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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa By Jay Sharbutt Today For Better Health The Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Mon., Feb., 25, 1974 This    and That NEW YORK (AP) -Today is Miscellany day. First up: The question of whether CBS' top-rated “Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” will survive the marital split of its two stars this week. Sonny Bono, 37, said through a spokesman he’s seeking a legal separation from Cher, 27, the singing partner he married in October 1964. He cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for his action. According to CBS-TV’s programming chief, Fred Silverman, the couple only has one more show to tape for the current season. But he said he didn’t know yet if it’ll be back next fall. “Things are fluid,” he understated when asked what effect the Sonny and Cher separation will have on the future of their show. He was asked if it’ll be off CBS’ fall schedule should they get a divorce. * * * “I don’t know,” he replied. “We’re having meetings to discuss the situation and I’d rather not give you an answer right off the top of my head.” However, he added, a decision will have to be made by the end of March because “we’re going to set our programming schedule” for the 1974-75 season in the week beginning March 18. “The Sonny, and Cher” show, now in its third season, first aired in August 1971 as a summer replacement series on CBS-TV. Paul Duke, an NBC News correspondent in Washington for IO years before taking the plunge into public TV three weeks ago, says the transition is going well, generally speaking. The biggest problem “is getting used to doing things at a different pace and on a longer-range basis,*’ said Duke, 47, now a correspondent for the National Public Affairs Center for Television. * * * “By that, I mean I’ve been an old-fashioned journalist who’s been used to the daily deadline all his life,” said Duke, one of the few top broadcast- newsmen with both a wire service and newspaper background. His current deadlines are for three weekly half-hour NPACT shows — “Washington Week in Review”, "Washington Straight Talk” and “Washington Connection”. Duke said he’s had no second thoughts about leaving NBC because “I feel public television could be on the threshold of really doing great things if it solves its money problems. “The audience is up substantially, stations want more Washington programming and there’s a greater need because of Watergate now to explain and elaborate on what’s going on in Washington.” * * * An attempt to explain and elaborate on the phenomena of the 16-year-old Maharaj Ji — he’s known in some circles AS “The Perfect Master” — was shown on public TV Sunday. The show, called “Lord of the Universe”, centered on the three-day happening the guru held last November at the Houston Astrodome. It was videotape verity from San Francisco’s Top Value Television crew. Alas, it was not their best effort, although I must admit I saw the show after reading a National Lampoon essay on the rigors of guru life, written by a purported holy man name Baba Rum Raisin. Baba Rum said it all and Sunday’s show seemed only a footnote. Weakening of Urinary Tract Gallup: GOP Strength Far Below Normal May Cause Stress Incontinence By Dr. S.L. Andelman Today let’s discuss a problem that is causing much embarrassment lo one of my readers. She’s suffering from stress incontinence; she can’t control her urinary functions when she’s under stress. Stress incontinence is present when any amount of urine is released accidentally because control is lost while coughing, straining or sneezing, The condition is believed to be due to a weakening of the urinary tract muscles or the inability of the tissues that support the bladder neck and urethra to function properly. Women afflicted with stress incontinence are usually over 40, have borne children and often have some degree of urethral or bladder hernia. But the problem may also affect women who have neither been pregnant nor had any pelvic-area injuries. Not Understood Stress incontinence is not fully understood. The weakening of or damage to urinary muscles can be due to any of several factors — unusual stretching or relaxation, as well as other complications of difficult childbirth. Another cause may be complications of surgical procedures on