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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hunter-Jumper Champions Miss Lionne Rim Brown, 22, sits at her desk at the Midwest Stock Exchange in Chicago Monday as she becomes the first woman member of the exchange. Lionne went through orientation on Monday and began work Tuesday. Horse of the Year awards for 1973 are Held by these Cedar Rapids members of the Iowa - Nebraska Hunter - Jumper Assn. at the annual awards banquet in Des Moines Saturday. They are: Miss Cathy Benson, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Walter Benson, 309 Trailridge road SE, who accepts the regular working hunter championship for her horse, "Lord's Town"; Miss Martha Shepard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Shepard, 2118 Blake boulevard SE, the first - year green working hunter championship for her horse, "H.V. Kelly"; Miss Sue Lipsky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lipsky, 2175 Cottage Grove lane SE, second-year green working hunter championship for her horse, "Happy Mike '; Mrs. William Franey, 2110 Lincolnshire drive SE, reserve amateur-owncr working hunter championship for "Blue Cross ; and Dr. Franey of the Lincolnshire address with the amateur-owner working hunter championship for his horse, " Medicare Eastern Iowa association members swept top honors this year, winning over Des Moines and Omaha members. -AP Wirt photo Gossip Starts Insurance Suit By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: At the risk of perpetuating the “Living Will” controversy, may I add my two cents worth? As a nurse, I have seen many elderly terminally ill patients become artificially-breathing vegetables. Some pray for death, others refuse nourishment in order to hasten their end, some cry softly, some become bitter and some just wait with resignation. To allow human beings to die with dignity is not “mercy killing.” When death is imminent, a patient should be kept as com-* fortable and pair.-free as possible, but these patients will die as surely and inevitably as they | did in all the centuries before “modern medicine.” Where is it written that an appointment with God should be; delayed: that He should be kept waiting while man experiments with His creation? A NURSE IN LA JOLLA. CAL. DEAR NURSE: Well said. * * * Problems? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700. Los Angeles, I Calif. 90069. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. * * * DEAR ABBY: My daughter-in-law did not acknowledge any of her wedding gifts and she has been married for more than six months. She says she is “sorry” but now it is too late to do anything about iu I am terribly embarrassed because many of my good friends sent gifts. I don t know which direction to take. Should I, as a mother-in-law, interfere? I wouldn’t mind helping her—or even writing them all myself, but I don’t want to stir up trouble. Please advise me. PERPLEXED DEAR PERPLEXED. I would tell my daughter-in-law that even though it is very late it is not TOO LATE to acknowledge her gifts, and I would offer to help her. If she refuses, I would write to those who sent her gifts out of friendship to me, apologize for her negligence, and thank them myself. KATHLEEN HENNESSEY HONORED AT SHOWER Miss Kathleen Hennessey of Omaha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hennessey, 207 Crandall drive NE, was honored uith a bridal shower given Sunday afternoon. Thirty-five guests attended. Mrs. William Hennessey, 2650 Tenth street, Marion, was hostess. Co-bostesses were: Mrs. Frank Tresnak, Mrs. James Tresnak and Mrs. Lillian Hackney, all of Cedar Rapids. All are aunts of the bride-elect. Miss Hennessey and her fiance, Gary McCarty of Omaha, son of Mr. apd Mrs. Richard McCarty, Jesup, will repeat nuptial vows Feb. 23. SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Katharine Graham, chairman of the board of the Washington Post, said Saturday that the press would become “the nursemaid of a weak and immature society” if it suppressed bad and unsettling news. Accepting the John Peter Zenger award. Mrs. Graham said that “the founding fathers gave th*- press a very different job: To inform the people and promote the freeflow of facts and ideas, however untimely or challenging or disagreeable those facts may be.” The award is made each year by the University of Arizona in recognition of service in the cause of freedom of information. Mrs. Graham received it for the Post’s reporting of the Watergate scandal. In an address prepared for the Arizona Newspapers Assn. convention, Mrs. Graham disputed those who say that “somehow the press created the agony of Watergate in the sense of having caused the nation’s turmoil. ‘ The President is -o weakened, he can hardly govern — the argument goes -and this is the doing of the press. “We d’sagree—profoundly. For the most important fact, and the only really relevant fact about the array of offenses known as Watergate, is that they happened ” She conceded that Watergate coverage has been more sustained, probing and extensive than that of previous government .scandals. However, listing some of the Bridge Shufflers Winners of the game played Monday at Noelridgc Park Christian church were: North-south — Mrs. Shirley Moore and Mrs. Bill Howard, first, and Mrs. V. R. Carlson and Mrs. Larry Ashton, second; east-west — Mrs. Dick Grodt and Mrs,. Robert Dreckman, first, and Mrs. Charles Fitzgerald and Mrs. Rick Antm, second. Overall winners were Mrs. Grodt and Mrs. Dreckman. The next game will be played at 9 o’clock Monday at the church. Anniversaries Katharine Graham, chairman of the board of the Washington Post Co., receives the John Peter Zenger award in Scottsdale, Ark., for her newspaper s coverage of the Watergate scandal. The University of Arizona presented the award to Mrs. Graham in recognition for her work for freedom of the press and the people’s right to know. Mrs. Graham: Press Won't Be 'Nursemaid' NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Beverly W. Thompson is seeking $21.6 million in damages from IO insurance companies because she says they based her auto insurance rates on her private life rather than her driving record. Beverly, 43 and unmarried, I claimed the firms denied her normal auto