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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IVeather- Warmer t o n i g h t, Wednesday. I.ow tonight in (he 20s. High Wednesday iii mid 10s. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 17 CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RARIDS, IOWA, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES American Jews Held In Egypt TEL AVIV (UPI) — An Israeli bus with 28 American Jews on a tour of the Sinai took a wrong road in the desert Tuesday and was seized by Egyptian forces near Ismailia, the Israeli military command said. Israel requested Egypt return the Egged Co. tourist bus and all those aboard. The command said the bus carried American members of the United Jewish Appeal (CJA) who were accompanied by at least one Israeli escort officer. “It was stopped by Egyptians and it is still in Egypt now,” a military spokesman said. “We don't know where it is exactly.” The command said Israel appealed for the return of the bus and its passengers at a forward command post of the U. N. peace-keeping forces in the Ismailia area. Israeli and Egyptian liaison officers are at the post. The appeal was made in accordance with a clause in the IsraeJi-Egyptian troop disengagement agreement that specifies the return of all persons who inadvertently stray into enemy territory.    I    not expect to be impeached” bargo. A communique issued by the and repeated he will not resign The President gave no date command said the bus driver ] in a wide-ranging news confer-1 w^en J10 ftbe embargo took the wrong road and mistak- cnce jn    which he also said the    W    luted, but he said Seemly crossed into territory the!    rctary    of State Kissinger’s Mid- enly crossed into territory the chancea for gasoline rationing d(e past trin to a tr00D Egyptians captured in the Oc- ,    .    6cnCA    ^asi    inP 10 a troop toter war    vvere 88    disengagement on the Syrian Egypt’s Second army holds Nixon    discussed    Watergate,    front will have a positive effect the strip of territory along the the energy crisis,    his income east bank of the Suez Canal. Think Balloonist May Have Ditched at Sea WASHINGTON (AP) — The I He lost one shortly after leaving National Meteorological Center the U. S. mainland, estimates that missing adven-j When sighted Thursday by the turer Thomas Catch had to Spanish freighter Meridian, ditch his balloon Light Heart in Catch’s gondola was suspended from eight balloons, the spokes- But Council Tells Offer Of Reward man said. He said that was when the Atlantic ocean some 900 miles from the African coast. A spokesman for Catch re layed the report from the feder- enough during daytime, al weather agency Monday as the rescuers continued searching but not enough to keep his craft the sand and seas of Africa in aloft at night, vain for any sign of the 47-year-: Gatch is the son of Vice Adm. old balloonist.    Thomas    Catch,    who    command- Gatch, from Alexandria, Va., ed the battleship South Dakota was striving to become the first! jn World war II and was the! man to cross the Atlantic balloon. in ai IjONDON (AP) - A top of-ficial of the London municipal government said Tuesday that it would not meet a telephoned sun s rays heat the helium, demand for $1.15 million worth (Photo on Page 12) of food to ransom the Vermeer painting stolen from a suburban museum. The official said, however, Somber Campaigner AP Wirephoto Prime Minister Edward Heath listens to two workmen in Leeds, Yorkshire, as he campaigns for Britain's general election Thursday. chief investigator in the crash of that the government would be the airship Macon in 1925.    willing to pay for information leading to recovery of the painting. Ransom was ruled out, he said, because it might lead to other thefts or kidnapings. A telephone caller with a West Indian accent told a newspaper Monday night that the 17th Century Dutch masterpiece “The Guitar Player” would be de- ....    .    .    .    .    ^    ,    .    .    AL    ,    ,    .    ,    .stroyed unless food worth half a sighting and known wind cond.- _ A fourth week of anguished mi„ion mnAs - $1.15 million Bons, that Catch carne down waiting has started for the fami- - is distributed within 14 days ri ay mg a ou mi cs j ^ kidnaped newspaper to the poor on the Caribbean away from the coast.    y    icianH J r«noHo All mr and sea traffic in an heiress Patricia Hearst.    island of Grenada. ^ 5 M    “There    is    no,bing to do and U    oY.^iTr'    fig Mauritania had been alerted to is frustrating, just waiting” said Council, said: “If anyone wants keep watch, the spokesman Jay jjoSWOrth, son-in-law of to talk, they have to approach said. He said the defense de-1    1 He was last sighted Thursday morning by a Spanish freighter some two-thirds of the way across the Atlantic, drifting at an altitude of only about 1.0(H) feet. The spokesman for Catch said the meteorological center estimated, on the basis of the SLA Mum in Fourth Week Of Kidnaping HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (AP) I I |    »    p    m    a    j    .    *    H    .    ,    ,    ,    r.    .    ovawurm, son-in-law or lo lain, mey nave to approacn Nixon: Don t Expect Impeachment I u/hnro Halrh was helieverl tn“We feel she i«s still alive and    ..    . WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres-! with the assertion that he be-lbetter than even chance” that the shortage rather than dealing    Was ident Nixon has declared “I do Sieved the Arabs will lift the em- the country can avoid rationing,! with the real problem of in-1 Turning to gasoline rationing, and he gave the credit for this creasing supplies. to conservation measures un-| A price rollback would be dertaken by the American peo- “immediately popular,” he pie.    said, but would eventually in-1 Energy Bill Veto    crease the gasoline lines and Nixon said the energy bill, an ,ca[* t0 rationing, omnibus measure that would Nixon urged congress to ap-1 give the administration broad Prove legislation to tax windfall! powers, would be vetoed be-Profltfi of °n companies, deregu-| According to the spokesman, Catch had flares, reflecting mirrors, a strobe light, flashlight, emergency locator transmitter, a life vest, life raft and ample food supplies. The gondola of his balloon was designed to float at sea. believed to I “We feel she is still alive and healthy.” Awaiting Answer The Hearst family is awaiting answer from the terrorist an are operating on a shoestring. We are not being blackmailed into any situation.” Not Insured? The value of the painting, one Nixon said, “There is a muchjcause he said it only manages In Washington, the state department said it expected the busload of tourists would he released soon. (Photos on Picture Page) late natural gas prices, and allow amendments to environ Spokesman John King taxes and other subjects in a 38-minute news conference Monday. night, his first in four said months. use of coal as a fuel. Impeachment On Watergate, Nixon was the Israeli government had informed the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv that the tourists and their Israeli escorts had “passed inadvertently Tuesday to the Egyptian side o fthe disengagement lines in the Sinai.” King added “we understand the matter is now in the hands of the Egyptian-lsraeli U N. committee supervising the dis- The President also disclosed during the nationally broadcast session that he had been asked to testify before a Watergate grand jury by Watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski but “respectfully declined to do so” on constitutional grounds. Bakers Launch Effort To Curb U.S. Wheat Exports '    ;    asked    whether    it    might    not    be    in WASHINGTON (AP) — The Agriculture Secretary Earl the    best    interest    of    the country American Bakers Assn. began Butz and other USDA officials, to have a full    impeachment trial Tuesday a “Save Our Bread” j however, say talk of $1 bread is campaign to drum up congree- ridiculous and unsubstantiated, sional support for curbs on U.S. that the wheat supply will be wheat exports until the new har- tight but there will be no short-vest is ready next summer. j age. Robert Wager, association    inflate president, told a Capitol Hill! Butz f^id Monday night in Ten helium-filled pulled Catch aloft as 'group which abducted Miss of less than 30 by Jan Vermeer Hearst, the Symbionese Libera- that are known to exie,t, has tion Army, to an offer of an- been estimated as high as $4.4 other $4 million in food in ex- million, but it is believed that it change for the release of the 20- was not insured. It was stolen year-old University of California Saturday night from Kenwood balloons coed.    House in suburban Hampstead. he left Hearst and a Hearst family Scotland Yard said it was mental laws permitting greater Harrisburg. Pa . nine days ago. foundation have already made treating the ransom demand as $2 million in food for Califor- authentic and believed the Pallia's needy available.    tricia Hearst kidnaping inspired Eight Teenagers Killed in Crash Of Stolen Auto ‘n *he ateJ    ,1 OAKVILLE, Ont. (AP) - The President responded that!Eigh, teenage„j joyriding in a it is his belief the house will not fje|d jn a sj0|on station wagon, vote for impeachment proceed-, were WUed Monday njght whcn ings and added, I do not ex- car piunged down an cm. pect to be impeached.    bankment and into a creek, po- The first question put to him | jice reported. Food distribution started at four points in the San Francisco bay area last Friday, hut violence marred the distribution at East Oakland and there were logistics problems at other centers. the art theft. Detectives pointed out that the theft occurred shortlv after television films showed food distribution in California in response to the demands of Miss Hearst’s kidnapers. the Symbioncse Libera- engagement and we are hopeful (hc ’ ia) prosccutor misht low,'d of an early release.    want to submit or to meet with, "In Fumes Kill dealt with the extent to which “Apparently they were taking until Thursday, providing high broken off and the glass he will cooperate in providing turns drjving the car in the field quality food could be given out smashed, raising fears that the paint ng itself could have been damaged. 4 Crewmen “I did offer of course to ra,,y the country wil1 run out ofi Kutz e,aKl MonUay night in a respond to an interrogatory'that Iwhcal    if    exP°r,s a,r* »Htelevised joint interview with - . I miim/! fn «*AmOin imDnftrtbn/i    i    ii    .    t    .    