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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- I**®lr JI n d warmer Monday through Tues-day. Kaw tonight near 20. High Tuesday around IO, VOLUME 92 NU IM BIOH 4(1 CSJ CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Kalmbach: Guilty of 2 Charges Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON - President Nixon’s personal lawyer, Her-bert Kalmbach, pleaded guilty Monday to two charges of violation of campaign practices laws growing out of the 1970 congressional elections. Judge John Sirica deferred sentencing until a probation department report is submitted. Kalmbach was charged with soliciting $3.9 million in funds for an illegally organized campaign committee and with offering a European ambassadorship to J. Fife Symington. Didn’t Get Post On the latter charge, Kalmbach was accused of soliciting $100,000 from Symington in return for the promise of the ambassadorship. Symington, who was ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago at the time, was not appointed to any European post. The first charge involving the illegal committee carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The second charge involving the promise of an ambassadorship carries a maximum fine of one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. In a letter to Kalmbach’s attorney, special prosecutor Leon Jaworski said that the charges to which the 52-year-old attorney pled “will dispose of pending or potential charges based on matters presently known to this office.” Kalmbach. senior partner of a J prominent Los Angeles law firm, stood silently in court while the charges were read. He answered “yes” each time Sirica asked if he agreed whh the government’s allegation. Vague Tie to *72 Both charges were related to the 1970 congressional campaigns and not directly with the Watergate case. Federal prosecutors said, however, that the $100,000 from Symington was considered advance support for the 1972 presidential campaign as well. Prosecutors said that bach would be called as ai witness in future Watergate) cases and that he might be I W W *    WW* I Simon: Long Gas Lines Estimates May Spur Rationing Down 24/c WASHINGTON (AP) - Energy chief William Simon says: he would have to recommend! gasoline rationing if the visible inconvenience of lengthy service; station lines became wide-, spread. program OO Minutes, the shah, whose country is not involved in the boycott, said the U.S. is receiving as much imported oil as in the past. Asked if he feels the energy shortage may be connected to From 1972 By Chuck Roberts But,    he    said    on    NBC’s    Meet I    TZI DES M0INES IAP) - Iowa the    Press    Sunday, “at    this timefe™ f^ Jh /h    -atd "wcH^ some !nCXt ,n°,nth is CXpCCt<‘d lo rn* (ye, the sh<ih    saio. well, some- ceiV(, on|y jq percent of the fuel thing is going    on for sure ”    :    it received in March of 1972, And when    asked who was jowa commerce commission being enriched by it, he re-'chairman Maurice Van No- sponded: “The oil companies.” [ strand said Monday. Asks Investigation    “That’s    the best the oil com- P’ollowing the broadcast Rep. Pan*es ( an do, ’ he explained. —UPI Telephoto WARMER RELATIONSHIP — Secretary of State Kissinger embraces Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmi in Washington Sunday, the eve of Kissinger's new peace mission. The relationship between the two countries has grown increasingly friendly, with Egypt giving full support to U.S. efforts to secure an Israeli-Syrian disengagement. Optimistic Kissinger to Mid-East the shortages and long lines are really concentrated in the met-, ropolitan areas .. .” Ile said the extra allocations and other efforts of the Federal Energy Office are aimed at “trying to reduce the suffering and bardship and inconvenience!clarence that is being caused to American people .. .” Hard Conversation Asked if he felt President Nixon would approve a recommendation for rationing, Simon {said they “would have a long, hard conversation if I made the I recommendation, but I wouldn’t presuppose what his decision might be.” Some members of congress are again calling for full scale gasoline rationing. “I think rationing is the only answer, because in that way you can get away from this inequitable distribution which has plagued the gasoline situation over the past several months,” Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.) told UPI in an interview. Long (D-Md.) the! for a congressional investiga-j I tion. J “This confirms what most Americans have been thinking! all along and comes right from! headquarters. The statement of! the shah suggests fraud on the! part of the oil companies and! congress has to get the facts im-: mediately,” said Ix)ng. But Simon said the government “has solid and hard numbers” on oil imports and that under its definition, the embargo is fully effective. “I deem the shah’s charges (Continued: Page 3. Col. 7.) called < a,*ec* die anticipated March level a “pretty tough curtailment.” Mansfield said some areas of the country have more gasoline! than they need while others Court Takes Case on Car Repossession Iowa received 86 percent of February, 