the bladder, urethra or adjoining vaginal wall. I n addition to coughing, straining or sneezing, the incontinence may result from laughing, lifting heavy articles or getting up from a chair. Sometimes the problem is only temporary as when it appears late in a normal pregnancy, possibly from pressure by the size and weight of the growing baby. Dr. S. L. Andelmari Surgery is usually required to correct permanent stress incontinence. A variety of methods are used since there is neither one cause nor one treatment for all such cases. Exercises Exercises are sometimes pre- PKINULTON, N. J. (AP) -The latest Gallup poll stows Republican strength for this fall’s congressional elections at, .scribed by gynecologists to help the lowest level in the 38 years restore muscle strength, particularly in milder cases or in ppnn/:.*n llrnpc younger women. They involve ® UVIcin Urge5 tightening the urinary muscles, Elections Soon as if to stop urination, repeated LIMA, Peru (AP) - The lead-ly for 15 minutes at a time. The cr of Peru’s largest political patient should repeat this three1 Party urged the nation’s mili-tirnes a dav    tary r<‘8ime Saturday to hold .«    ,    ,    ,    elections fcoon and return the After several weeks, she can ,.oun(ry ,() „ constilutionai ad. reduce the exercise to one 15- ministration, minute period daily if she feels “We hope that the right of the the problem is coming under people to elect their own gov-control. These exercises can be e r n rn e n t will be respected the Gallup organization has been taking such surveys. The polling organization asked a total of 3,183 registered voters iii two national .surveys in January which party they would rather sec win the congressional election in their home, districts. The Democratic party enjoys a 2-1 load, 58 percent to 29 percent, with 13 percent undecided. A Gallup spokesman said the results indicate t h e COP would suffer a loss far greater than the average 29 - seat loss suffered by the President’s party in off-year elections in this century. The pollsters said the national nature of the survey snakes it impossible to determine how many house seats each party might occupy alter the next election. But they said the margin could be wider than the 295 to 140 majority the Democrats held after the landslide victory of Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. I The Gallup organization pointed out that previous surreys have shown the Republican share of the vote increases as voter turnout decreases, which it often dors in off-year elections. Television Listings BRIDGE 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWI..TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse 10—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KUN-TV, Iowa Gty 13—WHO-TV, De* Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Monday Night 6:00 9-Wild Wild West 2-Action News 7—News, Weather, Sots. 3- News, Weather, Sots. 4-News, Weather, Spts. 6-6 O'clock Edition *—News, Spts., Weather 10—News, Weather, Spts. 12-Where There s a Will 11—News, Weather, Spts. 40—Lassie 6:15 12—Inside Out 6:30 ? To Tell Truth 7—Sanford and Son 3—Let s Make a Deal 4—Dusty's Trail 4—ttollvwood Squares I—Nashville Music 10—Bobby Goldsboro 12—Consultation IT—Sanford and Son 40—Great Sports I emends 7:00 9 Hookies . 2—Gunsmoke 7—Magician 3 Rookies 4 ■ Gunsmoke 6 -Magu tan 1- Gunsmoke 10—Magician 12-Sner tai of the Week ti-Magician 40 Rookies 8:00 9—ABC Monday Movie "Hard Contract* 2—Here s Lucy 7-NBC Movie - “Scalphunters" 3 ABC Mondov Movie— ••Hard Contract’* 4—Here s Lucy 6 -NRC Movie -“Si alphunter s'* B Here s Lur y 10—NSC Movie-“St alphunteri" 13- NBL Movie-- • Srnlphunter s' 40- AHC Monday Movie “Hard Contract'' 8:30 2—pick Van Dyke, 4—Dick Van Dyke 11—Dirk Van Dyke lf—America on the Rocks . 