same tuna nations top college football team in ated Press poll of sports writers a Alabama b Notre Dame c Ohio State 2 Brooms and stones ate used as Equipment in the sport of (CHOOSE ONE curling, badminton). 3 . . ? . . was chosen to play in the NBA s All Star game for a record 14th time hut was forced to withdraw because of an minty. a lorry West t> John Mavin ek i (diet Walker 4 Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn said professional baseball would not cancel night games, but would save energy ut other ways. True or false-’ 5 The 19/4 professional golf tour began with the (CHOOSE ONE: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope) Open. 4 ...coini Ida d criticize shaiply roundtable 5 ...censor • yield or grant Family discussion (no score) What do you think of the Administration's standby gasoline rationing plan' YOUR SCORE 91 to IOO points - TOF SCOR! I ti to 90 points - Excellent 71 lo 80 points - Good 61 lo 70 points - fair 114/4 # TIC, Inc . Madison. Wisconsin Trust is an essential and cherished bond between parent and child, man and woman, people and their institutions. We've worked hard to earn and keep the trust of our members for 90 years. They trust in us and the fraternal insurance and financial security we provide for their families. That's what we re all about. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA One of the nation's leading fraternal life insurance societies HOME OFFICE • ROCK ISLAND. ILLINOIS 61201 MERE ON H. KRUMREI, UC Ontricf Reprtisnfotivo 216 Windior Dr. NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa ANSWERS ON REVERSE PAGE I I ? ;

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