1972, level this month. The year 1972 is used as an average base year because iud supplies were already curtailed somewhat last year. Van Nostrand, one of Gov. Robert Ray’s chief energy ad-; visers, said that although there is “a lot of stress” on February 1 gasoline supplies the situation I ‘ isn’t as bad as it could be.” He had predicted that Iowa I would experience serious gasoline problems before February was over. But Van Nostrand said most service stations have stayed open, and the snow that fell in recent days slowed up driving, (cutting down gas consumption. Each oil company is required I to tell state officials how much WASHINGTON (UPI) - The,^011*10 they P,ari t0 shlP to man mey need wnue uiners!SUDreme rour* aErped Monday!Iowa eacb month. The figures have long lines of cars at filling.    are    due    ti due the 25th dav of the Xh Z~ga"    'r    andirin,    mon, finanrMai    ——»    Van Nostrand said stations and rationing is 31^“^.,!™’“'““'!' *an On the other hand,    Sadat pre-;voted a new    lease by the Securi- .. ‘    ..    .    . . . „    V    he justices < cled a Kissinger success As ty Council    sa,d he t‘m<“10 s,a? ful1 ra,lon- arguments and State Jo-1months ago    in my    * • think1 senti Sisco,    who is accompany- °Plnl01?    ,    .,    , to the Middle I st„ron«I>' ,hcJas trip also would WASHINGTON (AP) — Secre-jfourth mission in the Middle tary of State Kissinger    left for    East. He would not be    going if    dieted the Middle East Monday with    he did not expect some    success,    happened in the disengagement. Undersecretary high hopes that he can bring a this official said.    on    the Egyptian front, list of war prisoners to Israel! “No Concessions”    !can ** dono on the    Sy***30jinS Kissinger from Syria in mid-week, clear-1    ‘    front,” he said at the same con-East. said the ing the way for disengagement But Syrian President Hafez ference.    include a stop in Saudi Arabia. talks between the two October)Assad, attending the Islamic    He indicated the Arab oil em- war foes.    I    summit in Lahore. Pakistan,] »    „    bargo would be discussed. Even the “incredible    Israeli    was <\uoted 35 sa>ing    “s-vria    If Kissinger obtains the pris-    “j thjnk we    have    an    un. cabinet situation” does    not de-    "'N never make any    conces-    oners list, as expected, it would paralleled opportunity    to    make tract from Kissinger’s op-!s*ons *n demand f°r ® fall mect ,be principal Israeli pre- progress,” Sisco remarked on timism, said a senior U.S. 0f-| JsraeH withdrawal from Golan requisite for ^negotiations with jthe CBS-TV “Morning News” program about upcoming Mid- alike and give them assurance ; instead of chaos.” Senator Clifford Case (R-N.J. financial institutions to repossess automobiles without either! advance notice or a hearing. The justices accepted for oral! a decision next fall or winter a test case from; I ve been advocating it Cbicag0 challenging an repossession statute. st two weeks he has heard from all hut two of the major oil firms, and it was only on reports that he has received that he based his 76 percent figure. Illinois; Yan Nostrand does not believe Iowa will have any prob er more. When you have a less The repossession suit was tai-1 J™ maintaining ideauate^dic than adequate supply it makes tiated —;“~i    **-----.:.-l*ems    maintaining    adequate air never make any sions” in its demand for a full    meet the principal Israeli Israeli withdrawal from Golan    requisite for negotiations with fjc;al    ;Heights territory lost in the.Syria. He will reach Damascus The secretary    has    the    enthusi-    war- “We will continue our    on Tuesday after an overnight die    East negotiations jastic backing    of    Egyptian    Pres-Sniggle,” said Assad, accord-    stop in London for talks with Sir, “We    don’t    go    there with Kalm-jident Anwar Sadat for Monday’s *ng t0 a Kuwaiti newspaper no sense but to ration.” Personally Opposed Simon said he is personally opposed to rationing just to “basically. I wouldn’t work a great many because think it . . it would put rigidities in a any named an unindicted co- j conspirator. Kalmbach is a longtime personal friend, fund raiser and lawyer tor the President. He handled all the legal work for the purchase of Nixon's San Ciemente estate in California. During senate hearings, he (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8 1 Police Expect Ransom Demand in Art Theft Cabinet Delay Indictments in Watergate Case Seen This Week Alec Douglas-Home,    the British    pr0posaLs or plans of    our    own,”) foreign secretary.    he added “We’re in a    very deli Kissinger’s main task is to cate situation here.”    I bring Syria and Israel together to negotiate a disengagement of their armies similar to the Premier Golda Meir is delay-: agreement he worked out be- ing confirmation cf Israel’s new tween Egypt and Israel last I government until after talks month. But the U.S. official,    begin with Kissinger,    her    aides LONDON (AP) — Scotland'collection were given to the na- who declined to lie    identified,    said Monday. Yard is expecting a demand for tion    in    1929 by the    family    of,said the secretary did not intend    Officials said that neither the ransom for one of the most Lord    Ivcagh. the    Guinness to repeat — at least on this trip]delay nor the uncertainty over valuable paintings in the world, brewery    magnate.    -    the sort of shuttle diplomacy    the new government would cn- Jan Vermeer’s “Guitar    |ess portable    (,hat    carried bim back antl forth    danger the start of Kissinger’s Player”, which was stolen from I    between Sadat and the Israeli efforts. The police said the thief or cabinet.    Mrs. Meir is to announce her] thieves smashed through a win- Along the way, he intends to dow and a .shutter with ai confer with Sadat in Cairo about {day Kissinger very complex economy.” Meanwhile the Shah of Iran said the U.S. is importing at least as much oil as it was before the beginning of the Arab oil boycott. Appearing on the CBS news Presidential News Conference at 6:30 Pres-1 KT • fgrsi* ^Mercantile) sel and fuel oil through the rest National Bank of Chicago and of (he wjnter. Illinois Secretary of State Michael Howlett. The bank was sued by Alfredo Gonzalez in a class action suit. Ile told a three-judge district court that the Illinois auto repossession statutes were unconstitutional because they failed to provide him “due process of law” under the 14th Amendment. “We have got it made with the middle distilates,” he said. “I can't see any problems before Oct. I.” But he wonders how many more gasoline curtailments Iowans can stand before they abandon the spirit of co-operation that he believes is the main reason Iowa has had no serious fuel crisis. The lower court ruled that the bank repossessed the car in violation of the Illinois statute because Gonzalez was not in default on his payments. But the court said Gonzalez had no standing to challenge the law on constitutional grounds since the law wasn’t properly applied in No Word from SLA on Latest Hearst Proposa a london museum during the weekend. “We are looking for either a master thief or a madman.” said a spokesman for the Yard WASHINGTON (IPI) idem Nixon will hold a news the first place, conference at 6:30 CPT Monday    The court also: night in the White House East    Disbarred convicted new cabinet Wednesday, thei^°°m- a sP°kesman announced gate dav Kissinger is scheduled to fly Monday.    .    Kiddy SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -The family of Patricia Hearst waited through the weekend for some word from the terrorist I Water- Symbionese Liberation Army conspirator G. Gordon that kidnaped the 20-year-old from practice before the heiress, but heard nothing. WASHINGTON (AP) federal grand juries are on the far we think it is a master thief    ,    , v erge this week of returning who has planned the operation had gone, a spokesman sal long-awaited indictments in the Watergate cages, meeting a sledgehammer, seized the 18-by-;extending the life of the U N. from Damascus with a 20-inch painting from its frame;peace-keeping force in the Sinai proposal for separating forces on the heights. what he iem wvni into operation. Anight The UN force, which server But officials watchman heard the* crash of as a buffer between the Egyp- not submit the the window, but bv the time he tian and Israeli armies, will be lo a vote of confidence in parlia- able for live television and radiolvolving ••It could bo tho work of some'^ pscaP,’d as lh,\alar'" fV^tM'mnsuho one who does not know who* lpni wpnt lnl° ,,lK'r'"‘on A n,«hl Thp U N Threelvahio oTwhot^ho has cot* But so the window, but by the lime hejtian and Israeli 'reached the scene, the thieves removed April 27 unless it is'ment until early next week. * (coverage Syrian Gerald Warren, deputy presi- supreme court in a routine i “There s been no response. enemy    dential press secretary, told re-    order.    No indication of anything,” FBI porters that Nixon’s first news Rejected a request from Shell    special Agent Charles Bates said    she    would    conference of the year—the first    Oil that Justice Douglas be    re-,said late Sunday. “We are just new government I    since Oct. 29—would be avail-    Quired to drop out of a case    in-    having to wait and find out the next development.” Miss Hearst, daughter of Ran- eady identified as targets fading London art d**«*l€*r. HurIi j grand jurv investigations!said the pie un* >> ti met abb* mentioned previously by special Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski Aire of the grand jury investig are several former high ranking Nixon administration officials. Jaworski bad said in December indictments should be returned by the end of I ary. He h;is several times since repeated that deadline. Former Atty. Gen. John Mitchell. already on trial in New York on charges stemming from a secret $200,(HK) contribution to the President’s reelection campaign, is believed to Is* a central figure in the Watergate cover up investigation. Mitchell told the senate Watergate committee last July that he was aware that a Nixon campaign official planned to lie to a grand jury. John Wilson, attorney for (Continued Page 3. Col 6 'over a number of years Ransom Demand Police officials said they pelted a ransom demand ex-: One 17th