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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa $ 1.3 Million Saving Reported On Interchange Project in C. R. Magistrate Court Ny Huger Green AMES — By reletting bids for Hie highway .‘JO interchange on 1-MO in southwest Cedar Rapids, tho Iowa highway commission has saved about $1.3 million. The commission Wednesday accepted low bids for the work totaling about $11.7 million. Bids for the project were rejected Nov. 7, 1973 because they were about $3 million above the engineers’ estimates. Keith Davis, commission contracts engineer, said specifica- bids were changed work caused the total to be concrete .shoulders I percent over the estimates. lions on tin to call for rather than asphalt shoulders. This move would allow the contractors to better coordinate concrete work, but could have resulted in higher costs because of the greater expense of concrete compared to asphalt. November Bids ..In November, bids for the grading portion of the contract fell within the engineers’ estimates, but bids for paving IJH Blackford Admits Weapons Charge Another Change Made in College District Schedule Energy concerns have caused another change in school hours i n the College Community school district. Supt. James G. Bayne announced Tuesday night kindergartens students will begin attending all day every other day effective Jan. 29. The change will last for the rest of the year and is expected to save about $3,600 in gasoline and driver costs. 'Hie procedure was tried experimentally last year. Kindergartners now attend school for a half day every day. Details of the new schedule, such as which days the children will attend school, will be worked out by the elementary school. Additional Help Rayne said additional paraprofessional help will be hired to assist the kindergarten teachers in handling the youngsters all day. The school district Monday until the students board the buses in the morning and after they leave the buses at the end of the day. The board adopted the 1974-75 school year calendar Which calls for students to begin classes on Aug. 22, with Christmas vacation running from Dec. 23 through Jan. I. Classes for students will end May 30. Accepted Gift The board accepted the gift of two basketball scoreboards for the high school gymnasium from the Lonnie Christensen memorial fund. Christensen, a Prairie high school student, was killed last fall in a motorcycle accident and his family donated the scoreboards in his memory. The resignation of Chuck Bostal as Prairie high school football coach was accepted. Ile will remain a teacher at the school. Gary looper, a physical education teacher and assistant football coach, wras appointed announced its starting time I by the board to replace Dostal would change from 8:10 a.m. to as football coach 8:40 a m. beginning Wednesday because of the country’s return to Daylight Saving time. School officials considered the darkness at 7 a.m. and the cold weather created unsafe conditions for children walking to their bus stops. Other Business In other business, the school board Tuesday night adopted a revised policy on school bus conduct. The addition to the policy states that parents are responsible for (supervision of students Trudeau Trip OTTAWA (UPI)—Prime Minister Trudeau is planning a trip to Europe next month to talk about improved trade arrangements, and hopes to visit Brussels and Vienna. taut disregard” of the Town borrowing public. ISPIRG Director Betsey Seaman said the committee re-j sported to pressure from creditors rather than a concern for Iowa consumers when they! raised interest rates. She said ISBERG is “ospe-Itobcrt Blackford, jr., Palo, dally shocked” by the commit-! pled guilty last week in rnagis fees (loci si on recommending trate’s    court to an    amended    lifting    rate ceiling from    recharge    of    manner of convey*    volving    charge accounts. atlee and    was fined    $25 and    “Representatives of the com costs.    menial interests claim that the He was charged with carrying cost of extending credit is about a .38 cal. revolver on Dec. 18.    18 percent,” Mrs. Seaman said, l“Why    give them license    tx sales! busi- Hutchins Fined $25 On Assault Count James Hutchins, 1025 Twenty-) seventh street, Marion, was found guilty Monday in magistrate’s court on a charge of assault and battery and was fined $25 and costs. He was charged with assault ! ing Nancy Butler on Nov. 21. Jensen Bound to On the second round, the grading bids increased slightly, but paving bids dropped, creat ing the $1.3 million decrease. The bids were still about $1.67 million over estimates under the earlier specifications, but were slightly less than the new estimate, Davis said. He blamed uncertainty on fuel supply shortages for the excessive bids last time. ..