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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A I hr Oriar Rapids Gazette: Wed.. Jan. !).    1**71 Planners Okay Annexation Idea Reject The city planning commission voted Tuesday to approve a preliminary plat of Sylvan lane first addition, after prolonged debate on whether the subdivision should be annexed to the city. The land is located about 350 feet cast of the city limits, near the end of Indian Hill road SE. The plat had been approved earlier by Linn county, but required approval from the city because it is within two miles of the city limits. A committee report recommended against approval because developer Jerome Pad-zcnsky plans to install individual wells and septic tanks for houses built in the subdivision. The city engineering department recommended, because the area is very close to city services, that Pad-zensky petition for annexation and connect to city facilities. Several residents of the arca appeared at the meeting to protest annexation. Padzensky said he is also opposed. He said he plans to have lots of at least one acre in the area, but if forced to install city water and sewer facilities he would have to create smaller lots to recoup his investment. After discussion, the planning commission rejected. 6-5, a motion to deny approval of the plat. The commission then voted unanimously to approve it. subject to conditions imposed by lion for his 1972 campaign the county and to a stipulation!actually contributed $427,000. that an extension of a proposed street be made to ensure future access through the subdivision. * * * in other business the sion: Recommended approval of a request bv Gladys Ferguson to, ,    „ p'-> PT nrnnortv o    ,0 sPend political money rezone. Kl to R-T, pioperty al    .    ..    . -White Papers- (Continued from Page I.) term upward trend in milk prices. Didn't Know of Gift For the first time, the White House said Nixon had no know I edge of a 1969 contribution of $100,000 from Associated Milk Producers, Inc., delivered to the President’s attorney, Herbert Kalmbach. However, it acknowledged that Charles Colson, former White House special counsel, wrote a memo to Nixon iii 1970 that AMP1 had pledged $2 unlit acquist billion and to restrict lions for IO Nears. It treated ITT’s San pledge as an entirely separate and unrelated matter, saying: “The President was unaware of any commitment by ITT to make a contribution ... at ihe time he took action on the anti trust ease. In fact, the President’s anti-trust actions took place entirely in April of 1971 several weeks before the ITT pledge was even made." The settlement was agreed to in principle oil July 31, 1971. Hie White House noted the announcement was followed by a one-day drop of ll percent in the market price of ITT conv schools, mon stock. "Tile IHS might decide not to issue any ruling on the papers Diego deduction, but rather lease this lo the congressional commit tee,” the story said Board Approves Tire Price Hike WASHINGTON I AIM The Cost of Living Council announced Wednesday it was appro! mg previously delayed price increases for the tire in . .    .    #    dustry averaging about 3.3 per-1 Avoids Ciosino WMH over current prices. ll also announced it will bold Baptist School Hires Teacher, Ag. Chief Tells Crackdown On Restaurant Inspections division that would give the de hearings round el MARSHALLTOWN (AP) pu,)Ij(. The Baptist Central Iowa Chris- other dan Academy has hired a eer- increases by tire tified teacher and apparently (T* avoided court action to send Jan 22 on un ity Randy Minkoff DFS MOI NFS (CPI) Iowa Agriculture Secretary Robert Aiunsberry said Wednesday his agency has launched a down on inspection of restaurant facilities across tile state. In addition, Lounsberry called better view of all Deputy Director James W , Mebane said the increases are s I u d cuts to state-approved f()|. Although the “white paper sought to separate Nixon's decision from contributions, it said tile staff prepared a briefing commis- paper for him on his 1971 meeting with dairymen which ‘‘briefly noted that the dairy lobby like organized labor — had de- $12.5 Million Conservation Funds Sought DES MOINES (UPI) - The Iowa conservation commission Tuesday voted to ask the L974 legislature for more than $12.5 million for capital improvements and for $1.3 million in supplemental operating appropriations for the next two years. Among the capital improvements, the commission asked for $1 million to develop a state resort complex on Lake Rath-bun near Centerville. The plan for the state resort on Lake Rathbun was developed about two years ago in a re-Co port to the Iowa development and the Oak Hill neighborhood commission by the Midwest Re- development program: 2923, 2923<2. 