i    J    *    * ..... Wager that gross wheat export materials for the house judici-1when the driver failed to brake in a “dignified” manner. mess    switt action    is taken,    jfigUres are inf|aled by more    ary committee currently    con-    and the vehide s|id down the him personally to    answer    ques-American    consumers    face the    than m mi|lion bushels and    jsidering impeachment.    bank into Sixteen Mile creek.” a Cons and ho indicated that he grim Pr«P«-t «'ta broad short-^ ^ vg industry has Saying such matters were police spokesman said.    Meanwhile,    SLA    members    Jo- did not to proceed    in    that way,    agt this    spring, and    _ our irJ*    access tQ (hat grajn jf jt wants    undor discussion between    com-    Police said another youth was    soph    Remiro, 27,    and    Russell Nixon said.    dustryjnay go■ over w orinK    badly cnough to pay    mittec counsel and his    own    seriously injured'whcn he    Little,    24,    pled innocent to    the aworski’s office declined to into economic ruin. wager said ^    •    •    (,hief    Watergatc    Counsel    James    jumped    from    the    car    as    it    slid    murder of Oakland School Supt. tion Army. The distribution had been The frame of the Vermeer scheduled to resume Tuesday, war, found Monday in bushes but organizers of the program half a mile from Kenwood said it would now be delayed House. One corner had been PORTSMOUTH. Va. (AP) -Four crewmen of the aircraft !say whether there was any form j of testimony short of a grand j jury appearance that would be “We’re going to have enough carrier Independence died when    ti rv mo rn > me hv fnmp*    ,    ..    •    .    vr - bread prices coil overcome bv fumes1    other    high points Nixon joaf . .f they were overcome by fumes j . in an aviation fuel tank aboard s.Jld the ship, the navy said Tuesday. He cxpe(.ls waiting lines at Three of the sailors were ap- scrvjce stations to become: parent Iv killed while attempting !sbortcr bv sprjng and summer but said. “The price of g in a statement. Earlier Warning    and nobody u gojng    m„ ou, Bakers previously had warned of bread,” Butz said. Department St. Clair. Nixon said: 10th teen- Marcus Foster last November. “More Raids” The telephone caller told the news editor of The Guardian: “I am the one who took the Vermeer. We have the picture at Highgate (a suburb in north to rescue the fourth man Monday night while the ship was docked at the Norfolk naval shipyard here. One body was recovered from the tank Monday night and the other three early Tuesday. The tank was “basically empty” but not completely dry, a man said. He said the four were checking and adjusting gauges when one man apparently slipped and fell into the tank is not going down until more supplies of gasoline come into the country ” “I. of course, will bt* glad to pay the tax” if the senate-house committee on internal revenue taxation should decide that he spokes-1should not have claimed a deduction for the gift to the gov-crewmen ernment of his vice-presidential papers because documents bestowing them were not filed prior to repeal of a tax provision could climb to $1 spring if the grain drain 74 wheat exports will level off at tion al responsibility to defend continues. Export sales in the J 1.2 billion bushels instead of U.S. are handled by private more than 13 billion shown by companies which are free to sell j listings filed by grain compa- "‘nf pauline1 to forci&n customcrs-    nies "    The agriculture department | Further. USDA says, new har- estimates soaring exports will vest wheat will begin moving to! that anV President will have ” down the hill. while    .    ..... “I am prepared to cooperate sager got out “to stretch his J The SLA claimed responsibility LondonL We are from Grenada, with the committee in any way legs” just before the final fatal for the killing,    yVe want half a million pounds malysts say 1973-j consistent with my constitu- ride.    Aut^orit,^s    speculated    wor(b 0f f0od for jbe people of The spokesman said the car i me ultimate au/v ucmana Grcnada) tbt. fK)0r people. We the office of the presidency was reported    stolen from an I in return for Miss Hearses free-    wan|    it within 14    days. If    we against any action which would Oakville    car    lot Monday eve- dom might be for the release of    don't    gd (be f()od)    we will    de- weaken that office and the abil- tong. He    said    it was not known:Little and Remiro. SLA mes-    stroy    tbe picture. There will    be itv of future Presidents to carry whether    the eight victims hadj sages have hinted at that,    more    raids.” out the great responsibilities drowned or were killed by the! On another front, 13 San Fran- The thieves broke through a leave a reserve of 178 million market in late May and June, bushels of wheat at the end of That will help fill any shortage the current fiscal year on June that may develop at that time. 30, the smallest in 27 years. officials say. Conditions Asked if he would at least (Continued: Page 3. Co! 4 ) were believed from the Oakville area, 20 miles west of Toronto. By Associated Press New York became the sixth The other three climbed in to permitting such deductions. minutes in a gasoline line told newsmen: “The remains and so does tho impact    I    cisco bay area Indian organiza- barred, shuttered window at Authorities    said    both boys    and    Bons announced    Monday they    Kenwood House with a sledge- girls were    in    the    group,    and    all j will not accept or    distribute food    hammer after padlocking the from the massive    giveaway pro-    front doors from the outside to gram until Patricia Hearst is    delay any attempt bv the released.    