“We still have a lot of that, but I think our estimators are spotting that,” be said. The delay should have no effect on the work schedule for the project, Davis reported. It was too late to begin work during the last construction season even when the bids were rejected in November. Work can still start in the .spring and Davis does not anticipate the delay affecting the final completion date. The work will carry over about a two - and - a - half - year period. A combination of three Iowa companies were awarded contracts on a majority of the work. K. B. Burch, Inc., Cedar Rapids; E. M. Duesenberg, Inc., Des Moines, and McCarthy Improvement Co., Davenport, submitted combination low bids on all but one portion of the project. H a n s o n Construction Co., Washington, submitted a low bid of $327,183.50 for a twin concrete box culvert on the highway 30 portion of the interchange. The following low bids were submitted by the three-company combination: A total of $392,826.13 for re-cn-forccd culverts for both highway » 30 and 1-380 portions of the projects. 7,725,572.73 for grading and' Ruth Duke, Waterloo, pled paving work on the 1-380 portion guilty last week in magistrate’s of the interchange; $3,218,779.26 court to an amended charge of (make profits from credit when they are not in the mess of lending money?” Starting Time Of 9 A.M. Set At C-L School MRS. FRANK STASTNY i nuincM mu U i t a I Mrs> John Zlatohlavek, 392 LOWDEN — The board of cdu-!t.. .    ..    .    . cation of tho Clarencc-LowdeniS‘xteenth awnu,; rc'celvtd school has approved a school a cerW*cate of appreciation) starting time of 9 a m. starting Monday from the Sokolice Ren-Linn Grand Jury Jan. 9 and continuing till March ata Tyrs Gymnastic Assn. George Jensen, no address, 1    .    *..    ..    , The certificate, presented on was bound over to the grand . ,s ( ,,n^! J’1 fl 0M[ ,usos behalf of the association by out-jury following a preliminary ^^"nC'ha'f h°Ur la,crgoing President Mrs. Frank Dismissal times in the after- Geisha, is “for a lifetime of noon remain the same.    devotion and service to Sokol in The extra half hour is made!all areas, both in gymnastics! Sokols Honor 'Tl"‘    *»-•.    »■ ha Mrs. Zlatohlavek, Role in Guidebook, C.R. Instal I Officers T ,    ~    ,    ,    . . I eacher bets Jaycee Honor A leacher who had a hand in developing a guidebook for elementary physical education in the Cedar Rapids schools has been named the Cedar Rapids Jaycees outstanding young educator. James Patterson, 32, a Coolidge physical education instructor, will be presented the award Thursday evening at the Cedar Rapids Jaycees annual award night at Kennedy high school auditorium. The program starts at 8 p.m. Patterson served one year as chairman of the curriculum development committee which developed the guidebook. Patterson establishes behav-objectives for each unit, hearing last week . in magistrate’s court on a charge of malicious injury to a building. He is charged with setting fire to blankets and a mattress in' UP during the day by shortening:and ,he unit. the Linn county jail on Dec. 23. the noon tlme- cilminat,nK homc Man Is Sentenced On Amended Charge David fourth week in i.ioKiouaie a uuui. u, en Thomson wjn    hfi movj    Qut    of amended charge of larceny less (|    .    . dj ,    , . than $20 and given a 30-day SUS- R    aU#r. pended jail sentence.    haJ    tod He was charged with taking , ,    .. tools valued at more than $20 vacancy from Carroll E. Powell on Nov.; Freese.g appoin)ment    will    bc VVI   4.    ■    i .    .    . Mrs. Zlatohlavek has been ac- room time and shortening'.    . recess in the grade school.    e    in    ^et^ar Rapids Sokol con cuss time of the students will tinuously since 1922, when she not be affected.    came to the United States from lur and gives each student a copy of the objectives at the beginning of the unit. Goals for Both The goals are geared so that both the highly skilled and low achievers can meet some degree of success. “I teach using the positive approach and try to say something to at least half of my children in each class each period,” he commented. “This helps to let them know I know they are important.” Patterson has served physical director and is on the board of instructors. She is be-1 ginning her ninth consecutive) year as secretary of the unit. At the same meeting, Mrs,, j Frank J. Stastny, 67 Twenty-effective until the next regular j first avenue SW, was installed an appoint-board to fill the years. Over 300 students have participated in the meet the last two years at Taft junior high school. YMCA Board Charge Is Amended, Woman Pleads Guilty election las new president. Other officers j installed were Mrs. Richard jPetrzalek, first vice-president;] I Mrs. Richard Kittrell, second ■ vice-president; Mrs. Clarence Pochobradsky, financial secre- ■ _    ,    .    A    house    moving    dolly    valued    |tary; Mrs. Robert Hruska, trea- f2r    a«    pav!"g    WH    »imgiiSSr^    “    at «-300 reported stolen over surer' Mrs- Charles Kopccck. the highway 30 portions of the j fined $100 and costs.    j     t____1 t________ 1______ board of trustees, and Mrs. Zia- House Moving Dolly Recovered project. Nixon Gives Promotion to She was charged with shoplift-j the weekend has now been re- tohlavek secreta^y. ing goods more than $20 from K) covered.    