2925 and 2927 C ave nue NE; Recommended denial of a re-j quest by Louis Cl, Kellner to rezone, R-4 to M-l, property ab 1601 E avenue NE; Recommended approval of a request by the Seventh Day Ad-J ventist church to rezone, II 2 to J R-3G, property at F avenue andjment Seminole avenue NW; Recommended denial of a quest by Dan and Lillian Schwitters to rezone, RT to MT, property at highway 30 and Wiley boulevard SW; Recommended approval of a request by Robert C. Wilkes to! rezone, R-3 to R-4. property at I 330 Twenty-ninth Street SE; Recommended approval of a request by Zinser Investments, and that longtime Nixon polit! cal associate Murray Chotiner was involved. The other two dairy coopera-t i v c s involved were Mid-America Dairymen, Inc., and Dairy Men. Inc. “Telling Truth, But. . After the White House state-was released. John Butterbrodt, president of AMPL re-j told newsmen in Chicago: “Nixon is telling the truth Basically we had congress ready to propose and support a bill to raise the price support to 85 percent.” But Butterbrodt said although Nixon has answered the ques-drive lion of the price support issue. he has still not answered why an anti-trust suit was filed against AMRI in January, 1972, J after AMPI stopped contribu- IRS Says    St On Nixon Ruling Not Authorized WASHINGTON (AP) — Tho Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday that a published re- said. costs incurred by the tire oificiuls said Wednes- manufacturers up to Sept. 16. The increases were approved Glenn Jaspers, prim for Armstrong Rubber Co., ajCooper, Dunlop Tire & Rubber proposed price    , .    . manufactureon ,hti legislature to pass a bill I currently in committee that would give his department more power to enforce th*' state’s san itary regulations for operation of restaurants. Mary Sehendel day. The Rev. eipal, said former who is certified to teach students through grade eight, will begin work Monday. Mrs. Sehendel is a member of F clio w ship Baptist church, sponsor of the school, officials port that it is about to rule President Nixon underpaid his federal income tax “does not come from an authorized source.” Marshalltown teacher Corp . Firestone Tire &• Rubber Co., General Tire ti Goodrich, Goodyear Rubber Co., and Urircyal. Inc. The increases can lie made effective Jan 15 and the council said it will nobly each company of the exact amount of price increases. Issue Demerits Lounsberry said Inspectors are viewing restaurants and issuing demerits if the facility The academy, which has 32 full-time students, had applied in December for an exemption from state school standards that! insist certified teachers be on The Knight Newspaper Ser* the faculty, and that the currie-1 vice said Tuesday night that a uliun meets, state requirements. I special IRS task force “is pre-J School officials pared should have paid capital gain taxes on the sale to report that Nixon)lions granted to cited Iowa exemp- Amish No Objections. Council Adoots Revised Budrei schools as a precedent for their of part of his!own effort. The school was founded in September bv the local congee-: gabon to provide what officials! 12 to 18 months at th* called “God-centered education.” San Clemente, Calif., estate to his friends C. G. ‘Bebe’ Rebozo and Robert Abplanalp.” IRS announced last week that a new audit of the President’s tax returns was underway. The Knight story said    an    ad-    tendent verse ruling on    the San Cle-    weshiek mente property “cost the First Family about $30,000 in back taxes, plus    interest    at    six    questions about the percent a year.”    ture. The city council adopted, with no opposition, a revised budget Wednesday. The budget was en request of the state, which asked for the _ .    .    .    ,    .change    in    order    to    prepare    for    a Richard I’loegcr, supcrin-1, nsjtio to a ju)y ,.June 30 of the Marshall-Po-Joint County School System, said the hiring of Mrs. Sehendel. would probably end school’s !u- fiscal year in 1975. To arrive at figures for the extended budget, the city coun cil added 50 percent to all figures in the one-year budget .dopted earlier. payment ‘a tin* restaurants iii I In* state ’’ ••The hill was up for consider (Ti.|(.ation last year, hut the rifting commit to*' headed by Rep. Edgar Holden (H Davenport I de eided the measure was not of primary urgency,’ Lounsberry said “However, we are pushing for the legislation, which also spells out other rules, when the session begins next Monday." L ii'iTi'mtn shit* cl away from a rating classification for restaurants in Iowa smilar to procedures in other states. “When you start giving an ‘A’ Rnhhor 7"',"°    1 .1 rating for restaurants that meet Ztri talls "> "**'s,tlk'    sanitary simulant*, some «s- “lf any one restaurant haring (at>Tishmi'iits start promoting more than 40 demerits is report- ^ {ac( m a(js (}1nt they meet cd. I want to know about it im- deun gtarujarciS(” he said, mediately,” Lounsberry said. ..That-S nct the idea. We are “Should that occur, we tell the tryin(, t0 gjv0 the consumer the owners to clean ii up immedi- t)^t for Ii its money.” ate,y>    .    ,    Lounsberry    said    a    concern If the restaurant failed to meet the standards after the warning, Lounsberry en id that the facility’s license can be taken away after a series of legal hearings. “The threat of a loss of li-1974 cense and closing down of a res- do ” taurant is pretty strict and thus “However, I just feel our de-f far people have been very coop- pertinent, being a statewide •flanged bom era(ive - ix)Un*berry sa d.    ge *r\ has tho manpower and In only one instance has the department actually had a restaurant ch se down because of a failure to meet sanitary standards. has been voiced among public berth departments in various cities that having tho restaurant inspection program under the auspices of tho agriculture department would leave their or 'ny “wi brut any* bing to the labs and facilities, to handle these inspections the best way possible,” Lounsberry said. Ltd., to rezone, R-2 to BT, prop ertv at Sixth street and Twenty-1 "°ns t°'h» Nixon campaign, seventh avenue SW:    j, "Wo ‘tanged managerner Approved the final revised anuaty, 197_. and tell plat of Kirkwood acres first ad dition and street. nt rn we were not going to contribute to any easement andj presidential campaign - so we right-of-wav vacations to Day Pepped and were immediately |emment,” the story continued. hit uuh a lawsuit. Butterbrodt1 ___ said. Waterbed “Kilted” SEATTLE (UPI)- A robber Sharwood Development Co. “The IRS has not yet decided Mrs. Sehendel joins Lavonnc what position to take in regard    Friesen, another certified    teach- to another Nixon tax con-    cr. and two teacher-aides    on the troversy:    His deduction of    faculty. $576,000 from his taxable in- Officials said having both cor-woke Craig Spelling. 25, stole come for the gift of vice-    tified teachers on duty    would    $7    from his    wallet    and    then presidential papers to the gov-    mean all students would be    fired    a bullet    into    the    victim’s spections would be taught by certified instructors, waterbed, police reported. members of the food “That was in Ottumwa, and after being closed for IO days, the restaurant did an excellent job of cleaning up their es-t a b I i s h rn e n t and they reopened.” he said. Pending Law Under the pending legislation, Lounsberry said quarterly in-) made by inspection! GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For N<ws, Sports, Bookhopmq. Control Information ond Off re »s Not Intid ((low (ell    19(1711 Cirfulotion-iubxtnpt'on Dipt 390    8333 Mon thru Sot 8 a rn to 7 p rn. Sunday* Until 17 Noon Holiday* ll a rn to 7 p rn. Want Ad* ....    ....... 398    0234 Mon thru Sot 8 a rn to 5 pm. Display Advertising........ 