Century Dutch “so famous that it I possibly be sold Estimates of the Febru-' vn*ur ran ,s 1,1 a master is The thieves also cut the telephone lines from the house to delay calls to the police. Apparently, no attempt was made to seize any other paint ings, including one of the world's best known pictures, a self portrait of Rembrandt in Tip Cited in Murphy Case lion, but la'ggatt that it “is really pricele immense international importance ” Vermeer sidered one of the gr< the Dutch masters, less than 30 of his works are left and none has come on the market in years. “The Guitar Player” was taken just before midnight Saturday in a 60-second raid on Kenwood House, an 18th Centu-1 rv mansion in suburban Hampstead that is owned bv the Greater l/mdon Council and contains a valuable collection of; 'paintings. The house and the ATLANTA (UPI) — A Miami jthe people who led investigators taxidermist who was bilked out j to the house.” of $6,000 in a phony fuel oil deal Becker said he telephoned theJafar to say the oil soon would provided the clue that identified Miami FBI when he read that on its wa>' Becker said could not his old age. which was hanging ajjPgPd kidnapers of Atlanta Murphy was lured from his that*s the last he heard and he j next to tile \ermeer. But the;Constitution editor Reg Murphy, home last Wednesday night by a wrote the deal off as a bad busi-painting’sjRembrandt was much larger ^ was disclosed Sunday.    man who wanted the editor of|nftSS venture when I S. and _ $4 5 mil* and less portable than its little jvim-phy. who was released un-• Georgia’s largest morning news- state authorities said his only commented neighbor. _    ..    {harmed Friday night after his]paper to arrange for the dona-{recourse was a civil suit. federal regulation natural gas prices because of a speech earlier this year in , . . lf .    ...    ... which Douche accused the oil dolph Hearst. president and cdt- comp,tides of creating the en-1    San    Francisco    ,x- ergy crisis for their own profit. Iamlner' *as abduc,cd exactly Douglas refused to drop out of wee** ago. the case and the other justices] A deadline set by the SLA for flew back "to AtTanta and’called I j^fccted a request that Douglas a response to their latest de- be forced out of the case. imand that Hearst personally Declined to hear a claim from pledge an additional $4 million a peace group and two of its to a $2 million food giveaway program passed Saturday. Hearst said the demand made The taxidermist said the man members that the FBI should be (Continued: Page 3. Col. 5.) 0f The Greater London artistic ,bt‘ C>D S municipal i ron ment, atest Council, govern- said tho museum was 0f equipped “with the most sophisticated burglar alarm system,” A spokesman said officials (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3 ) newspaper paid $700 000 ran-jsoni. sod he called W Charles I “Buddy” Becker to thank him for the tip to the FBI. Ransom Recovered Five hours after Murphy. 40. tion of 300,000 gallons of fuel oil    Last    Heard to charity.    The    Atlanta    FBI confirmed it Becker said he was ap- had received a tip Friday from proached in Miami last De- “a citizen in Miami” regarding (•ember by a man he identified Williams as Williams, who claimed to be Special FBI agent in charge a general contractor with U»o Conroy said the bureau had Today's Index Toiltui's Chuckle There’s so much air pollution around these days that people are coughing even when they're not in church or at the movies.    t    w>vr    oh, was freed in a motel parking ■ jqo qqo gallons of fuel oil to sell.! reached “no definite conclu-| • lot, FBI agents arrested WIL .Becker said ho met the mansion” whether the Williams’! ham A ll Williams. 33, and his    Vvhen he mounted a fish for him!acted alone or    were part of wife, Betty Ruth, 26,    at their    antj agreed to buy the fuel oil    what Murphy’s kidnapers home in suburban Lilburn. The j “because my business depends I claimed was the “American! ransom money was recovered on boats having diesel oil.”! Revolutionary Army.” lndica j intact    Becker said the deal was for 23;tions were, however, that the' “I’m glad he could    pinpoint    cents a gallon and he and a    FBI doubted the    “army” exkst- j the man,” Murphy    said of    partner gave the man a check    ed and believes    the kidnaping (Reeker. “I think he was one of for $6,000 as a down payment. was “.strictly for money ” Comics 15 Crossword ... ...... 15 Daily Record ........s Deaths ........3 Editorial Features € Farm Ii) Financial ......ll Marion . ... 17 Movies II Society 8,9 Sports 11-13 State 4.5 Television ..... 7 Want Ads 1821 in an SLA communique Thursday was “far beyond my financial capability” but the Hearst Corp., agreed to add the requested amount to the "People iii Need” food program contingent on Miss Hearses safe release The taped SLA message had warned that communications would be broken off and Patty held indefinitely as a “prisoner of war” unless the demand was met within 24 hours. She would be kept as a hostage for two SLA members detained in San Quentin prison on murder charges, the tape received Thursday said. ;

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