Installing    officer mart, 180 Dec. 8. Collins road NE, on was Past Naxera of Two Men Injured in Mishap at Station CORALVILLE - A freak accident at a Coralville service station Tuesday injured two Io\ya City men. tho accident occurred at 1 p.m. when Dan Peterson and Doug Marberry were pushing a car from a service stall at Quinn’s Texaco station on highway 6 in Coralville. the clutch was accidentally engaged by tho man .steering the car. The car jerked forward and struck the two men. Tile two were taken to Mercy hospital in Iowa City where they were treated for leg injuries and released. Middle' East Expert co Recommendation on Credit Draws Fire SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) — Middle East authority Joseph Sisco will be nominated to succeed William Porter as undersecretary of state for political ;v**n***** Sisco has been assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs since 1969 and is considered one of the affairs, the western White department’s top authorities on credit committee for its “bla-|cii'street NE extension House has announced.    ,    the    Middle East. Porter will be nominated as; In Ottawa, Porter will succeed ambassador to Canada, a presidential spokesman said. Sisco, a career foreign service officer, had announced plans of leaving the state department to accept the presidency of Hamilton college in New York. But spokesmen said President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger persuaded him to change his mind and remain in the diplomatic corps. As undersecretary for political affairs, Sisco will hold the No. 3 job in the department. Everett Walton, 1802 L street President Mrs. Milo SW, said he left the dolly next to Solon, the Glen Burrell farm on the extension of C avenue NE and that it was taken between t’rMau JAKARTA, Indonesia (LPH— — The I and Sunday. Bans Luxury JAMES PATTERSON No Iowa City School Change In Hours Slated IOWA CITY - The Iowa City Community school board Tuesday night accepted a recommendation of Supt. Merlin Ludwig not to alter school hours despite Daylight Savings time. Ludwig introduced the matter saying he opposed changing school schedules because other businesses and public schedules i were staying the same. Ludwig suggested additional reflector lights be placed at student pickup points. The board met at Henry Sabin school. A large number of parents of children at Sabin protested a possible closing of the school. The closing is currently under study because enrollments are not as large as expected and the need for economy throughout the school system. Sabin is currently an experimental study school featuring more one on one instruction than usual. A number of parents praised the school as “innovative and successful.” One pupil, almost in tears, said she had previously been too shy to communicate effectively, but that her instructors at Sabin had “made all the difference in the world.” was taken between Friday , , „„    .    _ j    The Indonesian government ban- DES    MOINES (UPI) — I In; i and Sunday.    n(Xj ^ impQrt 0f luxury cars Iowa Student Public Interest Re- ; Walton said Tuesday the dolly Tuesday and said it would even- search    Group Tuesday criti- was    located    across    from    the    tually close the country’s night- cized the legislature’s consumer j Dry    Creek stables    on    the    Coun-    clubs, steambaths and massage parlors. An active board member of the Ellis branch YMCA, Patterson has served as board secretary and recently as captain of a membership drive I team. Patterson received his bachelor and master's degrees from the University of Iowa in physical education.    He taught one year at Grant    Wood    and seven years at Coolidge. In addition, he coached four years at Taft junior high and teaches classes through Kirkwood Community college. He and his wife, Sue. have a daughter, Melissa Sue, 9 months- They reside at 1002    vt AKS AG0 _ Gov Dover street NE.    (on    0,    Pennsylvania    said    lie    was attempting to discourage any et-Lost items are    found    fast    forts    to    project    him    as    a    can- when you use a    “lost    and    didate for    the    Republican    presi- found” want ad. Dial 398-8234. idential nomination. Adolph Schmidt, whose resigna-j tion was accepted with regret I by President Nixon. In another announcement, the White House disclosed Nixon’s ; selection of Rep. William Mail-liard (R-Calif.) as permanent U. i S. representative to the Organi-(z a t i o n of American States (OAS) with rank of ambassador. Mailliard is ranking Republican on the house foreign affairs committee. As envoy to the OAS, he will succeed Joseph John Jova, who has been named ambassador to Mexico. You Get Lots More at SMU LE KOF FS 2*/i cere* of •verything for the home Open Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. JANUARY SAVINGS SMU LE KOF FS 2 Vi torts of everything for tho homo Dropery Dept., 2nd Floor / Open Thursday ’til 9 p.m. Smulekoffs Custom-Made UPHOLSTERY SALE Save 20% on Fabric AND Labor! omplete! Installed Over Rubber Padding! Now is the time to replace favorite but worn furniture at a savings of 20%. The savings is not only on tho fabric you choose, but also on the labor which is done in our own workroom. Stop in this week and choose from a special, but largo, group of colorful upholstery fabrics, and lot us handle the rest. 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