guards to chase them. Guards “Many Indian people in the said the raid took less than a Bay area are hungry today.” minute. said Adam Nordwall, chairman Grenada, an island group with of the United Bay Area Council more than 100.000 people gabled and meant to say was that he is dis-jators will be subject to fines of of American Indians. “But we independence from Britain ear- New York Sets Mandatory Rationing rescue him and were overcome Congress Exclusion From Raise Advised WASHINGTON (AIM The The U.S. will pursue detente with the Soviet Union, and that lie admires the courage of exiled Soviet Author Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He said that in past yeans of confrontation Solz- shortagc tressed at the hardships caused $25 to $2,500 for violations. ,.....—.    — --------...J    crisis.” j by the long lines at gasoline (ta- state Tuesday to impose a man-,j|e cajjed for immediate ration-]lions all over the country and ‘ ‘ 1 tog. Senate gaso- Mondav bv got its plan going requiring drivers of will not accept any free food lier until Patricia is released. We able this month amid eonsider-turmoil. Some of the Gren* senate post office and eivil ser- henitsyn rather than being exiled vice committee recommended Western Europe, * would have Tuesday that members of; ***" afnt    Siberia or probably congress forego a pay raise but' worse. let other top government of-1    wil1    brlnK inflation under control as the ficials get one. The 5 to 4 vote to the full senati at ion sent the Issue for eonsidcr- datory system of gasoline ra-jjng    jwjjj ad allocate more Honing, junking a voluntary Senate Republican Leader    line to relieve those lines.    large cars to purchase    at    least plan that had failed to end longjHugh Scott, said the President’s    jn West    Virginia, coal miners    $5 worth of moline and    drivers line-ups at the pumps.    remarks    at    Monday    nip!$ .demanding gas rationing as a Delaware’s two-step manda- rews <‘()nferonce stressed that means 0f ensuring that they tory plan, started Monday, also!*tho probitMii remains.    have enough fuel to commute to went into full effect Tuesday. I "'The greatest problem is to    their jobs    continued a walkout!^., tfte ou .rence Station owners in the New JR’t more gasoline to the people    that has    idled a number of will not be extortion. co-conspirators in of small ears at least $3. lf car tanks will not hold the minimum purchase, the station dealer New I gel more gasoline to the people that York metropolitan area said theiarto en(J ,bo Kas I toes, Scott mines in plan seemed to be working. (said. “I think it is still serious, the state. Simon Defense the southern part of Pl “The today,” year goes on, hut I would not underestimate the problem. We Bronx are going to continue to fight it,” working, lines are non-existent said one dealer in the oil Embargo Mansfield Disagrees Meanwhile. Senate Majority Leader Mike I miff if'* i'lmvklv A wolf is a man who treats all women as sequels. Mansfield disa He also said that efforts to ar greed Tuesday with President range a Middle East peace could Nixon’s assertion that tin en-is a Even-Odd But energy chief William New York will use the odd-Simon Tuesday defended the oven system devised by Oregon, administration’s oil policies and in which motorists with even-President Nixon's statement. numbered license plates can Simon said he believes the buy gas on even numbered days President’s statements at a and those with Monday night news conference plates on odd-numbered days, were distorted by being taken Sales are further restricted to Copyright be* hampered if the Arabs fail to I ergy situation no longer lend their oil embargo against crisis.    ioutofcontext. the US. But he followed this up Mansfield said he waited 3.V He said that all the President of gas. Drivers and station oper-j ears with less than a Fryer Gets Life In Teen Slayings ROCK RAPIDS (AP) Admit ! ted murderer David L. Fryer, | was sentenced Tuesday to life j imprisonment for his role in the shotgun slayings of four Sioux: Falls, S I)., teenagers on Nov. i 17 at Gitchie Manatou State park. Fryer, 24. had pled guilty to a single count of open murder! earlier this month. Lyon county District Judge Edward F. Ken j ........    a    .    |,    '■    .    ...    ,nedy Tuesday found him guilty half-tank I* •> Pla« “y » r.day under which Lf d„gr/c murdcr and ; (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5 )    !nounced sentence immediately. | In the second step Tuesday, Delaware motorists went on the odd-even system of gasoline! purchases. Besides New York and Delaware, the other states with mandatory gas allocation plans in effect are Hawaii, Maryland,] New Jersey and Virginia. Another eight states have volun-' odd numbered ,;iry plans. Governor Reagan said California will establish a gas market- adans fled to other islands, faying they feared persecution by Prime Minister Erie dairy’s secret police. 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