insurance because a credit company reported she “was practically living" with a man. The court I action claims she was put into a pool of bad risk auto insurance customers, despite a rec- Shot in Thumb Spoils Her Holdup Record TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - Mary Alice Williams has been held up for the 39th time in the 35 years ANNIVERSARY DANCE    she has operated the Bric-a- TO HONOR THE HERBS    Brae Carryout here. Th*' 25th wedding anniversary But Monday’s holdup was the of Mr. and Mrs. David Herb, first time she had been shot and 3323 Southland street SW, will wounded. Mrs. Williams was be celebrated Saturday with a 9 shot in the thumb in the holdup o’clock dance at VFW hall, that netted the robbers $30. Hosts are their sons, Terry Herb    - of Huntsville, Ala., and Steven STUFFED EGG VARIATION Herb of Cedar Rapids. Another If stuffed eggs are a standard son, Donald Herb, resides in,on your party menus, try this Marion. Mr. Herb and the tasty variation. Mash the yolks former Virginia Sorensen were of six hard cooked eggs with a married Jan. 12, 1949. in Moline, 4-ounce can of drained sardines, im. They have five grand- enough mayonnaise to moisten children.    and a dash of curry powder.  __Stuff the egg whites with this Turn to the Want Ads and savory filling and garnish with shop relaxed.    I sprigs of parsley. Ord of 15 years of driving without an arrest or accident. ’71 Suit The action against the insurance companies was filed Monday as an amendment to Beverly’s 1971 federal court suit against Retail Credit Co., an Atlanta-based firm. A judge must approve addition of the insurance companies as defendants in the original suit, but such approval is usually given, according to a lawyer defending Beverly. The action filed Monday charges the insurance firms with violating federal antitrust regulations. A report by the Retail Credit Co. of Alexandria, Va., said a 49-year-old man “was a constant visitor” at her apartment when she lived in Hartford, Conn., the action claims. She called the credit company report “meaningless gossip.” Incomprehensible Her attorney, Katheryn Emmett of Bridgeport, said the suit is an attack “on the basic insurance company underwriting practices which are totally incomprehensible to the average person but which serve to enrich the insurance companies. “How can anyone refute a claim of ‘practically living’ with someone? It’s like saying someone is ‘practically beating his wile,’ ” the lawyer said. resignations, convictions and indictments growing out of it, she said that Watergate showed “a pervasive, indiscriminate use of power and authority.” No other scandal, Mrs. Graham said, “has been so compounded by mistakes and mis-asscssments on the part of those under investigation.” She blamed those e.ror for prolonging and intensifying “the national anguish.” Mrs. Graham defended the Post’s reliance on leaks of information and on sources who could not be identified in reporting th** story. Th*- newspaper, she said, double-checked every bit of mat* rial before printing it and did not publish much which could not be confirmed but later turned out to be true. “We now know that. I a n g before th*- Watergate burglars, Whit*- House aide were trying in many ways ... to intimidate and discredit the* press and manipulate public opinion to their own ends,” she said. ^\CT U$£., <***% ***•■■ * % Iff A ny Decor “ CEDAR RAPIDS PAINT 509 3rd Av*. SI Phone 363-9634 More stories...and more of a story. That’s what the Gazette offers you every day. Sports to finance; politics to Hollywood gossip; police news to Home Ec features — our job is to keep you informed and entertained. Where else can you turn for all these stories and features? Only here. The place vou always turn ... when you want to know the whole story ... about Eastern Iowa and the world. CEDAR RAPIDS ANSWERS TO QUIZ: WOIt DU Off. I hunt* Walt* gait (em mtHff t; I ai 3 Internal ftonue So *H ti 4 a, S ihIko) of NI WSH AMI hi atli fume Mn,'tier OoWa Men MAirtfWOIOS I d.7 a. 1 e. 4 r, S b NIWSfl*(Ult John Mitchell, Itched (leindiemt. I Hint I i badhan SfOITUOHT I b. J calling, ) a, 4 flue, $ ling (rocky The suit charges the Retail Credit Co. with violating the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and invasion of privacy. A spokesman for Retail Credit in Atlanta said there would bt' no immediate comment on the matter. The Connecticut insurance companies named as defendants are: Aetna Casualty & Surety Co., Travelers Indemnity Co., Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co , Security Insurance Co., and Connecticut Indemnity Co. Others named as defendants are: Allstate Insurance Co., Lumberman’s Mutual Casualty Co., and American Motorist Insurance Co., all of Illinois, and Insurance Co. of North America of Pennsylvania and Federal Insurance Co. of New Jersey. A spokesman for Aetna refused comment and spokesmen for the other companies were not immediately available for comment. Jennifer Meyer Wins State Piano Title Jennifer Meyer, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Meyer of 520 Knollwood drive SE, was named first-place state winner in level D competition at the state Piano auditions sponsored by the Iowa Music Teachers Assn. The auditions took place Saturday at Central college. Miss Meyer is a student of Mrs. Harold L. Moon*. Ellis YMCA Plans Girls Slumber Party The Ellis branch of the YMCA plans a slumber party for girls Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. to 7 a m. Any girl, grade I through 6, is invited. Various activities are planned for the event. Cost is $5 with registration due by Thursday. Call the Ellis branch, 362-3176, for further information. Feed the Birds ^ JtnaH PORTRAIT SPIitlAl ]} A BEAUTIFUL NATURAL COLOR PORTRAIT BY ONE OF OUR NATIONALLY KNOVJN CHILD PHOTOGRAPHERS One 5x7 Color Portrait SATISFACTION GUARANTEED One sitting per subject One special per family Additional subjects—$1.00 (Group or individual) All ages: babies, children, adults No appointment necessary Photographer on duty DA,LY 10 am-s pm SUN.    IO AM-6 PM 2727 16th Ave. S.W. ISL—     ^ The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Jan. 15 1974 Society for Women Features Bears, Bulls And a Bird ;

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