390    8777 8 a rn to S p m Marion Offict    398    8430 search Institute of Kansas City. Mo. McGregor Area In addition to Lake Rathbun, tile institute said the McGregor arca on the Mississippi river in He’s going to gut it out one way 0f $100,OOO as part of a pledge to northeast Iowa and the Missouri or another — like a distance help underwrite a COP conven- R e-elect cd officers for 1971. —Birthday— (Continued from Page I.) ITT Intervention The eight-page ITT statement said there was no relation between an out-of-court settlement of an anti-trust ease against the corporation and ITT’s payment river area around Council Bluffs would be worthy of development as tourist centers. Commission officials said Gov. runner. Some say Nixon’s July with what was diagnosed tion in San Diego. bout F*10 case’ brought in 1969. challenged ITT acquisitions of the Grinnell Corp., the Hartford as Robert D. Ray supported the viral pneumonia hit him harder pjre insurance Co. and Canteen Lake Rathbun resort area plan than meet people know, and would include it in his meg-1    ___ sage to the legislature. The commission also voted to ask the lawmakers for: —SI million for the Open Spaces program. —$1.8 million for construction of a new state fish hatchery at the Rathbun dam. Nixon Relaxes With Drives For Pleasure SAN CLEMENTE, Calif - President Nixon has I AP) been —S1.45 million for the ant Creek Lake project Pleas- taking unannounced pleasure which drives around the countryside would provide emergency cool- during his stay In California. ing water for the Duane Arnold Corp. Colson, in a March 30. 1972. memo to H. R Haldeman. then chief of the White House staff, suggested that a 1971 memo from Ehrlichman to Mitchell might “directly involve the President” in the controversy that has surrounded the ITT settlement. In rebuttal, the White House pictured Ehrlichman as having prompted Nixon's intervention in the matter bv arguing, at a meeting on April 19. 1971, that The White House ackncwl- lire<:    , r power p an un cr eon- ec(ged Nixon took his second appealing a decision against the drive in as many days Tuesday government in the Grinnell case Brushy — but only after news reporters would violate Nixon’s conviction area Volga area struction near Palo. —$2 million for the Creek state recreation near Fort Dodge. —$3.25 million for the river state recreation near Fayette. —$1 million for the Big Creek state recreation arca north of Des Moines. In addition, the commission asked for an additional $42.-330 in operating funds for 1974. and requested $1.3 million in similar funds for 1975. Commissioners said they needed the extra funds because of increased operating costs. Alert Linked to Missile Thefts saw secret service agents racing through San Clemente in !two siren-sounding police ears and inquired if the President had been in an auto accident. Deputy Press Secretary Ger-j ald Warren at first denied agents were passengers in the California highway patrol vehicles. Later he corrected himself but said no emergency was involved. This led to speculation Nixon might have set out in a hurry, leaving some of his bodyguard to scramble in pursuit. Warren had disclosed earlier Tuesday that Nixon and his house guest C. G “Bebe" Rebozo, took a long unannounced drive Monday Again Warren that anti-trust cases should not be based on attacking bigness for its own sake. The White House said Nixon “expressed irritation with the failure" of Richard McLaren, then assistant attorney general for anti-trust, “to follow his policy.” It said Nixon telephoned Deputy Atty. Gen. Richard Kleindienst "and ordered that the appeal not be filed ” Resignation Threat The statement said that two days later Nixon withdrew the order after Mitchell reasoned with him that Griswold, “as a personal matter . . . had prepared his brief for appeal and would resign were the appeal did so only in response to a re- not to proceed.” BRUSSELS (AP) — Several porter s inquiry at a news brief- The White House said an ap-small ground-to-air missiles ing.    peal was filed, but a subsequent have been stolen in recent Other sources reported that settlement resulted in “the iarg-weeks from European military Nixon took at least three unan- est single devestiture in cor-depots, Belgian government flounced drives earlier in his porate history.” with IIT resources said Wednesday.    California stay, which began quired to dispose of subsidiaries They said the disappearance Dee. 26.    with annual sales of about $1 of the missiles touched off the alert that went into effect at European airports several days ago The sources indicated that some have been recovered The missing missiles resemble World war II bazookas. 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