9:00 2»-Medical Center 4—Medical Center 1 Medn al < enter 12- Washington Straight Tolk 9:30 12 T heater Mar abr c 10:00 9—Eyewitness News 2 Action News 7- News. Weather, Spts. 3— NewsbtQt 4 News, Weather, Spts. 6 to O'Clock Edition I News, Spts . Weather to News, Weather, Spts., 12—Day at Night I J- News. Weather, Spts. 40—Newsline 10:30 V Wide World of I ntertainment 7 (HS Movie “Designing Woman" I anight Wild wild West . I onight CHS Movie “Designing Woman" -Tonight -David sussklnd I (might Wide Wor Id of I ntertainment 11:30 4 Rawhide 12 OO I -Last Word 7 -1 omoi r ow a Tomorrow 10 Tomorrow 11 I amar raw 12 TO « Country Music Tuesday Morning 6:30 7 Sunrise Semester 4 -Garner Ted Armstrong I -Sunrise Semester 7:00 9 - Garner Ted Armstrong 2—CBS News 7 -Today 4—CBS New* 6—Today •-CBS News lf) ■ Todov !3 - today 7:30 9 Romper Room 3—America Sings 8:00 9—New Zoo Revue 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3— Sesame Street 4—Cupt. Kangaroo I CApt Kangaroo 8:30 9 Morning Show I ? In St hool 9:00 9 - Mike Douglas I-Joker's Wild J Dinah's fiat e 3- Kid Power 4 -Joker's Wild A Dinah's thai e •-Joker * Wild 10—Dinah's Plate 12—Sesame Street 13—Dmoh s Place 9:30 7 - un OOO Pyramid 7 Jeopardy 3—Dr Brothers 4 \ IO OOO Pyramid a Jeopardy h SH) OOO Pyramid to -jeopardy It Jeopardy 10:00 9—All My Children 4 •- IO Gambit Wizard of Odds Galloping Gourmet Gambit Wizard of Odds Gambit Wizard of Odds - In School Wizor d of Odds Not for Women Only 10:30 9 -Brady Bunt h 2- I orc of I de 7-Hollywood Square* 3-Br ady Bunch 4-Love of Lift 6 Hollywood squares I— I ave of I de 10 Hollywood Squares 11 Hollywood Square* 40- Br ady Bunch 11:00 9 Password 2 Y ming and Restless J lilt kpof 3 Password 4 Young and Restless 6—Jackpot I i aung and Restless IO -Jar kpof 13—jackpot 40 Password 11:30 spilt Second T nmorrow ll riffle spilt Se»end I amor raw Bottle I omo* r OW Baffle Baffle Spilt Set ond Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 9 I yewltness News News, Weather News News Du k Van Dyke Noon f aition Normtime News. Weather, Spts In S< bool News All My Children 12:15 I town and ( aunt! y 10 Virginia 11 Caf Innas 12:30 9 I el s Make a Oea! I As the World I ut as I three on a Matt h I As the World I ut ns 4 As die World turns —Three on a Match As the World I or as Three on a Match 12 Electric Company I J—Movie 40—Let s Make a Deal By Oswald & James Jacoby Jim: “The opposite of the single-suit play has to be the allsuit play where declarer must consider all four suits.” Oswald: “Here is one from this year’s blue-ribbon pairs. South’s four-spade call was one 1:00 9—Newlywed Gam# 2—Guiding Light 7 Days of I Ives J Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light 4—Days of Lives I—Guiding Light IO Days of I Ives 12 In Si bool 40--Newlywed Game 1:30 9-Girl In My LII# 2 Edge of Night 7 Doctors 3 Girl In My I it# 4 I dgc of N ight 6—Doc IWS 0 t age of Night in Doctors 40 Ga I In My Life 2:00 9 Genet al Hospital 2 Pr ii e Is Wight ’ Another War Id 3 General Hospital 4 Price Is Right A Another Wot sd I — Pm e Is W.ght 10 Another World I J—Another World 40 General Hospital 2:30 9 One I de lo I Ive 7 Match Game 7 -How To Sui vwe a Marriage 3—On# Life To Llv# a Match Ga ate 6—Mow To Survive a Marriage 1—Match Game IO -How t o Sui vive a Mon inge 13—How To Survive a Mor ridge 40 One I de To I ive 3:00 9~i ova, American Style 2—Tattletales 7- Somer set 3—1 ove. American Style 4—Tattletales A - Somerset §—f atllelaies IO—Somerset 12—Super vision 13 Somerset 40 Movie 3:30 9— GlUtfon's Island • 2 Dr Ma* 7 What s MV Line.' 3 All My Children 4 Mike Dougtai 6—Car loons * Bewitched TO Not tor Women Only I? Bridge I J—F loppy 4:00 t -Star Trek 7 Bonanza J Not tor Women Only a (connie I—Star Trek to Brittonic I? Mister agers 11 Mer v Gi dim 4:30 I Bewiti hrd 3 Let1* Make Deal 4 Hogan’* Heroes 6 Mer v Griffin I? Sesame Streel 5:00 9 ABC News ! Consequences 7 -Dragnet i Nrwsfeatures 4 Gllllgttn s Island I Consequent es ll) MimstriS 40 ABt News NORTH A K 109 * Q852 ♦ KJ74 483 WEST 4 853 VK ♦ /\ 96 4.SKJ976 25 ii CAST 62 J9764 ♦ 8532 4 IO 5 SOUTH (I)) ♦ z\ g J 7 4 ♦ A IO 3 ♦ gio 4 g 4 2 North-South vulnerable West North East South 14 Pass 44 2+    24 3+    34 Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-AK I of those bids that just should not: be made. He had passed at two spades. When he bid four he was trapping his partner.” Jim: “His decision was a I good one. Four spades can’t be j I beaten. What happened?” Oswald: “West started with three rounds of clubs. South hat! to ruff the third one in dummy. East discarded a heart. Then South led a diamond to his i queen. West won and led the: suit back. South won with his IO Cashed his ace of trumps. Led a trump to dummy’s king and tried to discard his IO and trey | of hearts on the good diamonds As he explained later, he was I very unlucky since W'est held the long trump and East the long diamond.” Jim; “The bad luck was that| South forgot all about the fourth suit. He could have laid down his acc of hearts before playing ace and king of trumps. The singleton king would have dropped. South could have drawn all the trumps, entered dummy with the queen of hearts to make his last heart discard on the king of diamonds and claimed his contract.” V*CRRDJb**44 The bidding bas bren: VS cst North Fast South 1 + Ba vs 14 Pas* 44 Pa sa 54 Rasa ? 5:30 I vewitnAss Nrwi ( BS Nrw. NIM Nrw% AH( New* c BS News NHI New* ( BS News NBi New* I let It ii t ompnny NHI New* Newsline You, South, hold: 4 \ K 7 ti ? \ K 7 t* 43 2 AK IO 3 What do you do now? A —Hid live hearts to show control of that suit. Your partner is interested iii slam. TOI) \ Y’N IR FN HON You bid live hearts and your pa it i lei J ump't o si x spat! es, What do you do now ’ Answer Toluol l ow accomplished at home if they are practiced regularly, but many women fail to do so unless regularly supervised by medical birthday, personnel.    He    was    79    on    Saturday soon,” Victor Raul Baya de la Torre, told 35,000 cheering sup-' porters at an annual rally on his You can do 'AV*..; '* 1 ,vr    ■    <    '    if?    y    jv Iii    .    ’    >    ,•* the energy crisis! .Ii,(ii '•i h i'iiir 'fi! —v'sl! tr se Modal HR-4 Buy a MICROWAVE^OVEN made only by/4fftai»ar SAVE 50-75% OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD — NONE IS WASTED! The Amana Radarange Microwave Oven is the most efficient energy-saving way to cook! You can make big savings In the electricity you use!* 56*/* SAVINGS — 4 th. Beef Roast 63*/* SAVINGS —4 (8 oz) Baked Potatoes 61*/* SAVINGS —Two Layer Yellow Cake 78*/s SAVINGS — Frozen Broccoli (10 oz. boil in pkg.) •Comparison of microwave oven and electric range made by Sacramento utility District. From the Amana Test Kitchen: 72*/* SAVINGS —2 lb. Baked Whole Chicken 70*/* SAVINGS —4 Lobster Tails (frozen 8 oz. each) 51*/» SAVINGS —11 lb. Turkey 50'/* SAVINGS •—1 cup of Instant Coffas 12*/* SAVINGS from tho Fry Pan — 4 Hamburgar Patties (4 oz. aa.) Uses less electricity and saves time, tool • Cooks most foods in */* the normal time • Automatic Timer Control eliminates useless cooking time and saves energy, too. • Only the food gets hot. No massive heat build up like conventional ovans. • Operates-on 115 volts. No special wiring needed. Energy savings will vary with the portion* and type of food*. The food* shown are typical food* and potion*. Some other foods or portions will fall below 50% savings and others will be considerably more than 75% savings. OPEN TONIGHT 'TIL 9 p.m. Prices Start at $ 349 95 Where do you want the freezer in your new Amana refrigerator... on the side? on the bottom? on the top? An ana gives you a choice lf you want your zero degree beezer on the side, there s the Amana Stde-by-Side. Or you can have it on the top ct the bottom They're all Free-O'- f rost in both the retral orator and freezer. And every Amana has two independent temperature controls, one for the freezer, one for the refrigerator, there's a "refrigerator-wishm-a-refrigerator" that keep* moat flesh up to twice as long as an ordinary meat keeper And a high humidity compartment that keeps vegetables flesh up to three weeks V Come and look at the choices Amana has for you.Then choose the one you want from gold, avocado, Copperton or white. SMULEKOPF’S 3rd Ave. At First St. S.E., Downtown Cedar Rapids Tonight, one great show after another! 5:00    &    JI Evening News With Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner Make if a point to watch these two people, they've got a lot to tell you about! 5:30 Eyewitness News Keep ahead of what s happening in Eastern Iowa, keep watching TV 9’s experienced news team! 6:00 Wild Wild West West and Gordon play host to Sultan Ramapur and his intended gift to President, a sacred white elephant! 7:00 Rookies Two teen-agers in cadet-cop program, an officious militant and a cop hater, give Terry and Willie a rough time! TY mmm 8:00 “Hard Contract" Jomes Coburn, Lee Remick star as two very cool, very world-weary persons caught in brutal world of intrigue! 10:00 Eyewitness News lf you are looking for on easy-going, full-coverage news report, look to this one! MYSTERY    f    ^ 10:30    -    A “Kiss Mo & Dio” An American seeking his missing brother finds chilling horror and murdei instead! George Cho kins stars. [WIP ll IID TV9 ;

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